Upcoming album of Lamb Of God

Upcoming album of Lamb of God!!

Mark Morton, the guitarist of famous American Groove Metal band Lamb of God or (LOG) recently mentioned that they are gonna hit the studio up for their upcoming new album!! … Read more


Slayer’s Final Tour of 2019

Surprise!! Slayer is not gonna expire really soon!! WOOOW!! Because they extended their farewell tour Mother Fuckers!! 😀 And they are gonna continue it till the end of 2019!! FUCK … Read more

The Farewell Tour Of Slayer!!

The Farewell Tour Of Slayer!! The farewell tour of Slayer!! Well, another shocking news for the Metal lovers and definitely the fans of a mighty band like Slayer who announces … Read more


David Ellefson is back!!

Megadeth’s David Ellefson is back with his mighty thrash label!! If you know the legendary bassist like David Ellefson of Megadeth, who’s creation Combat Records (1980) will relaunch in next year … Read more