A-Z of Heavy Metal Bands: All you wanna know!

A-Z Of Heavy Metal Bands: All You Wanna Know!

That Research deals with the legendary Heavy Metal Bands on earth, their origin to struggle, emotion, reaching Apex to death, conflicts, passion, Crisis and creativity of their life of a particular genre what shook the musical scenario of the world music with a blasting revolution of class and freedom!!!

Metal or Heavy Metal it’s just another upgraded genre of Rock, Hard Rock music. The origin of that genre of Metal Bands, mostly based in the United Kingdom back in late 60’z to early 70’z.

In this Research paper we would like to talk about few global Rock/Metal band briefly, but you can surely get details about their glorious Musical journey in the home of this website! 

According to some sources, it came from the Blues Rock and Psychedelic Rock to the converted as Rock and top-Heavy metal bands of now a day!! No wonder why the legacy of these bands is still remaining by its sub-genres like Thrash metal, Black metal, Death metal etc…

Because of these headbangers in the late 80’z, that genre boldly created other sub-genres like Thrash Metal, Hard Rock, and Gothic Rock etc. which is still on their way and rocking the entire world!! How cool is that?!

Well, the major characteristics of these bands are higher levels of their amplified distortion music with the help of massive guitar solos and beats which create the overall loud tempos with aggressive and manly attitude and toughness of that artists as well.  Sounds metalcore huh?!

  The Rise Of Heavy Metal Bands:

Few sources confirmed that Born to be wild by the very first best heavy metal bands artist Steppenwolf is the very first track on earth. Released back in 1968 started the pioneer journey in this industry.

So does the Heavy Metal became the fastest growing genre of the year of 2018 and Canadian City Montreal announced as the official Heavy Metal city on earth!
So, if the question may arise is Heavy Metal dead, these are the answers to your shitty question!

Listening to that music is good for your mental health!! Extreme loud sounds can be a positive influence on you for dealing with the shitz of the world!!

According to Queensland University, their recent public research proves that listening to these bands is one of the best ways to blast out your anger and keeps us calm & positively energetic!! How cool is that huh?! 😀

A Danish club named as Heavy metal maniacs released a mixed band album from Denmark with the collection of different l bands of their country,

And that touches the heart of the teenager and young adults of that period across the country. The British band named as Led Zeppelin formed in 1968 original name was yardbirds spread out their popularity by their track Black Dog.

Well, they were forced to change their name and officially became Led Zeppelin on 14th October 1968. Not only that they simply changed their band name, but this is what made them the pioneer band of all time!! That is how we get the sense of globalizing that mighty genre around the world!! DAMN… 😀

But in 1980 after the passing away of Bonhams because of drug addictions, this band broke up…  they tried several vocalists of that time but it didn’t work well and ended up badly. They have been nominated as the most influential band of that time who sold worldwide 300+ million records of that time!!


Another latest research by Spotify shows that Metalheads or these bands are world famous because of their loyalty towards the band as a fan. They are extremely dedicated,

And a die-hard fan of their own loving bands!! They are full of experiences negative point of views towards the authority,

less religious than others & active in socialization but based on their needs, they love to alienate themselves from others. And the fans are really big in numbers around the world.

1980’z considers as the best year in the world!! In that year, top ten mind-blowing headbanging albums of these bands made it possible!! A question like “is this da end of the reign of our bands “is kicked away by the mighty wave of bands on that period of time!! FUCK YEAH…

Just like World’s first Metalhead president Joko Widodo/Jokowi (56) was even present in the Re-Mastered launching Set of the Metallica’s Master of Puppets and gifted by an autographed guitar of Trujillo’s and Ulrich’s Box-set!! WOW…. That’s how that genre got universal even in the political arena!!

But the most interesting part was Mr. President himself gifted a traditional Indonesian Dagger to the band Metallica, and this is the sign of a stubborn Metalcore president.

who still believes the spirit of Metal and influences on his veins no matter who he is now by profession. But in by spirit, he’s still keeping the spirit of Metal on his heart after so many years!! LONG LIVE ROCK N’ ROLL

On the other hand, the Ex-US president Barack Obama got the gift of the debut copy of the Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen’s for his love towards the Rock music!! WOOOWW!!  This is what we can call the global acceptance and its heavyweight fans of the world of our Music industry!! Yeah

Headbanger’s on Vocal:

These bands focused on their instruments and especially their loud guitar work and wild hairstyles, messy dress up, faded jeans, jewelry, tattoos, sunglass, that stylish gesture, and postures made them bold enough to deal with all the critics and flourish themselves as an iconic artist!!  ROCK ON…

That kind of attitude also managed to get the attention of large numbers of these bands audiences from one corner to another and still they have attracted the hell outta them!! BINGO!!

 Hardcore artists with massive contributions: 

  1. But albums like Back in Black by AC/DC
  2. heaven and hell by Black Sabbath
  3. On through the night by Def Leppard
  4. Lightning to the nations by Diamond head
  5. The self-titled album by the Iron Maiden
  6. Trooper Brasil IPA by Iron Maiden
  7. All secret known by Alice in Chains
  8. British Steel by Judas Priest
  9. Ace of Spades by Motorhead
  10. Blizzard of Ozz by Ozzy Osbourne
  11. Wheel of Steel by Saxon
  12. Women and children first by Van Halen

 American Heavy Metal and Rock Bands:

After the foundation made by the Sir Lord Baltimore, back in late 60’z who even toured with the mighty Black Sabbath, consider as the father of American Rock Scenario,

So many people don’t even know them! People even consider as barbaric for even breaking several cymbals on stage!! HAHA…

Some of the British bands already migrated to the USA because of the so-called fame, especially in Texas!! There’s a much-needed revolution for us to beat the hell outta these so-called cool pop shitz because of UK’s classic era of Heavy Metal artists!! Yeah!!

They still got 50+ years of iconic history for them rather than counting as a Satanist, Atheist and drug addicts as well from their so-called critics!! Screw them!!

Such as, a band like Suicidal tendencies, plays a vital role in the second-generation American Thrash Metal band, who became the ancestors of the bands like:

Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica!! Not only their controversial name made them popular as hell, but also for their stubborn attitude as an American gave the rest of the Americans to a useful meaning of life!!

The pioneer vocalist of that band Muir got kicked out from his school for being rebellious!! But on another perspective, we can say that that fuckin school got kicked out by a successful Metalhead like Muir.

who decided to live own life by his own rules this is why Riot happens with his fans and the police on almost his every show!! FUCK YEAH…….

His self- confidence, motivation, struggles made his fans inspired as hell to be a MAN!!  According to him, in the world of Punk Rock, u got judged by what you do, not what you wear!! When people say you will never be able to do it, it’s time to do it to PROVE THEM FUCKING WRONG………..

That world gets best when people create his own way of life because that is what gives them a reason to live, you need passion to move your ass on!! You gotta fight for your freedom man…..

The Big Four:

Four American Heavy Metal/Thrash metal bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax helps to make popular the Thrash metal genre, the sub-genre of heavy metal. With speedy tempos high notes what situation demands according to the audience and our modern lifestyle too!

This is what we can say the big four bands are very much able to connect with the Metal audience more than anyone else in the history of heavy metal music!! GO METAL!!

Now let’s take a look to the list of heavy metal bands, some old and new heavy metal bands with great heavy metal bands of the ’80s, thrash heavy metal bands,

 Death heavy metal bands, and in the new wave of heavy metal bands of 2017 heavy metal bands of 2018 heavy metal bands of 2000!!


Heavy Metal and Rock Gods:

The Doors:

These American Psychedelic Rockstar’s made a revolutionary change by their deep and thoughtful lyrics along with unique sound improvisations, compositions.

and the super cool presentations of the live performance of a legend like Jim Morrison and his fellows and his mind-blowing lyrical contributions made that band popular as hell on the later 60’z!!

The Doors as a Classical Rock band,  shows the world what they are able to do on their psychedelic Rock style just like British Psychedelic Rock band Pink Floyd!!

The Doors even grabbed the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame on 1993, which were almost totally led by their front man, primary lyricist, band leader Jim Morrison even decades after his mysterious death!! WOOOW

The Beatles:

The Beatles is very well known for the Inventor of Pop Rock Genre and the inspiration of Modern Grunge Rock as well. To know more about these British legends,

who laded the revolutionary Beatlemania and British invasions on Modern Rock N’ Roll history ever! So check them out!

Dream Theater:

These American progressive Rock Metalheads, are full of legends as a band who are officially known as their line-up! One of the amazing Metal band in the history of 21st century,

who already started to rule the music world because of their magnificent line up as Dream Theater! So, check them out! 😊


History is made by the British but American artists are not really behind it because of that genre gets GLOBAL!! FUCK YEAH…. Just look at the band name Anthrax,

The history considered themselves as the father of Thrash Metal!!! Their excellent use of Metaphor, higher tempo, with powerful notes along with screaming blood warming headbanging vocal with mind-blowing live performances in the concerts. several award nominations like Grammy, MTV awards

Along with listed on the top charts like US Billboard 200, UK top chart, RIAA!! FUCK MAN!!  After three fuckin Headbanging decades, Anthrax is still burning the stage out.  Can u believe it?! HOLY SHIT!!

Black Sabbath:

Black Sabbath rocked out the attention of the audiences for the sinister theme of them rather than selling themselves and meaning behind it with the track “Heaven and Hell”.

They were formed in Birmingham in 1969 with the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and later they progressed from the blues Rock to the genre and ended their career as a Headbanging artist till the end in the summer of 2017….. Fuck 🙁

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Dio was formed by the ex-players of the pioneer band Black Sabbath.  Before passing away of the key vocalist Ronnie James Dio they were able to sell more than ten million copies of their all 10 studio albums!! ROCK ON…. 🙂 His songs, voice and his sense of humor helped him to get on the Apex!! YEAH…..

Ronnie James Dio was the best stage performer of his age!! Get connected with the fans were the most important platform of his life!! Rather being a damn good team player, he encouraged others to be a part of the lyrics and compositions for making it amazing!! HE WAS A MAN…….

Led Zeppelin:

Bands like Led Zeppelin and their mind-blowing performances made their position as secured like the mighty band like Led Zeppelin. Their “Heaven and Hell” made a mighty impact upon their audiences and sold 100+ million records all over to the Metal audience!! OH YEAH: D

Early teens and up to 30+ adults are usually the target audiences of the bands because of the nature of their musical styles which attracts people of that ages there used to be only male fans of them but now a day it doesn’t deal with any particular gender at all for being a fan!! Yeah…

English bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple were able to attract huge numbers of audiences which are legendary and joined in the history of their revolution as an army and also in the history of world music as well. Cooool yeah!!

In 1975  they bands started to influence British Rock music industry and as a result, that particular genre who established themselves already as a genre!!


Motorhead, these heavyweight British Rock N’ Rollers mostly known for their Classic lineup of the Motorhead like the unique artists: Lemmy Kilmister, Fast Eddie Clarke, and Phil Taylor!!

Being a Badass Bassist and Frontman Lemmy established himself and Motorhead ad one of the headbanging pioneer band of 70’z by producing albums of Motorhead from Worst to the best!! DAMN!!

They never got so many awards or charted as top on several Musical top charts but still, Motorhead produces the unique piece of mind-blowing Rock N’ Roll of all time!! Which made them worthy to listen!! FUCK YEAH

Linkin Park:

Linkin Park, the name of the God of Nu Genre some headbanging Californians are the inventor of the popular genres like Nu- Metal, Nu-Rock and received the kick-ass popularity around the globe for their fabulous live performances.

Linkin Park’s record-breaking albums  super-duper energetic performances, Combinations of Metal and Hip- Hops, with meaningful touchy lyrics for their fans, but in the end after the tragic suicide of their key vocalist,

Chester Bennington in 2017 made that album more realistic, lovable, famous like hell among the millions of fans and to tell the trust no one is able to replace the Chester the Screamer anymore at least for me!! ☹ SHIT………

Iron Maiden:

Iron Maiden, that thunderous British band started to spread out this genre all around the country and gradually throughout the entire world and made the Genre as global!! There it is!!

Under the leadership of their world-famous bassist and lyricist Steve Harris. Not only that they got a God gifted front-man Bruce Dickinson who is also a pilot, P.H.D in history and Music. A cancer survivor patient as well such a man of steel.

The mighty Bruce Dickinson (57) who’s not only just a lead vocalist of Iron maiden here is the list of his several identities! in music and history as well, a professor of the history department, a DJ,

An honorable director of the marketing, a commercial pilot and da one who flies their own jet of Iron Maiden “Ed Force One”!! Screenwriter n’ writer as well, motivational/inspirational speaker.

A passionate international Fencer, a successful businessman as a director of the two Trooper Beer, Cardiff Aviation a maintenance company of aircraft’s

Who’s helping Djibouti government to start again their airline business not only that that company also created the Airlander 10 a hybrid plane, a one-stop aircraft fleet for airline users!!

most importantly the one who fought against CANCER defeated it n’ still rocking out on da stage. Not only that he’s on a road trip with 32 members of a group and his son Griffin,

For raising charity for da sake of humanity, kids, poor and fight against violence by traveling 832+ miles with cheap n’ simple cars.  DO U NEED MORE TO INTRODUCE HIM??!! This is what a METALHEAD all about!!! HELL YEAH

It Is not only a belief but also proved that Iron Maiden is the most successful band in the history of metal culture who sold 80+millions record without any proper support of the media.

As their publicity and which is still continuing. Book of souls is their last album released in 2015 and they made a world tour of it by their private jet!! HELL YEAH!!

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In 1973, the Australian Rock band AC/DC formed by two brothers and now they are considered as the pioneer Metal band on earth. They were well known because of their higher level of energetic performances and for their focus on their instruments and, this time, more meaningful lyrics with the essence of Heavy metal as well.

But in 1976, they moved out to England but still produced some exclusive tracks with their album which breaks the world record as a metal artist,

And in 2000 secured their position at the Rock Hall of fame and sold 200+ million around the world just by their awesome album Stiff Upper Lip.

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Deep Purple:

Another English metal Band Deep Purple formed in 1968, sold 100+ millions of their album around the world and ensures their position with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as well.

Not only that, they were able to write their name in the Guinness Book of World Records and nominated as the loudest Rock group of that time. they broke up in late 60’z but reached in the #4 on the US Billboard charts and finally broke up in mid of 70’z but dramatically revived again in 90’z. DAMN lots of ups n downs.


Another world-famous metal band the young metal attack upgraded their name as Metallica which made them successful and more influential for the audiences.

They were able to create an impact on the music video of “the day that never comes”. This music video made them famous because of their performance and shots of their instruments while using it and joined in the revolution as well. Let’s ROCK!!

That band challenged the former traditions of the previous bands on one of their sober appearance in the music video. Coooool yeah!!

Which paved the way for the audiences for getting more excited about the new bands and promoting them as well maybe that was the message they wanted to send to their audiences? That was just the beginning of it, how cool is that huh?!

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Slayer, the American  Thrash metal band from California formed in 1981 and came in front of everyone by their unique album “Reign in Blood” in 1986 and ranked their position with bands like MetallicaMegadeth, and Anthrax as well.

Their debut album released in 1983 and they got their Grammy nominations and won it for their single “Eyes of the Insane” in 2007. Not only that in 2008 they made history of getting another Grammy “the final six” for the second time. HELL YEAH!!

They are popular for their metal style of double bass drumming and riffs in irregular scale with shouted vocal.  They are the originator and the very first picker of the Tremolo in the history of our scenario.


Megadeth challenged the conventional Thrash Metal band styles on their music videos and live performances as well. This created a super impact on the audiences of our genre with an awesome exciting effect of it. : D their twisted and unique ideas made them super famous!!

The Bassist of Megadeth, Dave Ellefson presented a new brand of coffee made by Arabian n’ Indian beans with a high quality of flavor from his own branding Ellefson Coffee co.

they had produced another brand of coffee before it as Roast in peace. It’s a popular belief that majority of the metalheads, even the world-famous metal Bassist from Bangladesh Bassbaba Sumon is a big-time coffee lover!! HELL YEAH


Nirvana, the King of Grunge from the Seattle!! Kurt Cobain, considered as one of the iconic American musicians for our Rock Music who ruled the 90’z musical world by his awesome singing style with lefty guitar playing,

Mindblowing meaningful lyrics based on his childhood’s traumatic experiences with furious live performances regarding of the 90’z Alternative Rock or Grunge scenario, as a particular genre in the soil of the world.

That was the man who established Grunge as a different Alternative Rock Genre, even after his departure of almost three decades people still considers him as magic by keeping that unique genius in the core of their heart!! WOOOW……


These Irish Rockstar’s as U2 are still on the Apex along with their musical throne! This mega hit Rock band is something really special,

 which you can’t really deny! Born and flourished as in 1970’z that supersonic Rock band is still performing around the world as hell along with their glorious legacy as well…. 😊


Another super-hit Grunge Rock band accompanied by their world famous frontman Chris Cornell Known as Soundgarden,  who led another fantastic Rock band as a key vocalist names as Audioslave!! Fuck Yeah!!

that American Grunger is really something who also used to known as the best friend of another iconic musician of all time Chester Bennington of Linkin Park who committed suicide because of his depression on the Birthday of out legenday Chris!! That is how a legacy still remains….. 🙂

Lamb of God (LOG):

Lamb of God (LOG) another Gothic Metal/Thrash metal band from Virginia. as a member of the metal genre, they are really cool n’ capable of entertaining the Headbangers community beyond any doubts!! Now at this point, that band is considered as one of the pioneer band to be followed for the young generation around the globe more than a decade!!


Slipknot, another American Thrash metal band consists of a huge line up of 9 members n’ still on a roll!!  Their uniqueness is all of them wear masks when they perform!!

Their lyrics are influenced by the metal band scenarios as well. According to some critics, their genre is mostly Nu-Metal bands but they are different than other nu-metal bands with their aggressive posture & their energetic performance. Now a day in 21st- century people are accepting the winners because the winner takes it all!!

 That is the result of the revolution which started in the very beginning of the history of the music industry.

Rockstar’s/metalheads/headbangers are creative and according to science, a creative person is always emotional. The one who feels deeply for others is the person who gets hurt most of the time!!

 Their list of the sacrifice is too damn big as an artist and a human being as well.

Sometimes they isolate themselves from the people and mostly from the media which is a threat to their privacy as well. They do it for their brainstorming and creative thinking as well!!

This makes their lyrics much more informative, full of Irony and Metaphors and helps to spread their message as well!! They are gifted because there are no courses are available out there to be like them!!  How cool is that?!

Guns N’ Roses/GNR:

These American Hard Rockers has a big-time contribution towards the Music scenario of the entire world, after the rise of that band the development of the Rock Music flourished on an Apex form of it!!

GN’R is considered as God of Rock because of their world famous mind-blowing majestic line-up who never had any slight of lacking for their love of music, class, skills, devotion, powerful lyrics and Ballads,

Even after so many decades at this age when they tour the world by avoiding personal conflicts, Dilemma, Drug, Alcoholism, and rebelliousness, they are still very much capable to gather the entire Music world in a single frame!! 😀

Judas Priest:

These British Heavy Metal musicians known as Judas Priest, is really well known for their glorious and never-ending musical journey. Specially for their really strong band line-up and a vocalist like Rob Halford!!

And to know more about their minblowingly successful musical journey just check out their details about our British Band Musical sections!

 Stubborn Psychology:

Being a part of that particular headbanging genre is very much like life. Hard work sweats and tears teach them the lesson about what is life really all about?!

 They become mature enough as a Rockstar/Metalhead and able to see the true pictures of life which the majority of the people of our society is unable to find out!!

Sometimes they started their Metal musical journey with strangers but as a band, they become brothers in arms which help them to build them teamwork and become more confident day by day and at the end of the day which leads them to enjoy his life to the fullest.

While avoiding burnout and Bullshits of the society especially from the so-called relatives and sometimes humiliations of the parents as well headbangers have to deal with too many craps of the society.

They need emotional and financial backups but for most of them, they had to struggle a hell lot of it. Their “problem list” is too damn big!!

And sometimes many of them even consult with physicians for their mental health for their upcoming battles!! Hell yeah, that’s being a Rockstar is tough, humble, talented, motivated, determined, hard worker, creative and passionate artist.

Ripu Bhatia (22) name of such a musical inspiration, hugely inspired by da bands like Nirvana, smashing pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Guns n’ Roses of 90’z. That Indian/Kiwi Youngman is a patient of Meningococcal Septicemias n’ because of that he lost his limbs!!

That guy used to play guitar from his 13 years of age, because of that horrible disease he became unable to play his guitar for da rest of his life, but u know what happened, next dude?

That coolest Rockstar, above all his frustrations, decided to gain something musically so he converted his phone like a pick for plucking’s n’ taped his left hand for grabbing chords n’ notes as well!! HELL YEAH!!

This is what we call a true metalhead, which is only possible by da spirits of their music!!  KEEP ROCKING DUDE!!

Rick Allen, an English drummer of the Hard Rock band Def Lepard, founder of the Raven drum foundation and one hand drum company!!

Mostly known as the thunder of the God among the Rock fans because of losing his arm (1984) in a car accident and what causes infections but still playing with the band since 1963!! WOOOOW

That unique drummer plays with 4 electronic pedals what replacing his left arm, 3 power strokes on his bass drum along with snare and high hat, and after all these that legendary drummer ranked as #7th as the greatest drummer of all time!!

CAN U BELIEVE IT?! Do you need more proof of their passionate stubbornness?!  I DON’T THINK SO…….

Another Drummer like Andrew Tkaczyk, the Metalhead drummer of the band Ghost insider is still continuing his drumming career after losing his right leg in a bus accident since 2015!!

This is how you can set an example of what Rick Allen does already!! By using a special device now his double Bass pedals are Rocking again like some fuckin hell!!

And you know that made these guys so fucking special?!  ATTITUDE!!Because when you share, you got more!! FUCK YEAAAAH!!

Even on the Bass guitar, World’s 2nd Slap Bassist or Asia’s #1 Bassist of the band aurthohin, Bassbaba Sumon from Bangladesh widely known for his unique abilities to play the Bass guitar

Like a father what made him commonly known as “Bassbaba” did 23rd surgeries because of Cancer who also released a mega-hit album of authoring as “Cancer er Nishikabbo”.

His latest album “The night tale of the Cancer” is still fighting at his 44 years of age just like another cancer patient the mighty Bruce Dickinson, Key vocalist of the Iron Maiden proved to the world what MEATHEADS really are!! haha FUCK U!!

Such as the Psychedelic band like A Perfect Circle banned smartphones on their gig, because the majority of their fans grew up listening to them when there was no shitty smartphone era!!

So, if the Metalheads were able to drag attractions on that period of time, they do believe it is still possible in modern gigs at all!! FUCK YEAH…

The decision was announced loudly on the spot, what proves that in this the world of fucking shows off as a music fan, people who care will respect,

the decision of their favorite bands, will buy CD’s or stream it from the legal sites as well. ROCK ON!! THIS IS WHAT WE CALL THE STUBBORNESS OF TRUE METAL HEADS….

Their Crisis:

The beginning is always the hardest one, saving yourself from the bitching and whining for the society is not an easy task to do and not everyone can handle it until the end!! There are lots of examples are out there who even left his own house for the sake of his passion for our music!!

Recent research says that every time when a musician picks his favorite instrument to play maybe he looks calm and steady but there is a party going on inside his head!!

As a metal artist, lack of money and jamming facilities for the bands, people of their own society love to tag them as an antisocial:

Violent, even religion blame on them and sometimes. These become even the threats to their life as well!! That’s because these creative people made something possible which is impossible for the rest of the people of the damn society!!

People love to judge no matter who they are!! And because of legends like the Bob Marley said: “before pointing at me makes sure your hands are clean enough!! And,

“The truth is, people will hurt you anyway so You gotta find the right one who is worth it. And According to the legendary Kurt Cobain, it’s better to throw him in jail in case of if it’s illegal to play Rock n’ Roll Music.

The weak copyright laws are killing them like hell which is creating more screwed up situations for them. On the other hand, quality gears are still very expensive to effort and most of the time they don’t even get any sponsor for their concerts and for themselves as well.

Like I said about the financial crisis or lack of proper support is still being the biggest obstacle for any musician.

Oni Hasan, a mind-blowing lead guitarist from the Bangladeshi Hard rock/Heavy Metal artists like warfaze and Vibe, recently posted on his FB status about the fulfilled dream of his life!! Since his childhood,

 all he wanted, a good American electric guitar, since his childhood!! But that was almost a day dream of a country like Bangladesh!! ☹

BUT NOW, but you know what? he became the brand ambassador of it!! OMFG…. just take a look around him now!  He just bought a Carvin/ Kiesel Guitars on June 2018!! HELL YEAH!!

Not only that he just made his dream into reality by grabbing that guitar like two other musicians like Samir Hafiz, and the great Kamal Guitar man!! Funny thing is, every one of them is from the legendary band Warfaze!! lolz…

Oni also assured us for more amazing music with his Carvin guitar for the next 10 upcoming rocking years!! This is what we call a Metalhead’s motivation. YEAH, IF YOU HAVE to BELIEVE ON YOUR DREAMS AND, ABLE TO WORK ON IT THAT’S POSSIBLE!!  😊

An interesting modern Researcher has found about in 2018 which is Musical Paralysis!! Well, what’s that supposed to mean actually? Haha

These Researchers believe that after at the age of 30 Music lovers, fans audience whatever u call them gets stuck in a Dire strait like they got stiff on their favorite Genre which they choose to listen before their age of 30!!

Which simply means after that age they became unable to change their music taste!!  This is the time they are going to ignore any newer musical genre to entertain themselves!!  Simple as fuck…… 😊

This Musical paralysis started to happening from the age of 24-40, when they are no longer give a shit about any other Genre’s any fuckin more and there’s no cure about it at all, and to tell the trust as a Metalcore we don’t need it actually!!  YEAH…….

 Physical advantages:

  • Our brain cells get activated magnificently in this period of time, which help them to deal with the tempos of the rhythm & melody of their metal tracks & it becomes a magical body workout driven by the brain!!
  •  Speed drumming a form of cardiac & neurological exercises for the metal heads!! But drumming is an instrument which is using for thousands of years to sending messages & symbols as well to the same tribe to opponent tribes as well!!
  • These bands boost our energy level and encourage us to stay strong and release tension among the fellow partners on their music. It helps to develop the waves of our brain which is called Alpha.
  • Modern neuroscience claims that also helps us to stay away or forgetting traumatic situations.
  •  science also claims that listening to these bands is good for your health. Listening to these bands in the early morning it will increase the capacity of the neuron of your brain and you will be a quick thinker.
  • Attending Metal concerts can expand your lifespan more than 9 years!

Not only that, Metal music reduces your stress level!! To lead a healthy lifestyle of that particular genre is a much more effective option!! haha, fuck yeah…

metal music regulated sadness and enhanced your positive emotions towards life and inspired them like hell. All of the responses indicated that extreme musical band’s music gives us the feelings of love and makes us as a happier and healthier human being!! ROCK ON!!

So, we can say that being a Metal Head is not only a craze it’s a passion to lead your life as well!! People express their depressions, anger and improve your positive self-regulatory purpose, which only inspired you and motivates you and change your mood as well.

Not only on the lyrics but also by their head banging’s attitude as well, which goes with your emotions and makes you relax so sing it loud!!

 And modern research says that attending the musical event like Metal concerts can increase your lifespan almost 9 freaking years!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

  The war against Discrimination:

Career as a member of that exciting genre, or as an artist for being a metalhead is a job that doesn’t pay much because the competition is much tougher.

people will be impressed upon you beyond any doubt but most important thing is that the inner peace which you will find on it will be impossible to find it anywhere else in the world!! HELL YEAH!!

In our society, these Metalheads got a very powerful impact on our society. It is still influencing our daily lifestyle, passion, attitude, and even in our language as well because of their maturity and popularity as well even it has social racial impacts!! FUCK Authority……

The dark side of career:

Many Rock n’ Roll stars were popular as hell but after getting involved with the pathetic girl and drug issues. When their popularity arises like a star, that dark side of the media ruined them like hell.

 Girls got easily attracted by their money, used them emotionally, abused them and at the end of their life these Rockstar’s had a pathetic and painful ending of their lives.

 Even because of Girls and drugs some mega Rockstar’s like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley and many of them had a painful death because of these issues and rest of the list is too damn big which is increasing day by day.

Even the wife of John Lennon, Yoko Ono still considered as one of the major reasons for the breakup of the legendary Beatles still after 45 years!!

So, beware of what you are doing and keep your feet in the field flying high will not working out always. Kill them all!!

Rockstars should maintain a distance from the media and commercial world to save their own souls at first and become more popular day by day!! Not everyone is worth your precious time exactly!! You nailed it!!

Club 27:

This is a horrified term used by the metal lovers, it’s because that particular term used for the tragic incidents of so many Rock Stars like Jimmi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Robert Johnson, Peter Ham, Alan Wilson, Bangladeshi Lead Guitarist Zeheen Ahmed,  passed away at this age!!! FU*K….

 Depressions, PTSD, & Early deaths!!

They took their life because they were able to live to the fullest at this is which only can be possible for being a metal musician!! There is no fixed age for taking their lives at just only 27, Which is called the Club 27!! FUCK IT…..

Several musicians took their life later on just like Chester Bennington (41).   metal musicians got the highest rate of suicidal tendencies more than any other professions!!

Which means intelligent classy creative people don’t want to live in that shitty world for long enough!! This is what we call standard…

Jason Newsted, ex Bassist of the mighty Metallica choose to play acoustic guitar after retiring from the Metallica from his career of 30 years to be in the metal band by achieving highest musical awards like:

Gold, Platinum, and Grammy as well.  This is what we call the spirit of music which can’t be denied by a true soul of Heavy Music people like them will Rock till their last breath!!

Conspiracies of Heavy Metal:

it’s not all about entertaining the audiences and nothing else. Get it losers?! 😛 Such as showing up Devil’s horn as a fan of this metalcore can be considered as another controversial issue for the critics.

 Because it means The Satan’s name on it but according to some sources, the origin of it is still a mystery. Name of it is Corna which came from Roman or Italian culture as well.

Whatever it is the use of it in the metal band music indicates that the evil spirit and the Evil eye. Ronnie James Dio and

 Black Sabbath applied it the field of extreme musical bands and which is still popular and fans are using it as well but are have some overuse or misuse,

which makes it contradictory and found the smell of Conspiracies of Heavy Metal as well!! ROCK ON!!

Because of using the image of a Real as their album cover that mighty Heavy Metal band got accused themselves on it!!

On the other hand, practicing of Black Magic and collection Black Arts by Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, held them accountable for the same reason anyway!!

Even Genre like Black Metal proved that accusation by burning Churches and Killing priests as well!! WTF…

Read More: All about Black Metal!

Over Passionate Metalheads:

Let’s talk about some fucking crazy ass Metal fans, back in 2018 a couple who left their 11 years old daughter home alone and left for a Metal concert 200 miles away!! SERIOUSLY?!

But these bastards came back after two days when police arrested them for putting them into jail for the next 20 damns years!! FUCKERS…..

But there’s a positive view also, an old couple of 65+ years secretly left their old home just to watch a Metal concert!! HAHAHA ROCK ON GRANNY & GRANDPA 😀

This is what stubborn Metalheads are AND WE LOVE U!! 😊

 Psychoanalysis of Metalheads:

  • Self-esteem along with self-respect of social isolations
  • Seeking for a hard and unique way of life which indicates they are adventurous
  • They reject the ordinary rules of authorized rules and regulations of an individual or sometimes even religion!!
  • Able to implement complex brainstorming process and even dominant
  • Sometimes led the suicidal tendency because of being depressed!!
  • Conflicts with Islamic family or social cultures!!
  • It’s a way of expressing your fucking negative emotions and a way of boosting your energy!!
  • Brothers in arms!!
  • They are full of empathy and really well known for charity and socially conscious!!
  • They are the people of nature, who banned plastic items in concerts and choose to put thousands of trees as a forest!!

 Lyrical Beauty & Lifestyle:

Sometimes the lyrics consist of the essence of some inspirational anti-social perspectives and social perspective as well. They raise their voice against frustration towards

The dark sides of the society, revenge, the dark side of the human psychology, loneliness, heartache, political instabilities, dictatorship, love, hate, nature, violence, love, imaginative world, happiness, achievements.

evil spirits, history, message, emotion, religion, insecurity, violence, loneliness, betrayed, struggle, humanity, spirits, human psychology, history, myth, metaphor, aggression, ugly truth of life, insults, visualization, inspirations, corruptions, social disorders,

The negativity of human life, literary terms, and incidents from of the society a sometimes they deal with it from their own experiences,

 which are still continuing from decades with their passionate loud tempo, rhythm, harmony, and vocal etc.

There is a popular term in the field of the Metal band music industry which indicates an imaginary God or God of Rock. regarding some extent but,

That is not indicating atheism or Satanism or something else. It is the spiritual expression of the fans and nothing more than that.

Critics accused Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin of it and they claimed that Ozzy Osbourne is a Satanist too. But that’s not always true because that is the style, they create but doesn’t mean they are the worshiper of Satan or something.

Such as, a Metal band like Iron Maiden took quotations from the Holy Bible at the very beginning of their song “number of the beast” and it is their style that they use the portrait of a various ghost on their posters, albums, concerts and music videos etc.

 Social Awards, Charting Etc:


As an artist/Band, is the most influential and recognized award in the world that a metal head can achieve!! This award goes to the artist regarding their genre, album, And track as well. It’s an annual ceremony which honors several categories nominated by the national academy of recording arts and science or (NARAS).

That is the most valuable award of any recording industry and presented every year according to their standard point of view, voting of the members professional and technical achievements, creativity etc.

US Billboard 200:

US Billboard 200, that honorable chart is meant for a top chart of 200 most fabulous musical album every year in the US by the weekly publications of the Billboard magazine and at the end of the year with a year-end chart. Based on the selling of the album, considering based on the performance of the artists.

UK Top Chart:

UK Top Chart, based on particular albums or singles ranked as streaming or physical or digital sales in the United Kingdom: Regulations are: you have to have at least three tracks on a CD, more than 20+ minutes constantly updating on each and every week etc.


RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America is a supportive trademarked organization for the promising music companies,

who help to promote creative geniuses and help the artist to maintain the connecting network, Rights, privacy, Relationship, with Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Multi-Platinum, Streaming and sales awards among them.


That award show of UK means a lot to the musicians organized by the NME music magazine since 1953 on yearly basis, with full of humor and harmony!! COOL YEAH!! This is the show where bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones performed!! Even Elvis Presley got the highest number of NME awards of 26!! HOLY SHIT!!

MTV Awards:

MTV video music awards or VMA considered as the alternative of the Grammy award!! DAMN. The statue of that award is the copy of their earlier logo of the MTV!! Which signifies you can also achieve the moon as well!! DAMN….

That annual ceremony burns the stage with the top musical glamour’s of the world before every summer places like Miami, NYC or Las Vegas!! FUCK MAN…

Rolling Stone Magazine:

Still publishing since 1967, inspired by the band Rolling Stones and the hit track of Bob Dylan Like a Rolling stone!! WOW. Mainly covers the film and Media mostly pop cultures and TV dramas,

As a full package of entertainments. But still expanding its contents like political, Banking and Financial issues, even musical culture and advertising as well

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Located on Ohio, Hall of Fame is a foundation and Museum by the Atlantic records, mostly recognized as the archive history of the artists, mega Rockstar’s, sound Engineers, producers, and many musically creative geniuses.

Signature Beverages of them:

Well, you will find several signature beers of your favorite bands as a brand ambassador of these Beers they are involved through the licensing process by targeting their fans!!

what you can call a unique production by them!! Haha yeah!!  beer can help them to be more creative and productive!!

Just like some of them are:

  • Australian Hard Rock (AC/DC)
  • Trooper Ale (Iron Maiden)
  • Aun And Steel (Iron Maiden)
  • Faithfull Ale (Pearl Jam)
  • 666 Red Ale (Slayer)
  • Ghost walker (Lamb of God)
  • Labatt (Metallica)
  • Enter Night Plisner Beer (Metallica)
  • Indians Whiskey (Anthrax)
  • Mustaine Vineyards (Megadeth)
  • Reign in Blood (Slayer)
  • Blackened (Metallica)
  • Amped up lager (Marshall Amp)
  • Road Crew Beer (Motorhead)
  • Premium Dark Ram (Motorhead)
  • Iowa Whiskey (Slipknot)

Girls in modern Metal Music!!

Well, that’s a male-dominated industry, but now in 21st- century girls are also getting influenced as well such as they formed an all-Girls Band “The Iron Maidens”!!

 who are trying for copying their musical style of the pioneer band “Iron Maiden”.  extreme music fans are sometimes named as meatheads and headbangers as well.

They are already reputed enough for fighting against all the sexism of that industry no matter is it on the crowd against the drunken fuckers or is it on the stage for being a female artist and being invited for the great NME show as well!!

Another all-girl Judas priest featuring band is Judas priestess, is not only representing only that pioneer Thrash Metal band but also as the all African American Thrash Metal girl band!!

The Indonesian all girl Heavy Metal band Voice of Baceprot (VOB) which means noisy, is an award-winning Heavy Metal band.

 Only three school going metalcore girls who don’t give a shit of your fucking feminism and show their middle finger towards the largest Muslim country of the world,

It’s social discriminations, barriers, fucking religious obligations and by wearing hijab they performed their headbanging tracks with an attitude to fulfill their dream as being a ROCKSTAR!! FUCK YEAH…. You go girls…. 😀

Our Drowning Audio Market:

In July 2016 Apple took da complaints of our artist’s seriously about piracy of their concert n’ jamming videos and photos as well so they decided to block the camera of their I phone on da event!!

Well sad news for the users but for the overall artistic point of views because they fought for it since 2011, not everything is to be uploaded to social medias n’ YouTube, baby!! 😛

Nowadays streaming is really popular but still, we can’t deny the importance of the physical appearance of the CD format as well for your mental satisfaction, awesome outlets and for your awesome CD collections as well!!

Chester Bennington, the metal vocalist of world-famous American Nu-Metal band Linkin park believed that Nu-Rock & Nu-Metals are the reason that still in the 21st-century metal is still rolling on the earth because of Rock n’ Hip-hop as well can be an awesome combination side by side!! And in some perspective,

He wasn’t wrong actually it’s a damn good famous trend and it’s developing day by day & their increasing popularity is proved by it!!

Let’s see what they are gonna do on their next album follow up to their album One lighter!! COOL!! The Key vocalist of the mighty Metallica, James Hetfield still believes that suing a company like Napster was the right decision to make!! LOLZ

Future of our music:

The future of metal band industry is just brilliant!! From the very first stage of the Classic RockAlternative Rock to the Grunge, Not the  technology is developing day by day and we are getting more promising meatheads around the globe such as several Sub-genres like Thrash MetalBlack MetalChristian Black Metal,

Electro Metal, Nu-Metal, Poly Metals are very much able to get enough funding for their projects, you won’t believe that one they will get their Apex!! HELL YEAH!!

Now a day’s English metal bands are facing a major problem because of some critics, they tried to figure out the best 100 albums of metal bands of the 21st century but the problem now we are facing that we are inventing genres day by day by ignoring our root of metal band music

Because of genres like US-based genres like nu-metal emo and metalcore as well!! Which is becoming a threat to the British Metal industry.

 Day by day, because of this attention seeking exotic genres like fuckin so-called baby Metal!! WTF…

But the fact to be considered we should have focused on fewer sub-genres. Because that is all really mixing it up with other genres and creating a division and making it more complicated as well. Just enjoy the music and keep Headbanging under the title of Metal. ROCK ON!!

Just like what I said, that genre is improving gradually day by the as an example, they have produced several unique metal albums in the year 2017, let’s take a look around briefly!! 😊

Coolest Metal Albums Of 2017:

In the fluctuating state of the musical scenario different genres of metal is still consistent especially after releasing its physical form as LP.

It’s artistic captures of the album covers which is still ruling still after several decades!! HELL YEAH!!

Just like their famous Devi’s horn became the trademarked registered!! LOLZ

Just like their style, metal albums of this year are not really different rather than boldness, continuous changes, aggression, more mature acts with latest sound quality, auto-tuning, etc.… FUCK YEAH!!

Artificial Brain: (Infrared Horizon):

A band of talented musicians especially the mind-blowing guitar riffs. He smashed the title track with his excellent skills on the guitar solo!! Fuck yeah

The theme of the album is just as awesome as hell by its deep inner meaning!!

Planning for Burial (Below the House):

The third album from the one-man show!! The album cover is just brilliant on the album as well!! Yeah

Ragana (You take nothing):

That scary album, the vocal and lyrics are just awesome as hell!! She’s not screaming like a witch but that album is just a pure form of gothic metal!! YEEAHHHH!!

Powertrip (Nightmare Logic):

That Thrash metal old school metal band most famous for their crazy guitar solos and atomic rhythm as well.

The ruins of beverast (Exuvia):

Another one-man army band a masterpiece of black metal has a cover of Pink Floyd’s along with Back Pipers as well these made that album of a total mystery with deep inner meaning!! BINGO!

Neo-Nazi and Heavy Metal Fans:

  • Well in the summer of 2019, the Calgary police department preached a new Gospel about our Heavy Metal lifestyle!! HAHA
  • Because they do believe, we create a bunch of haters of life, who also love to bunk schools and spread propaganda! HAHAHA.
  • Their violent lyrics and secretive behavior lead to disobedience, rudeness and even make them Racist and classiest as well!! We became a threat for immigrants, minorities and even religious people even in Canada! :@
  • This is what they think about us, but you know what Canadian police? AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!! 😀

What destroys a perfect concert?

Well, there are so many new upcoming bands, make some common mistakes which eventually hampered on their well-deserved concerts.

Because of not being enough experienced and immature in some cases they make some mistakes on arranging a concert, so let’ stalk about it:

Lack of Networking:

Just don’t enough trust your commercial partner so damn much! They are just doing it for money nothing else, it’s your passion and you have to provoke it!

Boring appearances:

This is modern Heavy Metal world dude! You have to get your gesture and posture as a Heavy Metal freak as well!! Be energetic, scream like hell, burn the stage! No one expects some zombies in the name of Heavy Metal artists! HAHA

Poor presentation:

Same as check out other successful concert presentation on youtube, especially choose Iron Maiden as an iconic Presenter look what they are doing after 60+ years of age on average as a band! Now in 21st century, people want something more to remember the show for a lifetime, such as some excellent visual graphic representations!

Not advanced enough:

This is not a kitty Party dude! THIS IS METAL!! So be Metal! This is only for men’s world if you want to sell more tickets within a reasonable rate, be more professional and well organized as well.

Being not promoted enough:

Your fans are your everything! So, let them drag them out in the middle to Rock the dance floor Really hard!

So, let them know ov This article will tell you the updated story and definitely the legacy of the Genre like Alternative Rock Songs, such as Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal as well!! That particular Genre and its origination in the USA! Alternative Rock is basically the sub-Genre of the Rock just like progressive Rock, started to reign since early 80’z but became popular like hell from the 90’z mostly in the USA!! They are a more independent form of Rock than Punk Rock hugely popular in the underground scenario!! YEAH 😀

Bands like Nirvana, R.E.M paved the way for Alternative Rock music and because of it, you will find the Sad essence of the Grunge on their music as well!! Hmmmm….

At the very beginning of that particular genre, they faced some identity crisis as the new wave of the world music industry!! But later from the middle of the 80 z, that genre became popular day by day by flourishing its own particular identity!! BINGO!

Spread mostly in UK US and Canada the lyrics of Alternative Rock mostly deals with the dark social issues like Drugs and alcohol, frustration, losing the grip collapsing of environments with suicidal tendencies as well!!

Now let’s take a look at the clearer picture of   alternative rock artists, side by side, list of  best alternative rock songs with  great alternative rock songs 2018, top alternative songs 2018 as the dynamic year of that particular songs of all time with the legacy of the mind-blowing history of golde age in the 90s!! FUCK YEAH… 😀

Origination of Alternative Rock songs in The UK!

In the post-punk era, Gothic Rock was a highly popular genre of Rock Music from where the genre like Alternative Rock came from!!

On the early 80z, the elements of the underground dark society, mystery, adultery were involved on the lyrics of the early Alternative Rock of Britain what were able to grab the attention of a huge number of the audience!!

A mixture of Acid Rock and Pop tuned, this type of Alternative Rock started to flourish on the Night Club and Bars of England with the dance of strippers as well…. Blah!

The Conversion into Grunge in The World Music Industry!!

This time, Bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana, senior’s like R.E.M, Canadians like Our Lady Peace made the revolutionary role to paved the commercial success and musical top chart awards of the Alternative Rock around the globe!!

Albums like Nevermind, the shook the damn Rocking world by its Alternative essence with huge commercial success which is still continuing as fuck!! WOOOOW!!

By selling millions of copies of the albums this is the first time, that legendary genre established its place just right beside Mega hit genres like Hard Rock. Hair Metal on their own reign because that popular Genre was able to connect with the practicality of human life!! DUDE!!!!! 😀

And that was the time to rise of another popular Musical Genre, Grunge!! And people started to call them the Grungers!! For their unique guitar riffs with fashionable gesture and posture as well… FUCK YEAH… 😀

Grunge bands like Guns N’ Roses, Sound Garden, Oasis or pearl Jam basically followed the footstep of the Iconic Nirvana! Grunge was way more popular than the Punk and Glam Rock!! WOW….. :S

What is Alternative Metal songs?!

Well, to be frank, the essence of the Alternative metal came from the blending of fusion and Heavy metal and alternative rock along with the attitude of hair metal obviously!!

Their blues Rock kinda singing style along with Thrash kinda backup vocal paved the way for descriptions like they aren’t screaming the hell out of frustration rather than sad with some crazy ass guitar riffs!! and that made that genre as the most popular sub-genre of the Heavy Metal!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

The significance of Alternative Metal songs:

Basically, based on mid-level tempo slight touch of Rap or Hip-hop Metal which created Nu-rock/Nu- Metal with their low guitar tempos and groovy crystal clear vocal!!

Bands to be included under the genre of Alternative Metal, and its history behind it:

First Generation Metal Bands To Be Included:

Even 80’z pioneer bands like Metallica and Anthrax also considered under the banner of Alternative Metal for their die-hard influences upon that genre!! WOOOW…. 😀

Modern Bands:

90’z Bands like Korn. Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Evanescence, 12 stones, Alien Ant Farm, Alter Bridge, Bullet For My Valentine, Pantera and obviously the mighty Linkin park made that unique genre to remember lifetime!!

Top Alternative Metal songs:

  1. Blind (Korn)
  2. At the end (Linkin Park)
  3. One step closer (Linkin Park)
  4. Point of authority (Linkin Park)
  5. Bring me to live(Evanescence)
  6. Chop Suey (System of a down)
  7. Down with the sickness (Disturbed)
  8. I stand alone (Godsmack)
  9. I hate everything about you (Three days grace)
  10. Last Resort (Papa Roach).

Want some easy and unique elements of the Alternative songs?

Well, when you will feel the shit like, bands like Nirvana is not really much for you, but Metallica screams extreme for your music taste what you can hardly tolerate!! This is the genre you are looking for my friend!! AHAHAHA….. 😀

Nirvana is the only band who played the same pioneer role both on both the Genres and especially on the Grunge as well!!

If we talk about the history of Alternative Metal, a most important note to be considered would be the blending of popular genre’s like Funk Rock, Latin influences, and Grunge obviously,

Where bands like Sound Garden and Red Hot Chili Peppers played the key role to be nominated as the early Alternative metal bands!! THIS IS COOOL!! 😀

On the late 90’z, we will find more aggression’s added to the taste of Alternative Metal along with the sharp knife attack of Rap and Hip Hop with thick guitar sounds just side by side!!

And here is the origination of the Nu-Metal for you dudes!!  FUCK YEAH. 😀

Today’s current Alternative Metal status, bands like Godsmack and System of a Down is still alive to rule out in the middle!!

So, at the end of the day, you can say that Alternative Metal may be the lack of individuality of its own elements but still that genre is widely popular in the modern Metal scenario

And to tell the truth is the output of so many mixed Genre’s you can’t consider that genre as insecure!! LOLZ

This time in the broader scenario of the history of American Grunge, that particular genre dominated the British underground band scenario like a boss what moved away from British Glam and Punk Rock at the very beginning of the Millennium era!!

In order to dominate the scenario and that was the rise of the era of Post- Grunge which became more serious on their passion with the bands like Creed, Nickelback, Matchbox Twenty, and obviously Foo Fighters!! YEAH!! 😀

But especially after the tragic death of the king like Kurt Cobain the reign of Alternative Rock and Grunge had the most difficult time to ever faced!! But a band like Dashboard Confessional which was Acoustic based and highly influenced by the 90’z Music scenario started to emerge this time!! BACK TO THE PAVILION HUH?! :S

On the other hand, a genre like Indie Rock and its band like Semi sonic started to flourish their talent this time!! BINGO!! 😀

So that was the story of alternative Rock Metal and the origination of Grunge about……

Read More: Classical Legends!!

er social media, Broadcasting media or even in every possible way of it! That’s a party so let’s enjoy! Let them know what’s in it for all of them! YEAH…… 😀

Above all the analytical discussions, you surely get the idea of all the great Heavy Metal Bands of the world and even the historical elements of their rise and fall. So, enjoy……. 😊


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