Ranking of Led Zeppelin Albums | their Uniqueness Reviews & Awards!!

The legacy of the Led Zeppelin Albums which is still on a roll!! A world-famous British Hard Rock and Heavy metal band like Led Zeppelin. How they achieved Led Zeppelin Albums ranked by themselves and how they were able to secure their place as one of the most influential, mind-blowing, and inspiring, and legendary British Heavy metal band of the world music industry.


Led Zeppelin, That London based hard Rock n’ Heavy metal band, started their musical journey back in 1968 with four of their legendary members like:

Led Zeppelin’s world-famous track Stairway to Heaven paved their way of worldwide popularity and that shows their quality of what they are able to do as a Heavy metal band and with their creativeness beyond any doubt!! Hell yeah… 😊

!! But in 1980 Bonham Died because of being an extreme level of alcoholic and in the end his son Jason Bonham took his father’s place as a drummer!! COOL!! 😀

Their all nine Heavy metal studio albums and were able to secure their places on the US Billboard album top chart among the top ten of the heavy metal bands!!

Led Zeppelin ranked like a heaviest Heavy metal band of all time by Rolling Stone magazine and the biggest metal band of the seventies as well. Not only they were able to list themselves in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of fame back in 1995.

Members of The Led Zeppelin:

  • Jimmy Page (Lead guitarist).
  • Robert Plant (Vocal).
  • John Paul Jones (Bass and key players).
  • John Bonham (Drummer).

Led Zeppelin is still famous for their heavy guitar works and for their style of Blues and art of their headbanging Psychedelic way of singing which introduced them as one of the pioneer progressive heavy metal band of that time.

Now a day a hundred are sub-genres are out there but without any doubt bands like Led Zeppelin was the originator of the history of the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bands.

Because of the legacies of the Top Led Zeppelin songs, they will remain in the hearts of millions of rock fans all over the world. After signing with Atlantic records,

Led Zeppelin band started to rule the music world by releasing their great Led zeppelin albums in order, along with their significant and thoughtful with deep impactful and awesome Led Zeppelin album covers as well!!

Studio, Led Zeppelin Albums & how Led Zeppelin albums Ranked:

Led Zeppelin I, (1969):

The Debut studio album and the led zeppelin first album with headbanging heavy metal line-up along with the essence of the Rock n’ Blues as well ranked as #19th on the Rolling stone!!

considered as a flop album but in the year of 2004, that album enlisted of Grammy Hall of fame!! This is what we call quality!! FUCKIN HELL!! Hahahaha

Led Zeppelin II, (1969):

Led Zeppelin 2, the 2nd studio album of the Hard Rock/Heavy metal band Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page got the majority of the credits for being the commercially successful album mostly for his awesome guitar riffing’s!!  HELL YEAH… 😀

This time they were able to sell 13 million+ copies around the globe and nominated as the one the of a revolutionary album of all time!!

With awards like Grammy, RIAA and started their longest American and European concerts tour ever!! WOOOW: D ROCK ON….

Led Zeppelin III, (1970 & 2014):

The 3rd studio album of the Led Zeppelin with folk and acoustic works what made the turning point of their musical career as well!!

Lyrics were written and composed in a cottage in the middle of nature which had a significant folk essence upon the album.

Critics took that album as banged on target with mixture reviews but still, that album hanged up on the top of the US Billboard chart and UK Top chart for an entire month with RIAA platinum certification!! BINGOOOOO!! 😀

Led Zeppelin IV, (1971):

Led Zeppelin iv, the 4th studio album,  without any official title, and another headbanging production by Jimmy page beyond any doubt!!

This time they sold some record-breaking 40+ million copies of the album along with anther certification from the RIAA!! ROCK ON…

This time they topped the highest position on the UK Top chart and highest selling album in the UK once again with ranked as #68th

on the Rolling stone magazine and maybe because of these headbanging achievements made that album re-issued in 2014 as well!! HELL YEAH…. 😀

Houses of The Holy, (1973):

The 5th studio album of the Zeppelin, with the majority of their famous songs and with the well-deserved Grammy nomination as well!! was a super-hit album,

along with another Platinum Certification from the RIAA and 500, all-time hits album from the Rolling Stone!! BINGOOO!! 😀  Even the artwork of the album created from the concept of the novel childhood’s end!!

Physical Graffiti, (1975):

6th studio album by the Hard Rock/Heavy metal band, Led Zeppelin and grabbed its position at the US Billboard and UK top chart as #1.

Because of that got platinum certification and sold 8+ Million copies as a huge commercial success!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

Presence, (1976 & 2015):

Lucky 7th studio album by the Led Zeppelin with huge commercial success along with topping both the UK and US top chart with platinum certification for the 3rd fuckin time!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

The mighty guitarist Jimmy page tagged that album as the most important album because that was the comeback album of their key vocalist Robert plant from a car accident.

That traumatic experience and with the aggression on Jimmy Page’s guitar encouraged them to made an album like this

just in a single night and made them touch the Apex of their musical career!! He recorded an entire album while sitting in a wheel chair!! DAMN CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! 😀 😀

In Through the Out Door, (1979):

Final and an 8th studio album, Lyrics were based on the personal traumatic experiences, grieves of the members, just like their car accident, loss of a son for sickness,

the tension between the band and the recording companies but everything was wiped away by the massive commercial success of the album.

This time, they grabbed the top position of the US Billboard just within a very short time of the album released!!   BANG ON TARGET!! HAHA: D

Because of their love for literature and the excellent use of the metaphor even on their album artwork Led Zeppelin got a Grammy nomination for it as well!! HOLY CHRIST!! 😀 😀

Led Zeppelin’s Live projects:

The Song Remains the Same, (1976 & 2007):

Very first live album by the English Rock Band Led Zeppelin consists of soundtracks of the movie Black Dog from the Madison Square Garden where the concert took place for almost three rocking nights!! Hell YEAH… 😀

But point to be noted Led Zeppelin by himself doesn’t consider it as their Live album performance rather than just an album of Soundtracks that’s all!! That album was a commercial flop album by the way…. Mehhh!!

Remastered and released with six new unreleased tracks once again in 2007. With high-quality sounds, approach and commercially successful album.

And this time based on a different movie Celebration day and this time on a CD, DVD, HD, LP Blu-Ray format with a platinum certification from the RIAA as well!! BINGOOOOO   😀

Complete BBC Sessions, (1969 & 2016):

Another live album featuring the recording studio session of the of the Led Zeppelin, in the British broadcasting corporation, BBC. Tracks of Zeppelin Albums were elected from four different gigs of them and slightly edited on their re-release of 2016.

How the West was won, (1972 & 2003):

That live album was based on the live performance of the band back in 1972 at Long beach arena of Los Angeles.

Jimmy page consider that album as the prove of the headbanging, mind-blowing concerts of the Led Zeppelin when they were at the apex of their musical career in West!!  HOW COOL IS THAT ?! 😀

Celebration Day, (2012):

A movie based on the concert of Led Zeppelin  Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert in London back in 2007.  Released on CD, DVD, HD, LP Blu-Ray format.

A well-appreciated project Movie, Concert, and album of the Led Zeppelin with lots of positive reviews from the critics.

which took Led Zeppelin ranked to the #9th place of the US Billboard 200 and a well-deserved nomination of Grammy as well!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

 Compilation Albums:

Coda, (1982):

A compilation album, released with brand new tracks along with 2 live performed tracks and played on a reunited concert back in 1985 and 1988 as well.

After the passing away of their world-class drummer John Bonham, the meaning of their title Coda makes sense, is a long passage which ends with the musical harmony through the main body, which was an excellent metaphorical example by the Zeppelin Albums.

Led Zeppelin Boxed Set, (1990):

A compilation album of the various tracks from the different elected albums of the band by Atlantic Records with two unreleased tracks as well.

Led Zeppelin Remasters, (1990):

A compilation album with two CDs. The track is taken from their 8/9 Studio albums and obviously from the Master tapes of their archives!! WOOOW!!! 😀 😀

Led Zeppelin Boxed Set 2, (1993):

Sequel to the previous compilation album after three years, with re-mastered four CD’s one unreleased track and a Booklet of 54 pages!! DAMN!! 😀

The Complete Studio Recording, (1993):

In 1997, Led Zeppelin released their BBC sessions as a metal band album!! And in the next year their official album walking into Clarksdale in 1998.

In that compilation album of the English Hard Rock/Heavy metal band like Led, Zeppelin tracks are taken from each studio albums a double disc album

with a chronological booklet as well with rare photos on it for the Zeppelin Albums ranked WOOW: D Its LP released in 1998!!

The Best of Led Zeppelin, (1999):

This time they released a box set 1992 and the track traveling Riverside Blues with some remastered songs and unreleased songs as well,

and managed the #7th place on the US Billboard as a pioneering metal!! In 1993 they released their second Led Zeppelin box set 2 with some studio recording and live performances as well. COOL!!

Early days & Later days:

A compilation album of the English Hard Rock/Heavy metal band, Led Zeppelin series of the double volume set. The first one is Early days and the second volume is Latter-days.

Both the volumes are certified as platinum from the RIAA released in 2000 and after that, it re-Released as Mothership, (2007).

And Led Zeppelin Definitive collection, 2008 of mini-LP Replica Boxed set of CDs’ released a limited edition of only 5000 copies!! Meeehhh

Their  Singles:

Led Zeppelin started to release some of their track as single and started their tours in so many corners of the US. Their single Whole Lotta Love tagged in the #4 of the US Billboard chart in 1970.

Some of their super hit singles of the Zeppelin Album Rocked like Whole lotta love, Immigrant song, Same song, Untitled became super hit around the world which is still a golden piece of entertainments for the audience!! YEAH… 😀

Their attitude and playing style:

Their straight forward attitude, guitar-based headbanging jamming, arrangements played a vital role to make  Led Zeppelin as superstars.

But just like everything has an end that’s why because of the accusations of their Tax exile status hey faced several criticisms and their fame was in threats.

But that was a failure project for them and nothing goes according to the track on both the concerts they called it as BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!

But still, Bonham’s son Jason joined them in other gigs in 1988, 1995, 2007. And that time they clicked on it!!  HELL YEAH!!

Project Unleaded:

In 1994 on their MTV project unleaded that that band gets reunited again and out for a world tour!! Next year they ranked and nominated of American’s Rock n’ roll hall of fame as a Heavy metal band!! Cool hah?!

Back in 2003, they released their third live album how the west was won and their albums in DVD which becomes the bestselling DVD in the history of Rock n’ Roll.

Their Leadership skills:

Moreover, Zeppelin Albums are still famous for their highly influential headbanging Heavy metal front man. His aggressiveness and unique patterns which make them

one of the most successful heads banging talented Heavy metal band in the history of Rock music.

The contribution of Led Zeppelin on our world music:

Not only that,  that mind-blowing band rocked for the reasons of influencing the world-famous bands like Black Sabbath, Queen, Megadeth, Dream theater and later produces genre like Alternative Rock and punk rock as well such as bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Sound garden Kurt Kobain’s Nirvana etc.

At the very beginning of the Millennium, Led Zeppelin rules the world as the best Rock band by a poll arranged by the BBC Radio:2. Not only that in 1977 they got “Ivor Novello Award”

Zeppelin Albums got the  MOJO awards back in 2008 as well for their valuable and comprehensive contribution towards British music and being the greatest Rock band of all time.

Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven:

In 2016 Los Angeles Jury board secured their iconic hit song Stairway to Heaven from the accusation of the ripping n’ plagiarized from the song Taurus by Spirits.

So, in that case, Led Zeppelin won the case of false accusations of the ripping off same starting chord of the track!! Lyricists like Robert Plant n’ Jimmy page considers as the top ten Rock lyricists of the Heavy metal world for his contribution towards Zeppelin Albums ranked!! WOW!!

The mighty Jimmy page, & his famous guitar solos:

Jimmy Page joined the band Yardbirds back in 1966 and changed his style from bass to lead guitar player but that band failed to last long. That band played the new yard birds.

Jimmy Page made a revolution on his six decades of musical career in the metal bands, he wrote the rule book on the art of Rock and Heavy metal guitar works from Zeppelin, based on his solos and riffing as well!! These 10 guitar solos proved that what an iconic guitarist he is!!

For your life, Black dog, the Rover, Achilles last stand, in the evening, Ramble on, Whole lotta love, communication breakdown, since I’ve been loving you, and obviously the legendary Stairway to heaven!!  ROCK ON!!

Back in 1968,  that legendary rockers ranked as the record their Heavy metal band album but they were forced to change their name as well and introduced themselves as Led Zeppelin contracted themselves with the Atlantic records for 143,000$!!!! DAMN!!

They started the first tour as a Heavy metal band in 1968. Led Zeppelin, the debut album released in 1968 and show their talent of exclusive guitar Riffs, Rhythms……

Led Zeppelin rocked for their famous identity of the Blues of Psychedelic. That’s how Led Zeppelin managed to secure their position in #6 on the UK top chart. Page and Plant left the band in 1970 but wrote the majority of the lyrics of their third and fourth’s Heavy Metal Studio album.

Their second album Led Zeppelin 2 was more successful than the first one according to the commercial point of views and grabbed the #1 on the US top chart!!  HELL YEAH!! Still, their audiences accepted Zeppelin Albums, rule as the hard and brutal!!

Their uniqueness:

This helped them to increase their popularity like hell. Just for an example some of their Solo heavy metal band concerts last 4+ hours!! In 1970 Led Zeppelin released their new album Led Zeppelin 3 which was very much influenced by their acoustic works.

The mixture of folk essences ensures their top position in UK and US top charts not only that, they  nominated themselves as  the  next Heavy metal band album Led Zeppelin 4 (1971)

Also did the same like their previous albums does not only that Led Zeppelin were able to sell more than 37+ millions of copies of it!! How cool is that?!

In 1973, they released their 5th heavy metal album Houses of the Holy which paved their way of becoming for influential because of their appearances and style of their Albums.

But according to some critics, their myths and spreading of some rumors make them Superstars, more scary, controversial and famous as well!! LOLZ: P

The Beatles and the Led Zeppelin:

In 1973,  Led Zeppelin broke the record of another legendary British rock band The Beatles

for the attendances of the largest metal band audiences ever which was 56,800+ fans in Shea stadium concert and in Madison square garden as well!! DAMN!!

In 1974, released the Swab song of their own recorded label and the logo of that label became a viral logo for the t-shirts because of its popularities!!

In the next year (1975), Led Zeppelin released their Physical Graffiti as their double album which nominated them as the world’s best rock band besides The Who and the Rolling Stone as well. COOL YEAH!!

Led Zeppelin’s Heroin Addiction:

In 1976 page became affected badly by his addiction to heroin and that has a savior effect on their live performances. In that period of time in 1976, their movie based on their heavy metal band concerts the song remains the same released.

Their horrible alcoholism:

But still, they are the largest indoor solo audiences of 76,229 in the Pontiac Silverdome in 1977. In this year, Bonham passed away accidentally because of excessive drinking’s.

Their Upcoming North American Heavy metal tour got canceled n’ not only that the band was about to broke up!!

With that messed up, the condition of the band, this time they released their new Heavy metal band album “Honey Dripper” in 1984. Paul and Rodger tried to focus on their new project. In the meantime, their famous single sea of love rocked at #3 were on the Billboard charts!! HELL YEAH!!

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Above all analytical discussion we can surely get the ideas of all  how Led Zeppelin Albums still ruling on our current musical scenario and how their Led Zeppelin albums Ranked as among the best in world!! So, till then, stay tuned for more infoz!! 😊

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