The Legacy Of Guns And Roses Albums and Appetite For Destruction

GN’R, mostly known as the abbreviation form of the American Hard Rock band who proved themselves as one of the pioneer Rock band on earth since their glorious 80’s decade by the magical influence of their Guns and Roses Albums and especially mind-blowing world-famous super hit album like Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction!! Any doubt? FUCK NO!! 😀

These Californians started their Rocking journey since the year of 1985 with an attitude what made still a mother fucking Rock God on planet earth even in that decade!! HELL YEAH……. 😀

After changing of several shit headband members, and even suicide of them, their current head banging world-famous line up helped them to produce few but world-changing, GNR Albums on the ground.

where people will remember them forever for their mastery over the album like Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction (1987) beyond any fucking doubt!!

Because they produced something that you are looking for in life!! FUCK YEAH….. 😊

Their tracks like November Rain, Sweet child o’ mine, Welcome to the jungle, estranged, Patience, I used to love her, Garden of Eden, Knocking on Heaven’s Door,

Paradise City, yesterday, you could be mine, Don’t Cry made them what they are today, a sold-out band on every corner of the world on their world tour!! OH, MY FUCKING GOD!! Now take a look to the list of the historical guns n roses members and right after that, guns n roses albums ranked!! 😀 


Rhythm Guitarists: Izzy Stardin, Buckethead, Gilby Clarke

Lead Guitarists: Rob Gardner, Rob Gardner, DJ Ashba, Ron Bumblefoot thai

Bassists: Ole Beich, Tommy Stinson,

Drummers & Precisionists: Steven Adler, Matt Sorum, Josh Freese,


Axl Rose: Key Vocal, Pianist, Percussion

Slash & Richard Fortus: Lead & Rhythm Guitarists

Duff McKagan: Bassist & Back up Vocalist

Melisa Reese & Dizzy Reed: Keyboardist, Pianist, Percussion, Synthesizer, Back up Bass and Vocal. Programmer.

Frank Ferrer: Drummer & Percussionist.

Now let’s take a look at the guns n roses albums in order:

Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction & rest of the top Guns and Roses Albums:

 Appetite for Destruction, (1987 & 2018):

Appetite for destruction is the debut album of the band Guns N’ Roses, abbreviated as the GNR! They just hit on the target like the famous quote “Fire in the fucking hole” since their very first album by grabbing the huge positive response from the audience with a massive commercial success by labeling themselves up on the Billboard 200 as well!! HELL YEAH…… 😀

Their tracks like Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, a truck of an amazing intro like Sweet Child o Mine paved the way of being the highest selling record breaker album of all time!! HOLY MOLLY!!

They were able to sell 40+ Million albums around the globe. That album Re-Released with their current world touring line-up in April 2018 for continuing its legacy. This is the remastered album what made their mind-blowing line up famous as the all-time favorite for the billion of Rock fans in the community!!

Their track Shadow of your love released on youtube as their very first single track within the last 10 years, for the promotion of that box set album which included total 73 songs and almost 50 of them were previously unreleased!! That mind-blowing album leads them to be on the top 10 of the Billboard 200 within the last 29th years!!

The latest sound programming of the super deluxe edition of four CD’s pack made it more acceptable for the countless fans of the band around the world who helped them to make a historical successful tour like “Not in this lifetime”!! HAHA YEAH….. 😀

This is their first album which is directly copied from the original analog tape of that mighty album with an attitude!! Not only that, that total package is consists of original and historical music videos, Blu-Ray discs, brand new animations, several unreleased tracks,

Video invite flyer by Slash, Replica tickets, poster, unseen Lithos, You will even get 96 pages of the hardcover book of AXL Roses archive with leather case and embossed GNR logo on it!! BINGOOOO

Other temporary tattoos just like the members, analog and original multi-tracks with live and acoustic versions of several mega-hit songs!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

GN’R Lies, (1988):

G N’ R lies are the 2nd studio album by the band and the last album of their headbanging drummer Steven Adler, but still an album with a continuous massive commercial success on a Roll!!

Who was able to sell 7+ Million only in the US and at least 15+ Million copies around the globe, along with securing the highest ever # 4th position on the Billboard Hot 100 of their track Patience!! WHAT A MASSIVE SUCCESS, DUDE!! 😊

That was their only album where four of their tracks were recorded by the Acoustic guitar, what gave the essence of Folk Rock on that album!! This time their, album artwork was inspired by the political satire,

And a mockery against the Yellow Journalism as the pet of their government!! That artwork was also a mockery against the nude models who herself represents as a fucking product as well….. SOUNDS COOL HAH?!

Lyrics of that album were accused of inspiring homosexuality and Racism by the critics. This time they depicted the picture of a musical quote like Sex Drug N’ Rock N’ Roll just like another music genius Lemmy the king, of Motorhead represented as well!!  BINGO!! 😀

Use Your Illusion (1) & (11), (2010):

Guns N’ Roses Use your illusion I and II Both the album released in the same day as the 3rd and 4th albums of the GNR by grabbing the #2 position on Billboard 200 even on their debut!! Wait a minute that’s not the end,

They also got Grammy nomination with the 7× RIAA certification as well by selling more the 2,010,000 records around our damn globe by making a history!! FUUUUCKKKK!!! 😀

That was the album what helped them to reach on the Apex of popularity, an album consists of the variations like Hard, Classic, soft, Blues and Punk Rock which is only possible by the band like fucking Guns N’ Roses DUDE!! The first album of their new drummer with different tunes of sound Matt Sorum proved their maturity and capability as a band!! GREAT… 😊

Their super famous and longest track November Rain made the record to be in the longest topper of the US Billboard Hot 100!! The intro of the track like November Rain, the track what got the record of highest views on youtube, in the summer of ’18 and rest of the pioneer trilogy tracks like Don’t cry, estranged made that album headbanging as HELL.

The use of orchestra on it is still considered as the best decision of the Guns N’ Roses!! YEAH…

Even rest of the supersonic tracks like Back of Bitch, Live and let die, the Garden still consider as the mind-blowing creation of the band like Guns N’ Roses after several decades!! HAHA…… 😀

They recorded the album while in the same time of their ongoing world tour on different recording studios on the US!! That was the album of the combination of their real-life experiences of love, Illicit affairs, drug abuses……

The lyrics were written from the struggle and depression of their broken heart with help of powerful ballad this time they recorded an album of a lifetime!! 😊  

Even the artwork of the album indicates the Metaphorical message like Fuck you St. Louis by remembering the Riverport Riot, what happened on their concert

By loosing of two precious lives for the dumb ass security forces of the ground who never cared to stop the drinking and carry the guns of their concert!! FUCK YOU ALL….. :@

These albums were a mega turning point for their musical career with an attitude!

GNR gets banned on that venue and faced charges of the court for that fucking riot…. And they never played out the for almost 17 fucking years….

Even the track like you could be mine nominated as the OST of the world-famous Hollywood blockbuster movie Terminator 2 Judgement day from that album!! DO YOU NEED MORE?!

Tracks like Civil War, Knocking of Heavens Door proved that album a politically conscious album of them!! WOW…

Their bassist Duff McKagan sang as the vocal of the dedicate song as the key vocal on “So Fine”!! so, beyond any doubt we can say that the entire album was a complete package of entertainment and variations as well. In the history of Studio albums, these albums can be the example of the lifetime success for a band!!

These mind-blowing double albums just hit on the Apex as the #1 on UK, Australian, French, Austrian, Kiwi album charts, and US Billboard 200, with tons of Platinum and Gold certifications as well!!!


The Spaghetti Incident? (1993):

Guns N Roses the spaghetti incident is the 5th studio album, last album of their founder member like Stardlin, and even Slash and Duff which indicated an album with such a messed-up line-up!! FUCK NO!! ☹

Gilby Clarke even the guitar works of stardlin re-recorded it again. Their drummer Steven Adler stocked his drugs and named it as a code Spaghetti these the title of the album came out!!

That was an album which started and faced so many controversies what put that band in a difficult position as hell. And that that fucking unexpected for a band like Guns N’ Roses!!

Chinese Democracy, (2008):

Guns N’ Roses Chinese Democracy is their 6th studio album and definitely a long-awaited album after the break of 15 damn years, and an album of their original materials of the studio 17 years!! Mehhhh :@

Only the Key Vocal AXL and his Pianist remain last as the band members, rest of them left the band knowingly or tragically!! DISASTER……That album was the most problematic and expensive they have ever produced!! But still, it was able to grab the #3rd position on the Billboard 200!! WOW……

That happens only because of when AXL took the leadership of the band for kicking out all the politics, dysfunctions, arrogance and every inch of negativities!! Because these are not acceptable to be in the character of a Rockstar/Metalhead!! This is what we call the leadership ability what AXL proved that as a true creative genius!! FUCK YEAH!!

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That album let the band introduce themselves as a part of the genre like Industrial Rock, and was very much influenced by the super star musicians like Paul McCartney of Beatles, Dave Grohl of Nirvana!! And that made that album to be part of the Alternative Rock, Nu-Metal, Sludge Rock etc.

After getting so many Platinum certifications we can definitely say, that album wasn’t a commercial failure at all and even critics mostly gave their positive reviews upon that album!! 😊 

 Live & Compilation Albums of the GN’R:

 Live Era ’87-’93, (1999):

Their very first live album released on ’99 even the mighty Slash nominated that album as a flop one!! LOLZ 😛 But still it got a gold nomination and were able to sell around 10 lac copies of it around the world!! 😊

Appetite for Democracy 3D, (2014):

Another democratic version of the band, but this time as in the shape of a live album! This time with Third-Dimension effects couldn’t even save their ass for producing another flopped live album as a great band!! Hahaha!! SHIT MAN…… 😛

On the other hand, according to critics still after getting several, Gold, Platinum Certifications, 5×-9× their Compilation albums like use your Illusion (1998) and Greatest Hits (2004) even walked on the flopped path of their Live Album as well!! ☹

Because what we consider like the quality of the legendary G N’R albums, we believe these albums were not up to the marks at all!!  

Now at the end of the year 2018, these mighty musicians are going back to the recording studio their brand-new album “Faster than you think” in the upcoming year what made the Front men busy as hell for writing his favorite lyrics!! OMFG!! 😀

And the guitar God Slash believe that the era of early Millennium was a period of shitty music but Now, there’s a lot of young and fresh blood to burn the flame of ROCK N’ ROLL once again!! 😊

Even their Bassist Duff McKagan already announced for his own solo project releasing on the same upcoming year as well!! Where elements like:

 Heartbreak, frustration, divide, will be present on his lyrics from the perspective of their last world tour, “Not on this lifetime”, and this time his lyrics will say the fucking truth!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

They are the one, other than Sex Pistol who Ditched the nomination of Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame!! Because they do believe, a band like Guns N’ Roses who changed the entire scenario of the Rock World doesn’t need any fucking recognitions at all!! Haha U ROCK!! 😀

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