Legacy Of Pink Floyd Albums: and Mega-Hit The Dark Side Of The Moon!

Pink Floyd

Formed in the mid 60’z that mind-blowing British psychedelic Rock band, who’s Pink Floyd albums and definitely their mega-hit album pink Floyd the dark side of the moon,

 Are still world famous for decades because of their progressive and their anti-socialist, classy and posh learned attitude through their Pink Floyd songs!

They are the one who speaks for the sake of the oppressed humanity! And their members like Syd Barrett, David Gilmour Roger Waters who enlightened us about,

 How this world can be a thousand-time great better place to live rather than what is it now not also by the mind-blowing performances on any Pink Floyd concert!!     

Members of Pink Floyd:

  • Syd Barrett: Founder Member, Vocalist lyricist, Rhythm and Lead guitarist
  • David Gilmour: Vocalist lyricist, Rhythm and Lead guitarist
  • Roger Waters: Co-Founder, Vocalist, Bassist, occasional guitarist, synthesizer, percussions
  • Nick Mason: Drummer, Precisionist, back up vocal
  • Richard Wright: Pianist, Keyboardist, Organ, Synthesizers
  • Bob Klose: Guitarist.

Pink Floyd Songs:

That magnificent band made by the founder member Syd Berrett, with the rest of the Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason another megastar like David Gilmour who joined later on,

After selling officially 300+ million records around the globe that magnificent band grabbed both the Hall of fame like American Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame (1996) and UK Music Hall of Fame (2013)!! WOOOW….

From a band of the students of Architecture department to the most iconic Rhythm and Blues band of all time, they still had some creative tensions, Pink Floyd also faced the pain of splitting up and joy of reunites issues as well!! 

Even after 5 decades of their glorious music career, these diamonds are still shining on crazy as hell!! YEAH… 😊

Before move into the commercial release of their albums, they released two single tracks what made them noticeable in front of their global music community and paved the way of their success since 1967.

But sad but true, in the meantime, they also noticed some changed behavior of their Founding member Syd Barrett!!

His use of excessive LSD made him unable to move with his own band and forced him to be with his addict group of friends as well!! And that’s how ended an unimaginable, God gifted musical talent of the world!!  WTF….. ☹

The Ironical meanings of Pink Floyd albums covers:

  • Ummagumma, (1969): indicates their 3D illusion, a much more common theme as a band like Pink Floyd!
  • Atom Heart Mother, (1970): An experimental album artwork took that album art concept from a newspaper that’s it!! Nothing serious! LOLZ
  • The dark side of the Moon, (1973): Has connectivity with their world-famous live concerts, it’s the message, colorful lightings, and creative madness within it!! These Pyramids indicates they are all connected somehow!
  • Wish you were here (1975): Represent the absence, indicates the emptiness of them without their founder, Syd Barrette….
  • Swimming on the desert, Indicates the absence and lack of their purpose, kind of insecurity and full of confusion, indecisions, and self-doubts… Brilliant album art of their tension period!
  • Animals, (1977): The power station of west London indicates the materialistic world and greedy politicians
  • A Momentary Lapse of Reason, (1987): Depicted the emptiness without Roger Waters, because that was their very first album without him…. ☹
  • The sound of Thunder, (1988): Indicates, Dreamscapes and their nervousness before performing on their live concerts!!  
  • The Division Bell, (1994): these two talkative faces creating another face combinedly, depicting the importance of communications,
  • Wish you were here, (Live,1995): Depicting two of their lost souls’ swims in a fish bowl just a simple concept of being lost in the middle of the nowhere and no one knows what to do!!
  • Echoes-The best of Pink Floyd, (2001): supportive album artwork of their previous album Animals, Atom Heart Mother and wish you were here!! They took three elements like the Pig. Cow and the swimmer, each of them from three different album artworks and made that combined album artwork!  

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What qualities of the members, made them best on earth:

Syd Barrett, the master of using Metaphors:

The king of Psychedelic Rock, founder of Pink Floyd, later replaced by the childhood friend David Gilmour because of his hospitalization of health issues…. ☹

Wasn’t just a mind-blowing guitarist, lyricist, Musician but also a philosopher of that iconic genre as well.

That musical genius made his first ever own amplifier as a kid!! The fame of the Beatles and the death of his father had a massive impact on him!! 

After leaving his own Pink Floyd, both the albums of his solo career was a total mess… because of his drug issues, he couldn’t play like before anymore….

Studied seven different art schools on his childhood, later on, he retired from the media and strictly isolated himself from everyone with the barrier of his strong privacy! ☹

Not only because of LSD, but the nervous breakdown of Syd was also a deep-rooted shit which he felt so deeply as an artist, and this is what made his world famous and forced him to have a pathetic death in the end as well!! FUCK….

David Gilmour, the best artistic replacement ever:

Guitarist, vocalist, lyricist, mostly known for his exclusive guitar solos, especially, on the 2nd solo of the Comfortably numb!!  

He also has four solo albums on his glamorous solo career like:

  • David Gilmour
  • About face
  • On an island
  • Rattle the lock

David Gilmour, who even a Bassist, also popular for bringing new faces on the mainstream under the influence and assisted by his many of them became stars like Kate Bush!! WOW…..

Because of being the member of Pink Floyd, he set his magical footsteps on popular genres like Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, who basically light on the sensitive social issues like:

Being homeless, lack of Human Right, facing of poverty, Environment, humanity etc. on through the shadow of his music!! U ROCK…. 😊

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That humble legend, who is also really well known for his charitable works, and that’s not the end!! Even the British empire gave him a knighthood for his remarkable contributions on music!!! OMFG.

 He paid his honor and were very much influenced by the mind-blowing guitarists like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck,   Pete Seeger, Hank Marvin Lead Belly,  Jimi Hendrix etc.

According to the magazine like Rolling Stone, he was nominated as the t top 14th lead guitarist of all time!! And he also has his own signature series of Fender!!  HELL YEAH…… 😀

 Very much influenced by another legend Elvis Presley since his childhood, he even played songs of by fab four, the Beatles along with his best friend Syd Berrett!

 which brought him more popularity as a multi-talented artist!! THAT WAS A BIGGIE…..          

Roger Waters, a true leader:

 Another multi-talented Megastar of the most philosophical band ever, Pink Floyd! That living legend and Co-founder of the band   Just like his fellow companions Syd and David he’s also a Lyricist, composer, vocalist, and definitely a damn good bassist as well!! 😀

Brought up in a communist family and lost his father in World war II when he was just only five months old, Roger Waters became another conceptual leader of the Pink Floyd Albums,

His horrified memories about losing his father, his overprotective mother, and abusive school teacher, later on, his divorce and financial difficulties broke his inner world into pieces,

 But that also made him so strong and because of it that is why he’s so damn famous and he’s the one, who’s still leading that mega-hit band in the conceptual path of the legendary Syd Barrett!!

Richard Wright, the Mystery:

Richard William Wright, another think tank of Pink Floyd! Who played his unique role to become that magnificent band what it’s today!

His excellent capability of making heartwarming sound and composition of music as a pianist and sometimes even as a rhythm guitarist is still a mystery to others even after his death!

On the other hand, that multi-talented musician is another important lyricist and even vocalist of Pink Floyd!! DAMN…..

He was the first one who let Syd Barrette replaced by another legend like, David Gilmour! He had a massive contribution on Pink Floyd lyrics along with Roger Waters!

On their tension period. Wright left the Pink Floyd and produced two of his solo projects! He later gets himself back on business by rejoins in the band

 And contributed on David Gilmour’s solo projects like hell till his death on Cancer at the end of 2008!! ☹

Nick Mason, the consistent performer:

Nicholas Berkeley Mason, mostly known as Nick Mason! Who is still with them constantly since 1965! He’s the only one who shows his excellent capability of consistent performer since the birth of the mind-blowing band!

His professionalism and love for music made him not only a drummer but also a lyricist of famous tracks like Echoes and Time and over sometimes as a composer!! WOW….

On their tension period he became the media for keeping contact with Roger waters for almost 7 damn years and used his excellent leadership and communication ability to rebuild Pink Floyd again just not for the sake of band,

but also, for their millions of fans around the globe who really deserves a special thanks to be with them and trust them on their most crucial period of their musical career!! THANK YOU… 😊

He’s not only a drummer of highly influenced by the Jazz and Blues drumming style and a percussionist!! That smart guy also has a passion for collection racing cars!! HE’S COOL…. 

 Pink Floyd Concerts:

He shows his mastery over not just only random Pink Floyd songs, but especially on the albums like…. Animals, wish you were here, the dark side of the moon, the wall!!

He led the band as one of the best commercially successful band on earth!! People will remember them not only because of their Pink Floyd songs but also their spectacular live performances on each Pink Floyd concert as well.  BINGO……

He’s another Hofner and Fender player just like his fellow musician David! So, in that case, we sure can state that Fender has class what even classy players can’t even deny!! YEAH… 😊

Because Roger Waters made possible what he can do on a Pink Floyd concert like The Wall, Live in Berlin (1990).

 What became one of the largest concerts on earth!! Roger Water also enlisted on the key role of the band’s movie, Pink Floyd The Wall…..

Because of these qualities, Roger Waters became as one of the top-ranked gross artists of all time!! WOOOW…

Conceptual Meaning Of Pink Floyd’s Lyrics And Review Of Pink Floyd Albums In Order:

The meaning behind their lyrics are highly intellectual and are the main reason for their album for becoming famous which is a production of conscious mind for mankind! There’s a ton of hidden meanings behind them. Just like:

Studio Pink Floyd albums:

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, (1967 and 1994):

pink Floyd’s first album, That debut studio album of the first ever British Psychedelic Rock band Pink Floyd!  The only an entire album made by the legendary Syd Barrett!! And only he became the reason of that super-hit album!! YEAH…. 😀

A one-man show, that excellent composing of psychedelic sounds it effects with brilliantly written up lyrics, that album was a milestone of the progression in the Music world!!

It’s tastes of psychedelic bliss first ever on earth just stunned its audience by the bloom of a newly born genre on Rock Music industry!! 

Even the use of normal bells and clock, and even backup vocals made it fascinating just because of it’ brilliant use of it!! Behind the scene of Pink Floyd’s fame, that masterpiece!!

played a unique role from the beginning of their journey!! Sud proved what he was actually…… 😊

The tracks like Flaming, Astronomy Dominie became the most played tracks on the concerts of Pink Floyd, rest of the tracks like See Emily play, Bike also gave a great contribution for making the album marvelous!!

And because of its ongoing fame, they decided to re-release the album in 1994!! YEAH….  😀

A Saucerful of Secrets, (1968):

The 2nd studio album and an experimental, psychedelic instrumental session and Another masterpiece by the Floyds, and to tell the truth if you never had any idea about the action of LSD

 Never had any love or passion for the essence of the Syd’s Psychedelic Rock music, just don’t bother to listen to even that album at all!

Because you will feel like that was just a waste of time and that would an insult of the majestic tunes of that album!!

Because Pink Floyd is a band who concentrate more on philosophical attributed messages more than just a band!!

So, no one really cares about your shitty judgmental thoughts about that album review if you are not really worthy of it!! haha……

That was the second studio album of the band and Syd were forced to leave in the middle of the recording of it and we already know why…. ☹

All I can really say about that that’s almost impossible to understand the inner world especially an artist like Syd Barrett, so you not commenting about the conceptual point of view of that album

Rather than shut your mouth up if you don’t think you are not enlightened enough!!  Because even the drummer of Pink Floyd Nick Mason, still believes that album is a

Compact packaged box of ideological messaged preached by Pink Floyd throughout all their career and which is even much more influenced by their debut album… 😊

So even an author and Researcher I better restrict myself by explaining the conceptual aspects of Syd’s last album of his Pink Floyd career…. Rest in peace Syd Barrett, WE MISS YOU…….

Another legend like David Gilmour, his childhood friend and the student of his mother replaced Syd, and just not only him, even Nick Mason tried as a featured vocalist along with Roger Water!

This trio tried their best to formed a permanent line-up for the band and ignored Syd for the sake of their dream! As a harsh reality, they didn’t have much left to do for him…

David started to covering and re-introduce lead guitar and vocal as a team player who played a big role to form an iconic band like Pink Floyd from a really messed up situation!!

And as a result of this, they put themselves upon the #9th of the UK top ten and #36 of the US Billboard 200!! This is what we call, CLASS…. 😀

More, (1969:

The 3rd studio album and a soundtrack album based on the self-titled movie, this time they experimented more on acoustic Folk ballads rather than an electric guitar works!!

The very first album without the founding member Syd, another experimental album by the band. But this time concentrated more on the essence of Psychedelic blues! THAT IS UNIQUE….. 😊 

They remastered and released on CD back in 1995 with slight changes on the title. And got negative reviews from the critics as well!!

As I said, you won’t understand… 😊

Ummagumma, (1969):

The 4th studio album and a double album by the Floydian! That mind-blowing album hit on the top 5 of the UK album charts and even gold certification on the US

 What made that album Re-released several times on UK, USA, Canada and even in Australia!! WOOOW!! 😀

That album contains based on members Solo performances because Wright wanted some real music on it! 😊

Atom heart mother, (1970):

The 5th studio album of the band and the first ever album what topped the UK album chart!! BINGOOOO!! 😀

Another instrumental album by Pink Floyd with more mature and technologically advanced sound and composing quality, and folk essence as well.

This album artwork projected the concept of Psychedelic space Rock But still, David Gilmour believes that album was full of crap what indicated,

 They were confused like hell and lack of teamwork and Rolling Stone stated that maybe they were looking for another dimension!! Mehhhhh…. ☹.

Meddle, (1971):

A 6th studio album of the band Pink Floyd Meddle was recorded on the middle of their touring on different recording studios. They don’t even have enough material to roll on and still produce another most famous Pink Floyd track like Echoes and on these days!!

 This is what paved the way of commercial success and a huge response from the audience!! BANG….. 😀

In this album, you will find the excellent use of creativity and experimental methods what made that album a unique one and put them on the top #3 of the UK albums!! BINGOOOOOOO!! 

Obscured by clouds, (1972):

The 7th studio album and another super hit but unplanned album even lack enough materials just like the previous one!!

Basically, planned to record it while working on the soundtrack of a French movie and another super hit album like the Dark side of the moon! LOLZ……

But still, they were able to get a very positive response from the fans which indicates the golden era of ta band even on the tracks like country music by the majestic use of their acoustic guitars!! 😊

Even with their typical album artwork, Pink Floyd still managed to the #6th position on the UK topped on the French top chart,

Along with the US gold and silver certifications as well!! 😀 HELL YEAH…. This is what we call Pink Floyd!! 😀 

The Dark side of the moon, (1973,1988,2003):

The 8th and another super hit studio album by the Pink Floyd what helped them to reach the absolute Apex!! Heavily influenced by their earlier messages they have been preached as a psychedelic Rock band.

The element of time, mental trauma, greed, conflict, and digression of Syd Barrette led them to create that mind-blowing album what made that album as the best-selling album around the globe which were 50+ million copies of that time!! GOOOOOD…. 

Not only that, tracks like money and the US and them this time let them topped the Billboard chart this time!! THIS IS MASSIVE…… 😀

Re-mastered again back in 1988 and 2003 made that album more popular and mature as well by the great sound quality and fans acceptance

 And put them on the top 500 greatest albums of all time on the ground and topped on the several charts like the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. HELL YEAH!!

Wish you were here, (1975,1976,1980):

A 9th studio album of the Pink Floyd, both David and Richard nominated as their favorite album which is consisted with a multi-part composition and a tribute to their founder member Syd Barrette Shine on you crazy diamond!!

That unique album topped both the US and the UK and even Austrian, Australian, New Zealand top music charts and listed itself on the chart of 50 greatest Prog Rock albums of all time and even in the list of 500 greatest albums of all time as well!!

That was their second album written by the band leader Roger Waters. Another self-titled famous track like wish you were here grabbed the attention of fans and media who missed Syd badly….

Even the physical presence of Barrette himself added new inspiration on the composing of the track like Shine on you crazy diamond!! That was the last time his bandmates saw him alive!!

They couldn’t even recognize him in the first time and started to cry for their legendary ex-band mate!! ☹ ☹

That mighty album achieved re-released several times and grabbed every damn silver, platinum gold certifications of the music world!! FUCK…..

The Animals, (1975):

pink Floyd animals,When even The Beatles failed on the later period of their career for producing conceptual lyrics, Pink Floyd did that with a passion behind it!!

Derived from the novel of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, lyrics of that walk against the technocratic attitudes of the greedy capitalistic society who’s losing the natural human nature for the sake of money and power…..

Another album produced by the writing of George Orwell, who literally fought against the politics oppressions like Stalinists and even British imperialists as well!!  

Here dogs are representing the greedy, lonely businessman who’s paving his own downfall as well. The pigs are the elite class and leaders of the society who controls everything for the sake of his own goodness!!

The sheep are the mindless cruel victims of the dog and pigs!! Which indicated the civilians of the society!!

The use of These metaphors are imageries by Roger Waters and partially David Gilmour as well. Are still realistically applicable!! 

Which proved the majesty of the Pink Floyd not only a band but a bunch of Philosophers as well!! YEAH…… 😀

That 10th studio album of the band recorded basically on Church they customized it as their recording studio!! After releasing the album

 There was a tension grows between the Punk Rockers and Pink Floyd!! And even they became the target of some political socialist atmospheres because of their sensitive lyrics of that album!!

On the concert of the album, they found themselves in front of an excessive number of crowds and cheated by the event management what made them depressed as hell.

 Roger water even spat one of them and David Gilmour declined to perform after sometimes.

 Because he was exhausted by the noise and felt uncomfortable like they have been divided by a wall rather than performing on the stage!!

And that brought the concept of their highly successful album The Wall into their mind!! LOLZ….. 😊

That album helped them to secure the top position of the Dutch, German, New Zealand top charts, 2nd on Australia and UK albums and #3rd on US Billboard 200!!  WOOOOOW!!!!

The Wall, (1979):

 The wall album produced based on the theme of when you reproduce any natural production, again and again, you lose the natural beauty of it! By ruining the originality or arts you lose its innocence!!

Pink Floyd the Wall is an album, what 90% of the people got their meaning wrong!! The truth is, it has nothing to do with rebel against the school authority of the students!! LOLZ… 😛

That was the 11th studio and a double album by the band! The concept of the album came from the Roger Waters whom you already know who he really is!!

That album paved their way to be in the #3rd of the UK Top chart!! WOOOW!! Got mixed reviews, RIAA, Diamond, Platinum certifications, 100 greatest albums of all time, with huge commercial success as well!!

Tracks like: The wall, what became their only #1 single ever, Comfortably Numb, Bring the boys back home, Goodbye blue sky, Hey you, the show must go on

 Made the album still fucking famous as hell and this time they were able to sell 25+ million records of it around the globe!! DAMN…….. 😀

The Final cut, (1983):

A 12th studio album of the band and the only album lyrics were totally only written by the legendary Waters!! An album what is tribute towards his dead father on his mind just like the Metallica series tracks Unforgiven James Hetfield does so!! ☹

Lyrics were dealt with the psychoanalysis of Waters the day he passed the pain he bares since his childhood…… ☹

He also stated his anti-war statement and ignorant political needless drama, through his lyric writing capability what kind of disturbed David!!

 Because he doesn’t want to get involved in optical shits through it!! What indicates how powerful these lyrics are!! And because of their on-going tension Waters left the band!!! SHIT…..

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That successful album topped on the UK, French, Kiwi, Norwegian, German album chart and #6th on US Billboard and a Platinum certification as well!!

Pink Floyd had to deal these issues even on the high court but still, the mighty stubborn Roger Waters proved himself as one of the gifted lyricists ever,

 who even mentioned the tragic death on shootout of another legendary peace lover like John Lennon!! WOOOOW!!

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A Momentary Lapse of Reason, (1987):

A 13th studio album, and an album without the legendary Roger Water, Lyrics are written by the David Gilmour and that’s not even a conceptual album at all!! OH HELL….

David even included some materials from his solo project and a freelance lyricist assisted him!! At that moment, Pink Floyd even faced court for the rights of their brand name with Waters!!! TERRIBLE…

That album achieved Gold and platinum certificates and an unsuccessful tour as well, they even started to cancel their tours!! And, in the meantime, they got the mixture reviews from the music critics as well….

This time the entire band realized what Roger Waters mean to the entire Pink Floyd fans community!! YEAH…

The downfall of the Pink Floyd gets started and even rest of the band members started to work on their solo projects!! To tell the truth, they felt really uncomfortable themselves under the banner of the mighty Pink Floyd!!

This is for the second time our Pink Floyd started to mess up again and Court forced Waters to give his official resignation from the band!! OH FUCK….

Their business sense and ego started to wipe out their friendship and talent as well!!

Then Mason and Right started to ignore the jamming of their ‘band’?! That eventually led that mighty band almost on the gutter….. ☹ FUCKIN HELL……..

As a shareholder and director of the band Waters started to threat on the for suing them!! And Mason got separated even from his wife!! WHAT A DISASTER…

The Division Bell, (1994):

A 14th studio album and the first album of the Wright as the key vocal!! A conceptual album definitely very much influenced by the tension with the Waters,

which predicts that communication can be the cure of all ongoing problems!! And able to top on the Billboard 100 and grabbed three platinum’s as well… 😊

Even the self-titled song the Division bell rang on the British parliament as well!!Guy Pratt replaced Bass guitar but couldn’t replace the place of Roger Waters….

Tracks like High hopes, and Coming back to a life saved the ass of the album but that sure wasn’t good enough!

They hired several lyricists and even back-up vocalist for the album, but still…. NO one took the place of mighty Waters… 😊

Something was badly missing…..

The Endless River, (2014):

A 15th and the latest studio album by the Psychedelic Progressive Rock Band Pink Floyd and David Gilmour as the leader of the band and after the death of Wright as well. ☹

A series of their previous album and focused on mostly at their instruments and ambient music at the same time!! 😊

Without Wright and Waters still, that album got the record numbers of order on Amazon and iTunes widely accepted by their fans and mixed reviews from the critics.

This time they were able to make a record-breaking selling of three million copies around the globe!! 😀  

And that paved the way of hitting the top on the UK, French, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Irish, Italia

 Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Norwegian top charts and tons of Gold And platinum certifications as well!!! DAMN…. 😀

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Live Pink Floyd albums:

Delicate Sound of Thunder, (1988):

Very first live album by the mighty Pink Floyd, recorded by based on the five long nights of NY city!! It’s a recorded package of their series shows and an album what topped on the Billboard 200 with an attitude…

Pulse, (1995):

A 2nd live album of the band, filmed on during division Bell tour the sad part of the album is this time they totally ignored the songs of great Syd Barrette!! :@

That wasn’t expected from a band like them, but still, that album was another Billboard 200 topper for Pink Floyd anyways….

Consisting famous tracks like Shine on you crazy diamond, High hopes, Hey You, Astronomy Domine, US and them, Coming back to life, Hey you, With you were here, Comfortably Numb, Money etc.

Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live, (2000):

A limited-edition live album based on their live shows of 1980-81!! Consisting famous tracks like Another Brick in the wall 1-3, Mother, Goodbye blue sky, Good Bye cruel world etc.

Compilation albums and Box sets:

  • They got several completion albums as well, these are:
  • The best of the Pink Floyd
  • Relics
  • A nice pair
  • A collection of great dance songs
  • Works
  • Echoes: the best of Pink Floyd
  • The Best of Pink Floyd, a foot in the door
  • The early years: 1967-1972
  • Shine on
  • Oh, by the way
  • Discovery
  • The early years: 1965-1972.

Above all these analytical discussions we can surely get the importance magnificent Pink Floyd albums specially the album like the Dark Side of the Moon. It’s significance in the music career of the Pink Floyd as a Psychedelic Rock band.

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