Album Reviews & Awards Of Anthrax Band-The Thrash Metal Icon

Here comes the legacy of the Legendary Anthrax Band, these American metalheads are really something amazing!! Anthrax tracks their top anthrax band albums is well known for as a  Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band of NY City sometimes consider as the father Thrash Metal Band as well. LOLZ. Funny shit is, they chose the name of a disease for creating a deadly scary image as Anthrax!! LOLZ.

Founded on early 80’z took the name of that mighty Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band Anthrax from a Biology book because that sounds scary!!

Won millions of Metals core heart around the world by their brilliant lyrics which is full of metaphor, parody, maturity cry against the discrimination among the classists, Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Anthrax is a band who sings for the mass number of the people!! Because this is WHY Metal is for you!!

Not only that, Anthrax is proud to be one of the members of the mighty headbangers, giant bands of THE BIG FOURS.

Along with a bunch of thrash metal bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax!! WOOOOOW HOW COOL IS THAT?!  By their several times changed line-up of Anthrax.

Anthrax band is still considered as the unique Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band of all time, for their great anthrax band logo, anthrax band songs in the history of Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal!!

They will be especially remembered for the impacts of anthrax madhouse, world-famous artists like Scott man, joey belladonna…  Anthrax songs, and even anthrax band tour !! All hail to da king!! YEAH!! Now let’s take a look to anthrax band members…

Ex-Players of The Anthrax:

  • John Connelly, Dirk Kennedy, Tommy Wise, Neil Turbin, Matt Fallon, John Bush, Dan Nelson: Key Vocalist
  • Dan Liker, Greg Walls Bob Berry, Dan Spitz, Paul Crook, Rob Caggiano: Lead guitarist
  • Paul Kahn & Kenny Kushner: Bassist
  • Greg’s Angelo: Drummer

Current Players of The Anthrax:

  • Joey Belladonna: Key vocalist
  • Frank Bello: Bassist & backup vocal
  • Jonathan Donais: Lead guitarist
  • Scott Yan: Rhythm guitarist & Backup vocal
  • Charlie Benante: Drummer, guitar & Percussions

A headbanging Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band like Anthrax is especially mention able as one of the pioneer inventor of the Speed and Thrash metal genres!!Their lyrical characterization from their childhood comics reflects their unique level of maturity

Along with the mixture of their aggressive Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal’s power chords with the essence of punk metal influences side by side!!On the other hand, according to some metal critics, they are very much influenced by the Iconic bands like AC/DC and Journey as well!!  That is what we call an exclusive combination like that Supersonic AC/DC!! ROCK ON!!

Studio Albums of Anthrax Band:

Fistful of Metal, (1986):

The debut album of the mighty headbanging Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band Anthrax , and sadly the members were changing regarding their albums. Their 5 demos paved their way to signing contract with Records like Jon Zazula‘s Mega force!! BINGOOO

Their tracks like Soldiers of Metal and Howling Furies made a record-breaking selling record more than, 300000 copies of it with in just two rocking weeks!! HELL YEAH!! Their Bassist liker was kicked out for his poor performance on the covered track I’m Eighteen and the nephew of Charlie Frank Bello made his replacement!!

Lyricists Benate and Ian decided to write more boastful and aggression contents to include in their lyrics!! And point to be noted, that mighty band Anthrax became Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal God because of that excellent decision and because of that decision.

Key vocal Neil Turbin also got fired because of his lack of higher scales. Even the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal God like Metallica criticized him!! Hahaha, That’s how legend rules!!

Released as a double album in UK n’ US After so many ups n’ Downs on the lineup of Anthrax was well appreciated by the musical critics because of its quality music. Beyond any doubt, that headbanging album put NYC back in its hardcore position of metal once again!! Watta revolution huh?! Another interesting point t was, this is the first time in the history of Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal music

 The term “Thrash Metal” was invented to introduced the legacy of that unique band!! HOW COOL IS THAT?! 

Spreading The Disease, (1985):

The 2nd studio album of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band  Anthrax with less MTV airplay on that period but later with full of positive reviews from the musical critics just like “The perfect example of a “Thrash metal album”!! According to some critics that pioneer album made the pillar of success for Anthrax as a Heavy/Thrash metal band!! Later in 2015, they released a 2-disc edition, on that album for its ongoing popularity for the mighty Anthrax!! HOW COOL IS THAT METALHEADS?!

Among The Living, (1987):

3rd headbanging studio album of the New Yorker’s Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band Anthrax!! Basically, influenced by the soundtracks of the Self-titled movie among the living, and the novel by the author like Stephen King The stand!!! WOW!!

Even the British broadcasting corporation BBC commented about the album as a great big breakthrough by the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band like Anthrax and the greatest creation of the band!! HELL YEAH  If we take a look at the literary background of the album where the track like walking Dude is representing the villain of the novel. The stand wrote by the world-famous author Stephen King!! BINGOOOO

On the other hand, a character like Captain Trips is representing the virus “Anthrax” which killed the majority of the world populations!!Even the album cover art also represents our inner evil as a human being with the help of their favorite character Henry Kane from the sequel of the movie Poltergeist 2!!That represents,

HERE COMES THE HOLLYWOOD DUDE!! Hahahaha  And this is not da end!!They also included their songs on Rock band gaming sequel like guitar hero, smash hits or named as Guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80’z!! FUCK YEAH!!

The use of metaphors throughout the album proved that Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Thrash Metal/Thrash Metal/Thrash Metal band their superiority over English literature!! No matter is it book or movie and how much Anthrax is concerned about the dark side of our society!! COOL FUCKING HELL!!

The State of Euphoria, (1988):

The 4th headbanging studio album of the Heavy metal/Thrash metal Anthraxians!! And obviously their first album to a secured position on the #30th at the US Billboard 200 chart!!Not only that, this rocking album also got Gold certified from Recording Industry Association of America!! WOOOW!! Tracks of that unique album mainly deal with the human sufferings of the ill-fated people around us also depicted the picture of psycho analysis!!

Even on this album, they’ve also got the concept of their track Misery loves company from the novel of Misery by Stephen King!! And for the track Now it’s dark, from the movie Blue Velvet!!They later re-named the song as Similish and used it at the sound track of the computer game Sims!! BINGOOOO!!  Another track like Make me laugh is a mockery against the AC- Dog houses and so-called amusement park of the Christian Elite society!! Such a shame…. :@

Even the parodical album art on the back of their album is a symbol of rebelliousness!!Maybe that album wasn’t that much commercially successful as their previous albums but songs like Antisocial, Finale: tagged that band as something really different that others!! ROCK ON……..

After releasing the album, Anthrax started touring all over Europe. With the bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Vocalist of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne for promoting their album almost a year!! LEGENDS NEVER DIE!!

Persistence of Time, (1990):

The 5th matured studio album by the Thrash metal band album and their very first album to be nominated for their well-deserved Grammy and for the best metal- performance as well!! BANG ON TARGET DUDE!!

This time they produced more maturity in their musical career, but the saddest part of the album was losing all their gears and recording studio as well in the flames of fire!! FUCK…..

But you know what how they came back after losing 100000+ $$ in the most difficult situation of their musical career?! They secured their highest ever position on the chart of US Billboard 200as #24 and another Gold certification by the RIAA!! BINGOOOOOOO!!

Also, the Rolling Stone magazine commented about them now they have produced more realistic lyrical elements rather than decreasing comical characters and humor!! Not only that, Now they moved to progressive metal rather than their previous Thrash metal identity!! Pain makes you mature enough huh?!    Hmmmmmmmm

The Sound of White Noise, (1993):

6th studio album by the Thrash Metal New Yorkers, Anthrax! But this time with the smells of Grunge!! OMFG!! This time they started using more melodic tunes rather than humor, and, now Anthrax is used lower tempo and pitching of their brand new vocal John Bush for their new style of Alternative Metal as well!! FUCK YEAH!!

To tell the truth, these changes helped them to hit on the Anthrax’s first ever:

  • 7th position of the US Billboard 200and#14thon the UK album chart.
  • That’s the highest achievement of their musical career as well.
  • Another gold certification by the RIAA for the 3rd time!!

Even the mighty Metallica gave their opinion about the track “Only” as a hell perfect song Hahaha, BINGOOOOO!!

Stomp 442, (1995):

The lucky 7th studio album by the Anthrax, by their brand new controversial official Logo on the album cover for the first time!! YEAH … And this time that Anthrax album reached on the Apex like:

  • Grabbed the #47th position on the US Billboard 200by its exclusive quality of music.
  • Their art of lead guitar solos representing of speed metal made the album.
  • such a unique piece of art on your metal collections!! ROCK ON…

Volume 8: The Threat Is Real, (1998):

The 8th studio album by the Thrashers Anthrax. But with a poor rating as #118th on the US Billboard 200. One of their track Crush used as the sound track of the video game like ATV: Off road fury of PlayStation ii.

  • That kinda flopped album made their metallic reputation a bit of downgraded
  • Basically, their failed blending of Grunge and Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
  • with floppy vocal made that album sound horrible…..
  • But form is temporary & your class is permanent!!

So, Let’s Take A Look How Anthrax  Came Back Up In Front!!

We’ve Come for You All, (2003):

The 9th studio album and the sequel of their previous album by the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metalheads, Anthrax, but the last album by their key vocalist John Bush!!. Like I said in my previous paragraphs within the famous quote, this time these heroes came back in form with loads of positive review by the musical critics!! Not only that, they sold almost a lac copies of that album within their debut week just only in the US, HELL YEAH!!

In this album you will find, that wasn’t just a confident comeback they used some legendary metalhead guest players like Rob Caggiano, Roger Daltrey, Darrell, Dimebag!!   WOOW….

Maybe because of this, this is one of the unique album by the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal mighty Anthrax, who called it a complete package of entertain, what is packed with every credential of the band!! BINGOOO  Musical Critics considered that album, as the second biggest blast, after their super hit album like Sound of White Noise, (1993). Even some considered it sounds like the Metal God Black Sabbath!! HELL YEAAHHH

Worship Music, (2011):

The 10th headbanging Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal album by Anthrax, and after almost a decade!! Unfortunately, the final album by the Key vocalist Dan Nelson & lead guitarist Rob Caggiano who left the band in 2013. Meeeeh ☹ but hey! their old buddy and key vocalist Joey Belladonna is back on stage again and also featuring another key vocalist Dan Nelson too!! Brothers in arms….

The most inspiring things were, that Anthrax albums got the highest ever positive reviews, from the musical critics and grabbed the #12 of US Billboard 200 and #49th on the UK album chart!! Even the sound engineer of Slipknot worked on that album!! FUCK YEAH!! In this long-awaited album, Anthrax has specially thanked their fans, to keep faith on them till the end!!

This time, Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band like Anthrax ruled over youngsters, just like another pioneer Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band Metallica!!! Woooo goooooo!! 

For the support of their latest album they continued their tour for long two years!! not only that this time they were proudly included on the world famous historical Big Four group, along with Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica and started to join with them on several concerts from the summer of 2011!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

For All Kings, (2014):

The 11th and latest studio album by the headbanging Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band Anthrax, and the very first album for the lead guitarist Jon Donais replacing Rob Caggiano, for more faster riffing, speedy scary aggression than ever, which depicted on their album artwork as well!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

This time the theme of their lyrics was full of self-motivation which are badly required like an era like this!! The major concept of their theme was if you trust yourself enough, by taking responsible efforts, you can be even a king, not just a king of a country but yourself as well!! FUCK YEAH!!

Also in that album, the world-famous author’s Stephen king’s sequels of The Dark Tower played a vital role in their previous history of Anthrax in their metaphorical lyrics!! Here come the Bookworms hahaha!!

Reasons for Being the Most Successful Album of The Anthrax!!

  • Their anti-social, anti-war, sentiments played a key role in their writings like mocking so-called big cities on earth for establishing themselves by killing others!!
  • And because of connecting with the emotions of the mass people they were able to sell 35000+ copies in their Debut week just in the US and grabbed their highest ever
  • US Billboard 200 album chart ranking as #9th and 21th on the UK Album chart!! FUCKIN HELL!!
  • Even the Guardian ranked them 8/10 for such a unique, matured, thrash metal album of the year!!
  • After all these decades after having so many line-up changes, Anthrax still sounds like other Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal bands like Slayer and Megadeth!! Long live Big Four.

Live Albums of Anthrax:

The Island years, (1994):

The debut live album of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band Anthrax, with no new tracks based on the songs what they have been performed on various concerts throughout their career!! Point to be noted, these performances were performed without any plan of releasing any live album of it so what just happened was coming out of their pure musical emotions!! COOL…

Mass Destruction& its video collection, (2003):

The 2nd live album of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Anthrax released both on CD and DVD as well!! Mainly, based on their performance of the concert of Chicago city Metro!! LOLZ

Alive ii & its video collection, (2005):

The 3rd live album on the DVD of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band Anthrax, basically featuring their re-union members!! WOOOOW

The album meant to be the historical elements of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band Anthrax.

  1. Their participation in our music industry
  2. How they ruled over the audience
  3. What made them that much famous?
  4. Why are they different than other?
  5. How their musical style became the inventor of the Heavy Metal to Thrash metal!!


Caught in the Mosh, BBC Studio lives, (2007):

The British Broadcasting Corporations (BBC) Studio lives concert by the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band Anthrax, basically arranged by the authorities of the News channel, because of their mind-blowing popularity as a Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band even after so many decades of their musical career!! Still sounds like a hurricane!! ROCK ON…..

The Big four: live from (Sofia) Bulgaria& its video collection, (2010):

A Live performance by the members of the Big Four: Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth. The legendary Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band on earth, released as a DVD with loads of positive reviews from every corner of the world!! Their DVD charted top on the US, UK, Canada, Australia!! HO COOL IS THAT?! Got their Gold certification in Germany, and even Slayer got its first ever Platinum certification!! FUCK YEAHHH!!

Chile in Hell & its Video Collection, (2014):

Latest live album of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band Anthrax, who proved themselves as the God of Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band for being the proud nominee of the Grammy award for several fuckin times!! HELL YEAH!!

The screaming of the audience, their love for the band like Anthrax played the key role to record a DVD like that!! Where you will find how good that band really is in their high notes and when they will get old they never wanted to regrets as well!! FUCK YEAAHHH!!

Compilation & Video Albums of Anthrax: 

Attack of the Killer B’s, (1991):

B sides of a compilation album by Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Band Anthrax, last studio album of their key vocalist Jon Bush. And not only that, this amazing album got a Grammy nomination for their best metal performance

Reasons Behind it for Anthrax:

  • back in 1992 and another Gold certification from the RIAA!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!
  • BTW: That album got an uncensored version as well!! LOLZZZZZZ
  • On the other hand, that unique album as the first Rap Metal album of the music industry!! DAMN…

Return of the Killer A’s, & it’s video collection (1999):

That compilation album considered the best of all their compilations!! Both of the EX-Key Vocalists worked on that album, Joey, and John!! METALHEADS ALL THE WAY….

To tell the truth that the album flopped as fuck without any direct contribution of the band members!!

Anthrax has several more released compilation albums like:

  1. Madhouse, the very best of Anthrax, (2001)
  2. Classic Anthrax: the universal Master Collections
  3. The Collection

The greater of two evils, (2004):

An album consists of 14 tracks taken from their earlier musical career of the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band like Anthrax but introduced by their band lineup of 2004!! BINGOOOOO!!

Anthology, No Hit Wonders& its video collection, since (1985-91):

The 7th compilation album by the Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Anthrax, released on both CD and DVD as well and their concept are taken from the great British band like The Beatles!! OMFG!!

After all these analytical discussions you surely get the ideas of reason behind Anthrax bands popularity, their contribution on Metal music, acceptance, reasons behind it etc.

You will be constantly updated with the news of your favorite Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal Anthrax band till then,


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