Best Motorhead Albums- Motorhead Overkill- Rise of Ian Lemmy Kilmister!!

These legendary British Rockers are one of the glorious inventors of the Heavy metal trend in English musical scenario from the 70’s pioneer Heavy metal era!! So, let’s take a look at the best Motorhead albums of all time according to their reasons to be the best, along with the reasons why other albums didn’t work out!!  Albums like Motorhead Overkill, made them enlisted as in the top 100 Hard Rock band of all time by proving their legacy selling 16+ million albums around the globe!! FUCK YEAH!!

 The band leader Ian Fraser Kilmister “Lemmy” used to have the such a badass reputation by arresting himself for the drug issues in Canada so he decided to form his own band which became one of the pioneer Heavy metal band of the world and people started to call him as Lemmy the king!! WOW   😀

Classic Lineup of Motorhead:

  • Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister: band Leader, (Bassist and key vocalist, Frontman)
  • Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, (Drummer)
  • Fast” Eddie Clarke: Lead guitarist, backup vocals)

Guest Players of Motorhead: 

  • Pete Gill and Mikkey Dee, Tommy Aldridge, Garry Bowler, Matt Sorum: (Drummers)
  • Phil “Wizzö” Campbell and Michael “Würzel” Burston, Todd Youth: (Rhythm and Lead Guitarists, with Backup vocals)

Now let’s take a look to the top Motorhead albums in particular order along with Loud wire’s  Motorhead Albums ranked and list of Reddit best Motorhead Album with great Motorhead Album poll to be excited along with best Motorhead songs and best ever albums of motorhead forever!! SO ENJOY….. 😀

Studio Motorhead Albums

Motörhead, (1977):

The self-titled debut album of the British heavy metal band Motorhead, but unfortunately basically a flopped one!!

That title is taken from the last ever Lyrics for his previous band but the very first album of the Classic line up of Motorhead what was consisted with full of legendary musicians and definitely with a unique album artwork dude!! HELL YEAH  😀

But Lemmy was noticed by his unique style of Bass playing what exactly was a considered as Bass Rhythm, not just a simple Bass playing!! WOW!!

Maybe that album doesn’t have commercial success for becoming the best Motorhead album but still, you already know, any beginning is always hardest!!

Lack of gears played a critical role in the failure of that album because they used to steel gears for their passion and love for Heavy metal music!! DAMN 😀

Motorhead Overkill, (1979): One of the best Motorhead Albums

A 2nd studio album by the band but the very first one along with the album label by grabbing the #24th on the UK Top chart! And enlisted itself among the top 100 all-time greatest heavy metal albums!! That’s it… 😀

But still that was another disappointing album regarding their commercial success, but this time that legendary Heavy metal band,

started to arrange themselves, and started to improve as hardcore Classic musicians what made them continue their musical journey for almost the next four decades as a unit!!

Not only that what later flourishes as Headbanging teamwork!! Just like the drummer of their Classical lineup Phil Taylor first ever used the double bass patterns for his drum kit!! BINGOOOO 😀

Bomber, (1979):

A 3rd mindblowing studio album of the Motorhead, even that legendary Motorhead albums grab at the top #12th of the UK top chart, and the track grabbed at the #40th!!

The bomber was the very first super hit album of the Motorhead, so consider that album as a Mindblowing album,

because that was the beginning of the legendary Heavy metal band of Motorhead…. 😀 As Lemmy believed, you always have to be hungry, to be a successful Rockstar!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Ace of Spades, (1980):

A 4th studio album of the Motorhead, with the #4th ranking of UK top chart, and the title track grabbed on the 15th,

The highest ever on their musical career of Motorhead till now, with great album artwork and mindblowing album touring on the UK!! YEAH 😀

Last two albums of them like Overkill and Bomber had an impact of creating their huge level fans around the world

And their demand on the Heavy metal magical history with the massive commercial success they became the member of Motorhead family!! 😊

That album gave the essence of the Punk and mostly Thrash metal along with the Heavy metal, what them to establish a New dimension of ROCK n’ Roll,

And later they became the master of it and Lemmy believed that they are not only the straightforward Heavy metal only and also the inventor of the market or pure Rock N’ Roll….. FUCK YEAH 😀

A track like Ace of Spades became the sign of the Motorhead’s ruling around the world music scenario for its excellent use of metaphorical elements by Lemmy’s own hands!! HELL YEAH 😀

Iron Fist, (1982):

5th and a final studio album of the Motorhead with their Headbanging classical lineup!! These mighty Metalheads now ranked that album #6th in the UK top chart! ROCK ON!!  😀

They faced some freaking tension with their producer on the recording, but like a Quality Rockstar, they still managed to hit that album as a commercial success with several signature songs and went away for a promotional tour on North America,

what helped them to make that album as a pioneering album of all time!! and later on, they released the Remastered Deluxe edition of that album with some exclusive bonus tracks!! BINGOOOOOO! 😀

According to Motorheads documentary, Guts And glory, the departure of their mind-blowing guitar icon “Fast” Eddie Clarke because of his restlessness and indecision was the only black spot of that successful project!! ☹ OH, CRAP…..

Another Perfect Day, (1983):

6th studio but last original album by using their official label ranked at #20th by featuring their guitarist Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzy replacing their iconic guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke under the recommendation of their drummer Phil Taylor.

But everybody hated his guitar works like hell, even the front-man, and bandleader Lemmy himself and decided not to be mentioned him as a player of Motorhead, u better call him a guest artist!! Hahaha…… 😛

Because of that issue, these two friends, Taylor, and that loser, Robertson left Lemmy, alone to create another band “Operator”!! WTF. until the last day of Lemmy’s musical career he still chooses not talking about that shit anymore!! BANG!! 😛

But still, you know what happened next?! That album Another perfect day was a flop album regarding their huge commercial success,

And failed to be the proud member of the Motorhead family, by still having with the best sound quality ever, and their track Marching off to War elected as the soundtrack of the Video Game Brutal legend!! Meeeeeh ☹

Orgasmatron, (1986):

A 7th studio album of the Motorhead and the very first one, under the GWR label. The elements of their lyrics represent the 3 most hateful shit of Lemmy’s life,

Like War, Politics and manipulative religion!!  But still, Lemmy believed that because of poor mixing that entire album became,

A fucked up one and failed to be a commercial hit and because of it, we can’t enlist that album on the list of our Motorhead collection!! OH HELL……… :@

Rock ‘n’Roll, (1987):

8th studio album but the last album under the label of GWR and basically another flop album by the band!! An album of the return of the drummer Phil Taylor of their classic lineup, but got fired again!! Hahaha, 😛 tracks like Traitor, Eat the rich, at least made some senses, but still, that wasn’t enough to be enlisted as the headbanging album !!  Blahhhhh ☹

1916, (1991):

9th studio album, and the very first Grammy-nominated album of the Motorhead, after four years and still grabbed the #24th   in UK and #142 in US album charts specially for his anti-war lyrical elements,

a tribute album with low ballad and tempos based on World War I on a massacre of English army in the “Battle of Somme” (1916).

Some critics found the beauty of this album with the albums of John Lennon!!  And that’s the album you can easily enlist as your all-time favorite!! Haha YEAH DUDE! 😊

March or Die, (1992):

A 10th mind-blowing studio album of the Motorhead and the 2nd Grammy-nominated album for the band!! 😀 Even the legend like,

Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath wrote several lyrics and sings track like “I ain’t no nice guy” for them!! Even the guitar God-like Slash from GNR featured on a song “you better run”,

This time drummer Phil quits for the second time!! And that was pathetic…. ☹ and to tell the horrible truth, after all these arrangements,

that Motorhead album still failed to manage commercial success and will not be counted as the part of best Motorhead’s history!!! OH FUCCCCCCK………   :@

Bastards, (1993):

An 11th studio album with a new lineup and with a guest drummer like MIkkey Dee!! That special album doesn’t have any,

The particular title track at all and dramatically after several failed commercially unsuccessful albums that album hit on the target!! YEEES!! 😀

 You will know a new Lemmy through his anti-social lyrics and blunt criticisms against our fuckin society!!

And this is the album, what you can consider it the part of the Motorhead family!! Because Lemmy himself believed it as a classic Trash album,

And he really worked hard for it and hard work pays off it doesn’t really matter about it’s failed commercial success!! HELL YEAH   😀

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Sacrifice, (1995):

A 12th studio album of the Motorhead and the last album with the concept of the new lineup of four members, but still,

certainly not a commercially successful album which you can easily consider as a Motorhead blast and even especially Lemmy’s personal choice of one of his favorite albums!!

But after kicking out Wurzel/Michael Burston, and getting sued by him, Motorhead chooses to be the same old and Classic lineup of three bandmates of them!!

Wah, THAT’S NASTY WURZEL who considered as being more Motorheader than Lemmy by himself!! HELL…… ☹

Overnight Sensation. (1996):

A 13th studio album of the Motorhead, this time with the lyrics of the influences of the departures of Wurzel the, same old classic line-up of Motorhead and with more high tempos and heavier album artwork as well.

Phil Taylor became the only Guitarist with loads of responsibilities on his shoulder.  And you what ’s really interesting on that album?! By being the classical lineup once again,

this time Motorhead just banged on target with the commercially successful album after a long time, and now you can call that album to be in the list of the classics!! FUCK YEAH…… 😀

Snakebite love, (1998):

A 14th studio album of the Motorhead, in short notice with lots of tension among the members but according to stubborn Lemmy!

That was okay and that was basically a heavy album with some personally memorable tracks!! LOLZ 😊 Another commercially failed album, and that sucks…

We Are Motorhead, (2000):

A 15th studio album of the Motorhead with an awesome album artwork a masterpiece for the true fans of Motorhead,

by showing the middle finger to the trendy Death/Black metal things consists with high-quality sounds which made the entire album as another blast!! HELL YEAAAAHH!! 😀

Hammered, (2002):

A 16th studio album of the Motorhead, lyrics are a writer from the influences of the gloomy 9/11. A slow, moody, touchy album

To be released with the tone of their typical classic Rock and meaningful mourning lyrics what made that album to be listed as the pioneering album of Motorhead in general!! HELL YEAH… 😊

Inferno, (2004):

A 17th studio album of the Motorhead but this time with the essence of Heavy metal not just Rock N’ Roll with exclusive acoustic guitar work,

by all the three members in a track and maybe that type of uniqueness made that album probably a history!! LOLZ   😀

Kiss of Death, (2006):

An 18th studio album of the Motorhead with Atheist lyrical elements and total satire against out modern society,

A complete Hard Rock package with an excellent sample Rock N’ Roll till the end where history-based lyrical beauty shaped out the entire project as a successful project!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Motorizer, (2008):

A 19th studio album of the Motorhead and Lemmy proved his excellence as a lyricist by writing antiwar and anti-imperialistic and corporate attitude on his lyrics like a boss!!

And his uniqueness made that album Rocking as hell by selling a record-breaking number of albums for the first time in America and grab the position of #11th on the Top hard rock albums in the US!! HELL YEAAAAAH 😀

The world is Yours, (2010):

A 20th studio album of the band, they went out on a world tour for promoting that album according to critics that album contains the same way of style,

Like the other best albums of the band so you can easily count that album beyond any doubt!! THAT’S IT, BINGOOOOOO!! 😀

Tracks like an outlaw, I know how to die, Get back in line, made that album as a mind-blowing Rock N’ Roll album in several years and nominated as the best Rock and Metal album of the year in the UK!! DAMN!! 😀

Aftershock, (2013):

A 21st studio album of the band and a follow-up an album of the world is yours. That album consists of the different tastes of songs depending on the moods of the lyricist Lemmy,

And that made the album as a great commercial success by made it’s way up in the  #22nd position on the Billboard 200 charts by selling 12000+ copies of it just on its debut week of release simple only in the US!! DAAAMN!!

Not only that that album topped in the positions of both in the UK independent albums and UK Rock Metal albums!!

So that album must be considered as a unique creation of Motorhead beyond any doubt!! Haha, HOW COOL IS THAT?! 😀

Bad Magic, (2015):

The finale of the studio albums by the Rock N’ Roll band like Motorhead as their 22nd official studio project, and artist, Bandleader, Frontman, Bassist, Lyricist, Rockstar,

Lemmy passed away just after the 4 months of the releasing of that album what made the end of his band’s 4 decades of mind-blowing Rock N’ Roll Legacies!! FUCK NOOOO…….. ☹

Rest of the surviving members like Phil and Mikey officially announces the end of the band with another commercially successful album

And a massive gift by Motorhead s like I said, with lots of positive appreciations from the critics and fans as well.

This album is the proof of how strong and musically gifted Lemmy was, even till his last days!!  His love for the legacy of Rock N’ Roll music

Was beyond any one’s imaginations what made him and his Motorhead as immortal for the decades after decades!! 😊

Lemmy is such an inspiration towards the boneless losers who think life is hard!! The history and legacy of Motorhead indicated that if you are determined enough everything Is possible not even cancer can give a fuck!! Because Lemmy the King made it possible….. 😊

 Motorhead Albums: Live

No Sleep ‘Till Hammersmith, (1981):

The very first live album of the Motorhead and even in the first time they grabbed the top position on the UK album chart, and with the Silver and Gold plates as well.

This time they elected two tracks from their debut studio album and went out on tours in several places of England,

And even nominated that album as the best live metal album of all time, what made that album rocking as hell!! 😀

What’s Words Worth? (1978):

A 2nd live album of the band with the compact headbanging tracks of the 10-80’z!! such a great collection to get basically a failed commercial album,

so, we can’t consider that album as a biggie but that album proves the worth of Lemmy’s stubborn fighting against out cruel society!! Hat’s off to u KING….. 😊

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No Sleep At All, (1988):

3rd live album of the band this time they went on a tour to promote their live album but the album became a complete commercial failure!

Because of the tension between the Motorhead and the recording company, where stubborn Lemmy decided to fuck their shits and move on by his own ideology even he refuses to get on their tour bus as well!! SHIT…. 🙁

Blitzkrieg on Birmingham ’77 (1989):

A 4th live album of the band and Well, another flop album because of the poor sound quality even in the CD you will feel like you are listening Walkman!!

In some tracks, you can’t even hear Lemmy’s vocal also!! So, there’s no question about commercial success!! FUCK, leave that poor fucking album to enlist as the Best Motorhead albums. Blaaaaaaah… ☹

Lock Up Your Daughters, (1990):

A 5th live album of the band and definitely the album of an average sound quality what made that album sounds fucking horrible!!

Another commercial failure album so doesn’t think that was something to be proud of!! move on fuckers…

But Lemmy improved his Bass playing skills on that album what sounds unique but that wasn’t enough to be as the topper anyway!! Meeeeeh….   ☹

Live at Brixton ’87 (1994):

A 5th live album of the band from Brixton Academy, based on a missing concept and still a production of poor sound quality.

But u know what when bad sound qualities and re-packaging drowning down Motorhead that was the only live album which you can count on me!! WOW   😀

Everything Louder Than Everyone Else, (1998):

A 6th live album of the band but the debut live album from the Steam hammer record label, tribute album towards their most loyal German fans!

who saved their souls three times of their musical career, because German top charts always helped out the Motorhead to maintain their legacy!! FUCK YEAH….. 😀

And according to the critics, that heavy album saved the reputations of Motorhead from their previous live album failures!! So, let’s enlist that album on our Best Motorhead creations!! LOLZ 😊

Live at Brixton Academy, (2005):

7th live album of the band this time released even on the DVD as well with much more improved sound quality,

even son of Lemmy played on that live album as a guest player, even Fast Eddie Clarke as well from Motorhead’s classic lineup and that made the album, to enlist as the Best Motorhead album!! DAMN, THIS IS FUN!! 😀

BBC Live & In-Session, (2005):

An 8th live album of the band by the sponsor of the BBC Radio 1.

Better Motörhead Than Dead Live at Hammersmith, (2007):

Motorhead used to be a touring band, who was always in a hurry and this is what made them famous in front of a record label, fans. Critics etc.

They were so much devoted towards their fans and sacrificed a lot for it by never giving a fuck about the Rules and regulation of the Record label companies!! Hahaha 😀

The World Is Ours – Vol. 1 & 2: Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else, (2011-12):

An 11th live album of the band based on the tours or 2010-11. Released on Blue-ray, CD, DVD and even in the stereo what depicted the performances on the peak of their career,

Along with more improved sound quality and surround sound system for the first time of their career so you can enlist that album as their Best Motorhead album beyond any doubt!! 😊

Clean Your Clock, (2016):

12th and last live album by the Motorhead based on their several concerts in Europe even day-night shows!! Beside this studio and a live album, Motorhead also has some Extended plays, singles,

Video albums which will also carry out the legacy of Motorhead their Classic lineup especially Lemmy!! Motorhead is one of the few bands who started as the worst but ended as the best!! Long live ROCK N’ ROLL!!  😊

And now in the autumn of 2019, Larry Wallis, one of the founding member and the lead guitarist of the band, passed away at the age of 70! FUCK!!

That guy is later known as the lyricist, producer blah blah but you can’t deny, his role in writing the track Vibrator!!

As we all he was replaced by the Eddie Clark who died last year as well……

So that’s the end of the possibility of the Reunion of Motorhead! sadly, by the death of the valuable and even founding members of the band!!

Hope they will re-unite in Heaven to Rock just like their Best Motorhead Albums! Because, Rock N’ Roll never dies, and the show must go on!!

Above all analytical discussions we can surely get the idea and found the answer of what are the best Motorhead albums their significance of the album like Motorhead Overkill. So let’s enjoy…….. 😊

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