Importance of Music theory, and Ph.D. in Metal!!

If you think, the theory of Music or Music Theory makes it more clinical and boring you are absolutely wrong! That made it more intellectual and interesting,

 A player like Randy Rhodes, who played with Sabbath’s vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, and Metallica’s Cliff Burton proved it and enlighten us by went through it like a professional! Who rally thinks that these are the gift of God! YEAH….. 😀

The education of music made them more mature and influenced them like hell which ultimately paved their way of being the iconic musicians as well.

The blending of their natural talent and intellectual thoughts about music and its scale, philosophy, made them proud enough as a knowledgeable player rather than playing something without even feel it!!

If you ask me what made them a great contributor to the Metal music industry? The answer will be their theoretical point of views about music! MAN……

Knowing about the power chords, their abilities can make you a quality player along with freedom of crating high-quality music’s!

What is Music Theory?!

Music theory is just the name of the sounds that you produce what will help you to create a masterpiece and anyone can learn it! BINGOOOOOO

It’s a way of not being dumb enough, and a method of communicating with other musicians as well. And that will give you a certain identity to remember the chord better! That will help you to produce trial less and error-free music!

These 12 notes have a relation with each other, it doesn’t really much matter if you don’t know the name of it, it will still be an existing part of it!

Maybe Slayer doesn’t even know the chord they are producing, but if you know the theory of music, even you will be able to produce more mature sounds that they been created rather than sounds like copycats! WOOOW

Your ways of playing it, choosing notes and your technical ability depend a lot on your musical enlightenments!

The top players of music went through it as well! Members of a band like Dream Theater are the prove of it……

And you would be shocked to knows, even in Australia there are several universities offers courses like Sociological or psychological studies of extreme music! WOOOOW

Wait a minute, this is not the end, their university of New Castle has much more to tell you, they even offer Ph.D. on Socio Geography and Heavy Metal music culture!! 😀 😀

Here’s not the end of it, they even offered three scholarship for the students! Two for Australians and one for foreigner student! DAMN…….

That means a lot to us dude, Thanks a lot, Aussies! LONG LIVE AC/DC!! HAHAHA…. 😊

These are the prove of how Heavy Metal gets worldwide recognition and becoming an emerging power nowadays!

Want more proof of it? Just take a look around like the mighty Limp Bizkit on the new wave of American Heavy Metal dudes! 😀

They are already on a stage, what is becoming a legacy nowadays and definitely from the later part of the magical era of 90’z!

Their production, vocals, playing style and overall action has developed a lot since the Pantera days with a mixture of Nu-Metal and Thrash and Black Metal as well!  DAMN…..

That dominant culture of Heavy Music, among the countless genres, clear sounds plays a vital role in it!

That movement is becoming a major one side by side of the Classic British Rockers! The ancestors of the legacy of Classic Rock and Heavy Metal icons like:

 Iron Maiden, Dio, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbth is Rocking out in the middle with their voice out loud! HELL YEAH….. 😀 

The first wave of American Heavy Metal was ruled by the bands like Orgy, Creed, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Slipknot, etc.

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