Rockers gave tribute towards, AC/DC’s mega-hit HIGHWAY TO HELL

Just like old is Gold. Still, for the new generation of Rockstar’s, legendary AC/DC’s all-time greatest hit Highway to Hell still got the tribute,

 From the modern day’s Metalheads like Eagles of Death Metal, Spoon, Feeder, The Darkness, and the popular Smashing Pumpkins!!

Most of them are from Punk Rock or heavier music genre’s but still, that won’t stop them to show their love and respects like the greatest Classic piece of shit AC/DC

 Even after the release of that track of 40 years back!! Many of the attributing Rockers are not even 40th today!! LOLZ, YEAH….

The lyrics of that song were written to gathered and wake up the Jews after their horrifying experience of WWII!! Because they were the one who suffered a lot and needs inspirations like this!

That iconic shit is still valid enough for its excellent guitar riffs composition and meaningful lyrics according to the context! They (AC/DC) even shared the documentary footages of it! MAN….

To tell the truth that album was the first-ever record for that Australian band to hold their first-ever footsteps on the American Soil with a huge commercial success!!

That was funny enough that they rejected the album cover of that classic Gold on their first attempt! LOLZ…..

The huge popularity of that album was achieved by the drummer, Phil Rudd and definitely the Young brothers, their pure Rock N’ Roll attitude, super energetic performances,

is what really proved their steel balls made them as one of the iconic Rock band in the history which is still carried today!

AC/DC considers being as a glorious Rock band for their unique live performances playing and costume design! BINGO…..

But this still not the end of the world yet! even at this stage of life, their recent Instagram pics are the proof, that they are planning for another world tour!!! WOOOOOW!! 😀 😀

Even some rumors are spreading around the corner, they even booked a venue in Munich for the upcoming year already…

And you will be more amazed to know back in ’79 they played out there in Germany 18 fucking concerts!!! OMFG!!

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