Legacy of the Ronnie James Dio Albums and Holy Diver his greatest hits

The story of an awesome chapter of the great Ronnie James Dio Albums, and the critical analysis of his most famous album Dio Holy Diver as from a list of his Ronnie James Dio songs.

Let’ stake a look around the legendary musical career of the legend like once in a Million, Dio from his unique creations (1982). A US-based heavy metal band

From the mighty vocalist Ronnie James Dio and definitely from his most top-rated project Ronnie James Ronnie James Dio’s Holy Diver what helped to established Dio albums ranked.

After leaving another headbanging heavy metal band like Black Sabbath. Not only that but also the ex-Black Sabbath drummer Vinny Apice rejoined with his Ronnie James Dio Album

But they had several lineup changes most of the time and only Dio used to be the only founder member of the band so we can call it as a one-man show as a metal band mostly for his,

Dio Holy Diver!! But the band had huge commercial success because of the brand name of Ronnie James Dio Album!! COOL. 😀

Just like everything has an end, that legendary band expired after the death of Ronnie James Dio because of his horrible stomach cancer (2010) but before it,

they made it possible to sell more than 10 million copies of their Ronnie James Dio Album, throughout the world!!

And their Dio Holy Diver track considers as their most successful project of all time because of radio holy diver lyrics!! DAMN….

Being Catalyst and an iconic metalhead as well who loses all his musical gadgets on the Texas flood but still knocked the world down to his feet

by his mighty talent proved on his Ronnie James Dio Album, it is the One and only Ronnie James Dio who made it possible under the banner

If the history of the metal bands by his Ronnie James Dio Album and his Dio holy diver songs from the Dio holy diver album and Dio holy diver live shows proved his majestic ability as a pioneer Heavy Metal vocalist!!

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Now let’s take a look to the Dio albums in order

 Ronnie James Dio members:

  • Vocal: Ronnie James Dio
  • Guitar: Vivian Campbell
  • Bassist: Jimmy Bain
  • Drummer: Vinny Apice

Studio, Albums:

Ronnie James Dio Albums, Dio Holy Diver:

Dio Holy Diver considers as their first-ever studio album among the legacy of their Ronnie James Dio Album & the most successful album of Ronnie James Dio,

with a melodically metal album which is unique for any kinda metal band. Audience tagged Dio Holy Diver as a pioneer heavy metal album of all time with certifications of Gold & platinum as well.

The theme of that album based on the heroic adventures of that time and fantasy as well. Mostly attracted by the teenaged audience.

which depicted the picture of the conflicts between angel and demons from the experiences of his childhood readings with the use of tons of literary terms like symbols, metaphors, irony, etc.

In a form of a Gothic Hard Rock behind the mask of a metal band. even in the 21st century, the lyrics of that song Holy Diver, it’s lyrics & singing style is still a mystery as well.

On their debut Album, they were able to list themselves as #8th on the top 25 all-time best metal albums as a metal band, #13th on the UK albums chart, #56th on the US Billboard 200.

The last Line (1984):

Dio the last in line is his 2nd studio album of the band and first album of the Claude Schnell on keys. That album ranked its position on #372 of the top 500 all-time best metal albums, #4th on the UK album chart, #24th on the US Billboard 200.

Sacred Heart (1985):

3rd Studio Album, and the album which secured its position at #29th of the US Billboard 200 albums chart.

Dream Evil (1987):

4th Studio Album and last album of Murray, Vinny Appice & Jimmy Bain!! Lots of changes huh?!

But still that heavy metal album was able to manage #43rd on the US Billboard 200, #8th on UK top chart, #69th on UK singles chart!! So that wasn’t a flop album actually!! Lolz.

Lock Up The Wolves (1990):

5th studio Album representing by the mighty Dio with an abrupt change on their line up with their moderate rankings on #28th on the UK album charts & #31th on the Billboard 200!!

Strange Highways (1993):

6th studio Album, & the comeback album of their EX- drummer Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain as well on the famous lineup of the Ronnie James Dio Album.

And that helped them to pick up at the #142 of the US Billboard 200. FUCK YEAH!! 😀

Angry Machines (1996):

7th   studio Album of that metal band and the last album of the Drummer Vinnie Appice with not a single ranking or certifications as well!! HORRIBLE…

Magica (2000):

8th heavy Metal Album with the comeback of the guitarist Craig Goldy,Bassist Jimmy Bain and drummer Simon Wright. Magica means evil energy or dark forces with the universal balance of the existence of the evil and the failure of the good spirits….

Killing the Dragon (2002):

9th studio Album, with re-issuing back in 2007 along with the 2 CD package of with the album Magica as well. This time Dragon symbolizes the bad effects of the technologies which are constantly creating threats to the society as well.

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Their track Push was a mega-hit of that time but still, the album was a flop one which secured a #199th position on the Billboard 200!!

Master of the Moon (2004):

10th and final studio album with a return of their guitarist Craig Goldy which secured its position at #7th on the US top independent albums of that metal band.

 Ronnie James Dio Albums: Live

Intermission (1986):

very first live album with a new line up with a poor-quality recording and mixing as well that leads them to a moderate rating as #22nd    in UK album chart, #70th on Billboard 200 USA.

Inferno last in live (1998):

A 2nd live album based on angry machines tour of 69-67 all the lyrics is written by Dio himself.

Evil or Divine live in NY city & Holy Diver (2005):

3rd live Album with video footages of their concerts on the DVD in (2003). Another mega hit Dio Holy Diver. But this time as their 4th live of Ronnie James Dio

Based on their mega-hit Studio Dio Holy Diver album.  Along with 2-disc CD package live album package of Dio Holy Diver!! BINGOOOOO

At Donington-UK Live 83 & 87 (2010):

The 4th live album, mostly based on the bonus tracks of the albums of Dream Evil & Dio Holy Diver, were the only live albums

what were able to mark on the mind of the audience for the headbanging performance of the frontman Dio himself which made him an

Undeniable icon of the heavy metal industry for the rest of his life, what even Ronnie James Dio death, failed to hamper and increased Ronnie James Dio net worth!!

He proved his mighty talent as a Heavy Metal artist with the help of these 2 discs of it.

Finding the sacred heart live in Philly (1986):

A 5th live album based on his headbanging live performance in the Philadelphia which considers as one of the best Rock shows ever for performing songs of Black Sabbath’s, Rainbow and Dio himself which shows the power of hair metals as well!!

Live in London, Hammersmith Apollo (1993):

6th and final live of Ronnie James Dio basically, based on a concert of his European tour with his new line up by performing his songs from his early musical career in Black Sabbath n’ Rainbow as well.

From Pigmy to becoming the legendary Rockstar Dio, being a front man of the bands like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, and Dio himself!! People still consider him as the greatest musician of the 50’z.

Who invented masterpieces like Dio Holy Diver, don’t talk to strangers, The last in line, Rainbow in the dark where he used his state of illusions, images, picturing the fantasy as real, caution against evil spirit.

Dio Returns:

Just like the Dio Returns tour of 2017, this time in 2019 another mind-blowing tour going to happen by the official former lineup of the Dio band who played with them till his last breath back in 2010 at the age of only 67!! ☹

Tim Ripper going to give the proxy or replacement of the mighty Ronnie James Dio who was famous for not only his great vocal but also for his great live performances and even studio as well!! YEAH…. 😀

Vinnie Appice, like we previously said about that former drummer of the great Black Sabbath and Dio as well, commented about him as a great human being who was knowledgeable enough,

knew what he is doing, remembered everybody’s name fun to be with and like another brother of him!! GOD… ☹

Ronnie James Dio Hologram Tour:

That Ronnie James Dio Hologram tour will happen, from 31st May to 29th June! So, let’s see what they will be able to do this time. Till then… ROCK ON!! 😊

Above all analytical discussion, we can surely get the idea of how Rockin Ronnie James Dio used to be, his Masterpiece Holy Diver, his conceptual meaningful lyrics, his contribution towards Heavy Metal industry as an artist etc.

To get updated more about him, stay tuned! 😊

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