Reviews and awards of Best Metallica Albums of All Time

In the reign of Best Metallica albums!! you better quit listening music if you never heard of them, so let’s figure out why the hell that king of Trash and Heavy Metal Music is so damn popular and the reasons behind their glorious albums!!

That world-famous heavy metal band from L.A since 1981 by founding members like drummer Ulrich Lars n’ Key vocalist Hetfield James!!

Their thrash n’ Heavy metal style of their albums,  took them on da list of top 4 metal bands of all time along with Slayer, Megadeth, n’ Anthrax!! Metallica is a band who has fans on da every corner of da world and still increasing day by day because of the mind-blowing polarities of their mind blowing  album!! DAMN!! 😀

Metallica has da guts to file their copyright case against the world-famous Napster for supplying their tracks without their permissions and that case made them be a paid website in da end!! LOLZ!!

Ex-Members of Metallica:

  • Bob Rock, Jason Newsted, Cliff Burton, Ron Mcgovney: bassist n’ back up vocal
  • Dave Mustaine, Lead guitar n’ Back up vocal.

Current Metallica Members:

  • Ulrich Lars: Drummer n’ Percussionist
  • Robert Trujillo: Bassist n’ Back up vocal
  • Kirk Hammett: Lead guitarist n’ backup vocal, Lyricist.

In 1986 Metallica had a huge shock by losing their Bassist Cliff Burton on their bus accident which threatens their future as well!! But after a short break, Jason Newsted replaced him!!

And now in 2017, Metallica places a memorable program on his remembering of 56th birthday at Cliff’s hometown California.

In the December of 2012, they were elected as da #61 on da list of da top 100 artists of all time. By Rolling Stone n’ several magazines: Greatest artist of all times n’ nominated as da top 3rd best album selling artist of all time. 55+ million albums just only in the US!! There’s a lot of curiousness flowing in the wind what are the best albums are?!

So now, let’s take a look to the best Metallica songs what created your favorite Metallica album and take a look to the gradual development of the mighty Metallica albums in order and choose your favorite Metallica album from it!! ROCK ON….. 🙂

Awards & reviews of the best Metallica Albums:

  • Studio albums: 9
  • Live albums: 4
  • Extended plays: 5
  • Grammies: 8
  • Best Metal performance award: 9

Kill ‘em All (1983):

All da very first studio album by the mighty band Metallica which created a new era as the American heavy metal industry.

With a different taste in music and their lyrics which made them as an iconic Trash metal band in the Metal music industry as well only because of their best albums anyway!! 😊

Even their debut album was able to sell worldwide millions of copies because of their Heavy Metal guitar riffs & along with punk hardcore tempos.

Because of their successful debut album, they started to get playing offers from many concerts and clubs as well.

Their up growing popularity started to make them famous within a short period of time but in the meantime, Dave Mustaine got fired because of his excessive drinking problems! DAMN but he later created another mind-blowing trash metal band Megadeth!! BINGO! 😀

They choose that unique name spreading their hidden message towards the record companies!! Which brought them positive reviews from their audience & able to sell 17000+ copied in a year 60,000+ copies around the world and started their tour,

Spectators located on their concerts just only in the US in front of almost 8000 people which made a record of that time as well!! And that was possible only because of the best albums without any doubt!! YEAH 😊

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Ride The Lightning (1984):

2nd studio album by the band named from a novel The stand basically belongs to the thrash metal genre with more meaningful lyrics based on musical theory as well.

Not only that, it helped them to receive a positive response from the critics and secured their position in 100 in da Billboard 200!! That successful album had a permanent impact on the rest of their musical career as a metal band!! That sounds COOL huh?! So put that album as in the list of their unique albums!! 😊

Master of Puppets (1986):

3rd studio album but the last album of the late bassist Cliff Burton, who lost his life in a road accident.

That album got the award of the best album of the year & the best thrash metal album that got platinum certification with a record-breaking selling off almost seven million+ albums just in the US!! And in our point of views, that album will be in the best albums!!

Their political lyrical theme showed da passions of the metal heads!! They represented history. Culture with the appreciations of their beauty.

That magnificent album considers as da pioneer headbanging album of all time which paved da way for them for their huge commercial success!! COOL YEAH!!

And Justice for All (1988):

A 4th studio album of Metallica (1988) with a brilliant commercial success with the ranking of top 6 on the Billboard 200 with da proud holder of the Platinum certificate and with a controversial Grammy as well as a proud member of the metal band industry!! Jason Newsted replaced Cliff Burton on that album.

The complex lyrics of that album based on political injustice & social corruptions which go along with the title of the album and became the bestselling album of their musical career as well!!
Not only that their music video of the track One picked in 1# on the list of best 100 Music videos of all time in past 25 years and #6 on the Billboard 200!! Damn this is GREAT!!

This album became the first album of their musical career to be listed on any kinda chart and definitely will be counted as in the Metallica’s best as well!! COOl!!

These Metalheads got their chronological musical success from their self-titled headbanging 5th album Metallica released in 1991 with a world record of album selling’s record,

16+ Million copies just only in the US 110+ million copies around da world!! This took them to da top-ranked position on the Billboard 200 eventually as the best albums for sure. 😊

Metallica/Black Album (1991):

A mind-blowing headbanging heavy metal, self-titled album & 5th studio album and a killer album by Metallica which lead da way to mix Turing of three times with the record of best album selling 7+ units in da very first week of its released only in the US because almost every track of the album is worldly famous like hell as a metal band!! DAAAAAMNN!!!

Black album became the identity of these Metalheads because of its endless popularities from the perspective of their albums!!

Majority of the lyrics were written by the frontman James Hetfield mostly from his personal life experiences, just like the anger against his father for left him on his childhood and ruined his life, what made him the patient of PTSD,

the struggle of his mother and her pointless believe towards God which doesn’t make any sense on her sickness and couldn’t save her from dying.

Metallica’s Black album awarded 16 Platinum certificates with a headbanging world tour, lasting of 3 damn years!! HOLY FUCK….

While performing in front of the record-holding millions of the audience with a tension between the producer Rock and among the member’s as well!! According to most of the music critics around the world, still, it’s the best album of the mighty Metallica.

Nominated as #252 in the list of 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stones. That album was the first album to be in the top positions of the album chart!! Became bestselling album in the US more than 16+ million copies only in US & countless around the world as well!! COOL. And that is Metallica’s Black album and one of the best albums for you!! 😊 

Load (1996):

Their 6th studio album with a massive opening n’ secured the top position on the Billboard 200 & UK album chart as well with 5 platinum certifications!! DAMN!!

A hard rock album by the mighty Metallica with a mixture of different genres like southern, Blues & country rock with the double bass drumming of Ulrich as well.

The meaningful lyrics of that album depicted the scene of the political social atmospheres and musical critics and audience received them with an honor as well!!

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Reload (1997):

Their next album Reload followed da same way of being a mega-hit as well their next album Reload followed da same way of being a mega-hit with its slow tempos rather than rest of the cool albums as well!!

That sequel of Load album, another dashing album by Metallica Reload is the 7th  Studio album of the Band with 4 platinum certifications as well as a Trash metal band.

Last album of their bassist Jason Newsted. That worldly famous album sold Five million+ copies just only in US with topping the highest position on the US Billboard chart. Do you need more reasons to nominated that album as one of their best album?! HAHA

St. Anger (2003):

Metallica’s 8th studio album, what made them memorable on earth for their unique Drum n’ guitar soloz and be another best album by Metallica as well!!

But that famous album also leads some tensions among the players which became problematic for performing their natural sounds.

Newsted left the band & Robert Trujillo replaced him, on the other hand, James Hetfield went to the rehab for his excessive drinking and addiction problems!! L DAMN…. ☹

Death Magnetic (2008):

That unique 9th studio album helped Metallica to came back like a Trash Metal Lion for being another production of Metallica by selling 6+ million copies around the world,

topped the Apex more than 30 musical charts, US Billboard 200 and most importantly got a Grammy with positive reviews from the critics as well.

This time, they were able to expose their natural beauty. They went back to their own Trash metal roots and listed themselves on da rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame!! WOW!!

Not only that that album became their 5th album to be in the #1 on US Billboard 200 and proved Metallica’s capability for being another best Metallica album!! How cool is that huh?! BANG!! 😀

This time they faced critical reviews from the audience for their departed sound quality, but still managed 5 Grammy awards and various awards as well… this is how Metallica works!! cool yeah…

Hardwired to Self-Destruct (2016):

10th Studio album from the King like Metallica. Contains s double disc experimental album with classic guitar work, released at the end of 2016 after a long awaiting gap of eight years!! COOL!!

That’s the only album were the lyrics of Kirk Hammett is absence!! But this album is full of guitar n’ drumming solos as well, with tribute song like Murder one.

A song dedicated to the late Lemmy the king. And on the deluxe edition of this album, we will find another song tribute to the great Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie missing badly. This album is paving the progression of Metallica by Receiving another NME award in 2017, for that album since their very last album, Death Magnetic.

No doubt why they got a platinum award as well for that mega-hit album in August 2017 with several sold-out tours of it this is what Metallica is!! YEEAHHHH!!

 Metallica’s best live albums:

Live Shit: Binge & Purge, (1993):

Metallica’s very first live album from the several concerts of Mexico released in a box set as a pair of Video and Audio formats, and a booklet of concerts images as well.

Just because of being on the list of the cool albums of all time, that album also got platinum certification from RIAA dude!! YEAH 😀

S&M, (1999):

2nd live album by the American thrash metal band Metallica, as a unique collection of Symphony and Metallica

Just like the combination of Heavy metal and orchestra some lyrics got slightly changed because of the balancing the circumstances!! SOUND COOL!!  But the last album of the bassist Jason Newsted and mighty production in the list of all the top Metallica songs!! Because that time they were able to sell more than 3+ Million copies within their debut week!! BAAANGGGG!!!

Orgullo, Pasión, y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México, (2009):

3rd live album by the Heavy and Trash metal band like Metallica based on their World Magnetic tour, even containing the interviews of the band members and released in four different formats.

The Big Four: Live from Sofia, Bulgaria, (2010):

3rd live album of the Metallica, based on the concerts with other Trash metal members of the Big Four.

Even that best Metallica album released almost thousand movie theaters US, Canada, Latin America, Europe etc. And secure its position at the top of the charts like the UK music video chart, US Billboard!!  FUCK MAN!!

Metallica’s Cover, Collaboration & Soundtracks:

Metallica has some different kinds of album what contributed a bit on their long journey of the decades of their Trash and Heavy metal music career of top Metallica Albums!!

Seems like different projects but that also goes through their heavy musical taste. So, let’s take a look at them.

Garage Inc, (1998):

Compilation album consists with cover songs, this time they got not only RIAA certification but also sold 6+ Million copies of it around the world what made that album to be the part of the cool Metallica albums!!  HOLY COW!!

They took that name because that symbolizes their practices on the garage at the early stages of their musical careers!!  Sounds cool huh?! 😀

Metallica chooses to create that album based on the influences of their musical careers. So that album must be on the list of the cool albums and like everybody knows the root of Heavy metal is placed in Britain!!

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Lulu, 2011):

A collaboration, emotional album between the Metallica and Rocker Lou Reed!! That’s a tribute album as well for the fallen Rockstar Lou who spent endless time with Metallica on Studio and especially in the concert of Hall of fame… ☹

That album got several negative reviews from the fans and critics as well for their Metallica tracks, but who gives a fuck? Sometimes empathy players a better role than commercial success!! 😊

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Metallica: Through the Never, (2012):

A self-titled soundtrack album with live recordings of the tracks and a band like Metallica made that album to secure its position on several music charts, what made that album to enlist in the great albums!! BINGOOOO  😀

Metallica is also packed with some Box sets, extended plays, Singles throughout their musical journey. What made Metallica, to create a vast impact of several fields of the modern world!!

Metallica is a band which changed the world metal scenario and still ruling like a king after several decades, at recent time pitch pattern of the vocalist is decreasing because of his age but that 54 years old legend knows how to rock till his last breath, and he will do it for sure!!

Maybe for proving that statement legend like James already came back with his original tunes on their latest studio album Hardwired to Self-Destruct!! So now we can hope for few more fucking cool albums in our lifetime, no worries!!  ROCK ON!!

Above all the analytical discussions, we can surely get the idea of the Best Metallica Albums why they are famous like hell, Metallica’s legacy reasons of their popularities etc.

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