Reviews & Awards of Linkin Park Albums, from Best To The Worst

Let’s take a look around the iconic Linkin Park Albums!! That Californian head-banging rock band of high school buddies (1996) banged on their target from the very first album Hybrid Theory, in the year of Millennium, certified by Multi-Platinum, Billboard 200, Diamond etc. Just like their second album Meteora as well!!

Nowadays, this band is considering as the greatest nu-Rock, Nu-Metal, Electro Alternative Rock, Rap Rock (a combination of Heavy metal) band on earth. Their unique way of Hip-Hop singing by Mike Shinoda and Metal by Chester Bennington makes them popular like hell!!

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They are the band which deals with various genres of music n’ genres by their mindblowing Albums. Such as genres like Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, Techno even Nu-Metal etc, with a massive commercial success!! COOL…

Now in 2017, they are about to release their 7th studio album One more light as another production of their unique Albums!!

One of its tracks like Heavy is on the move for the promoting of the album on the social media!! 😀 the presence of the track is having the essence of the theme and creative style of their new upcoming album now check out the Ex and current Linkin park members

Ex line- up of Linkin Park:

  • Kyle Christine, Scott Koziol n’ Ian Hornbeck as Bass players
  • Mark Wakefield as a Key vocalist
  • Benjamin Chandler as Lead n’ rhythm guitarist.

The current line- up of Linkin Park:

  • Bennington Chester: as key vocals n’ rhythm guitar
  • Shinoda Mike: Rapper, Co-Vocal Rhythm Guitar
  • Farrell Dave: Bassist, backup vocals
  • Deleon Brad: back up vocal n guitarist
  • Bourdon Rob: Drummer n’ percussion’s
  • Hahn Joe: as an occasional backup vocals.

Now let’s take a look at the God of Nu-Rock Nu-metal. Top Linkin park albums in order with great Linkin park albums in chronological order and definitely the famous Linkin Park album artists, best to worst to Linkin park greatest hits album and obviously the best Linkin Park songs as well!! YEAH….. 😀

 Best Linkin Park Albums: Review & Awards

Hybrid Theory (2000):

Linkin park hybrid theory is another Grammy Winning debut album, still a super duper hit!! And the Best Linkin Park Album beyond any doubt!! In 2001 they released a DVD of their 320 concerts of it!! DAMN!!

Reanimation (2002):

Secured their #2 position on Billboard 200 n’ able to sold 300000+ copies as their other Albums all around the world just in a week!! OMG!! What made them achieve, in the top 100 albums of RIAA’s!! koooool. 😀

Meteora (2002):

Linkin Park Meteora is the second studio album and definitely another massive hit album of Linkin Park’s production. A bestselling album as a Best Linkin Park Album on Billboard, MTV awarded album, bestselling album in the USA (2003) is nurtured by the combination of Classy Nu and Hip-Hop metal tracks.

Their Japanese flute Shakuhachi played a Pioneering role in that album with its essence of soft touchy melody!! J how cool is that?!

They were able to sell more than 4 Million copies of that album which drag them in the #1 in UK n’ US #2 in Aussie Music chart!! How cool is that?! And that wasn’t a surprise at all for their albums!!  😀 😛

An album like Meteora successfully gave them the opportunity to play with the pioneer heavy metal band Metallica in 2003!! WOW, 😀 they went away on their Meteora’s World tour as well.

Like I said, Linkin Park, is renowned for their charitable concerts for the victims of hurricanes, Tsunami, global awareness for the entire world and performed in Grammy 2006, which proved them as the very much influenced musicians as the heavy metal perspective!! Because heavy metal teaches us to be a great human being…

Minutes to Midnight (2007):

Linkin park minutes to midnight is their Another record-breaking Billboard hit album was able to sell 7,00000+ copies in the very first week!! With a soundtrack like Second to none with several awards like American Music award, Favorite alternative artist and went away for their well-deserved world tour!!

A Thousand Suns (2009):

That album tagged them as #8 and #92 in the top artist, #53 in Billboard top 200, #7 on the year-end rock album of 2010 including the nomination of the six Billboard awards such as other commercially successful Albums!

Also, picked up the positions of #39 in the top artist chart, #84 in the Billboard 200 chart, #6 top Rock artist, #9 in the rock songs artist chart, #16 in the in the rock albums chart, #4 in Hard Rock albums chart #7 in Alternative songs chart!! DAMN, this is HUGE!! 😀

According to some music critics that album is also considered as a mindblowing Linkin Park Album

Recharged (2013):

Lyrics of these albums based on human psychology and interactions and their album Living things listed on Billboard Musical award and sold 225,000+ copies in just a week!! Even bands like Metallica Slayer, Sum 41 played with them on its world tour!! BINGO!! 😀

Remix album like recharged is mostly another Techno-Rap version of the album Living things. That album is the sign of pure Nu-Metal’s shadow

And able to sold 35,000+ copies in the US on their very first week of launching, 200000+ in the year as a 25th bestselling Hard Rock Heavy metal album #3, both US Alternative n’ Rock albums,

#1 on US dance/ electronic album which secured their position on the top ten of the Billboard 200 charts!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

The Hunting Party (2015):

It’s a Nu-Rock album with the essence of 90’z Rock n’ Heavy metal scenario n’ secure its top position!! This not only their 6th studio album. But also, an album to bringing back the musical taste of our childhood!!

The title of the album is a significant metaphor which paved the way of bringing back the inspiration of the taste n’ essence of the rocking mood of singing!! It’s a taste of metallic rock put them on the 3rd place of the Billboard 200 as well!! 😀

That headbanging album listed themselves as the best Rock band of 2014, nominated as the Rock song of the year, 2014!! That commercially successful album continues the legacy of the other mindblowing Albums!! FUCK YEAH 😀

One More Light (2017):

On the 10 years of their musical career, this album is totally DIFFERENT!! Lighter with low tempo but with kinda miscommunications among arrangements. But according to some critics that are their own unique signing style regarding the context and already secured themselves on the Billboard 200 chart as well!!

so we can say that that album is also a successful project like their rest of the successful Albums no matter what critics are criticizing about their Electro-metal Millions of fans gonna accept them anyway!!?

But the passing away of Chester Bennington focused that album as a spotlight also which has a different significance among the millions of Linkin par die-hard fans for the Linkin park death………

After the death of Chester, Linkin Park came back like a wounded Lion who’s more dangerous by topping countless musical top charts as a king!! THIS IS WHAT LINKIN PARK IS!!!!

Linkin Park’s Charities:

Not only that, but Linkin Park is also well known for their charitable works on the entire plane, which paved their way to becoming one of the top sixth bands, and top 3, top 19 on the artist of the decades!! Damn. 😀

Above all these analytical discussion after went through each and every elements of Linkin Park Albums we can surely get the idea of their history, passion, rise of Nu-Metal, their glory, significance, contribution towards a brand-new genre and Rock music as well. For more updated infoz, don’t hesitate to stay tuned! 😊

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