Black Metal | The Evolution of Paganism and Satanism

Black Metal

The story behind crazy ass evolution of Black Metal!! from the early 80’z a genre consists of the mind-blowing level of high pitch vocal with headbanging fastest tempo, along with awesome trebly guitar works with tremolo pickings, lack of chorus and Bass, with low pitch guitar riffing’s with double Bass drumming, lengthy Screaming Greek singing style along with the sense of DEATH……

With the scary makeup, gesture, and postures, that sub-genre of Heavy Metal even converted several Thrash Metal and Death Metal bands into that genre for its huge popularity!! FUCK YEAH… 😀

Now let’s take a look to the top black metal artists, along with  great black metal bands, black metal songs and black metal albums,  a brief list of Norwegian black metal bands etc.

The first wave of Black Metal bands: (Norwegian Style)

  1. Celtic Frost
  2. Venom
  3. Hell hammer
  4. Bathory
  5. Meyham
  6. Mercyful Fate

Back in the year 1991, something really great happened!! That was the year when extreme Metal started to flourish like hell and changed the entire scenario of world music!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

The demonic new bands started to rule the world and made themselves popular like hell!! Their die-hard merciless philosophical evolution created the first ever extreme Metal scenario around the globe!!

Without having any ambitions or being the fucking commercial product, these Scandinavians just created a fucking sensational revolution on the underground scenario of world music, far apart from the Mainstream musical forms!! WOIOOOW…

That brand-new Metal scenario established the root of Norwegian Metal since early 80’z what came in the form of gradual progress of Punk, Death, and Black as well and started to dominate with the essence of evil spirits and scary dark mood as well ….. YEAHHHH!! 😀

Helvete became the Macca of that particular Genre. artists made a brutal circle of them what killed the Death Metal and started the Revolution of their own scary mother fuckin genre, which is far more expended nowadays!! ROCK ON!!

That was the time when so many of them started their new projects and reinvented themselves for one more time!! They created something incredible which were larger than human life!! Something unique something monstrous!! But our fucking society stood against them….

And maybe on that age, losing so many Heavy Metal and Grunge stars like Steve Clark Ole Beich, Freddie Mercury, Eric Carr helped them to create a revolutionary Rebellious era of their own created genre!! DAMN…

The second wave of its Bands: (Swedish Style)

  1. Immortal
  2. Emperor
  3. Darkthrone
  4. Burzum
  5. Gorgoroth
  6. Dark Funeral

That is a genre which is totally different from the rest of the musical genre which does not even follow the mainstream musical pattern!! And Norwegian style considers as the pure form of that genre!! YEAH… 😊

It’s influenced:

The iconic English band Motorhead consider as the true inspirations of that particular genre.  because of their heavier music that Heavy Metal which paved the way of that genre as a sub-genre of Heavy Metal and they often sounds like Speed and Thrash Metal with great speed and stamina of the player!! BINGOOOO.

Elements of that Genre, against our own Society:

The so-called religious shitty cheap bastards definitely found in that genre, as the satanic culture, Neo-Nazis because of its ideology, Maniac, depressive lyrical content with an aggressive attitude on the stage performance, which even leads to riots as well like the fire waves!! That is not for the business!! U ROCK…. 😀

The Blunt Attack Against Religion:

the attack on Christianity or any other religion, visualizations like Misanthropy, Catastrophe. Digression of human morality, excellent use of Archaic languages on their lyrics: war, and death or rebirth. Promote Paganisms or Pre-Christianity with lots of hate towards the believers.  

Mockery against Jesus crucifixion, Luciferian’s propaganda, a voice against the popular Church culture burning and plotting bomb against them.

Negative Impacts on Society:

venom as a black metal band, as a hostile of our calculative modern society, they use leap day as their history month, and they preach anti-Religious statements or imageries by devouring spiritual and cultural impacts as Venom, inverting the Christian Cross, nationalistic political views,

Inspiring self-destruction, Sexual assault, Satanic Rituals, depression, and even suicide. Murdering bandmate and even Priest created the barrier among the audience and the band as well.

Use of Scary Natural Imageries:

Or sometimes our surrounded nature like a storm, wilderness, winter, mountain, forest, constantly escaping the city life, and most probably anyone’s traumatic childhood as well, just like the traditional Heavy Metal or Death Metal but this time in a more brutal way as their musical ritual anyways….. hahaha FUCK U!!

Excellent Use of Eternal Truth:

They were also being accused of mess murders, being an inhuman, extreme level of naturalistic, weaponized themselves with Medieval arms, Bonehead of animals, the violence of Corpse. Corpse painting became the standard of their art, which leads the way too terrified the audience.

Intellectual Progressions:

On the other hand, if we take a look to their intellectual aspects by glorifying 19th-century Romanticism, that’s a rebellious ghost who spoke against the not only modern corrupted social order, but also spreading individualism, Freedom, Isolation and contemporary theories like absurdity!! Such as German version of that genre!! FUCK YEAH!!


That particular genre not a Satanist, but they rather use imageries of Satanism’s for grabbing attention and shock value. They basically don’t give a shit about the wider audience or no audience at all!!

Because of its Romantic Nationalisms, the majority of their fans believe that Black is based on their own satisfaction not to impress others in a wider range at all… hmmmmm!

But day by day, after the second wave, because of the more realistic changing of our culture, facilities of the latest recording studio for jamming polishing them as more mature and professional rather than anyone else,

 And that leads to the creation of German, French, Australian, Israeli, Iraqi, Arabian, bands in a more static and modernized way by their new way of composing and including of new instruments like Synthesizers!! FUCK YEAH 😀


Because of these social obstacles of authority, a shitty famous band like Cradle of Filth consider themselves a different kind of band, but of that betrayal majority of the audience doesn’t want them to count as a member of our community!! LOLZ….

Social Barriers:

There are two kinda diversions of that genre. One is who still stubborn towards their root and another one is the more progressive one who goes with the fucking flow!!

That particular genre is surrounded on Underground just like the early American bands on our musical scenario and that even paved their way of being imprisoned and even suicide in case of some of our artists!! DOOMED ☹

Fuck authority……….

 Just like the Atmospheric & Ambient…. Which leads another diversification of that genre:

  1. Black N’ Roll
  2. Blackened Death Metal
  3. Blackened Crust
  4. Post-BM
  5. Pegan
  6. Blackgaze
  7. Viking Metal
  8. Symphonic BM
  9. War BM
  10. Industrial BM
  11. Red/Anarchist BM
  12. Unblack Metal/Christian Black Metal

There are two kinda diversions of that genre.  One is who still stubborn towards their root and another one is the more progressive one who goes with the fucking flow and definitely a misleading funny shit for us!!

Such as National Socialist version of that!! WTF? Is that a fucking political agenda? Are you kidding me?!

Above all these analytical discussions we can surely get the idea of the evolution of the thrilling Black Metal genre what eventually surprised us by its depth of aggression! So, for more infoz stay tuned…… 😊

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