Very much influenced by the legends like Little Richard, Robert Plant, Elvis, and Freddie, as a band, these British Metal artists are still popular as hell for their mindblowing Judas Priest songs and even in front of the 2020 their worldwide fans are still eager to listen to their Judas Priest Box Set, what really gives them the taste of true Heavy Metal music.

Formed in late 60’z and early 70’z, that mighty English Heavy Metal band was able to sell 60+ million copies of their albums around the world within a very short period of time.

Without a massive commercial success, Judas Priest was able to grab the prime attention of the Metal Freaks from every corner of the world!!

They were still able to grab some Platinum’s, but like the other Metal bands, the list of the awards of Judas Priest is not really long enough!! mehhh  

So, let’s take a close look to the Judas Priest albums ranked, especially about an album like Judas Priest British Steel, Judas Priest Firepower,

Judas priest screaming for vengeance, even Judas Priest Killing Machine, Judas Priest Pain Killer, and obviously about the Judas Priest Defender of the truth!! 😀

Judas Priest members:

  • Rob Halford: Key vocalist
  • Ian Hill: Bassist
  • Scot Travis: Drummer
  • Glenn Tipton: Back up vocal, Rhythm Guitarist and Synthesizers
  • Richie Faulkner: Lead Guitarist and Back up vocal. 

Now let’s take a look to the Judas Priest Discography, with Judas Priest Metalogy and all judas priest songs ranked, since Judas Priest 1989 to Recent years of Judas Priest 2018!!

 Under-rater judas priest songs, every Judas priest albums Where even you will surely get the ideas of Judas priest the Remasters! 

Judas Priest songs and Judas Priest Box Set: Studio albums

Rocka Rolla, (1974):

Judas Priest first album, or the debut studio album by the band and definitely a flopped album of their musical career of all time! Released by very few records,

 couldn’t have saved the band from drowning into financial difficulties! And on that period of time the band members didn’t even know when they will the next meal to eat!! ☹

Sad wings of Destiny, (1976):

The 2nd studio album by the band and that was the time when the started to create an image as an English Heavy Metal band, their variation of sounds, mood, and atmospheres.

Heavily influenced by the bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Queen as well helped them to create their own identity as a new upcoming band!

Sin after sin, (1977):

The 3rd studio album by the band particularly their first mega-hit album, made themselves to be enlisted on the 23rd of the UK top chart,

with a huge commercial success along with the blending of the Punk Rock and Thrash Metal essence with the help of their Double Bass drumming! MAN…… 😀

Stained Glass, (1978):

The 4th studio album and the very first album with their official logo on it! This time, each and every band member contributed to writing down lyrics of that particular album.

But in this time, they not only enlisted themselves on the Billboard but also won the fucking Gold of RIAA!! FUCK YEAH….. 😀

 Killing Machine, (1978,2001):

Another RIAA winning album just like their previous alum in the same year as well!! An album of huge commercial success and dark thematic lyrics!

This time they got concerned about more practical lyrical elements rather than their any on their previous release!

What eventually helped them to build their own signature image on the ground of world music scenario! Reissuing again in 2001, prove the popularity of that album, even after few decades!

 British Steel, (1980):

Their 3rd back to back Gold-winning album and one of their best creation of all time! The Debut album for the new drummer Dave Holland.

Heavily influenced by the Aussies band AC/DC that album basically earned the positive receptions from their fans around the world,

And this is what peaked them on the #4th of the UK Album chart what was their highest ever achievement on their history of Top Chart Records!

Point of Entry, (1981):

7th studio album by the band just after the British Steel world tour and definitely with a mixed Reviews from the Critics as well this is what eventually listed that album #14th on the UK Top Chart and 39th on the Billboard! NOT BAD….

Screaming for Vengeance, (1982):

The 8th studio album by the band and this time with a huge headbanging commercial success!! YEAH… 😀

This time they were able to sell 5+ Million copies of it what eventually brought out the success of them what led the way of another masterpiece British Steel!!

That album enlisted as the #11th on the UK Top Chart and 17th on the Billboard! What brings out the highest ever top position for the band actually… HAHA 😀

Defenders of the Faith, (1984):

9th studio album by the band and a controversial album because of the vocalist by the way! But that didn’t bother the way of that album a lot! So, this paved the way of US and UK Top Chart gradually 18th and 19th at all…. 😊

 Turbo, (1986,2001):

10th studio album by the ban with a Remastered on the early Millennium! This time they got RIAA certification for their achievements as well after a long period of time! What eventually led them to sell more albums of it! BINGOOOO. 😊

 Ram It Down, (1988,2001):

11th studio album by the band with a Gold Certifications of both the RIAA and CRIA as well!! Even this time they got another Remastered version of it released in the early Millennium! Nevertheless, a successful album by the band.  

Painkiller, (1990):

12th studio album and the very last album of their vocalist Rob Halford and the first album for the drummer Scott Travis! Meh….

A commercially successful album with loads of positive reviews from the critics and their fans as well what eventually strength their ground in the field of British Heavy Metal scenario! 😊

Jugulator, (1997):

13th studio album by the band what eventually released in Japan and has an international release as well. Not a well apricated album for the replaced vocalist of Rob, but every shit has an expiration date you know! ☹

Demolition, (2002):

14th studio album and the first album of the Millennium! The last album of the replaced vocalist Owns and like I said already every one of you knows the reason behind it! LOLZ……

A back to back unsuccessful album that paved the way for Judas Priest to bring something new this time!

Angel of Retribution, (2005):

15th studio album and the comeback album of the Rob Halford! A huge commercially successful album that eventually took it on the #13th of the Billboard and # 39th in the UK! Even its unique album cover played a meaningful role behind its success!

Nostradamus, (2008):

16th studio album and their very first concept album of all time, focusing on the 16th-century author Nostradamus! WOW…

This time they went out for a massive touring in spite of promoting the album a legendary band like Motorhead!! CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE IT?!

That Speed Metal and Hard Rock album was a massive blow on the audio market which eventually sold over 6 Lac copies worldwide! BINGO….. 😀

Redeemer of Souls, (2014):

17th studio album by the band and the very last album for the founding member and guitarist Downing! That album hit on the #6th position of the Billboard 200, and was able to sell 200000 copies just only on the US!! WOW!!

That album reached on the Apex of both the charts of US top Rock and Hard Rock album as well….. 😊

Firepower, 2018):

Latest studio album and the 18th studio album by the band and definitely another successful production for the Judas Priest which eventually led to selling,

 Almost lac copies just only in the US! What definitely indicated how famous they are only in the US

Live albums by the Judas Priest:

  • Unleashed in the East, 1971
  • Priest…Live!, 1987
  • ’98 Live Meltdown, 1998
  • Live in London, 2003 
  • A Touch of Evil, 2009
  • Battle Cry,2016.

Live albums of the Judas Priest songs basically some flop productions! Only two of them got certified during their world touring and album promoting journey! So, we can definitely say that judas priest as a band is a failure on live shows!

But on the other hand, we can definitely say that that band basically concentrated on their studio album with meaningful lyrics rather than touring or live shows!

A band like Judas Priest is an example of how Metalheads can become something from nothing, through their superficial determination, hard works creative ability, etc.

Judas Priestess:

A tribute band of Judas Priest but a band of all girls just like another all-girl band, The Iron Maiden!! Formed in 2009, basically cover their songs and even their gesture and postures as well!! Mingblowingly influenced by the male dominating band, Judas Priest!

 Their love for the band has no boundaries at all…. 😊

Members of the Judas Priestess:

MilitiA – Vocalist

D Mercedes – Lead Guitar

Gyda Gash – Bassist

Josette – Rythem and LeadGuitar
Hillary Blaze – Drums

Judas Priest Box Set:

You can’t even imagine a Heavy Metal world without the Judas Priest tracks, this is a complete album collection, Like I mentioned above, 😊

These live albums of judas Priest were a big-time failure, and maybe because of all these reasons behind it, they decided not to put any live album on their complete collection of the Judas Priest Box Set! And that was expected anyways…. BINGOOOO

What it really contains:

That’s the complete album collection of the British Heavy Metal band Judas Priest, Released back in early June of ’12 under the banner of Legacy Recordings! That entire Judas Priest box set contains 17of their CD’s and that doesn’t contain the period of Ripper Owens Ex Judas Priest lead singer! LOLZ

That famous band was formed in Birmingham like the Heavy Metal God Black Sabbath!! And the funny thing is both were formed upon the pick point of the Industrial Revolution!! WOW.

And to be honest this is what we can find the revolutionary elements depicted on their lyrics as well!!

It’s uniqueness:

Each and every album got a Replica of LP Sleeves, which eventually Re-presents the original album artwork! That also contains a Booklet of the collection of Photos that contains 40 pages of it.

Names like: Metal Gods, Stained Class, British Steel, Diamond, and Rust, Breaking the law, Rapid Fire, Ram it down, Riding on the wind, Angel of Retribution,

These will give you the idea of how a band rises up from the ashes of poverty just like the Phenix of Greek Mythology and became something really interesting for again and again!! MAN……

Inside of it:

 On that box set, the band never ever compromised the sound quality of their Judas priest songs, this is a box of Heavy Metal time bomb which you surely gonna like it! 😀

Why pick it up:

This is something that every metalhead would like to heave it on their shelf!! It’s just a bunch of Heavy Metal Treasure Island! HAHA 😊

Enlisted albums are:

  • Rocka Rolla
  • Sin After Sin
  • Stained Glass
  • Unleashed in the East
  • Sad Wings of Destiny
  • British Steel
  • Killing Machine
  • Screaming for Vengeance
  • Point of Entry
  • Turbo
  • Priest…Live!
  • Ram It Down
  • Defenders of the Faith
  • Angel of Retribution
  • Nostradamus
  • Painkiller
  • A Touch of Evil: Live


  • Rob Halford
  • Dave Holland
  • K. K. Downing
  • Les Binks
  • Scott Travis
  • Glenn Tipton
  • Alan Moore
  • Ian Hill
  • Simon Phillips
  • John Hinch

Above all these brief discussions, you can surely get the ideas of the rise of Judas Priest their legacy and struggle behind it and their Judas Priest Box Set as a Heavy Metal BOMB!!

And not only that even in 2020 they joined with Punk Rock band Limp Bizkit on Rebel Rock Fest lineup!! Some bands just never get old!! YEAH….. 😀

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