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Formed in California, back in the early 90’z, these superb Americans marked their footsteps on the Nu-Metal history of the world through their widely accepted Korn Songs and their upcoming New albums of the Korn, and probably the father of Nu-Metal band and got famous like hell as Linkin Park! HELL YEAH….

Korn basically converted from the band as L.A.P. D which were formed by the three of their founding members! So, we can easily say that,

 Their new Nu-Metal band Korn is the updated version of it! Later on, Korn has slightly changed their line-up when Ray was replaced by their drummer David Silveria and sound Engineer Brian Welch were replaced by the Saffer!!

Heavily influenced by the Hip Hop Music Genre and other Headbanging Hard Rock or Metal, and even Thrash Metal bands like Pantera, Alice in Chains, Sepultura, Rage against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Van Halen, Faith No More,  

Their favorite types of musical genres are Funk Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rap or Punk Metal and definitely their particular Genre as Nu-Metal or Alternative Metal…. FUCK YO!!

Korn Members 2019:

  • Jonathan Davis: (Frontman, Bagpipers)
  • James Munky Shaffer and Brian Welch: (Lead Guitarists, Lyricists, Back-up vocalists)
  • Reginald Fieldy Arvizy: (Bassist, back-up Vocalist)
  • Ray Luzier: (Drummer, Percussionist 

Korn Songs and New Albums: Studio

Korn, (1994):

Debut studio and the self-titled album by the band with some mind-blowing top Korn Songs, what eventually paved the ultimate success of their upcoming new albums!

The meaningful album theme basically deals with bullying and having an abusive childhood and drug addictions!! What eventually took the life of another fallen Rockstar like:

 Chester Bennington of the Linkin Park and had a traumatic life event of another worldwide famous Rockstar like Axl Rose of GNR!!

Korn’s debut album was a band with huge commercial success by selling almost 15 million copies of the album around the world,

And listed on Billboard 200 by grabbing platinum and Gold in the US as well!! According to the Music critics, that album was the founder of the Nu-Metal Genre!! HELL YEAH…… 😀

That revolutionary album was such a Middle finger towards the act of so-called society, who doesn’t care about how other fells by leading a fucked-up meaningless shameful life by hurting others on the ground, in the way of their own screwed-up life!!

That is how Korn established themselves as the most important Metal band of the last 20 years of the Metal scenario and grabbed the 30th position of the most important Metal album of all time!! AWESOME…..

Life is Peachy, (1996):

The 2nd studio album of the very first Nu-Metal band like Korn, as another commercial Hit, tracks like Good God, No place to hide brought platinum certification for that album!!

Social corruption and dark sides like drugs, revenge, the sex was depicted on the lyrics of that album and maybe this is what took them to the #3rd position of the Billboard 200 top chart!! FUCK YEAH…. 😀

This time Korn as a band, we’re able to well two Million records of it, and not only that, they have been invited to the concert, to perform mighty bands like Megadeth on their European tour!! HOLY COW…..

Follow the Leader, (1998):

3rd studio album by the band, an album that gets a positive application from their fans and as well. Violence, aggression, and self-hatred was lyrical theme of that album,

 what eventually helped that album to be on the Apex of the top 4 music charts even on the Billboard 200!! OH YEAAAAHH!!

Issuesthat (1999):

The 4th studio album and a highly successful album like the each of their album by the Korn!! This time they not only gave the tracks of that album as almost free but also donated its money to the charities!! OMFG!!

Being another Billboard topper, that album also grabbed 3X platinum certification from the RIAA!! DAMN….

Read More: Awards and Certifications!

Untouchable, (2002):

The first album on the Millennium and a highly successful 5th studio album by the band. After Peaking the #2nd on the Billboard 200, they even won the fucking Grammy for their track Here to stay!! FUCK YEAH!!

They sold almost 5 million copies of it, but still, after all these, a tension seemed really touchy among the members of the band what eventually brought them the destructions of writing lyrics!! SHIT…….

But, point to be noted, they still got a positive overview from their fans and critics because of the quality of their works!! AWESOME……..

Take a look in the Mirror, (2003):

The last album of the original line-up of the band and definitely the 6th studio album by the Kor. A commercially flopped album for the first time of the band even with a replaced drummer, they failed to change the entire situation! SHIT ☹

That album showed more aggression than the previous albums maybe because of the commercial failure and mixture reviews! MAN……..

See you on the other side, (2005):

The last album of their guitarist Welch and the 7th studio album by the American Nu-Metal band Korn. After all these hectic shits they still got a platinum certification for that album.

This time they grabbed the #3rd position of the Billboard 200 with average commercial success and mixed reviews!! What eventually led them to sell, Million copies of it…. NOT BAD!!

Untitled album, (2007):

8th studio album by the band and they gave the freedom to their fans to gave their own title to that particular album name! THAT’S UNIQUE.

But after all these, they topped the position of US Billboard top Rock albums chart! EXCELLENT!

Korn III: Remember Who You Are, (2010):

9th studio album and kind of a flopped album comparing to their rest of the albums. The lyrics were based on the theme of the downfall

Or digression as a human being. As an example, how Drugs, Money, and Power are behind all these! Kind of a squall of their third studio album Follow the Leader! Hmmmmmm..

This time they got a mixed review from the critics, and secured their position on several music charts as a topper like US Rock Albums, US Hard Rock Albums, US Alternative Albums!! NOT BAD!! 😊

The Path of Totality, (2011):

10th studio album and their very first album what basically painted the picture of Fusion Rock!! Slightly a different New Album rather than the tradition best Korn Songs!

After that, they went for a World for the ultimate promotion of their album.

The Paradigm Shift, (2013):

11th studio album and certainly a progressive one regarding that period of time! This time they sound kind of Heavy Metal rather than the Nu-Metal one. 😊

This time they got positive reviews with splendid commercial success as well!! And this is what eventually led them to sell 2 Lac copies of it just only in the US, with certification with Top Hard Rock Albums and US independent albums as a topper!! COOOOOOOOL……

The Serenity of Suffering, (2016):

The heaviest album by the Korn and definitely the 12th studio album by the band. This time they grabbed the #4th on the US Billboard 200 with loads of positive reviews from their fans and critics as well.

By selling 3 lac copies of it Korn’s New albums proved that they are not dead yet! HELL YEAH…..

The Nothing, 2019):

 The 15th and the latest Korn Album as a Nu-Metal band when everything was wondering maybe Nu-Metal are dead!! FUCK NO!! 😀

An album, by the influences of the death of two, closes one of the band, which you will find as a deeper sense on their music!! ☹

Korn Albums: live, video and Compilations

Korn got only two live albums just like:

  1. Live and Rare
  2. MTV Unplugged

And several Video and compilation albums which don’t have much significance on their glorious Music career.

 Above all these analytical discussion, we can surely get the ideas of the history of Korn Songs and New Albums. So, stay tuned for more info!

Till then, ADIOS……. 😊

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