Ranking of Best Slayer Albums From Worst To Best

Slayer, (1981) that Californian headbanging Thrash metal band, used to be a member of the mighty  BIG FOUR, disbanded since the summer of 2018! let’s take a look at Best Slayer albums.

Now the question may arise what made them such an Iconic band?!

Their mind-blowing aggressive vocal, guitar Riffs n double bass drumming and the theme of their lyrics like religion, anti-religion, violence, warn crime like serial killings and the dark side of the society!! A record of 3000+ headbanging concerts, even some of the concerts police had to deal with their fans by banning them because of Riots!!

Also becoming the proud holder of Gold and Grammy certifications as well l This is what made them Slayer… COOL HUH?!

Line Up Of The Slayer Albums:

  • Tom Araya: Lead vocal n’ Bass player
  • Dave Lombardo: Drummer
  • Kerry King: Lyricist, Lead guitar player n’ Co-Founder
  • Jeff Hanneman (1964-2013): Ex: – Lyricist, Co-founder, lead guitar player of the band. 

Now, let’s take a look at the Slayer albums in order, along with slayer albums ranked with their best slayer songs… their top 20 slayer songs with their very special album slayer reign in blood so check this out, folks! 🙂

Best Slayer Albums: Studio

Show no Mercy, (1983):

Mind-blowing debut album and surely will be in counted as in the list of great Slayer album, with the highest album selling record among the as the other Slayer albums. which is still continuing its legacy!! DAMN!!

It’s satanic and anti-religious lyrics made it popular in the metal world and started World touring as well.  They faced a critical economic crisis at that time but still able to sold 40,000+ records around the world!!

Hell Awaits, (1985):

Their 2nd studio album but this time with the financial sponsor and more progressiveness as well!!  Their self-titled track earned a huge positive response from the metal fans around the world because of their unique singing style!! This time, various junior bands covered their songs on stage and that helped them to spread out their popularity worldwide as the great Slayer album!! Hell Yeah!!

Reign in Blood, (1986):

Their 3rd studio album with massive success, positive applications, and heavy sounds as well!! That album paved their way to be in the business!! Not only that, that unique album gives them the honor of Gold certification in the US, 47th on UK album charts and n’ grab the 94th position of the list of Billboards! and pinned itself in the list of the Slayer albums!

Lyrics were more realistic at that time, with murder, violence, atheism!! The theme of their lyrics made them   First-ever pioneer thrash metal album of the world and 27th as the all-time famous Thrash metal album with bunch of top Slayer tracks, and surely according to the critics It’s a  great Slayer album on their career!! BINGO!! That was a Biggie….. 😀

South of Heaven, (1988):

Another headbanging r album to be listed on the Billboard 200 at 57th with gold in the US, and silver at 25th in UK top chart as well!! But this time with lower tempos especially with their vocal and tunes as well. This time several negative musical critics also gave them their positive reviews as well who hated Slayer albums!! LOLZ

Some of their fans got disappointed because of their new singing style, as a metal fan that was really hard to believe for them and because of them that album became the most underrated album of the Slayer!! meeehhh…

Seasons in The Abyss, (1990):

Chronologically the 5th studio album of Slayer, and the last studio album of their original drummer Dave Lombardo. ☹ That album secured its position at 18th in UK and 40th in Billboard 200 with Gold certifications, in the US so consider it in the list of mindblowing Slayer albums!! WOW…

This time, their lyrics of the album deal with the hell created by the oppressor countries on earth with the combination of high- quality complex guitar riffs.

Even their song, intentionally played by the US Marines in developing the psychology of their troops in the combat training camps of Saudi Arabia where we can find the essence of Music and psychology side by side!!Not only that, this time they created their very first music video of the band!!  Still, that’s unique…?

Divine Intervention, (1994):

Debut album of the new drummer Paul Bostaph. That top Slayer album was banned in Germany because of the theme of their lyrics based on serial killers, and sick politicians as well which made them a real-life storyteller!!

Still, that album received mixed reviews from the fans. Not only that, it secured its position on 8th on the Billboard 200 and able to sell millions of copies around the world!! WOW, so stop giving a shit about Grammy and Rock with that mind-blowing Slayer album dude!! 🙂

Undisputed Attitude, (1996):

An album mostly consists of cover songs of hardcore punk Rock Genre, and with the essence of the ’70s most famous rock band, The Doors. That project was a successful one as one of the great Slayer albums, because it made its position on Billboard 200 at #34th!!

Diabolus in Musica, (1998):

This is the 8th Thrash metal studio album with the essence of the Nu-Metal as well. That was the most experimental album of them anyway!

Its Latin title means the Devil in Music with the common theme of their lyrics, religion, genocide, scary shits, etc. that unique album indicates the Renaissance of the Metal scenario, all around the world!! DAMN!!  😀

It’s unique composition with low tuned guitar, along with high- tempo aggressive chord transformations with groovy vocal made that album a unique piece of shit and the best Slayer album of the world!! BINGOOO   😀

after all these, they went out for touring the hell out with several punks, hardcore rock, thrash metal bands!! This time they sold 50 thousand copies of the album within a week only in the US which paved their way outta #31 on the US Billboard 200 chart!! DAMN!!?

God Hates Us All, (2001):

The last album of their drummer Bostaph and their first album for getting nominated for their well-deserved Grammy!! Realistic themes of their lyrics like revenge, brutality, religion, Satanism’s and their controversial album cover gave them positive feedback from their critics just like their previous albums and that made the album enlisted among the unique Slayer albums!! HAHA 😀

Christ Illusions, (2006):

As their 10th studio album, this album managed to grab the #5th position of the Billboard 200, with the Grammy awards for some of their legendary tracks!! But they manipulate the sensitive issue like 9/11 on their track Jihad,

The anti-religion theme of their lyrics and because of this EMI India destroyed all their stock of that album.  Even they put a controversial album artwork for their cover as well. Later, they were forced to edit it… blah!

 World Painted Blood, (2009):

Sadly, the 11th studio album and the last album of their original line-up ☹An album of flat tuning and power drumming deals with their common lyrical theme like a psychopath, serial killing, war, etc.

That was the album that gets huge positive reviews from their fans what took them at the #2 on the top hard rock album of the   US. Able to sell 50,000+ copies of the album just in a week only in the US and several critics consider it as the one of the massive Slayer albums because of it!! HOLY COW…

Wait a minute, much more magic left!! They also ranked as #12 on the US Billboard 200, # 41st on the UK album charts, top tastemaker album of the Billboard, top on German music chart, etc!!  BANG!!  😛

Repentless, (2015):

A comeback album for their fellow artists like Bostaph, and Garry Holt what make this album hugely accepted and took the on the #4th of the Billboard 200!! WOW.

Their guitarist, lyricist, founder member Jeff Hanneman passed away because of his liver failure. His last recorded song was on that album as well, and because of that issue, this band faced some indecisions about his replacement or even to continue as a band as well!! ☹

This time they were able to sell that album just only in the US more than 100000+ copies with mind-blowing positive reviews!! Which took them to the #11th on the UK top chart, #3 on the Canadian Billboard DAMN… This hugely successful album became the second best-selling album of the planet!! Isn’t it enough to prove that, Slayer albums are unique as hell!!

According to their facebook fan page, In the beginning, when there were no blueprints, no set paths, no boundaries or steps to follow, SLAYER assaulted the world with its hybrid of metal and punk….

 Best Slayer Albums: Live 

Live undead (1984), Decade of Aggression (1991), The Big Four (2010):

The live albums of slayer weren’t really up to their standard as a thrash metal band!! Mostly based on their tour along with several bands like the Big Four like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax!! But their album Decade of aggression picked #55 on Billboard 200.

These albums basically focused on releasing Blue Ray Music DVD according to their commercial perspectives ranked on top of UK music video chart, n’ US Billboard Music DVD chart as well so will be counted in the mindblowing Slayer Album Ranked from Best to Worst beyond any doubt!! FUCK YEAH 😀

EP’s like Haunting the chapel (1984), Eternal Pyre (2006) was on their flopped list as well….     meh!!  According to their facebook fan page, In the beginning, when there were no blueprints, no set paths, no boundaries or steps to follow.

Slayer albums assaulted the world with its hybrid of metal and punk!! So, take a look at the history of their albums from the massive hits of Slayer Albums Ranked from Best to Worst means a lot for their Metal fans!! 😊

yes, this is what they are actually are, and that’s how they made one by one fucking great slayer albums ranked from best to worst and they are gonna extend it in the long run!! ….. 😊

Read Anthrax, the father of Thrash Metal!!

Repentless Killogy (Slayer Movie):

On the January ’28, our Thrash Metal music world heard the most shocking news ever, that Slayer is retiring and looking for their final, world tour!! ☹

That’s going to be marked out of their 4 decades-long music career! They moved out to for their one final show based on their 12th album Repentless!

Mixed with the sorrows of losing two of their founding members like Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hanneman as well.

Each and every song were composed of the high pitched and loud tempos by the angry voice of their mighty vocalist. On the other hand, that album was consists of three of their music videos as well!!

Their movie Repentless Killogy is basically the reply of the Metallica’s Through the Never! Based on a Nazi gang’s revenge, who are looking for the killer of their wife/Girlfriend and a mother of a newborn child!

Eventually, that movie became flop a fuck, but get some positive aspirations from the critics for the excellent sound mixing and as being themselves as SLAYER!! 😊

Farewell tour:

Well, now in the winter of 2019, we came to know that their farewell tour, doesn’t mean the end of everything!! HELL YEAAAAH!!

Their manager Rick confirmed that confirmed us about that band’s decision who is truly devoted to music!! 😊

After successfully completing tours like 18th months long 7 tours and one summer festival, the members of the band felt that they are still enjoying,

 Playing as much shows as possible around the globe and still not tired enough to retire!! Slayer played on 140 shows in 30 different countries and each and every US state!! BINGO…

So, let’s cheer them up for more legendary shows, LONG LIVE SLAYER!! 😀

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