Iron Maiden Discography | Best Ever Iron Maiden Albums Ranked

The mighty British heavy metal band Iron Maiden considers itself as their own genre!! Iron Maiden Discography proved that they were born to Rock in the heavy metal world from London since 1975 by their mind-blowing world-class Bassist, bandleader, and multi-talented Steve Harris. HELL YEAH!! 😀

These Headbangers tagged themselves in the #8th position of the top 10 longest world tour of all time in the earlier of the year 2016 based on their album Book of souls.

By grabbing the attention of more than 900000+ spectators around the world!! How cool is that huh?! 😀

Iron Maiden got the most brilliant album artworks or covers in the world of heavy metal band albums!! Eddie consists of hidden messages, mockery, and the complexity of human life as well!! At first, Eddie used as a mask by a student of arts, who created all the scary images n’ effects for the band as well on their concerts.

Sometimes Eddie makes controversial issues n’ even made the band banned as well!! But still, that famous Eddie made them famous, Satanist, unique logo for their T-shirts as well!!

But u know that?  Albums of Iron Maiden just kicked on the hater’s face!! Lolz  😀

This is the only Heavy metal band who’s got a band of female metalheads, the only tribute band named The Iron Maidens from America who loves to cover the Iron Maiden tracks!! How cool is that huh?! YEAH! 😀

Now let’s take a look at the Iron Maiden songs and Iron Maiden albums in order.

EX-Iron Maiden members:

  • Paul They, Dennis Wilcock, Paul Di’Anno, Dennis Stratton, Blaze Bayley (Vocal)
  • Terry Rance, Dave Sullivan, Bob Sawyer, Terry Wapram, Paul Cairns AKA/Mad Mac, Paul Todd, Tony Parsons (Lead guitars)
  • Ron Matthews, Barry Purki/Thundersticks, Doug Sampson, Clive Burr (Drummer)
  • Tony Moore (Keys)

Current Iron Maiden members:

  • Steve Harris (Band leader Bassist, backup vocals, keys)
  • Theve Murray (Lead/Rhythm Guitars)
  • Adrian Smith (Lead/Rhythm Guitars, keys)
  • Bruce Dickinson (Key vocals, pianist)
  • Nicko McBrain (Drummer n’ percussionist)
  • Janick Gers (3rd Lead/Rhythm Guitarist)

 Iron Maiden Discography:Studio

Iron Maiden (1980):

A very first studio album of Iron Maiden, released from North America n’ UK as well & secured their place in #4 of the UK top chart in the debut!! HOW COOL IS THAT?! 😀

Critics had mixed opinions about that released but although over that was a metal band album of commercial success but in 1998, they re-mastered the album again because of the complaint of the sound quality of the album. And to tell the truth that wasn’t expected for their glorious albums!! 🙁

Killers (1981):

iron Maiden killers, their 2nd heavy metal studio album by the Maiden’s released in UK & US as well with their brand-new Lead guitarist Adrian Smith but their vocalist Paul Di’ Anno got kicked out because of being high on Alcohol n Cocaine as well!! BLAHHHHH!!

Not only almost the entire album was written by the band leader n’ Bass player Steve Harris. They found themselves in the 12th position of the UK official album chart!! How cool is that huh?!

The Number of the Beast (1982):

3rd heavy metal studio album and the first album of the mighty world-famous heavy metal vocalist Bruce Dickinson which led them to be the #1 on the UK top chart & platinum certification from the US!!

That headbanging metal band album had highly commercial success but they faced some religious controversies especially in the US for their album cover n’ lyrics as well!!

Even the entire band tagged as the Beast on their world tour of the beast on the road and that paved the successful journey of their legendary heavy metal career, and for the rest of their life as well!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

That album was like a reformation movement against ordinary social constructions mostly in the US. People tagged them as Satanists and protest against them

By demolished their records with enormous criticisms as well. But that made them be on the chart of the top 5 heavy metal band albums of all time,

In the list of the 100 greatest British metal albums ever, and nominated as the most important heavy metal album in the decade, the best British album in last 60 years, among the thousand metal band albums you must listen before u passed away!! Lolz  😛

Peace of Mind (1983):

A 4th heavy metal studio album of the Iron Maiden & the first album of the current drummer Nicko Mcbrain came as a drummer and the previous one gets kicked out!! KHAKZ…..

Released from Canada and the US as well. The first album of their current drummer Nicko Mcbrain with huge commercial success n’ with Platinum certificate placed

In the #3rd position in the UK top chart n’ 14th in the US Billboard 200!!

😀 The lyrics of that album contain jokes towards the critics of the Iron Maidens who claimed that they are Satanists!! Lolz, that was a satirical metal band album on a major point of view of the Iron Maiden!!

Powerslave (1984):

Iron Maiden Powerslave, Re-released in 2002 the 5th heavy metal studio album of the band with their pioneer world-famous song of all time The Rime of the ancient Mariner!!

From the original poem of the Samuel Taylor Coleridge as their second-longest track for 31+ years!! DAMN. Their first longest track came out in 2015 on their album Book of Souls!

After releasing that album, the Iron Maiden’s Discography rolled on their way to magnificently successful 13th month’s long world tour in 1983.

Named as the World piece tour!! This time, they were on the soil of the US for the first time in their life. Not only that this famous album peaked up at the #1st   n’ #2nd as well in the UK top chart & 21st in the US top chart!! How cool is that?!

Somewhere in Time (1986):

Another chronological successful metal band album, just like last three albums with a platinum certificate as well and sold millions of copies around the world: D

In this album, the lead vocalist, Bruce Dickinson recommended some acoustic lyrics to change the atmospheres but the rest of the band rejected his idea n’ decided to continue with their heavy metal genre as well.

In this album, Steve Harris and Dave Murray invented some sort of experimental guitar synthesizers n’ that worked really cool!! 😀 HELL YEAH. 🙂

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988):

Their 7th heavy metal studio album of that mind-blowing band, re-released in 2002 and their very first album of featuring with the keyboard with the essence of progressive Rock s as well and that essence is still continuing!!

This album assured its position at the top of the UK chart. The cover art of the album considered as the weirdest one which came from Steve Harris’s concept & became the traditional symbol of the inspirations just like the mighty Iron Maiden!!

No prayer for the dying, (1982):

the 8th heavy metal studio metal album with a changed line up for the Iron Maiden albums!! Adrian Smith replaced by the Janick Gers which was unacceptable. This time, they came out from their keys n’ synthesizers like their last two albums so this time,

They are dealing with heavy metal more than progressive rock and that took them to the #17th on the US Billboard 200 n’ 2nd on the UK official album chart!! HELL YEAH: D

In the meantime, they received plenty of negative reviews as well. Their single track Bring your daughter to the slaughter placed on the driving seat to make that album famous!! That track listed on the top position of the UK single chart!! COOL: D

Fear of The Dark, (1992):

The 9th studio album in total but 3rd heavy metal studio album to be in the UK metal band album charts for the Iron Maiden…  The last album by the vocalist Bruce Dickinson

But that mighty Heavy Metal band vocalist rejoined again in 1999 and the very first album produced by the band leader n’ Bassist Steve Harris!! HELL YEAH: D

For releasing that metal band album Harris converted his entire building as a studio!! This album is consisting of musical experimental like the use of power Balled Fast tempos, history of the Gulf War from a soldier’s first-person point of view Afraid to shoot strangers from an anti-war perspective!!

In the song, Fear is the key came from our social point of view of AIDS, homosexuality & drug addictions as well. Which highly depicted the scenario of a band like

Iron Maiden, who is concerned about their fans like hell and was able to sell millions of copies of that metal band album for it!! 😀

The X Factor (1995):

the very first album of the vocalist Blaze Bayley replacing Bruce Dickinson because of his solo career, on their 10th studio album this they had

The different issues on their lyrics Written by Steve Harris one of the main reasons for that he was going through his divorce n’ he depicted of the picture of it on his lyrics & even on that metal band album cover as well!

And not only that this time they had to ignore so many of the appointments of their concerts as well, nothing was working out there actually… 🙁

As being on the flop list of their project that album still managed to dominate #8th position of the UK top chart n’ 147th of the Billboard 200 and that was just a shocking album for the Iron Maiden!! Ah Finally…..

Virtual XI (1998):

The 11th heavy metal band studio album of the band. The last album of the key vocalist Blaze Bayley and a flopped one as well. This album was basically based on their computer game for metalheads, Ed Hunter and took the artwork from their game as well!!

 Not only that they featured the football world cup of 1998 because of their fans and played friendly football matches around Europe!! How cool is that?!

In this album, Steve Harris played some of his favorite tricks on the keyboard as well!! Multi-talented huh?! 😀

their famous track The Clansman was based on the Hollywood blockbuster super hit movie Braveheart inspired by the struggle of a particular community!!  Which shows how historical and realistic attitude of the Maidens!! BINGO! 😀

Brave New World (2000):

12th studio album and the First album on the millennium Lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson, n’ the guitarist Adrian Smith back home again on their 12th studio heavy metal band album!! HELL YEAH: D

They took the title of the album from a novel. This time, they had a world tour with this album on another hand that album paved the way of the #7th position of the UK album chart, 39th on the Billboard 200 and got a certificate of gold as well!!

Dance of Death (2003):

13th studio album by the band. At first, released in Japan consists of their unique acoustic song Journeyman written by their Drummer Nicko Mcbrain!!

This time, they started their world tour with unique postures as well which made them famous as a metal band like hell!! Lolz: D

Their track face in the sand based on the Iraq war where Nicko Mcbrain used double Bass pedal on his drum for the first time in the history of the Iron Maiden!! HELL YEAH: D

That masterpiece metal album peaked on the #18th of the US Billboard n’ #2nd on the UK official album chart as well!! Nothing new huh?! 😀

A Matter of Life and Death (2006):

14th studio and the very first metal band album of Iron Maiden, which took it’s placed among the top- ten of the US Billboard charts at #9th & 4th on the UK official album chart.

The entire record-breaking heavier headbanging heavy metal album was based on Religion n’ War even the artwork

And a DVD documentary on the album for the Iron Maiden’s Discography as well!! 😀 Rolling Stone rated that metal band album 3 out to  5, n’ Metal hammer ranked it as 10/10!! How cool is that huh?! 😀

The Final Frontier (2010):

A 15th heavy metal band studio album of the mighty Iron Maiden. That metal band album was a huge commercial success for the Maidens & grabbed its position on the UK album chart

As of 1st n’ 4th on the Billboard 200. But this is not the end baby they got their first Grammy as the best metal performer!! 😀

The Book of Souls (2015):

Their very first double album first ever in the Iron Maiden & 16th heavy metal band album from the studio another uniqueness of that album was,

 In that album, Bruce Dickinson came back like a damn good fighter from his cancerous tumor with consists of their longest song ever in their history of Iron Maiden Empire of the clouds.

This metal band album got huge commercial success with lots of positive reviews from the fans r critics as well & ranked as #1 in the UK for the fifth time in their career!!

Not only that, Iron Maiden won Best metal band Album at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2016!! 😀

This time their artwork represented Maya tribes because of their historical background. Even in that album, they composed another historical element like Death or glory!! In case of writing the lyrics,

this time this is not Harris but Nicko n’ Dickinson as a pianist for the first time!! Lolz that’s funny: D

Billboard n’ Rolling Stone ranked that metal band album as 3.5 outta 5!! Not only that this album considers as the top 50 best albums of the 2015 #1st by Classic Rock,

best albums of 2015 #39th by the Guardian, 20 best heavy metal albums of the 2015 #1st by Loudwire, top 20 albums of 2015 #2nd by Ultimate Classic Rock., THAT’S MIND BLOWING!!

Live albums of Iron Maiden

Live After Death, (1985):

Re-released in 2002 first live album of the band, it had a DVD of it in 2008 after it’s release it had positive responses from the audience it appeared the full name of their Mascot Eddie as Edward T H.

That highly rated album got high- quality visual effects from the Long Beach shows, lighting n’ productions as well from the World Slavery Tour.

It became #2nd on UK official album chart, # 19th on US Billboard 200 and got promoted by several Gold n’ Platinum certificates as well! such a mind-blowing album of the Iron Maiden!! HELL YEAH: D

A Real Live One (1993):

Recorded from different European venues from the Fear of the Dark tour with a 2-disc album. It confirmed its position at #3rd UK official album chart n’ #16th on US Billboard 200 & got a French gold certificate for the band as well!! DAMN 😀

A Real Dead One 1993):

Based on their European concerts, which consist of their earlier songs with a 2 discs’ album where they represented Eddie as a DJ in HELL!! Lolz…

The super hit track of that album Hallowed by the name 9th on UK Singles chart took that metal band album on #50th of the Mainstream Rock chart as a metal band. That album made their way of #12th on UK official album chart, #140th on US Billboard 200!! U ROCKED   😀

Live at Donington 1992):

Lead guitar player Adrian Smith, joined in that album that 2-disc documentary took placed on Castle Donington and grab their position on #23rd of the UK official albums chart & n’ Argentine Platinum certification for the Iron Maiden’s Discography!! HELL YEAH: D

Rock in Rio (2001):

From a Brazilian Rock in Rio metal band album performed in front of their 2nd largest audience ever 250,000+ people with their perfect line- up of Adrian n’ Dickinson as well!! HELL YEAH: D

That 5th live metal band album has world-famous heavy metal tracks like Iron Maiden, the Wicker man, Run to the Hills, Brave new world, The Clansman, sign of the cross!! DAMN!! 😀

That album leads them to the positions of #186th of the US Billboard 200, #15th on the UK official albums chart of Iron Maiden!! How cool is that huh?! 😀

BBC Archives (2002):

Another heavy metal band lives album which consists songs of several live shows of the band n’ from a live Radio broadcast as well. The extended part of Eddie’s Archive box recorded by British broadcasting corporation BBC 1979-1988.

 Hmm, that’s a classic for the Iron Maiden albums !! 😀

Beast over Hammersmith 2002):

That heavy metal live album released based on their 20 years of their creations in the meantime of the Beast on the Road concerts tour & Number of the Beast.

That metal band album was also a part of the set of   Eddie’s archive boxes in their collection as well.  their famous track like 666 Iron Maiden the number of the Beast became really popular for its mind-blowing music video!!

Released its DVD as an Iron Maiden’s Discography in 2004 as the History of Iron Maiden (Part 1) their early. But according to the band’s point of view, they were not satisfied enough of the visual quality because of the excessive lighting!!

But you have to admit, Iron Maiden the number of the beast songs was awesome as hell!! So. why don’t you give peace a try?! 😀 

Death on the Road (2005):

A live 3DVD’z set of it from Germany and their Thence of death world tour 2003-2004 and interviews and their recording studio as well. That metal band album confirmed

Their position at #1st in UK video charts, #22nd on the UK official albums chart, #14th in the US Billboard charts as well!!

Flight 666 (2009):

Named Ed force one came from their name of the metal head Mascot Eddie another documentary with HD visual quality from North America, based on their concerts of the somewhere back in time world tour.

This time, they used their own Boeing 757 named 666 operated by their own lead singer Pilot Bruce Dickinson!! DAMN: D

In that documentary, their audience appreciated them like football stars with loads of positive appreciations and grab their top position as #1st on both UK n’ US as well!! HELL YEAH: D

En Vivo (2012):

Converts in South America with their Eddie released 88 minutes of Blu-Ray and DVD release which is a living prove these six band members,

50+ metalheads are still being able to rock the entire world. Classic Rock ranked them 8/10, Billboard 200 as #80th, UK official’s album chart at #19th!! and got several Gold & Platinum certifications as well!!  

Maiden England (’88 re-released in 2013):

Based on their world tour of the Seventh Son of a Seventh son released on CD/LP/DVD.  Classic Rock rated them 8/10 on 2013 DVD

And rocked on their position at #6th of the US Billboard chart & #2nd on the UK music video charts and got gold-certified from Canada and the & US as a metal band.

Being in the heavy metal band music industry, Iron Maiden still has some under-rated songs!! Songs like the book of souls, the invasion, the thin line between love and hate, the longest they, burning ambition, sun & steel,

Back in the village, total eclipse, only the good die young, Flash of the Blade failed to get much more popularizes what they deserved!! According to the metal hammer which considers as their bad luck….

Iron Maiden, that mighty legendarily famous metal headband reached the apex of their popularity with their albums and staying out their decade after decades

So many genres come & goes but this legendary headbanging metal band still managed to headbang out there with millions of its fans around the globe.

Old is Gold:

Recently, in 2019 the very first members of that legendary Heavy metal band, met with the founder member Steve Harris, only the Drummer Ron “Rebel” Matthews were absent, rest of the old band members like:

Paul Mario Day, Terry Wapram and Dave Sullivan had a chat with the Bassist, which reminds them of the glorious rise of Iron Maiden!!

And that simply means, they don’t give a damn if it’s almost 5 decades later, they are still good friends, and not only that, their EX- vocalist Blaze Bayle still feels so proud that

The band still plays two of his tracks like the X Factor and, Maiden of his age!!  Maidens don’t even forget their EX-Fellows; it doesn’t really matter what an iconic figure they are today!

These fellows gave birth that legendary Heavy Metal band on the ‘75’s Christmas!! BINGOOOOO… 😀

On the other hand, Steve, who doesn’t consider himself a damn good Bass guitarist but loves to introduce himself as a good lyricist!!

They even played together in London after 42 damn years! And suggest to co-written tracks like Maiden and Strange world! 😊

 It’s a band of simplest attitude:

even the Key Vocalist Bruce Dickinson former third division Soccer striker believes that he doesn’t need any Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and the fans should care about it too!! WOOOW…

He also believes that the proposal of their drummer and the keyboardist of Deep Purple Jon Lord, that we should so an Orchestra concert, I don’t think that will help too!!

Yeah, they are multi-millionaire but what they gave to the hard rock and heavy metal music industry that was worthy of Iron Maiden Discography!! 😀

Bruce’s Divorce:

Well, this time, Bruce going to leave his 29th years of wife Paddy Bowden, who will cost 90 Million $ more to get his fitness instructor, Leana Dolci as his new wife! SHIT….. ☹

That 15 years younger super fan and his would-be wife is living with him in Paris since last year and that’s not good news for his three children and Billions of fans who supported through him on his worst career time as stage three throat cancer…

These all happened when they declined about the detuned his voice what gave a question mark on his singing ability! Meanwhile when they were filing lawsuits,

Against so many cases for misusing Iron Maiden as their own brand such as beer, T-shirts, video games, etc.  and touring live on several shows while they thanked all their fans for the support on their Legacy of the Beast shows!

Above all these analytical discussions, we can surely get the idea of the greatness of the Iron Maiden as a band by analyzing their great Iron Maiden discography!! So, for more infoz, stay tuned! 😊

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