A-Z of Best Classic Rock Songs and 70s Rock Songs!!

70s Rock songs or best classic Rock songs are considered as the golden age of the Rock and Metal music industry!! Bands like:AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, even God of Heavy Metal like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Motorhead, The Door, Dire Straits, Kiss, Aerosmith, Queen, Tom Petty, Eagles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, are the proud members of that revolutionary era of that particular Genre!!

To tell the truth these Rockstars/ Metalheads, who show us the way of today’s modern enriched metal scenario what we are experiencing now what started on FM Radio stations to our I phones…….. ROCK ON!!

What is Classic Rock?!

The first ever Rock genre which was converted from the Radio formatted to the album to Rock your home with more flexibility and easy access as well!!

That album formatted version made a revolution in Classic Rock world which gradually developed as the Cassette, CD, and now as the file format even on your cell phone!! HELL YEAH…… 😀

This time, bands became more commercial and professional, and even started to took Music as their career as well!! Abrupt changes took place and that was the beginning of the Rock and Metal revolution!! 😊

That particular genre, challenged the conventional format of Victorian music, political satire, Racism, social oppression for being a part of the history of Modern music world even after for so many decades!! HELL YEAH…..

Their glorious History:

That Revolution started back in 80’z and definitely on the USA which started to keeping alive even the music of the 60’z!! That wasn’t just for the enjoyment

They moved their ass from the shades of Heavy Metal Metal and established their own powerful, realistic identity in the soil of the world of Metal!! Yeaaaaaahhh… 😊

 But also, as the keeping the recorded albums of the Classic shit’s which is still conquering the modern Metal world as an inspiration!! FUCK YEAH…..

That powerful attempt, not the saved the Music industry but also put all the Rock fans in a common ground which became a platform to perform in a more organized and stable way of life.

And that makes the journey of Rock, having much more senses!! That’s how a brand started its journey. Spread to the mass amount of general people, basically on the early 80’z and, that’s how they made themselves as the genre of timeless music!!

Not only that, they invented the genre of Rock as the white man’s music as an evergreen Rock genre of all time which I still continuing!! Before that, music was mostly contributed by the black people of Africa!!

That mind-blowing genre mainly grabbed the attention of the older audience with an attitude! Several Radio stations were involved especially on that kinda mission like Classic Rock Music and some of them are still ROCKING!! WOOOOOW……

Best classic rock songs or 70s rock songs Radio Stations:

Even you will find, Radio station plays it role based on some individual band as well!! YOU MUST BE KIDDING……

By its powerful uniqueness of musical atmosphere, they made their place right beside like other popular Genres, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock etc.

. Because that mind-blowing genre is particularly chosen by the audience, as a Radio friendly genre!!

We consider 1986 as it’s the year of birth!! No wonder Classic was invented two more decades ago, but still, it’s revolutionary images, messages, and ethics

Hair Metal/ Glam Metal/Pop Metal:

Another sub-genre of the most accepted genre of all time, Heavy metal!! Mostly the 70s or early 70s Rocks bands are on the list of it!! The sunrise of another genre like:

Grunge faded the era of that particular genre on the early 70s!! Their gesture, posture, makeup, jewelry, long hairs, leather, Denim were the sign of that particular genre!!

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Now let’s take a look to the top 70s Rock songs with best Rock songs of the 60s- 70s music and list of classic Rock songs of 70s Rock groups of classic Rock artists. A brief list of 1980s Rock songs best Rock songs of the 80’z to top 10 Rock songs of all time

Considerably top 10 Rock songs of all time along with best Hard Rock songs of all-time list of Classic Rock songs. at least 1000 classic Rock songs ruled that classical Rock period of that time

 with the list of Rock songs, you will get the idea of top 10 Rock songs of all time!! SO, CHECK THAT OUT!! 😀

Great Classic Rock Songs & Their Bands:

The Beatles: One of The Best Classic Rock Band

Beatlemania!! These fab four, Formed in  60, a legendary English band of so many epic  great70s Rock songs foremost and the legendary Rock band of all time A band of a legend like:

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, George Harrison, Pit Best, who passed away for the brain Tumor.

Gifted by the tons and tons of musical top-ranked charts, awards which took places almost 180+ million certifications!! OMFG!!!!!!!!

These fab four changed the entire music scenario of that Genre of our musical world just like some musical Gods who even fought for civil rights and became vegan!!

After they broke up of the Beatles, John Lennon the legend, decided to move on with his solo Career………..

 Help, I want to hold your hand, Love me do, Yesterday, Yellow Submarine, With a little help from my friend, Yesterday. Twist and shout, In my life, Penny Lane, I saw her standing there,

In my life, Hello Goodbye, She loves you, We can work it out, Paperback writer, Can’t buy my love, Across the universe, Norwegian Wood, Across the universe etc.


Formed in 1971 by some local musicians of LA, The Eagles a blues Rock band, became the world record holder of the albums selling what was 300+ million copies around the world!! WOW…..

They have more than 20 best-selling albums along with 5 decades of their musical history of  Rock songs!!

Eagles have mighty success with their unique Classic Rock songs like Hotel California, Desperado, Tequila Sunshine, I can’t tell you why still gets covered by thousands of bands around the globe!!

albums of the Eagle:

  • Studio albums: 7
  • Live albums: 2
  • Compilation albums: 10
  • Video/DVD albums: 3
  • Singles: 30

What changed the musical taste of the fans of the   Rock Songs!! HELL YEAH…

 Pink Floyd:

Formed in 65, as the legendary British Classic Rock band of all time, with the essence of progression and the influences of the Psychedelic music as their best Classic Rock Songs!! Pink Floyd is a mind-blowing great classic Rock band of Rock songs

who produces super-duper meta hit albums like the Wall, Dark side of the moon, wish you were here, animals!! Which influences our social and global perspectives as hell!! Absolutely…..  😀

Even in today’s world music lover still doing researches for finding out the depth of the meaning of their lyrics!! WOOOOW!!

Players like: Robert Gilmour Roger Waters, Wright, Mason, Barrett helped to pick up that band where it is belonging today!!

Their best classic blues-Rock songs like: Another brick in the wall, Pigs, Dogs of war, Comfortably Numb, hey you, Money, Echoes,

Run like hell, Us and them, Learning to fly made up that band as unique as hell what leads them towards the Rock N’ Roll Hall of fame as an all-time favorite!!!!!! WOOOOOOOW 😀


An English classic Rock band of London, with a classic line up as well:

  • Brian May
  • Roger Taylor
  • Freddie Mercury
  • John Deacon

Their motivational tracks like We are the champions, we will Rock you, became the sound track of the several world sporting events.

  Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, somebody to love, I want to break free, Hammer to fall, The show much go on, Now I’m here, One vision, Stone cold crazy, Headlong, It’s late,

paved their way of success and because of these unique pieces of creations as their tracks. that band was able to self around 400+ million copies of their albums around our fuckin world!!!

Artistic approach of that band along with the essence of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin as well.  WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!

Just like the mighty Iron maiden, the lyricists of that band were chosen to be on the list of the Ivor Novello award, Grammy, and Rock N’ Roll hall of fame as well!! They are the band who deals with several musical generations side by side!! HELL YEAH……..

The Doors:

An American Classic Rock band of the legend Jim Morrison hugely popular for his magical tracks, whose father told him after the release of their debut album to went back on his home by giving up the idea of singing and rest is history!! Hahahaha 😀

This is the band which got Platinum. Multi-platinum, Diamond, RIA awards by selling more than 100+ records around the globe, what made that band simply out of this damn earth!! HELL YEAAAHHHHHHH

Their tracks like Light my fire, Riders on the storm, Moonlight drive, the end, People are strange, Road house blues, Touch me, love me two times, Hello I love you when the music’s over,

 Five to one, love her madly, Back door man, Love street, end of the night, The unknown soldier paved their way to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of fame forever as a Mastermind…..

These all were possible simply because of the rebellious attitude of Jim who knew really well, HOW TO WIN…….. A man who stood against the police, authority, family impulsiveness and obviously their tracks as well.

Tom Petty:

He was involved even in the concert for Bangladesh, back in Madison square garden for supporting the liberation of war of Bangladesh (1971) like a true hero of Classic Rock songs!

A multi-talented American musician, Lyricist, actor who were able to sell almost 100 million records around the world just by as his solo projects and by his own band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for their classic Rock songs!!

He even played with the legends like George Harrison, Ringo Star, Bob Dylan, Ostad Zakir Hossain, Ostad Ravi Shankar!!!WOOOOOOW

His tracks like Free Fallin, Mary Janes last dance, I won’t back down, American girl, The waiting, Rebels, We can be heroes, Time to move on let him grab several lifetime musical awards on his career.

His rebellious attitude against ABC channel because of musicians right made him a man to remember!! FUCK YEAAAAH.


An American classic Rock band, hugely popular for their tracks like painted faces, memorable gesture, super energetic stage performance till 1983 etc.

Till 1983 and maybe that type of aggression made them one of the highest albums selling a band of all time with a musical career full of awards and certificates!! YEAAAAHHH 😀

A band of Progressive Hard, Arena and Shock Rock, established in NY city but most popular in England Influences by the AC/DC,

Beatles, Eric Clapton they even had a professional make designer for the comic characters they wanted to portraits on their live performances!! DAMN…… 😀

Legendary tracks by Kiss: Got to choose. Hotter than hell, Deuce, Strutter, I want you, Beth, I stole your love, Love the gun, Forever, Lick it up, I love it loud made them a band what you can’t forget!!


A classic Rock band from Boston, formed in ’71 who also represents the Heavy metal and Hard Rock scenario. you can also call them a heavyweight band Rock song as well,

because of their tons of awards and certifications of Gold, multi-platinum awards to top charted ranks with best-selling Hard Rock band of all time in the USwho were able to sell 80+ million albums just only in the US for their legendary musical career!!

They even had a bunch of loyal fans who later known as Blue army!! FUCKIN HELL……. 😀   They were even very much influenced by the rest of the great Rock bands. 

Their tracks like: Dream on, Angel, walk this way, Crazy, Hole in my soul, Fly away from here, Amazing, the Last child, Falling in love etc made a positive impression as a widely accepted band, which is still popular even in that era!!

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 Dire Straits:

Another English Rock band of the awesome classic Rock songs era!! The originator of the mind-blowing album like Brothers in arms named from a famous English phrase of the warriors!!

In their only 15 years of musical career, they were gifted almost every kind of musical awards and top-ranked on the musical charts as well!! WOOOOW……. 😀

Started by a simple pub group band to the Apex of the world music industry of any time proved them as a memorable band of a classic Rock band of all time!! HELL YEAAAAH…

Best classic tracks by Dire Straits: Sultans of Swing, Money for nothing, Romeo, and Juliet, walk of life, Calling Elvis, Water of love,

Down to the waterline, Lady writer, Tunnel of love, Twisting by the pool, Brothers in arms, Private investigations, Wild west end etc.


Well, AC/DC albums consider as Rock n’ Roll but their huge audiences knock them as a heavy metal band for their tracks as well because of their headbanging albums of AC/DC!!

Was well known for the unique way of performing with costumed and super energetic performances on the stage of its members.

Their albums were highly popular among British punk audiences. They had two different types of recordings like Australian & International versions!! WOW.

AC/DC had lots of ups and down on their popularity same as changing their line up on their career as well but still, AC/DC albums had really key involvements,

in the movement of the punk Rock because of their soul-sucking hard riffs in the music industry!! Their classic Rock Songs are:

Highway to hell, Back in black, Whole lotta love made that band what they are today before disbanding in 2018!! 😀 Cool yeah!!

Led Zeppelin: One of the Best Classic Rock bands

As a successful member of the history of the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band, Led Zeppelin still has a headbanging performance and was able to sell record-breaking, more than 300 million of copies of their album throughout the world!! HOLY CHRIST…..

They nominated themselves as the second best-selling  British Heavy Metal band in the history of the world music industry even in the US as well!! What a massive success!!

The significant lyrical beauty of the Led Zeppelin albums helped them to achieve record-breaking concert tours since 1968-Till NOW!!

Where musicians like John Bonham, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant played for rating Led Zeppelin Albums, Led Zeppelin Albums Ranked

Because of the Rocking classic Rock Song are like Stairway to heaven, Immigrant song, Achilles last stand, Black dog, Rock N’ Roll made that band unique as hell in the world Metal scenario!! CAN U FUCKIN BELIEVE IT???!!!!

Deep Purple:

Deep Purple started their tour in 19 countries along with Alice Cooper!! This is not only for the promoting of their new upcoming album but that also proves that ROCK N’ROLL is not dead yet!! DAMN!! 😀

Even on their brand-new album, they covered the song of another legendary Rock Band Door’s Roadhouse Blues with their epic Blues passionate compositions for their tracks!!

Tommy Bolin paved his way of tagged himself on the Hall of fame of Spirit of Music Recipient who got his very first guitar at 10, because of being a hardcore fan of legendary Elvis Presley!!

That legend got expelled from school because of his long hair and now look at his!!?? BTW: Did u know that he’s the inventor of GLAM ROCK?!!! WOW…. Not only that,

this band secured it’s placed up on top ten of the UK top chart, at #6 after 30 freaking years with their album Infinite!! Even they are about to create another history of their musical career of 50 years for their memorable musical career!!

They had a world record of becoming the World’s loudest band (1975) on Guinness book!! And which made some of their fellow band mates having hearing problems!! They are on the way to their farewell world tour as THE LONG GOODBYE and before starting it they released their latest album as well!!

Ian Pace is the only founder member of that heavy metal band who’s still with the band Deep Purple. This band got the status of the most influential band ever for its best Deep Purple Albums,

The world music award of 2008 hall of fame of 2015. Deep Purple started their tour in 19 countries along with Alice Cooper!!

This is not only for the promoting of their new upcoming album but that also proves that ROCK N’ROLL is not dead yet!! DAMN!! 😀

Even on their brand-new album, they covered the song of another legendary Rock Band Door’s Roadhouse Blues with their epic Blues passionate compositions!!

Not only that, this band secured it’s placed up on top ten of the UK top chart, at #6 after 30 freaking years with their album! YEAH…

 They are on the way to their farewell world tour as THE LONG GOODBYE and before starting it they released their latest album as well!! Deep Purple, Back In Business, Baby…………..


Lemmy the king!! The life of a working-class family member, who knew what life really is from his very childhood!! According to so many musicians that Lemmy Kilmister

Took himself on the Apex of the Rock n’ Roll scenario and made himself as the purest form stubborn musician who basically described himself as a Rock n’ Roller more than heavy metal musician for his tracks!!

He invented the unique kind of Bass playing even his sinking style by playing bass like a rhythm guitar and set up his microphone focused on the sky!! WOW!!

who drank like hell, smoked like hell, got arrested, everyone left him, the band left him but still managed to be the pioneering musician in the musical scenario for around the worlds!! FUCK YEAH…….

Who choose to play guitar just to get chicks, slept with around thousands of women lead a life like a true Rock n’ Roll hero without any regrets!! That man really knew what he really wants in his life!!

What made him a rebel which paved the way for his rebellious lyrics of the mighty Motorhead!! Moral of the story, he never gave a fuck to any kinda authority like God, Society, fuckin government!!!!!!!

Who even choose Nazi wearing and western hat as his iconic dress style, the one who expressed his anger through his mind-blowing lifestyle like a hero………

His Rocking tracks like Ace of spades, Killed by death, Born to raise hell, Rock out, Built for speed, eat the rich, I ain’t the no nice guy, Heroes made that band as the best Rock N’ Roll band in our lifetime and maybe for upcoming decades as well……..

Iron Maiden:

Iron Maiden started to flourish as a heavy metal band from the early 80’z. They got a bunch of Gold n’ Platinum albums with total,

38th albums for their legendary tracks!! DAMN…. Day by day decades after decades their popularity is emerging like an Apex

And was able to sell 90+ Millions of copies of their metal albums around the world with the help of minor support from the media but full support of the Iron Maiden Discography!!

And that becomes a successful day only by their uniqueness and power to play!! ROCK ON…

They made Several Changes on their Rocking lineups & tensions among the members they took a break from the music but back again in 1976 with a strong new line -up just like Iron Maiden Discography as well!! haha 😀

In 2002 they got Ivor Novello award for becoming the most magnificent heavy metal band all around the world for their classic Rock songs,

In last four decades with their legendary mascot Eddie (another Important part like Iron Maiden Discography)!! They took their name from the most horrible torture device of all time Iron Maiden!! How cool is that huh?! 😀

Steve Harris chooses that name from the movie (Man in the iron mask) in 1980.  they released their very first album

“Iron Maiden” and secured their position at 4th of the UK top chart in the first hit as a Heavy metal artist!! AWESOME!! 😀

Maiden’s best tracks like Fear of the dark, Childhood ends, The Mercenary, Brave new world, Afraid to shoot strangers, Wicker man, etc. Made that band to the Apex of the history of Heavy metal forever!! who hoooooo 😀

Black Sabbath:

The God of Heavy Metal, a band of some childhood friends of Birmingham from their neighborhoods, a Vocalist like Ozzy Osbourne, 

A guitarist like Toni Iommi who became from factory labor to a Millionaire just by playing Heavy Metal all their lives who got fans from every corner of the world.!!

Classic Rock and Heavy metal songs of Black Sabbath’s like War Pigs, Ironman, Into the Void, Hole in the sky, Hand of Doom, Am I going insane, Loner made them the God of Heavy Metal…….. FUCK YEAHHHH

Black Sabbath went through several changes in their line- up. Lead Guitarist Tony Iommi became the last man standing from their original line- up.

They used to be as a Blues Rock band but they migrated themselves as a Heavy Metal band by adopting supernatural, mystical and magical themes on their horrified lyrics for their tracks with some great instrumental backups.

Black Sabbath is old enough and having physical problems and living in different countries but people still believe that,

They will be back for one more time like they used to be in their entire musical career. Let’s hope for the best for them because legends never die….


A Multi-talented American Metalhead that a world could ever be produced!! A pure man of literature who knows how to use Literary elements like Irony. Metaphors with the perfect use of the theme like Death and Evil!! Ronnie James Dio was a band by himself,

who sold a record-breaking 11+ million albums around the globe as a solo artist that paved his way for joining another legendary British iconic Heavy Metal band Black Sabbath in the place of another legend like Ozzy Osbourne!! FUCK YEAH….. 😀

The Who:

A super hit British Rock band of mid 60’z from London were able to sell 100+ million records around the world for being one of the best influential Rock band on earth because of their energetic live performances!! WOOOOW.

Their aggression on stage like breaking guitars and drums became their own unique identity, what helped them to screw the pop culture and established themselves as one of the pioneers of Mod Movement!!!

The Who will be always remembered for their use of world-famous Marshall Amp, synthesizers, guitars, which is still well-desired equipment for all the music lovers and artists around the world!!

Their aggressive playing style with the fucking use of their ground-breaking sound system with the unique use of mind-blowing power chords….

What made them unique as fuck for being the father of Hard and Punk Rock!! YOU ROCK!!

The Rolling Stones:

Another English Rock band from London with a world-famous line- up like Mick Jagger, Ian Stewart, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman!!

For their rebellious attitude, lyrical theme, crazy teen sensations, Rock N’ Roll with Blues essence. That band might be the first English band which became popular like hell in the US!! WOOOOW…

Their energetic mind-blowing live performances made them one of the best bands in the world!! But later on, their Golden Age,

Lack of new materials had an impact on their lack of popularity!! But still, that band gets nominated on the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame!!

And still, according to some critics, he was the inventor of the Pop Culture in the history of Rock N’ Roll music!! YEAH… 😀

By going through that article, we can surely get a brief idea about the legendary Rock music genre of all time, which is still ruling on our era as well!! BINGOOO 😊

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Above all analytical discussion we surely get an idea about the eras of 70s Rock songs or best classic Rock songs and for more infoz, stay tuned! 😀

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