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Well If You are the Proud Old School Like Me There’s Nothing To Describe The Beatles Songs To You! Because I Do Believe These Iconic Rock Gods Are The One Who Made A Colorful Impression On Your Childhood Just Like I Started To Listen To Music At The End Of The 80s Falling In Love With Their:

meaningful lyrics, excellent singing styles with short tracks what eventually helped to understand their lyrics on my National cassette twin-one! Lolz,

  I didn’t have Bose sound systems with enormous collections of music and easy access on lyrical websites like you guys! Poor me, but that couldn’t prevent me to be a crazy ass music fan HAHA 😊So let’s jump on the topic!

Formation and rise of The Beatles:

Back in 1960, formed in Liverpool by four childhood friends and neighbors as well. For the sake of the evolution of the Rock and Pop genres The Beatles were,  very much influences by the classic music, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Everly Bros, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, and later on the by the Indian sub-Continent cultural instruments like sitar, specially for the George Harrison!

Bassist and lyricist Paul McCartney and the great John Lennon lyricist and vocal took the responsibility to create and sing in loud out in the middle for the band,

George Harrison, one of the top five lead guitarists of the world and Pete Best the original drummer of the band started to co-operate with them in several shows on various clubs of Hamburg and Liverpool!

Members of The Beatles:

  • John Lennon: Founder member, Lead Vocalist, Rhythm guitarist, pianist, lyricist.
  • Paul McCartney: Founder Member vocalist, Bassist, Lyricist
  • George Harrison: Vocalist, Lead Guitarist, lyricist
  • Ringo Starr: Drummer, Lyricist.
  • Pete Best, Jimmie Nicole, Tommy Moore, Stuart Sutcliffe: Drummers.

Fab Four:

 Pete Best later replaced y the Ringo Starr back in 1963, who played with them till the end! This is what made them the fab four! HELL YEAH…. 😀

The fifth Beatle:

According to so many authentic sources, their manager Brian Epstein the fifth Beatle an unofficial title rather than their music producer, George Martin! The contribution of their manager was really appreciable

 towards their worldwide fans which easily paved the way of nominated him as the Fifth Beatle by the fans and his fellow band mates because of his devotion and sacrifices towards the band.

 Lennon and Paul showed their respects towards this great man and consider his work ethic as one of the pillars of mind-blowing fame of the band! 

What is Beatlemania:

Prove of the extreme level of enthusiasms for their loveable band from the fans! The Beatles tracks invented the new progressive wave of British Rock and Pop genres of all time!

On the early 64, that phrase of the widely accepted band used really well by the press during their world tour! BINGO! 😊

The story behind the scene:

According to verified sources The Beatles played for the clubs and even practiced on a daily basis for10-12 hour a day on a daily basis! 

That extreme level of hard works made them the stars of our music world and proved that there are no other ways of being successful except for hard work!

Yoko Ono, the wife of John Lennon, the one who is solely responsible for disbanding a mighty band like the Beatles, even John confessed that on an interview.

Continuously brought her on their jamming and concentrated and give attention more on her rather than the band created the distance between John and Paul and the band as well!! FUCK…..

Lyrical elements of The Beatles:

They deal with a really smooth and lyrical ballad on The top Beatles songs, their poetic style, easy compositions and story of life,

Made the easy-going access for any kind of Genres, fans, age, social class. That was a massive point of their huge success in the music world for decades!  

What eventually became a pathway to follow for the musicians, Researchers, Fans, scholars, and media as well!!  

The qualities of the members, made them best on earth:

John Lennon:

John Winston Lennon, Co-founder, partner of another lyricist like Paul McCartney and even along with George Harrison and Ringo Starr as well.

Guitarist, and vocalist of the band like Beatles who later on persuade his solo career under the title on Plastic Ono Band and created famous tracks like Imagine,

Working class hero, Happy Xmas, instant Karma but that was nothing in front of the fame he had received under the brand image of the Beatles! 

If you compare his success within it that was just shit and his extreme level of LSD, Heroin and other drug addictions weren’t only killing John Lennon by himself but a painter, artist, writer, anti-war activist, vocalist, Rhythm guitarist, Banjo and Harmonica play, etc.!!DO YOU NEED MORE TO DESCRIBE HIM?!

And crazy fans like us still hate that old bitch for that reason, who consistently claims the ownership of the world-famous track like Imagine and sings it like an ass…… What eventually led the downfall of the glorious Beatles!!

Paul McCartney:

Knighted as Sir Paul McCartney, another founder member of the band, partner lyricist for the Lennon, a Bass guitar player, vocalist, pianist, and ever drummer as well.

Who later Knighted by the Royal administration of England, later on, Ringo Starr got knighted too because of not being alive Lennon and Harrison missed that opportunity!! HELL…..

Being a womanizer, and several drug issues still he never compromised his devotion towards Beatles, that stubborn mother fucker still hates Yoko Ono-like hell,

 Because of being the only responsible for disbanding the band and he doesn’t want to say even a single Hi on any musical occasion with Yoko!! YOU ROCK!!

After the Beatles he flourished his musical genius on wings but like I said on Lennon, in front of their fame of Beatles there’s wouldn’t be any single comparison at all… BINGOOOO 😀

It doesn’t really matter who he is in his private life, as a devoted musician and creative giant I’m a big fan of him no matter what!! LOLZ 😀 

George Harrison:

A Musician, one of the top five lead guitarists on the world, lyricist, vocalist, producer, Grammy winner people even call him as the quiet Beatle! LOLZ….

Big fan of Indian classical music, Spirituality, and heritage, along with the sitar player like Ostad Ravi Shankar! The use of one kind of Psychedelic drug drove him towards intellectualistic musicianship and even a social worker as well.  

Concert for Bangladesh:

He also organized one of the all-star concerts ever for the live aid of a country like Bangladesh who was expecting a victory against the fucking Pakistani army through a bloody civil war!

Back in 1970 in Madison square garden, he donated a huge amount of money for the Bangladeshi refugee in India, with a mega-hit concert like it where musicians like:

 Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, Eric Clapton, Ustad Amzad Ali Khan, Ustad Zakir Hossain, etc. played for the sake of humanity!! THIS IS WHAT WE CALL THE UNITY OF MUSIC…….

Before dying in Cancer, the great George Harrison also had a short and successful career also just like John Lennon that’s why he was even invited by the queen of British empire…. WOW!!


 Ringo Starr:

Knighted as Sir Richard Starkey, famously known as the Ringo Starr the drummer of the mind-blowing English Rock band as the Beatles, but he was also a vocalist, lyricist like his fellow bandmates, and this time even an actor on the band!

Threatened by a killer disease on his childhood and traumatic childhood because of his drunk father, Ringo started his music career from his early childhood as well. His total devotion towards musicianship,

 Made him such a great warrior against his disease and later on re-replaced Pete Best on the Beatles as a drummer and secured his position on Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame as well as a musician back in ‘88! BANG…… 😀

By having a successful musical career as one of the top 5 drummers of all time, he also featured on so many documentaries by kicking away his horrible past as an illiterate, because of having a broken family and being ill. YOU ROCK…….

  That legendary polite drummer still believes he’s not good on technical things but his fans believe like hell Ringo was the one,

 who basically gave drumming a respected and meaningful position not just a beating machine by a solo performer! A drummer like Ringo Starr contributed same as his other fellow bandmates out in the middle!! BINGOOOOO! 😊

 Revolutionary Contribution of The Beatles on world music:

A band like The Beatles had received hugely commercial success more than anyone else of their period! They helped their pop Rock genre to come in the limelight of the media and even towards their live audience as well.

That is how the British Invasion made into the American mainstream culture and media. They even influenced the artistic fashion trends, recording techniques, LP Formats, Electronic Music,

Power Pop and even Heavy Metal, their influence on psychedelic, Progressive, and Classical Rock, social and cultural movement,

 Growth of Rock music, Domination of Britain over the Music industry and even religion! DAMN……

This is what we call the massive success! Their top-selling albums and to be on the top-rated music charts for countless days

These contributions made them possible enough to create a Metamorphosis on the world of 60’z by becoming as the all-time best-selling band of the world… 😀 MARVELOUS!

Now let’s take a look around great Beatles songs ranked how and what made the Beatles something, their best Beatles songs and you will even find on youtube awesome Beatles songs a-z

even in todays like the Beatles yesterdays which will make you believe that after almost six decades they still exist on millions of hearts!

the Beatles songs: Studio albums

Please please me (1963):

The debut album of the legendary British Rock band, their self-titled track and other tracks like Love me Do, P.S I love you, I saw her standing there, reached on the Apex of majority of the world’s top music charts

 and definitely on the core of the heart of their millions of fans around the globe! Even their unique colored photograph as the album artwork What eventually paved the way of them to be listed as 500 greatest albums of all time!! YEAH……. 😀

With the Beatles, (1963):

A 2nd studio album of the band, released on the same year proved that how thirty they were for the success! This time George Harrison came in the light of his first ever solo performance as a composer! BANG!

Introducing…. The Beatles, (1964):

A contrast album of the band and another mighty commercial successful album what peaked on the Apex of several music charts for several months and were able to sell almost 2 Million copies of it! 😀

That album has several versions of it, like Versions and awards of it! just like RIAA and Billboard #2nd as well! BANG!! 😀

Meet The Beatles, (1964):

Another successful contrast album and the 4th album of the band released in the same year like the previous one what eventually helped them to invent Beatlemania,

Rolling Stone magazine listed that album among the top 500 albums of all time in the world music history!! FUUUUCKKK!! 😀 😀

That album also called as the sequel of their second album, because of the similarities what eventually topped the US Billboard top LP charts!! YEAH… 😊

Twist and Shout, (1964):

5Th album by the band and this time with a super hit self-titled song as well. And now consider as the sequel of their debut studio album as well! 😀

 What eventually paved their way to getting a 3X Platinum for the first time in their music career! HELL YEAH!! 😀

The Beatles, Long Tall Sally, (1964):

6thhmagnificent album of the band and the last released album from Canada! But definitely with massive success on the Canadian music industry with a Gold certification!! WHO’S YOUR DADDY?! 😀 hahahaha….

 A Hard Day’s Night, (1964):

People called it as the 3rd studio album by the band I don’t know why! Maybe they consider Beatles as a complete band after the joining of Ringo Starr this time eventually not consisting a sequel or contrasting issues as well.

This time George Harrison out in the middle with this fellow companion like Lennon and Paul with their lyrical elements after 2 weeks of releasing in the US,

 that album released on their own UK! This is what made them internationally acceptable rather than national!!  HAHA 😀

 That mind-blowing supersonic album topped on the world’s top-rated music charts like UK, German, Australia,

Nevertheless, it really doesn’t matter the numbers of the albums the matter is back in 1964 it was something strange, massive and mind-blowing happened because of this particular band,

 who sang all day long and released several albums even in a single year and not this time as a self-titled movie soundtrack as well!! SO, WHO THE FUCK CARES?! ENJOY!!!! 😀 

Something New, (1964):

A sequel album of their previous album A hard day’s night! And definitely one of the remarkable albums by the band during their era of Beatlemania! 😊

Beatles for sale, (1964):

This time, this is the 4th studio album of the band, only based of the regional issues of the North America along with three heart breaking autobiographical tracks,

by the great John Lennon like No Reply. I’m a loser, I’ll follow the sun and their mega hits like eight days a week and I feel fine!! YEAH…

these types of mind-blowing superhit tracks put that album Apex of the UK, German, and even Aussie top music charts! BINGOOOOOOOO 😀

Beatles ’65 (1964):

Wel, the first ever album of the band released on CD, mono, stereo as well!! Being in the top of the Billboard, that indicated the wide acceptance of the album!

Beatles VI, (1965):

Another Billboard topper, that existing album contained their famous tracks like words of love, you like me too much, Yes, it is, tells me what you see, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Kansas City, etc.

 Help! (1965):

5th studio album by the band and their 2nd soundtrack album with along with the platinum certification and 500 best albums of all time for the self-titled movie as well,

what eventually nominated them for the Grammy awards like a king of music! THAT WAS A BIGGIE!

Wait a minute, they were the topper of US, US, Aussie, German music charts toppers too! Nothing new right?! Hahaha 😀

Rubber soul, (1965):

The 6th studio album of the band, personally my favorite one! According to some music critics that was a folk-Rock album as well. That album hit as the

 Topper of every possible music charts of the world and tagged themselves out there for several months which might be a world record with countless platinum and Gold certifications! Hahaha!! 😀

The list could be as lengthy as UK, US, German, Australian, Swedish!! You gotta be kidding, dude!! Hoho 😊

That super-hit commercially successful album consists of the tracks like all-time favorites tracks like:

Nowhere man, you won’t see me, in my life, I’m looking through you, we can work it out, girl, etc. Not only that, the concert of Rubber Soul, considered as the last live performance by the band on their hometown as Liverpool!!

as long as I live, I’ll listen to that album till the end, so I would definitely suggest that mighty album for you guys! LOLZ…. 😊

List of Certifications:

  • 3 Platinum
  • 2, 2X Platinum
  • 1, 6X Platinum
  • 2, Golds!!

Yesterday and Today, (1966):

Another studio album of the band, with a controversial cover image of on the album! It doesn’t really matter, that album had an Anti-war image against Vietnam warlike several albums produced by the Pink Floyd, The Doors and even by the Metallica!

That album cover indicates the butchered children by the American president just like today’s joker trump! And to know more about how rock stars still really think about American president check that out, please! And beyond any doubt of their popularity of that critical social issues, they topped one more time, up on every possible world music chart like US Billboard, US cash box top 100 albums, US Record world 100 top LPs.

Revolver, (1966): Officially the 7th studio album and their final recording project by the band, that particular album was heavily influenced by the Indian classic cultural music and psychedelic drugs like LSD,  what eventually helped the Beatles to brainstorm more on their unique lyrical elements like live after death! WOOOOW!

 That album was another billboard topper for the super-hit tracks like yellow submarine and Eleanor Rigby, and maybe being high of drugs,  They made a statement like the Beatles is popular that Jesus, what eventually used against them and paved their downfall!! SHIT…….

Still, their album cover nominated for the mighty Grammy, and nominated as the 500 greatest album of all time and even a 5X platinum as well!! THIS IS MASSIVE…. 😀

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band, (1967):

 The 8th studio album and after getting so many negative reviews from the critics for the accusation of diving US and UK cultures that mind-blowing album still got four fucking Grammy awards on a roll!! WHOZ YOU DADDY HUH?!

Being artistically more mature and pioneer album of the modern Alternative music culture, that album became the conceptual album of progressive Rock album which represents more imagination that the band ever produced and a slight touch of Indian classic Rock as well!! YEAH….. 😀  

These unique put that album to be listed on 500 greatest albums of all time. What eventually lead the path of the best influential Rock N’ Roll album ever and this time they were able to sell more than 35 Million copies of it! WOOOOW!!

That world-famous album consisted of tracks like, With a little help from my friend, She’s leaving home, within you without you, with a fabulous sitar intro, A day in the life and even the highly popular title track like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely-Hearts Club Band!! YOU NEED MORE TO CELEBRATE?! HAHA

  Magical Mystery Tour, (1967):

A self-titled album of the movie soundtracks with massive commercial success as always! Another Grammy-nominated album with famous tracks like: All you need is love, Penny Lane, Hello Goodbye, Strawberry fields forever used according to the context of the movie!

 The Beatles/The White Album, (1968):

A double and9th studio album of the band also known as the White album because of its album artwork. This time Ringo left the band and even their sound engineer as well. What eventually indicates the break up of the band!! THE END IS NEAR…. ☹

An album of political and social satire with highly influenced by the Indian classical music, what put the album on the Apex of the music charts of US and UK with loads of positive reviews by the critics!

After selling almost 3 lac copies of them, some of the critics even nominated that album as the best Beatles album because of its maturations! YEAH… 😀

That was the album when the relationship among them started to ruin because of the intimacy of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A Great artist like John, made a big-time cheap mistake of his life what eventually lead to end up everything!! FUCK NOOOO………

Yellow Submarine, (1969):

Another album of the self-titled movie tracks and the 10th studio album by the band, what eventually received the mixed reviews from the critics, and to tell the truth, that album wasn’t up-to the mark as the standard of the band like Beatles!

Abbey Road, (1969):

An 11th studio album of the band and according to its album artwork, the metaphorical hidden meaning behind it they were almost at the end of their long glorious journey!

John made his own band, George started to work with another famous artist, and Paul became the father of a girl meant them to be with their family more than the band itself!

As on their album artwork, the first white coat means the dead body of the Beatles, the next Black coat meant the mournful people,

 The 3rd coat means the lawyer, and the fourth and last person on jeans means the civilians just like a mournful journey of a dead man!!

That album was all about George Harrison’s magic! His tracks like Here comes the sun and something, pau’s come together, lead the entire album

 To topped n every possible music charts of all time like UK, US, Canada, Dutch, Norwegian, Australian, Spanish German!! And became as one of the greatest Beatles albums of all time!! 😊

Let it be, (1970):

The 20th and final studio album by the band, and sad but true, that album released after their break up. And even facing that harsh reality, still, that album topped on so many music charts all along like the other Beatles albums!! YEAAAAHHHHH 😀

Mega-hit tracks like: Let it be, Long and winding road, I Me Mine, across the universe, depicted the picture of the frustration of the band members,

 who stopped doing any live performances from last two years and became self-centered because of the tension Yoko created!! BITCH…

 But still hit on the music charts as a topper like UK, US, Canada, Dutch, and Germany!! Maaaaaaann.

They got few live, compilation, Christmas, albums, Mash-up albums and box sets as well.  let’s take a look……

Live Beatles albums:

Live! at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962:

Their debut live album and a double album as well, perform as a live band on stage of Star Club of Hamburg during their struggling period!

The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, (1977):

Basically, based on the compiled performance of the band on the famous Hollywood based on a bunch of their super hit songs.

First live Recording, (1979-1962):

 A bunch of live performance recorded since 79-62 on several shows live Club, Hotel, Concerts, etc.

Live at the BBC On Air Volume, 1 and 2 (1963-1965):

Recorded on British broadcasting corporation as a live show since 63-65 and released as a two-CD Disc of the compact package!  

Above all discussion, by going through the entire Research, we got the crystal clear idea of the legendary Beatles by the Beatles songs, Made a revolution on the early 60’z music scenario and shook the entire world which is still well appreciated as a legacy!! FUCK YEAH….. 😀  

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