The Doors As A Psychedelic Rock Band and the legacy of Jim Morrison

The Door Bands

The legacy of a great American Rock band like The Doors and their historical musical journey as a Psychedelic Rock Band!! Originated in a city like Los Angeles or LA back in the year of 1965, famously known as one of the most controversial but mind glowingly influential in the Rock scenario mighty 60’z. As their fan-base also consider them as the dominator of that particular era of not only American but also as a leader of the World Rock Music scenario!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING?! 😀

These Rockers were the first ever Americans who had 8 fucking Gold LP’s ever as a band! Not only that. They sol 33+ Million records just only in the US and a Billion around the world!! FUCK YEAH… These are the issues, let them mark themselves to be in the list of the 100 greatest artists of all time on #41st!! hmm.

The Doors members:

  • Jim Morrison: Key vocalist, Synthesizer, Harmonica, and Percussion player
  • Ray Manzarek: Vocalist, Keyboardist
  • Robby Kreiger: Guitarist, Back up vocalist, Lyricist
  • John Densmore: Drummer, Percussionist, lyricist.

 Jim Morrison The Doors:

Founded by the two friends as the great Jim Morrison or officially known as, James Douglas Morrison and his best friend, Ray Manzarek who used to be theater freaks and came from musically rich back grounded families as well. What made them classy as hell and choose to contribute to the genres like Folk, Rock. Blues and even Jazz!! And this is what made them as a pioneer contributor on the Psychedelic Rock as well, and rest is history! BINGO… 😀

They are the one, who started their first ever show on a local club like London Fog and ended as one of the mind-blowing Psychedelic Rock band ever in the history of Rock music,  what ended so pathetically by the sudden, tragic and questionable death of the legend like Jim Morrison! SHIT…. ☹

But these guys proved their capability within a very short period of time and even on their early ages and surprisingly without any help of their family as well!! It doesn’t matter how musically enrich families they were, even the father of Jim Morrison known as Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison,  wrote him a letter to come back into the home because music will not let him go anywhere!!

Jim still regarded as one of the iconic and influential rebellious frontmen in the history of Rock Music society! The guy who pointed out the difference between the generation gaps of his time so badly and that type of furious behavior let him arrest on a football game for pranking the hell out on it!! hahaha….. 😀

That vocalist, artist, poet, and even lyricist put himself in a really short period of time up on the top 50 great Rock vocalists of all time in the history of Classic Rock Songs! Let’s take a deep look, how could and what made Jim Morrison such a brilliant performer back in that old day which even the entire music couldn’t even ignore his smartness and success as well!!

Influence of traumatic experience in his early childhood:

His early traumatic childhood experience, what he has experienced which he mentioned on his autobiography “No one here gets out alive” death of some Indians on a car accident,  when he was only 4 years of age, under the scorching heat of the sun in the middle of the desert, that horrible incident played a huge role of inner world of that Kiddo, what made him angry, scared and rebellious from his early childhood, and maybe played the lead role to become one of the best Rock singers of all time!!

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As a fucking Rock fan knowing the legacy of the band histories, I can state that so bold fully,  there’s no wonder about that, he was the guy who played the lead role to put his band on the list of Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame as well!! FUCK YEAH….

His early death is still a mystery to the entire music world. What let him be a sad part of another history, related to the Rock world, as a member of Club 27!! FUCK……. ☹

Influences of Literature:

As a Scottish and Irish origin, Morrison was really weak towards Celtic culture and mythology! Morrison used to be a bookworm from his early childhood,  Hugely inspired by the poets and philosophers as well! Even he took books from the library of the Congress based on morality,

And the legacy of 16-17th centuries what even the high school teachers didn’t even know, this type of books really exists at all!! MOTHER FUCKER……

And these types of literary rich issues, let him get on the Department of English studies of the University of California on January 1961

And later he completed his graduation from the school of the theater and arts in the summer of 1965from UCLA film school!  U ROCK…

Jim Morrison’s Bohemian life:

After completing his graduation Jim Morrison started to lead Bohemian lifestyle along with his Canned food and LSD up on a rooftop and where he wrote world famous Doors tracks like:

 Hello, I love you and Moonlight drive! That how a creative genius, started to flourish on this damn earth under the shadow of the Rock music scenario!! AWESOME…. 😊

Morrison’s personal life:

  • Being a Military Bret, he really had a Morrison had an early traumatic childhood experience because of his father’s military rules and regulations, and even doubted about his musical talent!!
  • That made him denied that his family is still alive after his graduation!! Even Media knew, he has nothing left as a family!! ☹
  • Jim Morrison called Mr. America by his fellow colleagues! Who believed that he has two different personalities!

The dual personality of Jim Morrison:

he was sober, friendly such a gentleman! But when he started to drink, he became the monster just like the opposite side of a coin!!

And he was the only one as far as I can remember who even forced the aviation department for the sake of him to make rules to control him up on the sky!! SKY IS THE LIMIT DUDE!! FUCK YOU….

He had a fucking mistress as Pamela Courson who slept with him for years and had influence over his poetry and even music career!

But these two never got married, and police found dead Jim on a bathroom of Paris, and nobody still doesn’t have any idea how the fuck he died?! :@

 And, the Karma:

After his death, she got all his property! According to the will of Jim! But this time Jim’s family invaded and had a dispute case over his property for two years! Fucking hell……..

According to the judge, both of them got half of Jim’s property!! THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS………

Later on, Courson died because of Heroin overdose!! Haha…

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It’s a tragedy for our Rock music world that we lost The Doors at a very early age, and still believe these guys had so many to give us,

not only as a Rock star or Creative genius but also a human being which we badly needed on our today’s corrupted, fucking modern world… ☹

Ray Manzarek The Doors:

Raymond Danial Manzarek (Jr), a fellow UCLA student along with Morrison and his roommate as well. Before passing out in 2013,

 That guy continued to Rock on till his last breath! Which proved how much capacity they were as a mindblowing Psychedelic Rock band on earth!!

Ray Manzarek was the best friend, a roommate of Jim, that multi-talented genius, wasn’t just a musician or his bandmate, he was a composer, vocalist, producer, Movie director Keyboard Bass and Bass guitarist as etc. WOW….

He was the one, who recorded all the studio albums of the Doors as a psychedelic Rock band! And that made him be enlisted on the chart of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame (1993)!! DAMN…… 😀

A great keyboardist:

Being as one of the best Keyboardist of the world he also founded, Nite city, he was another stubborn human being who left school football team just for being humiliated by his coach!

And that university drop-out truly believed that, because of that type of natural issue of his psychology, made him as the best friend of Jim and a part of the history of the band as well!! That was something that made the connectivity between them!  😊 

Signature aggression of the Doors, as a Psychedelic Rock band:

They are the one even gets fired for their explicit mixing of the famous Greek Myth of Oedipus on their track like The End!!

So, having sexual implicitly not only on their live performances but only on their lyrics as well as their own signature what was a BIG DEAL on that backdated social order of late 60’z!

 But you know what man? everybody knows the history!! 😊

Psychedelic Rock is a very rare, unique and famous kind of genre that was hugely popular back in 60’z! That was a genre of inspiration originated by another band of Reformists Pink Floyd!!

And as a member of that revolutionary genre, The Doors songs was a mega-hit Psychedelic Rock band too!!

Inspired by the lifestyle of the Hippies, that psychedelic Rock evolution mostly took place among the teenagers of Europe and North America as well.

Their fascination, mystery of life, sexual liberation, freedom, Religion, and music played the key role to influence others to join with them in the same movement! YEAH….. 😀

Drugs like LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Weed, Alcohol. Drug cocktail, the essence of Folk, Lyrics played a huge role to influenced even band like The Beatles!! HOLY FUCK!!

The Beatles even introduced psychedelic sounds on their major number of records! Now let’s take a look to The Doors tracks, and we will surely get the idea of why on earth, that band became famous as fuck?!

Robby Kreiger:

Guitarist, Lyricist and the part-time vocalist of the band. The one though he is good enough to or better than Jim.

He took the responsibility to replace the key vocal position, after the death of the great Jim Morrison. Pathetically failed, and he deserved it! LOLZ  

John Densmore:

Musician, lyricist, author, actor and the drummer of the band. The one and only drummer in the history of the band. YOUR ROCKED MAN! 😊

The Doors albums: Studio

The Doors, (1967):

The self-titled and debut album of the band, and there’s no wonder, why they just hit it on the heart of fame through their super- hit singles like “Light my fire” “The end”!!

Because The Doors songs are something which is meaningful in the real world and easy to connect on our real life….. YEAH!! 😀

Their progressive psychedelic Rock attitude made them the star of the Rock Music scenario, just after releasing their debut album!! 😀

They were enlisted on the list of 500 greatest albums of all time by selling the 20+ Million original copies of it!! HOLY FUCK!!!

That record-breaking huge selling also helped them to grab the Grammy nomination of a life time and 42nd on the list of Rolling Stone as well!! BINGOOO….

It had several mindblowing certifications like:

  • 4, Golds
  • 2, Platinum’s
  • 2, 2X Platinum’s
  • 1, 3X Platinum
  • 2, 4X Platinum!
  • 1, RIAA
  • And many more!!


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Strange Days, (1967):

2nd studio of the band, and definitely with a huge commercial success like the previous one, by grabbing the #3rd on the US Billboard 200

And another RIAA Platinum certificate as well!! Tracks, like Love me two times and people are strange, made that album remarkable as hell!!  YEAH…. 😀

The lyrical elements of that album mostly deal with the inner conflict of human being along with the essence of the Blues Rock based on the sentiment of the anti-Vietnam war!  

Widely accepted by the critics, this time That legendary band, started to consider as the heaviest band of the US as well!!

Waiting for the sun, (1968):

A 3rd studio album of the band, and another masterpiece by these legends as well!! Not only that, this time they were able to reach them,

 The apex of the music top chart for almost 2 fucking months Even this time they banged on the UK as well!! WOW!

Tracks like Hello I love you and Unknown soldier, self-titled song Waiting for the sun, started to rule the music world even outside the US for the first time of the musical career of these Rock N’ Roll magicians!! HAHA 😊

That anti-war album released once again in 2018, on a double CD once again because the message Jim Morrison tried to spread it, 

Is still a well needed meaningful message for us!! Because he wasn’t just a musician but also a philosopher as well…   HELL YEAH!

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The soft parade (1969):

A 4th studio album of the band, on the mentally critical period of the band leader and key vocalist Jim Morrison! Because of a mental dilemma,

And he chooses to concentrate more on lyrics and leave his guitar for Robby Krieger!

But still, that album went commercially successful by grabbing it’s ranked on #6th on Billboard 200!! THIS IS DOORS!!

But to tell the truth, eventually this time they failed in the UK and the rest of the European top charts! Mehhhh…

According to the critics, that album had the poorest performance of the front man but still was able to continue its legacy! 😊

This time Morrison stated to having a distance from the band and fighting so hard with his nervous breakdown and drinking issues!  

This time Krieger wrote, half of the album songs and criticized by the Jim as well! Because the lyrics of Morrison widely depend on high-quality symbolisms!

So, we can say that there was an internal tension started to grow among them definitely!

 Though the hardcore fans of the band weren’t very happy about the performance of that particular album because of their high expectations,

 from the very beginning of the journey of that legendary band! And according to them, this time it failed to fulfill!

It only gets several platinum certifications only on the US where the achievement of outside US was a BIG ZERO!!

But, still, according to some source, that was the album where The Door produces their top-quality creativity! IN the end, that was all over a controversial album anyway! 

But after 4 decades, back in 2007 on the 40th anniversary of that album, we found the remixed edition of it with 6 bonus tracks! YEAH…. 😀

Morrison Hotel, (1970):

5th studio album and this time a Blues Rock production of the American psychedelic Rock band The Doors! Who’s counted as a God of Rock music scenario like,

 Another British legendary Psychedelic Rock band Pink Floyd! BINGOOOO…. 😀

This time that album was divided into two types of titles like Morrison Hotel and Hard Rock Café as the titles of the two separate sides of it!

Another #4th album of the US Billboard 200 and stayed on that position for 8 long months! That was definitely an album of superb controversy and even a blacklisted album

 For airing on the Radio for the erotic behavior of the Jim in front of the 12,000+ crowds! LONG LIVE ROCK N’ ROLL!!

Because of that issue, almost 30 dates of several concerts got canceled! Not only that, even US aviation had to introduce,

 a new skyjacking law for him which will costs 10,000 USD and 10 years of jail!!  WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME!!

Even another consequence took place, the world-famous chain, Hard Rock Cafe where really get inspired by his album title and flourished themselves under that brand name as worldwide!! HAHA!! 😊

Not only that, that was a commercially successful album after the previous flop album, so people took that really seriously as they come back in front!! HELL YEAH!!

L.A. Woman, (1971):

The 6th studio album of the band, and the last ever album of the legend, Jim Morrison! Another Blues rock production by the band as their root, just like the previous one.

This time they were able to grab the #9th position of the Billboard 200 and #28th on the UK top chart as well!! YEAHHH 😀

According to the critics, this is the best album by The Doors! And the reason behind this was, the magical vocal of the late Jim Morrison who passed away after the album release! SHIT ☹

That was the only album where the band never had any vision, without any professional, expensive recording studio, without any jamming, pre-idea and even lack of materials as well!! :S

With the first-ever use of synthesizer drum set, the composition and lyrical elements of the entire album mostly dealt with the traumatic childhood of the Jim and rather escaping from the reality and the city life of L.A along with his girlfriend!

Because that was the album Jim Morrison wanted to quit from the band before the recording of it! But only he had to stay it only six more months for the sake of his best friend Ray!

With an awesome response from the fans, this time they got several certifications of top charts like:

4, Golds

1, platinum

1, 4X Platinum

1, 3X Platinum

2, 2X Platinum!

Other Voices, (1971):

7th studio album by the band, the very first one after the death of their legendary frontmen Jim Morrison! ☹

Robby and Rey took the responsibility for replacing him out in the middle by sharing the lead vocals on different songs!

 And to tell the truth, that was a major flop album according to the standard of a band like Doors! NO WONDERS!

What even let the band to released that album on CD back in 2006!! REALLY?!

Which provoke the majesty of Jim as a singer, artist, model, sex icon, director, poet, lyricist, rebel, megastar, and overall a mind-blowing human being……

Sadly, the one-man show couldn’t stay long after the death of that great on Paris on an unknown reason!?#@*

Full Circle, (1972):

2nd studio album without the Rock God and the 8th official studio album of the band. Even the track like Mosquito became the last ever track of the band to be listed on the chart!! FUCK……. :@

This time they even couldn’t afford a good studio for the jamming, so they choose to be on their workshop!! Maaaaaan……

And point to note, the majority of Their fans, don’t even recognized these flop albums which were released after the death of Jim as even the albums of the band! LOLZ….

According to some sources, in this post-Morrison era, they even fight and created tensions among them to be the vocalist of ‘their’ band! Hahaha……

An American prayer, (1978):

The last studio album after 7 years of the death of Jim and probably 5 years of their disbanded! Old fellow re-united to released their last ever album along with the memory of Jim.

 Some of his original and previously recorded poetry as backup tracks and jamming sessions, and even lines from his movies.

They even used his image as the album cover as well. And maybe this time these all elements helped them to achieve an RIAA certification after many years!!

The Doors albums : Live

Absolutely live, (1971):

The very first live album and a double disc album by the mind-blowing band like The Doors Rock Band! Mostly based on their live concerts of the 1969-1970 and even grabbed the #8th position on the Billboard 200! GREAT!

Well, that album was a commercially failed album for the band, and even Morrison hated the album cover! But who cares?! They knew who they are! LOLZ…. 😊

Alive, She Cried, (1970):

A 2nd live album of the band, basically a sequence of the previous one! The mega-hit track like Light my Fire also included on that album. You will find the essence of Jim’s drunken performance with his superb lyrics! So, DON’T MISS IT!!

This time they were able to grab 2 gold certifications as well!! Haha YEAH…. 😊

Live at the Hollywood Bowl, (1987):

3rd official live album by the band performed on the glorious Hollywood as the title suggested! That was the shortest concert of their music by the way.

 But definitely, that was a good one anyway because Jim sang Hello, I love you with a damaged mic and still, that was a great performance by him and the band as well! Not only that, they made a DVD of it in 2012 because of it! LOLZ…..

In Concert, (1991):

Another live album but this time a doubled one by the way. A collection of several concerts in a single package! Their Roadhouse Blues tour got the preference and maybe because of that,

This time they were able to get several certifications like 3 Golds and, a Silver and a Platinum as well. YEAH…  😀

Message to love, the isle of the wight festival of 1970, (1996):

The last ever live album by the band. Basically, a comedy documentary film of the festival. A perfect exam about how to enjoy and deal with your audience for the concert!

Such a masterpiece for the upcoming bands of these days. Grab it and learn from it anyway…. GOOD LUCK! 😊

The Doors, (Film) (1991):

A biographical movie of the band. Picturing the legacy of the life of the key vocalist, the great Jim Morrison! Started with the session of the album The American Prayer, Where his:

 Drug issues, lifestyle, love life, inner struggle, his excessive alcoholism, his traumatic childhood, trial, prison, and even his heart failure was carefully explained by another great director Oliver Stone!

If you are really interested in the dramatic legacy of the late Jim Morrison and his band The Doors movie! Let’s take a look at the movie, please! 😊

Above all these thoughtful discussions, I guess there’s no confusion about why the hell we consider The Doors as a psychedelic Rock band on earth!

And even after all these decades. They are still ruling out in the classical Rock music scenario like a BIG SHOT….

Above all the analytical discussions we can surely get the ideas of the the Doors legacy as a psychedelic Rock band, their uniqueness, contributions, reasons of their popularity after so many years etc.


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