These Canadian Alternative Rockers abbreviated as OLP is something special what I have known about them, through their mindblowing album of all time Gravity, back in 2002!! FUCK YEAH, that was the very beginning of my Alternative Rock journey to fall in life with these people!! Not only that, they are well known for their our lady peace concert, so this is what is dragging me to talk about their glorious Our lady peace tour 2017 also!! So, stay tuned! 😊

Members of Our Lady peace:

  • Raine Maida, (Key Vocals, acoustic guitar)
  • Steve Mazur, (Guitar backup vocals)
  • Mike Turner, Jamie Edwards, Joel Shearer, Jim Newell, Randy Cooke, (Guitars)
  • Robin Hatch, (Keys)
  • Jason Pears, Jason Boesel Drummers
  • Duncan Coutts, Chris Eacrett Bassists

 Formed as a Canadian Alternative Rock back Ontario, Toronto back in 1992. The early albums of the band were nominated as cool for being different, but not commercially successful as well.

As I said, their 5th studio album Gravity was a milestone for the band that grabbed the attention of their thousand fans to increased it as Millions around the world!!

That album was the soul of their Alternative Rock journey which were thousand times different than the rest of the creations! DAMN……..

This signature album made them famous as hell for their unique way of playing style and Raine as they key vocal!! That pal proved what he is!! FANTASTIC… 😀

Back in 1997, their massive achievement was considered to be signing themselves with Columbia records, but this is for their very first time,

Gravity made tagged themselves famous as hell for their project! Their tracks like Innocent and Somewhere out there helped them to introduce Infront of the world!! 😊

Now let’s take around to the, our lady peace tour, our lady peace setlist, and our lady peace popular songs, our lady peace happiness vinyl,

Bush Live our lady peace tour, our lady peace tour 2018 featuring by our lady peace Chris Benoit and defineely our favourite our lady peave new all the way!! So why the hell are you waiting for? ROCK ON!!

Studio albums of Our Lady Peace and our lady peace concert:

Neveed, (1994):

Debut album of that mighty Alternative   Rock band, released in 94 at Canada anad later on USA in the next year because if the excessive demand of that particular album! WOW!!

That album was a massive hit in their native country by selling  5 lac copies of it just only in Canada which eventually insist them to released it on US too!!

People even started to comparing them with the mighty led Zeppelin for the unique they produced in music!! 

Not only that for the first time of their career, they went on a tour for the promotion of  their debut album!! HELL YEAH!!

 Clumsy, (1997):

2nd studio album of the band and that was a biggie! This time they got Diamond status for selling almost 2 million copies just only in Canada! Not only that maybe just because of this they even got a platinum status even on the US!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

Lyrics of that particular album produced, while they were touring their famous concerts for that article is all about!

Like the previous project, this time  they also for popular reviews from the critics what eventually defend the awards they received! 😊

That magnificient album reached the Apex on Canadian musical top chart, by sellig 50k copies just only in Canada! Man…..

And for the second time of their musical career, they went on a tour too for promoting their album!

 Happiness… Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch, (1999):

3rd  studio album by the band,  and another Canadian top chart topper! FUCK YEAH!! 😀 😀

They were already much popular in Canada and even in US through their famous tracks playing on the Radio sations!! 😀

That successful alabum were well appreciated by the critics and their million of fans, what eventually paved their way of another promoting tour for that particular album!! Lalala….. 😊

Spiritual Machines, (2000):

4th studio album by the band and this time released by the Columbia  Records, this time that record depicted their conceptual and spiritual interpretations and philosophy of their life!!

That particular album intendent the end of a special reign of the band in which they converted from their original Rock genre to Alternative form!!

That double platinumed album Maidy took the sole responsibility to wrote the lyric s of the entire album, which eventually happned while they were on their touring bus while promoting their previous album on a tour!! 😊

According to the musical critics this album wasn’t that commercially  successful album like their previous albums.

 But still this project were highly praised by their uncountable fans and followers! And this time they went on a tour alsot just like their previous projects what eventually depicts that funding wasn’t an issue for the band anymore!

Gravity, (2002):

5th and a super-hit metamorphocis Alternative Rock album of all time, one of the greatest hit albums of all time according to me!! (Come on I deserve some credits)!!

Even in 2020 after 18 years of it’s released I still play that particular album all time basically depends on my mood when I’m thirsty for Alternative Rock songs!

This album is not only my all time favourite but that mindblowing album played the key role to converted that  Rock band into an Alternative band!! MAN……

Charted really high on US and Canada, for their awesome tracks like, Somewhere out there, Innocent, All for you, Bring back the sun etc.

The debut album for the guitarist Steve Mazur, replacing Mike turner, producing a highly successful and aawarded album OLP or Our lady Peace music proved that our lady peace songs are really meant for something,

 Because our lady peace discography already achieved a milestone before releashing that album this is all they had to do to maintain the class and stability as in our lady peace albums.

The old one really had a tough time with the guitar and the new guitarist proved himself what is he worth of!! 😀

A well received album with a great atmosphere of tons of positive reviews, Gravity was a mixture of the blend of the new OLP and the old one!! Because people will attract when there’s always something new and this time they went on tour also! 😊

Healthy in Paranoi Times, (2005):

6th studio album for the our lady peace as a Canadian Alternative rock band!! What meant OLP is really something special. Tracks like will the future blame us and Angels losing sleeps made that album powerful as well.

Maida explained that latest album was much more a realistic one focused on a more enlightened paranioid man, which goes with the current situations as well.

A well accepted album reached on the #45th of the US Billboard 200 and #2nd on Canadian top chartas well. What eventually incouraged them to out for a tour!

Burn Burn, (2009):

7th studio album of the band and basically a one man show what eventually organized and recorded on the home studio of the key vocalist and lyricist Raine Maida’s special! LOLZ…….

A more mature album with highly appreciated by the critics, took that album on the #3rd of the Canadadian top chart and 41st of the US top chart! YEAH…… 😀

Curve, (2012):

8th studio album of the OLP albums, and a really experimental and ambitious album by the key vocalist! More mature album by the OLP musics what eventually proved that how far they come as a musician and which is great!

Somethingness, (2017-18):

9th studio album of the our lady peace, but this time uner warner music records. That was the very first album which released on Volumes for making the project as to be continued!

Our lady peace tour 2017:

Our lady peace is really well known for their concerts! Just like each and every year they had an awesome combination of our lady peace concert tour back in 2017.

In many several places they played with several world famous bands along with them eventually that was a big time achievement for them for playing with bands like:

Collective soul,  Tonic, Mother Earth, The Standstills, FAQ, POD, Big Wreck, Ford Arts Beats and Eats, Brian Adams, Johnny Reid,

Papa Roach, Bring me the Horizon, Candle Box, Big Wreck, Atlas Genius, PVRIS,Wolf Alice, Pop Evil, Struts etc.!!

  Above all discussion we can surely get the ideas of Our lady peace concerts and specially a briff discussions about their Our lady peace tour 2017 and definitely their live shows particularly about promoting their albums!! 😊

So, stay tuned for more updates, till then, ROCK ON!!

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