Ranking of Top 10 Tracks of the Mighty Metallica

One of the biggest album selling band, in the history of American heavy metal band industry formed in ’81 by the founder members like the headbanger drummer Ulrich n’ metalhead like Hetfield!!

After releasing several records breaking best-selling albums now in ’17 they are on the tour of their last released album Hardwired to self- destruct!! Bingoooo!! 😀

Now let’s talk about Metallica’s top rated 10 songs of their musical journey which contributed like hell for being a pioneer metal band!! Yeaaaah!! 😀

Master of Puppets:

Released in ’86 title song of the album is a classic heavy metal song to be ROCK ON!!

They have proven their artistic capacity by composing that song!! Excellent use of riffing made that song fuckin rock!! 😀

For whom the bell Tolls:

Excellent use of melodic heavy groove from the early ‘80z, with a slow tempo to power ballad this is the song which proved their excellency over composing over different genres with the similarity with Black sabbath!! HELL YEAH!!

The Four horsemen:

Lyrics of their EX-Metalhead, mindblowing guitarist of all time Dave Mustaine which has another version of that song in the banner of his own band Megadeth!! Titled as Mechanix that song is slightly edited for it’s own sake.  Point to be noted, both of the versions rocked like hell among the audience as a masterpiece!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Creeping Death:

Another master piece from the early ‘80z, this time with their spiritual sensitivities with the horrible consequences of the Black Deaths by a plague from the history of 18 centuries.

The mindblowing guitar riffing’s of the song makes that song as the most performed song of the band in Live!! That’s proved the emotional attributes of that song among the crowds!! WOOOOW!! 😀

Welcome home, Sanitarium version:

In the mid of ‘80z, Metallica created that mindblowing Sanitarium version from the Influences of the Chako’z nest!! Dealing with the Psycho-analysis of  James Hetfield himself as a PTSD patient,

who’s dealing with the own shit’s of the inner world. The twist, dramas, and plots of mind made that unique track, famous as hell!!

Seek n’ Destroy:

Another masterpiece from the early ‘80z, famous for it’s mindblowing riffing’s as well. But this time it’s unique chorus and Bassing part of rocking bass player   Cliff Burton, made that track more rocking as hell!! 😀


Started with the melodic tone, to be converted on their aggression with Metallica’s speedy unique singing style made that song famous as hell and be a part of the history as well!! DAMN…

Am I Evil?

A masterpiece from mid ‘80z a covers song with some mighty guitar Riffs as well. Which proved their skills and made Metallica the king of new wave king of American heavy metal!! J


Their very first track of all time which had a machine gun blast fire and the first song for their music video project made that song Rock like hell!!

But this time, that unique track rocked in late ‘90z a politically concerned anti-war peace-loving lyrics of that song with mighty Bass solo made that song truly remarkable.


That’s a song which invented a new genre of music!! Crazy beats with meaningful lyrics made that song as a masterpiece and dream for the audience to watch it live at least once in a lifetime!! Hahaha   😀

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