The journey of Soundgarden albums Ranked

Another world-famous Grunge Rock band just right after legendary Nirvana, by the mighty Chris Cornell from DC. He was the vocalist of another fucking Rock band as Audioslave!! But now let’s take a look at Sound garden albums Ranked at first! At the very beginning, because of the lack of popularity of that particular genre as Grunge, Soundgarden failed to achieve commercial success! ☹

But a band like Nirvana. Pearl Jam and even Alice in Chains helped them out to make that Grunge popular as hell,

But especially I would like to mention about Kurt Donald Cobain about to make that revolutionary change through his band Nirvana! That mighty Rock God was something special!

Chris Cornell’s Sound Garden mainly blasted as a successful band by releasing their album Superunknown in 1994!

That was their Trump Card Not the fucking president Trump! To make themselves reached the Apex, on the Billboard 200 Top charts

They got their contract with the Sub A&M Records as the very first Grunge band on earth! 😀

This time they get a Grammy award also for that mindblowing album, which eventually lets them grab a position in a highly competitive music world!

Soundgarden Members:

  • Chris Cornell, (Key Vocal, Rhythm Guitarist)
  • Kim Thayil, (Lead Guitarist)
  • Matt Cameron, Scott Sundquist, (Drummers)
  • Ben Shepherd, Hiro Yamamoto, Jason Everman (Bassists)

Chris Cornell and Audioslave:

Chris Cornell, a US vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist, such a   blessed and surprisingly Multi-talented vocalist of the band Sound Garden was the Frontman of another super-hit Californian Rock band like Audioslave,

He was well known for his contribution towards several soundtracks, the one only who was nominated on 16th and achieved 3 Grammy awards!

 He took his life away because of several uncategorized depression and anxiety problems, on the other his best friend Chester Bennington the frontman of the mindblowing Nu Metal band Linkin Park, chooses to take his life away too on Chri’s birthday! 

Chris believed that Audioslave is the combination of Sound Garden and Rage against the Machine by itself! Who only had three studio albums and all of them were Grammy-nominated! HELL YEAH….

That was the example of how capable Chris Cornell was! 😊

Now let’s take a look to the best Sound Garden songs, along with best Sound Ranker to know more about that mighty legendary band

 Their contribution towards World Grunge music, the legacy of Chris Cornell, his pathetic tragical ending along with the story of his best friend Chester Bennington, etc.

Studio Soundgarden Albums Ranked:

Ultramega OK, (1988):

The first-ever studio album by the American Grunge Rock band Soundgarden, such a mindblowing album with the essence of psychedelic Rock, Hardcore Punk Rock, and definitely the Heavy Metal always!

And after releasing that commercially and critically successful, sound Garden went on an overseas tour as well.

Louder than Love, (1989):

The 2nd studio album and another masterpiece of legendary Soundgarden album, that album was the prove, that why Sound Gardens albums are way more ahead of their times!

Their very first album to be enlisted on the Billboard 200 album chart. And went on another European and North American tour as well!!

That album got positive responses from the music critics and grabbed the #108 position of the Billboard! 😊

Badmotorfiner, (1991, 2016):

The 3rd studio album by the band and the debut album of their bassist Ben Shepherd! Tracks like Rusty Cage and Outshined made that album acceptable as hell, not only that! This time they got nominated for the mighty Grammy also! FUCK YEAH….. 😀

That album contains a unique artwork, which eventually helped that album to grab the #39th position of the Billboard 200!

This time they not only dealt with Grunge, Rock, Heavy Metal but for the very first time on their musical history,

 they had a slight touch of Alternative Rock also! Reissued in 2016, that album was available on two deluxe editions.

Superunknown, (1994, 2014):

4th studio projects of the Soundgarden albums, this time they got a huge commercial success of lifetime what eventually led them to win the mighty Grammy!

Their super-hit track like Black hole sun is still one of the most covered songs around the entire world!

By winning the five-time Platinum’s this time they can sell almost Million copies of it around the world! Reissued copy of that album had 2 types of deluxe editions just like their previous project!

This time they went on a world tour, because of the continued advancement of their musical journey they didn’t even find it difficult to get a sponsor.

Down on the Upside, (1996):

5th studio album by the Soundgarden discography, and the third album of their bassist Ben Shepherd.

This time the grabbed the 32nd position of the Billboard 200, their highest ever position on this musical top chart. They were able to sell,

 2 A million copies of it around the world but the tension inside the band started to rising what eventually led the band to disband in 1997…… FUCK NO! ☹

King Animal, (2012):

The 6th and the last ever or final studio album by the Soundgarden albums Ranked! They released that album after a long break. They were reunited on 2010

 And started to perform their old one but the bandleader Chris Cornell decided to record some new stuff also which paved their way of recording a brand-new album as well.

Live Soundgarden Albums Ranked

  • Live on I-5
  • Live from the Artists Den

And few compilation albums of Soundgarden like:

  • Screaming Life/Fopp
  • A-Sides
  • Telephantasm
  • The Classic Album Selection
  • Echo of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path
  • Essentials

The live and compilation albums of the band Sound Garden were not that much popular or in critically commercial successful at all.

So, we are not going it through analytically but I’m sure the that articles enlightened you about Soundgarden albums Ranked at a lot and definitely in a briefer way of any other article based on that particular band…. 😊

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