Other Metal Icons and Metallica on Donald Trump

Well if u live in the universe you Probably know Mr. Donald Trump!! Haha  😀 And if you are a Heavy metal lover who better knows these Metalheads too!! Currently, some musicians are found to talk about Donald Trump. “I hate politics. I don’t wanna talk about politics. It’s not important to me. What’s important to me is connecting people with music.” Metallica On Donald Trump.

If you consider Ozzy’s Black Sabbath, the father of Heavy Metal world to our Venom, Metal always deals with social and political injustice! And they express it through their beautiful lyrical elements and mindblowing live performances!

Please don’t fucking think that was an easy journey from converting as a working-class social status to become the God of Heavy Metal legacy!

The dick sucker so-called imperialistic music critics tried thousand times to ruin their music career but still all these shits, after five decades they are rolling!! 😀

They depicted the true pictures of pointless wars, social discrimination and gave a middle finger to against all these snobby shits… YEAH!!

Even women weren’t behind the male-dominant Metal scenario, they fought with us side by side and proved their loyalty and importance as a Metalhead!

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Side by side, gradually just after Black Sabbath: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth walked on their pathway and enriched the history of the Metal community!!

So, keep politics out of our Metal world, doesn’t make any f*cking sense DUDE…. 

As a Heavy metal fan by knowing their attitude and lifestyle, you became fond of them for sure since your childhood!! Haha so let’s take a look at these blunt metalheads!!

On the official NME website, you will find several Rock stars who hated than Donald Trump such as:

Metallica on Donald Trump:

Lars Ulrich, that mighty drummer wants to push his passport inside the mouth of That “brilliant” president!! Not only that!!

The guitarist of Metallica Kirk Hammett loves to throw shits towards Mr. President online!! Hahaha, Parody huh?! So that’s definitely could be Metallica VS, Donald Trump!!  LONG LIVE METALLICA!! HAHA 😀

Guns N’ Roses:

The frontman, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses offered Pinata in the name of Metallica against  Donald Trump during a concert in Mexico!! He even broke his three month of social Media silence by tweeting as make the white house great again through fumigations! LOLZ……

Green Day:

Well, Billi Joe Armstrong from the band Green day compared Trump with the fuckin Nazi Hitler and offered the fans of Trump for not joining his concerts! Hahahaha!! 😀 😀

Pink Floyd:

Sir Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, from the English Rock Band Pink Floyd, nominated him as an ignorant pig from his past life to the future!! Lolzzzz

Now in 2019, Sir Roger Waters of the great English psychedelic Rock Band wants to perform his super-famous the wall as a live campaign against US -Mexican border issue just in front of the wall!! HELL YEAH… 😀

Def Leppard:

From another English Rock band like Def Leppard, their guitarist Vivian Campbell spoke about him as a clown on his Facebook status!!

And mentioned again Def Leppard is not a political band anyway but there’s a limit of everything!! Hahahaha…. 😀

Bono and U2:

The U2 Frontman Bono, that legendary Rock musician considers President Trump as an owner of a Casino and a Hijacker of Republicans rather than a leader

who stole the idea of united America and doesn’t let that Hijacker turn the United States of American into a Casino!!  FUCK YEAH 😀 😀


Corey Taylor, the frontman of the band Slipknot even Donald Trump as the president of America is a complete joke!! He better be a comedian!! Hahaha 😀

Pearl Jam:

Recently, Famous Classic Rock Band Pearl Jam released on their concert poster. that Mr. Trump is is in front of his white house and that structure is burning like HELL!! FUCK NO…….


The legendary frontman of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s attorney told Trump not to use his client’s track “Livin’ on the Edge” anymore for his campaign,

without his permission at all because their strict piracy law wouldn’t let him do it any fucking more!! LOLZ….. 😀

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Body Count:

And even the African American frontman of Body Count, who released songs against all the brutality done by the police against young Black people 15 years back!!

They are still protesting against the unlawful act of fucking police and the Trump government as well!! Point to remember, that band even faced court for their that type of determination as fuck!! U ROCK……

They do believe, the people still considering Trump as their president by supporting him, will turn their ass soon away from him!! Haha……. 😀

He claimed, the Radio station doesn’t want the band to spread their messages neither any media to support their statement because they do believe if you are rich, just shut your ass off!!! FUCK YOU…….

So, the point is making clear that not only Heavy Metal but also the Hip-Hop, Rap artists are going against the government of Donald Trump!!! And to tell the truth…. THAT WAS EXPECTED!!

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Bruce Springsteen:

Well after removing the Nickleback Video meme about Donald Trump, under the copyright law from Twitter now here’s the new story begins!

In Winter 2019, “Mr. Trump” insulted another Classic Rock legend like Bruce Springsteen, as an infamous little Bruce Springsteen what means he doesn’t even count him as a superb Rock musician!! HAHA….

Neither to say, he played Purple Rain of Prince on his campaign while Prince doesn’t even permit him to play it as his personal choice!! HOLLA!! 😛

On the other hand, Bruce believed that Trump is a dangerous and deeply damaged president for all of them! LOLZ…..

Because in Ohio, Bruce supported Obama quite directly! And that’s nothing new because everybody knows he likes Hillary! 😊

The story of that article started with the issue of the Metallica on Donald Trump but now just look at that shit how many people and bands are getting involved around here!!

So, let’s see how far they can go! Till then enjoy! And to get updated more about it, stay tuned folks…. 😊

On the other hand, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee Jones told Mr. President to pray that shortly wish for the Liberal party won’t come back in white House anymore!

Because if that so, they would be so fucking hard for all the shits of Mr. Trump!! Hohoho! He even commented about Democrats as Trupsters by mentioning Prostar’s I guess!! Hahaha…

Tommy Lee even believe Liberals will Re-paint airforce-1 and clean every shitty corner what is sinking because of Democrats! HELL YEAH….

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