Slipknot formed as the pioneer heavy metal band for their mind-blowing Slipknot albums. What gave them huge popularity on earth, since the winter of 1995 with. By adding several changes of their lineup. They established themselves as 9th members band from the last ten years!! FUCK!!

After the passing away of their mighty guitarist Grey in 2010, Donnie Steel replaced him but he left as well in the recording session of Grey chapter!! ,meeeh.

Now a day, Crahan the percussionist is the only founding members left in the Slipknot!! Their aggressive singing style with meaningful lyrics,

Excellent use imageries along with an energetic performance with their faces covered by scary masks on the stage with unique vocal made that band famous as hell…..

Now in the summer of ’19, you can have your favorite Slipknot mask of your favorite artist over on facebook!! WOOOW…..

This is what it indicates how much popular and a successful band they are even over on Social media! That is the prove of their acceptance!! HELL YEAH….

Just like after all these popularities their key vocalist Corey Taylor still put his feet on the ground about stating that,

that band is very much able to continuing their performance even if he retires from the scenario of it!! This is how humble they are!

They have already announced their 2020 tour mostly on the middle of Europe just after releasing their 6th mind-blowing studio album we are not your kind which already got worldwide popularity and acceptance in the meantime!! DAMN….. 😀

Not just like the first-generation Metal bands: Dio, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden but also their fellow warriors like:

Slayer, Lamb of God, Slipknot proved themselves in front of their Millions of audiences as a hardcore Metal band by its popularity and their record-breaking album selling records as well!! YEAHHHH!! 😀

But their way of life as a musician wasn’t a bed of roses!! Slipknot faced serious kind of financial difficulties at the beginning of the journey as a band!!

They owned the very first musical recording by self-made finance budget which was almost 50,000 USD!! Fuuuckk

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Even religion was a part of their restrictions on their war of success!! Just like their guitar player, Donnie decided to leave the band because of his own Christian believe!! Hahaha, what a shit!!

Not just Slipknot’s anti-religious tagging, unfortunately, they’ve first-ever released demos on the radio was a flop and failed to manage any recording company as well!!

But in 1999, their second demo rocked like hell among the audience and for the recording companies as well what made it their payback time!! YEAH

That was the period to upgrade themselves from the local show to fully professional concerts!! BINGO!!

In the summer of 1998 this time they were able to sign a deal of 500000 USD for their upcoming albums!! And that’s how they started to rock the world of metal music and never looked back on their financial difficulties!! ROCK ON!!

EX- Slipknot members:

  • Joey Jordison: Drummer
  • Paul Gray: Bassist n’ Backup vocal
  • Josh Brainard: Lead guitarist, Percussionist, and backup vocalist
  • Anders Colsefni: Vocalist n’ custom Percussionist
  • Donnie Steele: Bassist
  • Greg Welts: Backup vocalist n’ custom Percussionist
  • Brandon Darner: custom Percussionist n’ backup

 Current Slipknot members:

  • Michael Shawn Crahan (Clown): Founder member, custom Percussionist n’ backup vocalist
  • Corey Taylor: Key vocalist
  • Craig Michael Jones (123): Keyboardist n’ sampler
  • Michael Gordon Thomson (Mick): Lead guitarist
  • Sid Wilson: Occasional Keyboardist n’ pianist
  • Chris Fehn: Backup vocalist n’ custom Percussionist
  • Jim Root: Bassist, keyboardist, Drummer n’ lyricist
  • Alessandro Venturella: Lead guitarist.
  • Jay Weinberg: Drummer

Not only Slipknot songs but the Slipknot members masks made them able to present themselves as uniquely as possible with an attitude. Now let’s take a look to the top Slipknot songs in order with top slipknot albums ranked!! YEAH…. 🙂

Studio Slipknot Albums

Slipknot, (1999):

The debut Slipknot album of the band with the essence of the several genres widely received by the metal audiences and metal critics as well. Secured its position at #51st on US Billboard 200 and made that album popular like hell!!

With the awards of dual platinum’s as well!! That album became their best-selling album to the point of views of the metal hammer magazine!! WOOOOW!!!

Iowa, (2001):

Slipknot Iowa is not only the 2nd studio album in the legacy of Slipknot,  but that album was also the album of inspirations as well!! That album released in the darkest period of their career when relationships among the members were draining!! DAMN…

That mind-blowing album was able to grab the attention of the metal audiences around the world, not only that! Two of its tracks were nominated for 44th Grammy and platinum as well!! HOW cool is that?!

Lyrics of that album were full of metaphors like Anger, distress, Isolations, disappointment, misanthropy, isolation, etc.……

Excellent use of literary terms made these lyrics, famous like hell just like their debut album!! WOW

That unique album secured its top position on the UK top charts and certified GOLD album, and #3 on the Billboard 200 as well!! HELL YEAAAAH!!

The Subliminal Verses, (2004):

3rd studio album re-released on the next year with melodious tracks and low tempo with acoustic works as well!! Their key vocalist was having excessive drinking issue but still, that was a Grammy-winning album!! DAMN!!

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That was a successful album with positive reviews from the critic and audiences as well. That’s an experimental album,

where Slipknot puts their experiences of their side projects and start using it on Slipknot’s, what made that album successful like hell!!

After releasing the album, even the BBC commented about Slipknot the finest metal band on earth!! And maybe because of that, the album was able to grab it’s #5th on UK top chart and #2 on US Billboard 200!! DAMN!!

All Hope Is Gone, (2008):

A 4th studio album with a dual version of 3 bonus track along with a booklet and a documentary on the DVD!!

Their lyrics were based on as usual, frustration, anger, disappointment and the corrupted music industry as well. A mega-hit album with the platinum award.

The last album of their two founder members like Joey Jordison and Paul Grey but the funny thing is,

That was a least favorite album of the band members and Slipknot tried to make it as the heaviest album of the Slipknot!! LOLZZZZ

That album grabbed the top position of the Billboard 200 with British GOLD certification with awesome positive reviews around the world!! Coooool!!

The Gray Chapter, (2014):

Not just their 5th studio album after six years, but also a Grammy-winning tribute album based on their dead guitarist, Paul Gray!!

Slipknot received mostly positive reviews because of getting back to their old singing style like their first two albums!! Depicting the picture of Gray’s life,

That album grabbed its position as best Rock album of the year, a top album of the US Billboard 200, and the 58th Grammy award for their best metal performing!! BINGOOOOOO!!

 We are not your kind, (2019):

The 6th studio album and the latest Slipknot album of the summer of ’19 and definitely another mind-blowing production of the band with lots of screaming horrified roaring,

what makes sense as an absolute mighty blow for the listeners and eventually lead on to another traditional successful Slipknot album by a misanthropically successful politically criticized towards Trump’s America, and a revengeful lyrical band as well!!

This is a commercially successful an a very first Metal album what reached at the Apex of the UK top chart as a topper after 2015!!The 20 years old and experienced!

Slipknot justified their worldwide through releasing that album beyond any doubt!! HELL YEAH… 😀

Live Albums of Slipknot:

9.0, (2005):

First-ever Live album of the band with the double-disc, recorded during their performances between 04-05.  Based on almost 230 concerts in 30+ countries

According to some critics that weren’t a successful album at all but still, that album managed #17th position on Billboard 200 by selling half lac albums just in a week, which paved their gold certification in the US as well!! woohoo!!

Antennas to Hell, (2012):

A mega-hit compilation for the Slipknot of the band, 3 discs of the package and a bonus DVD of complete entertainment!! YEAH!!  mostly their clown of the band paved its way to #18th on US Billboard!! FUCK YEAHHHH!!

Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat, (1996):

Another production of Slipknot’s, recorded and released by their self-financed, mainly recorded for attracting big-name recording companies, and to tell the truth, Slipknot is the winner and winner takes it all……    

These musky beasts of Slipknot, ruling our metal world and spending their messages through their punk beats metal bass, smashing lyrics!! This is what they are and SLIPKNOT ROCKS!!

Just like I said now they are back in business after a break on the Recording studio for their upcoming new album. Just take a look around that link.

But something unusual shit happened on their concert that a 62 years old man died on the show because of being badly injured in a terrible Mosh-pit!!

That was totally unexpected and that blame also goes towards the security law enforcement who took much time to went out there!

Similar kind of shit Happened on the concert of Lamb of God this time with the vocalist by himself, and Guns N’ Roses got accused of creating Riot through concerts! But to tell the shit none were pre-planned, YOU MORONS…..

Above all analytical discussions, we surely get the idea of each and every mindblowing Slipknot Albums what depicted the true history, perception, uniqueness, contribution of the slipknot as a band. For more infoz, stay tuned. 😊

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