The Majestic Dream Theater, and their legacy

These progressive Rockers formed their mighty Dream Theater back in 1985 at the US! The beginning of the band basically started by covering another British Heavy Metal giant Iron Maiden and Rush as well on their jamming sessions.

And at the very beginning of it, they choose their band’s name as Majestic just like my SEO title! HAHA… 😀

But later on, they changed their band title as Dream Theater albums like another American Metal giant Metallica, and to tell the truth, they actually proved themselves as a majestically headbanging band around the world anyways… 😊

 Dream Theater Members:

  • James La Brie, Charlie Dominici, Chris Collins: Key Vocalist
  • John Petrucci, Lead and Rhythm guitarist
  • John Myung, Bassist
  • Mike Portney, Mike Mangini: Drummers
  • Jordan Rudess, Kevin Moore, Derek Sherinian: Keys and Backup vocal

So regarding that Research paper, let’s take a look around to the dream theater songs, dream theater new album,

 The upcoming tour of dream theater tour 2019 mind-blowing dream theater drummer and all the dream theater guitarists as well.

Dream Theater albums: Studio

 When Dream and Day unite, (1989):

 The debut studio album of the band, and from the very beginning of their journey they changed several vocalists to settle down with the current one who really flourished themselves as a mighty Rocking band! HELL YEAH….

  Image and words, (1992):

2nd studio album of the band and the debut album of the first famous lead singer of band as well, James La Brie, and to tell the truth that was the beginning of their successful musical journey! BINGOOO!! 😀

James made the band popular as hell and the first commercial hit by the band! But on the other hand, the supersonic performances,

 of the other band members played a unique role as well!! This time they become a band who doesn’t have any sort of weak points!! ALL HEIL TO DREAM THEATER’S artistic legacy…..

That particular album was well received by the critics and got the first-ever gold certification by the RIAA and secure its position on 62nd at Billboard 200 as well!! Man….. 😊

 Awake, (1994):

The 3rd studio album by the band, and the first-ever album by the keyboardist Kevin Moore! Basically, got a positive response,

 From the critics and fans as well in the era of Grunge when you really needed balls to release Metal oriented album!! LOLZ…

Moore left the band after the releasing of the album but he proved his importance through this album as a unique keyboardist and band member as well.

Falling into Infinity, (1997):

4th studio album of the band, and the only studio album of the keyboardist Derek! That album produced in the stressful moment of the band,

 which is proved by the frustrating lyrics of the album as well. Their professional conflict with the record label company rise the hell out of it!! ☹

But, because of being some Metal balls, which is hard as fuck they decided to go by their own choice of lyrics by not getting influenced of the recording company, no matter what the fuck was their recommendations! HELL YEAH…

Not being a major commercial success, that album still got good positive appreciations from the critics and fans as well. What eventually provoke these musical giants,

 for keep being the stubborn asses what they used to be and what actually out Metal world demands! LOLZ….

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Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory, (1999):

The very first conceptual album and the debut album of the Jordan on keys and eventually the 5th studio album of the band,

They are already thinking about to perform that album on their 2019’s world tour because of the 20th anniversary of the album! They intentionally made that track as part 2 in the first place and till now there’s no sequel of it!

Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, (2002):

6th studio album of the band, and a double-disc album as well. That conceptual album personally dealt with their inner struggle, alcoholism and addiction, isolation, agnostic approaches, and even mental illness!! ☹

Meanwhile, that this time that important album was able to secure its 46th position at Billboard 200 top chart and topped the Billboard top Internet album as well!! YEAH 😀 

Train of Thought, (2003):

This time they represent a heavier album of heavier songs and definitely their 7th studio album what eventually got a good response from the audience! They complete that entire Metal album just within a month! WOW….

Octavarium, (2005):

 Debut studio album under the banner of Atlantic Records and the 8th studio album by the band. A classic album with less complex music by the band’s influences of all time.

Ranked in several foreign music charts like, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, etc. but still that album got a critical review as well.

This time they promoted that unique album through a world tour what eventually helped them to spread their conceptual message even a live album as well with the recorded version of it! YEAH…….

Systematic Chaos, (2007):

9th studio album of the band released both in US and UK as well in the same time! That was the highest peaking album of the band what eventually listed on the top ten placements of the Billboard 200 music chart!! WOOOOOOW!! 😀

Mostly got a positive reception from the music critics and fans as well. That band album also contributed on a world tour to flourish its popularity on every corner of this damn world which eventually lasted almost a year!!

And according to Mike Portnoy on this period of time, that band doesn’t have any internal conflicts what eventually,

 paved the way of success on that particular album of the band and they even produced a documentary based on that album!!   YOU NEED MORE?! 😊

Black Clouds & Silver Linings, (2009):

10th studio album and the last album of the drummer and founder member like Mike Portnoy! This time the lyrics dealt with their,

 life’s struggle childhood memories, tribute to Portnoy’s father died on Cancer, Portnoy also wrote lyrics and gave his vocal as well!! DAMN……

This time that album broke all the previous records to be listed on the Music charts and it secured its position at #6th of the Billboard and Canadian album chart and topped on several music charts and were able to sell 50K copies of it! 😀

A Dramatic Turn of Events, (2011):

11th studio album of the band, and the debut album of the Mike Mangini who replaced Portnoy! A different type of metaphorical band album like another American Metal Icon Anthrax!

 with a certain change in their music styles. Full of its philosophical elements that album grabbed the 8th place of the US Billboard 200 by continuing Its legacy on a Role and by its huge commercial success as well!!

Dream Theater, (2013):

This time they Rocked with a self-titled album and the 12th studio album as well. Because of being a consistent performer,

That Progressive Metal band started to show more maturity and professionalisms through their creative works and the wave of their fans started to raising up!! HELL YEAAAAAAH.

The Astonishing, 2016):

The 2nd conceptual album and the 13th s studio album by that mighty Progressive Metal band. This time, their Mellow Ballads and changed vocal gave the album a brand-new taste for music lovers! BINGO!! 😀 

This time they started to sell their album through the Internet and for the first time of their music career they got reached the Apex of the US Billboard Rock Chart!! AWESOME!! 😀

The distance over Time, (2019):

14th studio album by the band and the latest one for sure! They are already thinking about a world tour to promote that brand-new album,

And celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 5th studio album and first conceptual album Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory, (1999)!

That more focused and lighter album by the band along with the heavier sound and technology regarding any of their previous albums

Made that album certainly a new wave of sound for sure and helped that album to top the music charts of Swiss and German and 12th and 24th on the UK and US!! 😊

Dream Theater: Live Albums

Besides this, they got some Live albums as well, based on their world tours, for promoting their Studio albums as well.

 Where they had some minor changes on their line up as well. So, let’s take a list of it and to tell the truth, they are not really much successful on their Live albums at all:

  • Live at the Marquee, (1993)
  • Once in a LIVEtime, (1998)
  • Live scenes from New York, (2001)
  • Live at Budokan, (2004)
  • The score, (2006)
  • Chaos in Motion, (2007-08)
  • Live at Luna Park, (2013)
  • Breaking the Fourth wall, (2014).

Above all discussion, you got the idea of the top Dream Theater songs, and fall and Rise on our international music world the slight but unique line-up changes,

 Doing miracle as an artist, legends like Mark Portney, John Petrucci, and even Kevin Moore, their contribution towards our musical legacy. Hope you liked that, and stay tuned for further updates! Adios…. 😊

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