The revolution of Alternative Rock Songs & Alternative Metal songs!!

This article will tell you the updated story and definitely the legacy of the Genre like Alternative Rock Songs, such as Alternative Rock and Alternative Metal as well!! That particular Genre and its origination in the USA! Alternative Rock is basically the sub-Genre of the Rock just like progressive Rock, started to reign since early 80’z but became popular like hell from the 90’z mostly in the USA!! They are a more independent form of Rock than Punk Rock hugely popular in the underground scenario!! YEAH 😀

Bands like Nirvana, R.E.M paved the way for Alternative Rock music and because of it, you will find the Sad essence of the Grunge on their music as well!! Hmmmm….

At the very beginning of that particular genre, they faced some identity crisis as the new wave of the world music industry!! But later from the middle of the 80 z, that genre became popular day by day by flourishing its own particular identity!! BINGO!

Spread mostly in UK US and Canada the lyrics of Alternative Rock mostly deals with the dark social issues like Drugs and alcohol, frustration, losing the grip collapsing of environments with suicidal tendencies as well!!

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Now let’s take a look at the clearer picture of   alternative rock artists, side by side, list of  best alternative rock songs with  great alternative rock songs 2018, top alternative songs 2018 as the dynamic year of that particular songs of all time with the legacy of the mind-blowing history of golde age in the 90s!! FUCK YEAH… 😀

Origination of Alternative Rock songs in The UK!

In the post-punk era, Gothic Rock was a highly popular genre of Rock Music from where the genre like Alternative Rock came from!!

On the early 80z, the elements of the underground dark society, mystery, adultery were involved on the lyrics of the early Alternative Rock of Britain what were able to grab the attention of a huge number of the audience!!

A mixture of Acid Rock and Pop tuned, this type of Alternative Rock started to flourish on the Night Club and Bars of England with the dance of strippers as well…. Blah!

The Conversion into Grunge in The World Music Industry!!

This time, Bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana, senior’s like R.E.M, Canadians like Our Lady Peace made the revolutionary role to paved the commercial success and musical top chart awards of the Alternative Rock around the globe!!

Albums like Nevermind, the shook the damn Rocking world by its Alternative essence with huge commercial success which is still continuing as fuck!! WOOOOW!!

By selling millions of copies of the albums this is the first time, that legendary genre established its place just right beside Mega hit genres like Hard Rock. Hair Metal on their own reign because that popular Genre was able to connect with the practicality of human life!! DUDE!!!!! 😀

And that was the time to rise of another popular Musical Genre, Grunge!! And people started to call them the Grungers!! For their unique guitar riffs with fashionable gesture and posture as well… FUCK YEAH… 😀

Grunge bands like Guns N’ Roses, Sound Garden, Oasis or pearl Jam basically followed the footstep of the Iconic Nirvana! Grunge was way more popular than the Punk and Glam Rock!! WOW….. :S

What is Alternative Metal songs?!

Well, to be frank, the essence of the Alternative metal came from the blending of fusion and Heavy metal and alternative rock along with the attitude of hair metal obviously!!

Their blues Rock kinda singing style along with Thrash kinda backup vocal paved the way for descriptions like they aren’t screaming the hell out of frustration rather than sad with some crazy ass guitar riffs!! and that made that genre as the most popular sub-genre of the Heavy Metal!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

The significance of Alternative Metal songs:

Basically, based on mid-level tempo slight touch of Rap or Hip-hop Metal which created Nu-rock/Nu- Metal with their low guitar tempos and groovy crystal clear vocal!!

Bands to be included under the genre of Alternative Metal, and its history behind it:

First Generation Metal Bands To Be Included:

Even 80’z pioneer bands like Metallica and Anthrax also considered under the banner of Alternative Metal for their die-hard influences upon that genre!! WOOOW…. 😀

Modern Bands:

90’z Bands like Korn. Slipknot, Limp Bizkit, Evanescence, 12 stones, Alien Ant Farm, Alter Bridge, Bullet For My Valentine, Pantera and obviously the mighty Linkin park made that unique genre to remember lifetime!!

Top Alternative Metal songs:

  1. Blind (Korn)
  2. At the end (Linkin Park)
  3. One step closer (Linkin Park)
  4. Point of authority (Linkin Park)
  5. Bring me to live(Evanescence)
  6. Chop Suey (System of a down)
  7. Down with the sickness (Disturbed)
  8. I stand alone (Godsmack)
  9. I hate everything about you (Three days grace)
  10. Last Resort (Papa Roach).

Want some easy and unique elements of the Alternative songs?

Well, when you will feel the shit like, bands like Nirvana is not really much for you, but Metallica screams extreme for your music taste what you can hardly tolerate!! This is the genre you are looking for my friend!! AHAHAHA….. 😀

Nirvana is the only band who played the same pioneer role both on both the Genres and especially on the Grunge as well!!

If we talk about the history of Alternative Metal, a most important note to be considered would be the blending of popular genre’s like Funk Rock, Latin influences, and Grunge obviously,

Where bands like Sound Garden and Red Hot Chili Peppers played the key role to be nominated as the early Alternative metal bands!! THIS IS COOOL!! 😀

On the late 90’z, we will find more aggression’s added to the taste of Alternative Metal along with the sharp knife attack of Rap and Hip Hop with thick guitar sounds just side by side!!

And here is the origination of the Nu-Metal for you dudes!!  FUCK YEAH. 😀

Today’s current Alternative Metal status, bands like Godsmack and System of a Down is still alive to rule out in the middle!!

So, at the end of the day, you can say that Alternative Metal may be the lack of individuality of its own elements but still that genre is widely popular in the modern Metal scenario

And to tell the truth is the output of so many mixed Genre’s you can’t consider that genre as insecure!! LOLZ

This time in the broader scenario of the history of American Grunge, that particular genre dominated the British underground band scenario like a boss what moved away from British Glam and Punk Rock at the very beginning of the Millennium era!!

In order to dominate the scenario and that was the rise of the era of Post- Grunge which became more serious on their passion with the bands like Creed, Nickelback, Matchbox Twenty, and obviously Foo Fighters!! YEAH!! 😀

But especially after the tragic death of the king like Kurt Cobain the reign of Alternative Rock and Grunge had the most difficult time to ever faced!! But a band like Dashboard Confessional which was Acoustic based and highly influenced by the 90’z Music scenario started to emerge this time!! BACK TO THE PAVILION HUH?! :S

On the other hand, a genre like Indie Rock and its band like Semi sonic started to flourish their talent this time!! BINGO!! 😀

So that was the story of alternative Rock Metal and the origination of Grunge about……

Above all discussion we surely get the idea of Alternative Rock Songs and why this particular genre is really important for the vital role it played and still playing for it’s million of fans….. 😊

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