The Legacy of Nirvana Albums | The Reign of Grunge king Kurt Cobain !

Nirvana Albums

The brief story of the late legend Kurt Cobain, and the rise and fall of the mind-blowing Nirvana Albums!! Nirvana, the father of Seattle Grunge Rock This American Rockstar’s considered the most iconic. Influential. Headbanging legendary musicians of 90’z and in my point of view they are still the fucking best…. let’s see why!!

The Rise of Nirvana:

Formed in 1987 at Washington they released only three studio albums of their only seven years of musical career!! Before dissolving in ’94

These badass American musicians proved themselves as the headbanging alternative Rock and grunge band icons of the world and because of that effects, after all these years they are still ruling in the modern Rock music arena!! HOLY FUCK……

After changing several names on his mind, Kurt Cobain chooses Nirvana as the best because of all he wanted, a beautiful name with the essence of punk Rock as well   !! 😊

He was even really choosy for electing band members as well; he never was committed with any of the guest players still having several jams with them!!Maybe he was looking for a class which is still unique to find!! LOLZ Now let’s take a look to the Nirvana Members!!

Ex-Nirvana members:

  • Burckhard Aaron
  • Crover Dale
  • Foster-Dave
  • Channing Chad
  • Dan Peters (Drummers).

Official Final Line-up of Nirvana members:

  • : Kurt Cobain (Front men, Lead guitarist, Band leader)
  • Dave Grohl) back up vocalist, Drummer)
  • Novoselic Krist (Bassist).

Their Musical Style and influence:

From their very first album, they were able to create a supersonic out of the earth dynamic sound wave with their low and suddenly high pitch tempo, excellent chorus, quality screaming, mindblowing live performances helped them to reach the Apex of their life by creating a history in the Rock music scenario!! WOOOOW……

To tell the truth, no one nominated themselves as the mainstream band, they forced the entire mainstream to elect them what paved their way on Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame of ‘94!! FUCCCKKKK…. 😀

Starting of Their Musical Journey:

In 1988 they released their first ever single Love Buzz as a cover of the track shocking Blue under the recording company Sub Pop and started the recording of their debut album Bleach!! HELL YEAH… 😀

Now let’s take a look to the best Nirvana albums in order with top nirvana albums ranked

 Nirvana Albums: Studio

 Bleach, (1989, 1992):

Nirvana Bleach, the debut studio album by the headbanging American Grunge Rock band, Nirvana. And to tell the truth, even Kurt Cobain believe that was the album who invented and established Grunge as a particular genre on our music scenario!!

That album guided the entire 90’z music generation with the elements of Punk, Grunge Rock!!

No matter is it failed to get any awards of something but it stole the heart of the Rock fans around the world and mark its footsteps as something massive and extraordinary is coming!! FUCK YEAH…… 😀

Then again that album re-released in 1992 and this time that rocking album grabbed the #89 position on the US Billboard, 34th on UK album chart, 34th on Aussie Album chart, along with hitting on several Music charts like Platinum, NME, Gold, even 2X Gold with an attitude and started their first-ever national tour!! WOOOOOWWWWW!!! 😀

That was the album who had the highest selling record on the market over 2 million copies just only in the US and it became more popular day by day even after the death of Kurt Cobain!! HOLY FUCK, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

In their debut album, we found the mastery of Cobain as a lyricist, who wrote every song based on true stories of his life!! His very first lyrics were much angrier because of frustrations of Kurt.

Later on, it has more pop essence, because he was having more fun and polarities day by day!! These lyrics were made by his true emotions!! SALUTE……

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Nevermid, (1991):

Nirvana Nevermind… Well, even the Kurt Cobain was confused about the success of their second commercial album but that legendary album turned out to be a huge fucking success!! FUCK YEAH… 😀

Its mindblowing single smells like teen spirits are still one of the favorite songs for the million fans of Nirvana!!  It’s headbanging lyrics with splendid blood boiling live performance helped that track to be the first ever music video of Nirvana and reached the top of the Billboard 200 by Kicking out Michael Jackson’s track!! CAN U BELIEVE IT?! 😀

That spread out around every corner of the world with the help of MTV, Channel V and now youtube!! Bingoooo!! 😀 rest of the tracks like In Bloom, come as you are, Lithium helped them to create such an album of life!! THANK U GOD….. 😊

Not only that, that unique album established Grunge and Alternative Rock to be highlighted on the mainstream music scenario, magazines like Rolling Stone and this time,

Nominated that album greatest album of all time which is a well-deserved nomination!!RIAA later tagged that mind-blowing album as the Diamond certification for selling 60+ million copies of it, which was just tremendous!!

The lyrics of Nevermind is not easy to understand at all though these are mostly based on his bad relationship and breaking up with it as well. On that period, he used to paint and write scary contents but that was the time when he wrote legendary lyrics of his life!! WOOOW

Cobain chooses that grammatically incorrect album title because that goes with his personality, and that album artwork of a little boy and an American Dollar to criticize the action of US government against Iraq on Operation Desert Storm!! WOOOOW….

After blessed with so many awards for that album such as Platinum, Gold, topped on Music charts around the globe, like Australia, Canada, Germany etc.  this time Nirvana band went out for their European tour,

 which was mind-blowingly full of oversold concerts!! FUCK YEAH…. 😀 YOU ROCK!! That was the album which made Kurt Cobain more popular after his death by Re-releasing in 2011!! This is what Music gives us what we deserve even in the life after death!!

In Utero, (1993):

Nirvana in Utero, the very last, final, megahit and the Sequel album of Nevermind. An album with mote natural tunes with the illusional imagery of Kurt Cobain as the album artwork!! Fasntastic…. 😊

That mindblowing album just hit right on the Billboard 200 top chart as the fucking topper!! FUCK YEAH…

Awarded by the five damn platinum’s RIAA, by selling 20+ Million copies of it around the globe!! Not only that, Kurt Cobain became the father of Seattle Rock scenario because of these albums which touch the heart of millions!! DAMN…. 😀

It’s huge commercial success, hampered Cobain’ personal life which was kinda disturbing for that legend, because everyone knew how fucked up our media’s are……..

On the album recording Courtney Love the lover of the frontman just came in the scene and claimed that she missed him, but the truth was she created some tension between them what hampered Cobain’s mood and the rest of the band mates as well…. FUCK HER!!

This time, Cobain wrote down the lyrics by using the menageries of horror, childhood memories, disease, and death, the horrible divorce of his parents, his drug issues, These type of contents with the natural sounds of recording, made that album, fucking powerful as hell…. ROCK ON!!

Name of that album came from the women’s uterus what metaphorically indicates sex and birth!! Well, when they were about to release the album the producers commented about that album is not even up to the mark and not gonna hit the market as well,

But Cobain doesn’t want to compromise about the quality of the album, he wanted to create a sold-out album, fans will keep it and enjoy it till the end just like great Nirvana album Nevermind and many of his friends already like it at all!!

But It’s first demo Heart shaped box already hit on target among the audience, and after releasing the whole album, it creates a record-breaking album

Sells of 2 million copies just in the debut week of the releasing and hits just right on the fucking Billboard chart!! They sold 4+ million copies just in the US and topped on the US Billboard and UK album chart as well!! HAHA FUCK U…

By facing the mixed reviews their fans still believe, that album established Nirvana’s position stronger on the mainstreams what paved their way of Grammy 94….. motherfuckers!! HELL YEAH 😀 

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Live Albums of Nirvana 

MTV Unplugged in New York, (1993):

Their first ever live album under the banner of Sony Music of NYC, for the TV series of MTV unplugged. That show released as a live album after the tragic death of Kurt Cobain and hits the top on Billboard 200 and sold over 7 Million copies and blessed with tons of Platinum and Gold certifications as the topper.

That paved its way of 5x Platinum and Grammy ‘96 as the best Alternative Rock album as well!! OMG…. When all other band performed like any other Metal bands Nirvana did something different with acoustics and that was their milestone of becoming famous!! HELL YEAH….

The Muddy Banks of The Wishkah, (1996):

Second live production of the mindblowing king of Grunge Nirvana and definitely another Top charted as well!! YEAH.. 😀 That album hits the top of the Billboard 200 and UK top chart along with several musical charts and definitely with 6 platinum’s and were able to sell 6+ copies of that super hit album around the world as we…. BINGO! 😀

Lyrics of that album deals with the childhood experiences of Kurt and videos are taken from the live performances of the band when it used to be in the Apex of the Musical scenario!! Such an emotional album to deal with…. ☹

Live at Reading, (2009):

A live album based on the performance of the Reading festival after hitting on several music charts this time they were able to sell 200000 copies of that album with tons of positive reviews around the mourning fans of the late Kurt Cobain…. Meh ☹

The Documentary, Compilation Albums, and Box Sets:

Incesticide, (1992):

Their first compilation album hit on Billboard 200 at #39.

Nirvana, (2002):

A collection of the best tracks from their Compilation albums.

Silver, The best of the box, (2005):

A collection of the best 19 tracks from their Box sets!!

Icon, (2010):

Another compilation album of the Nirvana series with an attitude of pure Grunge Rock what hit on #46 of Billboard 200 and a certification of Gold as well!! HELL YEAH… 😀

Box Sets:

Singles, (1995):

A collection of the best single tracks from all the studio albums of Nirvana… 😊

With the Light out, (2004):

A collection of the Nirvana’s CD and DVD as well.

Nevermind, The singles, (2011):

Only a collection of 5000 copies of limited-edition box set album by the Nirvana!!

Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck, (2015):

A Gold certified Documentary of Brett Morgen, based on the life of the legend Kurt Cobain, premiered on HBO from his trouble’s early life to his tragic death. Interview of his, parents, fellow band mates,

His badass teenage life, moving away from his hometown, being homeless, breaking up with his girlfriend, his drug issues with his wife, videos footages of his childhood and married life.

Still, after hitting on several charts It has so many negative reviews as well, from the close one of Kurt Cobain’s….

In 2018 6th October, Foo Fighters team leader and Nirvana’s drummer David Grohl performed 6 nirvana tracks after 24 years in California with other survival band members of Nirvana!!

They performed with their previous lineup what reunited them in 194 after the tragic death of Cobain.

They played tracks with different vocalists like:

Smells Like Teen Spirit (Joan Jett)
Breed (Joan Jett)
In Bloom (John McCauley)

Scentless Apprentice (John McCauley)

All Apologies (Joan Jett and Brody Dalle)

Serve the Servants (John McCauley).

Above all these analytical discussions we can surely get the ideas of how splendid Rockstar, Grunge king Kurt Cobain used to be, his passion, contribution towards music, legacy of Nirvana albums etc. And i hope I will let you guys more about Nirvana’s updates in the near future, let’s see what happened next!!

Till then, ROCK ON!! 😊

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