Story Of Best Deep Purple Albums| a Progressive Rock Metal Band

The legacy from the five decades of Best Deep Purple Albums!! Deep Purple, that legendary British heavy metal n’ progressive rock metal band made them one of the major components of the,Unholy trinity of the British heavy metal scenario by Guinness book of world records just like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin as well who sold more than one hundred Million records around the world!!

That’s really cool that legendary band like Deep Purple is still rocking out in the middle. They are the inspirations of how heavy metal can rule the world,

 like a king after decade after decades!! and inspires us to deal the shits of the world as well.

Their third studio album was a self-titled album, top Deep Purple album released in 1969 n’ that was their last Album, with the legendary with their original Deep Purple members!

Commercially that album wasn’t very successful as the rest of the albums not only that they found economic difficulties as well. ☹

Ex-Deep Purple members:

  • Rod Evans, David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner (Vocalist)
  • Jon Lord (keys n’ backup vocal)
  • Ritchie Blackmore (Lead guitar n’ lyricist)
  • Nick Simper, Glen Hughes, Tommy Bolin (Bassist)
  • Joy Satriani (lead guitar).

Current Deep Purple members:

  • Ian Paice (Drummer n’ percussion)
  • Roger Glover (Bassist)
  • Don Airey (Keys)
  • Ian Gillian (Vocal n’ Harmonica)
  • Steve Morse (lead guitar)

On the other hand, there’s a rumor spreading around in the year 2019, they are going to record double albums of this new year and now they are even looking for some live shows too!!

Their guitarist Steve Morse confirmed it already! But that band announced their Good-Bye tour back in ’17 and in ’19 they are back on track again!! GOOD FOR US!! HAHA…  

Now let’s take a look to the Deep Purple albums in order with Deep Purple top ten albums along with every best Deep Purple song and with brief discussions of Deep Purple greatest hits and deep purple albums best to worst!!

Even according to their great deep purple drummer, top deep purple album covers has something artistic to say!! So why don’t you check it out?! 😊

Let’s check out the contribution of Deep Purple in Rock!! ROCK ON….. 😀 

Best Studio Deep Purple Albums:

Shades of Deep Purple (1968):

Their debut album as a metal band from the studio was a failure n’ audiences of US n’ UK rejected it because of their lack of the taste of the heavy metal!! DAMN!!

And they already had several changes from various musical backgrounds on their lineups for that album.

The Book of Taliesyn (1986):

2nd studio album as following by their debut after three months in 1968. This time, they were able to catch the attention of the Hippie audiences

And started their US tour but in the UK their British metal band audiences criticized them like hell n’ that was pathetic. So still you can’t enlist that album as the best Deep Purple.

Deep Purple (1969):

Their self-titled heavy metal band album n’ their 3rd studio album was the last album of their legendary original line- up but consider as a failed project comparing to their rest of the albums by the critics.

After that album, they had several changes on their lineups for the rest of the best Deep Purple!!

By this album, their popularity increased in the US but decreased in their own UK and faced some financial difficulties as well. Not only that after rocking in the American soil, this time,

They were able to release their album outside of the country because of being on the US Billboard chart in #162. So, enlist that album as a mind-blowing album by the Deep Purple!! COOL YEAH!! 😀

Deep purple in Rock (1970):

Their overall 4th head banging studio album but very first studio album of their brand-new line- up!! That was a record-breaking album of the Deep Purple, a mighty British head banging Band.

Because that album ranked them as #4th n’ paved the way for their longest world tour! Their track Black Night ranked as #2 on the UK top chart!! HELL YEAH: D

Dee Purple Fireball (1971):

the 5th studio album of Deep Purple Fireball lyrics consisted their famous tracks Strange kind of woman reached #8 in the UK, rest of the tracks like Deep Purple no no no, Deep Purple the Mule was some big hit as well!!

But the members of the Band weren’t very excited about that metal band album at all! 

But still according to some critics that weren’t so bad at all!! Even So, we can say that it was an average rated album anyway but Deep Purple Fireball live drew the attraction of their audience by their mighty performance!! YEAH… 😀

Deep Purple Machine Head (1973):

Best Deep Purple Machine Head is the 6th metal album of the band Deep Purple n’ consider as the most mind-blowing album of the band so definitely the best Deep Purple creation of all time!! 😀

Even is the UK they secured their position in #1 and rocked on that Billboard chart almost a year!! But in the US, they made it possible for almost 4 years!!

This metal band album re-released in 2012 as the 40th- anniversary celebration release of them. DAMN!!

Who Do We Think We Are? (1973):

The 7th & last studio album vocalist Ian Gillian Bassist Roger Glover as well. Having some internal conflicts among the players n’ manager as well that album still had a huge success with mind-blowing sales!!

Their tour in Japan had a successful impact on that album. 18th month of long touring on earth made them sick n’ tired enough

Because sometimes it’s not only money that all you need but that album considers among the best Deep Purple projects for sure!! FUCK YEAH 😀

That metal band album rocked in the #4 in UK n’ # 15 in the US chart as well!! Their audiences played a vital role in the record-breaking selling off the album around the world!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

That unique block blaster metal band album also re-released in 200 again with some bonus tracks as well. Not only that after few years in 2005 they released that album as a 24th Karats of gold CD!! DAMN!! 😀

Deep Purple Burn (1974):

Their 8th Studio album is another heavy metal album from their new line up of Vocalist David Coverdale and Bassist come back up vocal Glenn Trapeze. In a documentary,

Deep Purple in rock, claimed that album was such a challenging project for them because of the acceptance of the new line up.

Still, Deep purple burns their world-famous track like “Highway Star” as a result in 2004 they released the remix version of Burn in 2004 what made that album in the list of Deep Purple’s mega-hits!! 😊

Deep Purple Stormbringer (1974):

Their 9th heavy metal band studio album was kind of flopped album but still on the #6 in the UK n’ #20th in the US top chart. But in 1990 after getting remastered with some bonus tracks it came in the limelight.

In 2009 releasing on their 35th -anniversary edition with their remastered and remix songs they were able to rock the attention of their heavy metal audience once again!! 😀

Come Taste the Band (1975):

Their 10th heavy metal album with a new line-up with bad effects of the cocaine addiction n’ Hughes’ n’ Lord went in jail for the accusation of the murder of their security officer Patsy Collins as well.

And according to some sources, they paid a bribe for getting the hell out of from Jakarta airport!! DAMN, that was nasty!!

Playing of rock guitar n’ backup vocal with low tempos had an important role to play in this album. That successful album ranked as #43rd in US n’ #19th in the UK top chart as a metal band.

 And after that horrible tour of 1976 because Tommy Bolin passed away for the reaction of Heroine and finally that line up broke up for 8 long years!!  How Pathetic….

That memorable album gets remastered in 1990 n’ re-released in 2007. not only that in 2010 this album gets involved in the celebration of their 35th- anniversary edition.

 And in that golden album still consider among mega hits of the best Deep Purple anyway…… 😀

Perfect Strangers (1984):

Not only their 11th heavy metal band album after 9 long years but creating this mind-blowing headbanging heavy metal band album rocked the entire earth as the most magnificent headbanging album

Of their mighty brand-new lineup Mark 2. Even the Rolling Stone praised them as hell as the part of the best Deep Purple collections anyway!!

Not only the album their US tour was remarkably successful where tickets of the show sold out magically!! Lolz 😀

This album secured their well-deserved position in 5th in the UK top chart #17th in the US Billboards as well!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

The House of The Blue Light (1987):

2nd studio album by the same pioneer reformed line up but not exactly clicked actually!! L but still were able to manage the position at the 34th of the US Billboard!

Because of the famous tracks like Bad Attitude n’ another famous track Call of the wind. But it failed to satisfy with the band members.

Slaves and Masters (1990):

Featured by the Rainbow vocalist Lynn Turner. That album picked up the position of 87th on the Billboard 200 n’ 45th in the UK as well.

But still, that new album knocked down by the majority of the audiences for the accusation of the melodious essence of the new vocal which failed to click in the end. SHIT……

Critics gave their mixed-up comments about that metal band album. According to them, even their lyrics weren’t strong enough.

The Battle Rages On (1993):

A 14th heavy metal studio album of the band Deep Purple and the last album of their pioneer lineup of MK ll & the legendary American Lead guitarist Joe Satriani joined the band as a guest artist!! DAMN, this is cool 😀

This band album ranked as 21st in UK top chart n’ 192 in US Billboard chart.  HELL YEAH!! 😀

Perpendicular (1996):

Very first album by Steve Morse & 15th heavy metal band studio album of the band. This album was much more experimental than the previous one with keys n’ guitar as well.

That album contains bonus track on their Japanese edition of release.

Abandon (1998):

The last album of the founder member Jon Lord n’ the 16th studio metal band album of that metal band. That album was a massive hit on the entire earth n’ placed on the 76th of the UK top chart.

So, picked that one of the super hits Deep Purple project of all time for sure!! 😊

Bananas (2003):

Another heavy metal album from a new lineup as their 17th studio album. That album picked in the top 10 albums with an awesome response from the media as well. A track like “Haunted” made it more popular among the audience.

Rapture of The Deep (2005):

Critics took that 18th studio metal band album really well and appreciated it positively. As a result, that metal band album rocked in the 13th position of the US Billboard as the top independent album,

81st in UK album chart as well n’ were able to sell thousands of copied off it in the very first month of releasing it because of being another best Deep Purple super hit production!! HAHA 😀

Now, what?! (2013):

The 19th heavy metal studio album of them after seven years n’ got the award for the best progressive Rock album of the year 2013 with positive reviews from the critics as well!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Not only that they were nominated as the certified Gold album of the year for selling more than one million copies just only in Germany n’ secure their position in the list of top 40 albums of the UK

And #110 in the US Billboard as well!!  So, put that unique creation, among the best Deep Purple greatest hits… DAMN!!  😀

Infinite (2017):

Their new upcoming 20th album going to rock in this year already some of its track released on youtube!! Sites like iTunes, Amazon already started the promotion of their brand-new album!!  How cool is that?! 😀

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Above all analytical discussion we can surely get the clear ideas about Best Deep Purple Albums their significance of our music industry, what made them the best among all? So, stay tuned for next!! 😊

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