Ranking of Lamb of God Albums Best To Worst with Reviews & Awards

Wanna be a part of the legacy of mighty Lamb of God albums?! That Virginian groove metal band Lamb of God (LOG) has played a significant role in the war of American Metal movement. , playing their role  as a pioneer band their played their key role in the history of new wave of American Metal movement!!

On the other hand, they were not only Grammy nominators (2010) for their best underground but won the Grammy. So, that article will deal with their each and every albums of that masterpiece, none other than, Lamb of God/LOG.

Because of LOG’s best Studio or live albums, they made their band Lamb of God as an in international role model.  It’s an International band with TWO GOLD certifications on their musical career!!

And That is how they proved their legacy in the world of Heavy metal through their albums!! WOW   😀

They are the band of Thrash, punk, Groove metal, along with the essence of speed metal. How can they be, such an All- Rounder!! LOLZ…

Ex-Players of The Lamb of God:

  • Abe Spear: Lead and Rhythm guitarist
  • Matt Conner: Rhythm guitarist
  • Chris Adler: Drummer

Current Players of Lamb of God:

  • Art Cruz: Drummer
  • Willie Adler: Rhythm guitarist
  • Mark Morton: Lead guitarist
  • John Campbell: Bassist
  • Randy Blythe: Key Vocalist.

Now take a look to the top Lamb of God albums in order, where you will find Lamb of God new album 2018, along with the Lamb of God Ashes of the wake,

And other albums like Lamb of God Sacrament, Lamb of God vii: Sturm und Drang!! so why the hell are you waiting for?! have a good read!! 🙂

Studio, albums of Lamb of God:

Burn the priest, (1999):

Very first headbanging debut album of the band (as a self- titled album) re-released in 2005, with the changed cover art but that was a mighty album,

which shows their quality of potentialities to be a mind-blowing metal band of the 21st century and paved the way of other successful projects of Lamb of God!! YEAH…. 😀

New American Gospel, (2000):

A 1st studio album with a changed band name, lineups, remastered with four bonus tracks later on 2006 which helped them to sell more than lac copies just only in the US!! HOLY CRAP!!

And that was the starting of the revolutions of all their mind-blowing albums! 😀

Being the debut album, it has a special emotion for the band members of the LOG, but after the recording of it, that album had a horrible sound quality because of its poor sound engineering!

So, they choose to remix the entire album and that brand-new magic of it helped them to be famous as hell!! YEAH… LOG still believe, their debut album helped them to grow as a mature and professional musician!! BINGOOOO 😀

As the Palaces Burn, (2003):

The 2nd studio album, another successful production of the Lamb of God, because that was better than the previous one as well. Re-released in 2013 with bonus, remastered, remix tracks and able to sell more than 7000+ copies within the first week just in the US!! WOW.

Releasing of that powerful album made them the star rather than still roaming on the underground scenario with more mature ideas about sound quality, composing etc.

Securing its 64th position on the Billboard 200. That headbanging album sold it’s 300000+ copies in May by securing its position in 25th as in the US Billboard, top tastemaker albums of the year!!! MAN….

Ashes of The wake, (2004):

A 3rd studio album with the enlisting as the 27th on the Billboard 200, 11th on UK Rock and Metal albums, 126 on UK albums by selling 40000+ copies with their debut week!! DAMN…

Re-released after 10 years, their lyrics were based on the Iraq war with the record-breaking selling of 400000+ copies in the US depicting the picture of anti-war sentiment

Even among the Americans with their disc title as the pure American metal as well just like their other albums what deals with the inner world of the soldiers!! HELL YEAH…. 😀

According to the majority of their fans choose that project, as their favorite album!! Recording of that album within a very short period of time

 that album recording was the test for their record label company and they ruled it more professionally!! 😀

Sacrament, (2006):

4th studio album by securing its position as the 8th   on the Billboard 200, 2nd on UK’s top rock album the top-rated heavy metal album of 2006, this time,

they sold 400000+ copies of that successful album only in the US!! That album grabs the attention of the critics and audience, more than their other albums!! THEY ARE ON BUSINESS…  😀 😀

Tracks like, walk with me in the hell made to them believe that album going to rule around the because of its well-written lyrics and compositions and, to tell the truth, they were fucking right!! Even their band members still believe that is their best album!! ROCK ON!! 😀

Wrath, (2009):

5th Studio album, and as the 2nd ranked album of the Billboard 200 and sold 300000+ copies only in the US with displaying it’s recording sessions on their official website and that was a brand-new concept of that time!! This is what we call progressions!! 😀 WOW

That unique album which paved their way out on to be in the mainstream metal band of the world!!

But still the band members of the LOG they do believe that was their underrated album among all their productions!! DAMN…

That mind-blowing album topped several top charts.  Not only that, this mega-hit album listed on the top ten albums of several music charts as well… U ROCKED!!!! 😊

  1. The Canadian Top chart and UK Rock and Metal album
  2. US top hard rock albums of Billboard
  3. Top rock album of the Billboard
  4. US top taste maker album of the Billboard.

These charts show the capacity and quality of their unique albums, massive as hell…  😀 

The resolution, (2012):

A 6th studio album with a double-disc deluxe edition for the first time in the history of their albums. Basically, as an American Rock band, that was an album of thrush n’ Groove metal songs helped them to grab the positions of #3 on the Billboard 200,

And the top-rated album of the Rock chart as well!! COOOL.  That was a great album by consisting of four long songs and what made that album unique as well!! 🙂

Just like their previous projects, that album also secured the top position on several music charts like:

  1. US top hard rock albums of Billboard
  2. Top rock album of the Billboard
  3. US top tastemaker album on the Billboard.

VII: Sturm und Drang, (2015):

The 7th studio album, a kind of different album from the rest of their other albums. This time their Lyrics are written with the traumatic prisoner experiences of the vocalist Randy Blythe’s life,

But this time with a German name as the title of the album!! Such as the songs like Still echoes, Storm and stress, Erase this, dedicated the picture of the dark side of a corrupted society!!

According to the quality, that album was the best in the history of the Best Lamb of God albums! Because each and every band member contributed as a team for the writing of the lyrics!! WOOOOW….. 

Tracks like 512, Embers made that album diversified as hell!! 😀

Based on the negativity of the fuckers of our society behind of their so-called sophisticated masks it doesn’t matter if they are your family members or neighbors,

All they deserve is payback check u assholes!! from his own experiences such as the song 512, which came up with the idea of his own cell number!! Pretty interesting huh?! 🙁

That album also pointed out the positive mindset of the lyricist with the motivational point of views like less tolerance for all the negativity, from his day to day gradual improvements from his horrible experiences…… FUCK YEAH!!

Legion XX, (2018):

The 8th studio album and the latest edition of their projects. A cover album of their supersonic first album Burns the Priest!! released back in ’99 but still a masterpiece to be remembered! FUCK YEAH…

It’s kinda a flashback album depicted the picture of the crisis of their band, life but in a kind of punk tone. They key vocalist believes that new taste of LOG will touch their heart.

He believes that he developed his writing ability through his maturity and intellectual progression as well!!

That’s a much-needed weapon for a lyricist because there are a million metal fans now a day who wants something new! Something to dance about! LOLZ 😀

On their 20th anniversary of the band, that empathetic band still believes their attachment and emotions for the band drag down the level for where they are now!

 They still believe they are in the learning process which means they are indicating they are still not the fucking best and fans are the reason why they still exist!! COOOOL!! 😀

 Live Lamb of God Albums:

Killadelphia, (2004):

The only live album of the band till now, a complete audio version of a concert so there’s a mixture of songs from other Lamb of God albums as well.

Hourglass: The Anthology, (2010):

The only compilation album of the band till now, with three different formats as well just like (CD 1 and 2) and the third format is a volume with three different set of boxes!! WOW…  😀

Besides that, this mind-blowing Groove metal band has several Video albums and music videos, according to the perspectives as well. Not only that, Lamb of God joined along with Slayer

 another Metal Icon on the Southern California 15th May 2018… Brothers in Arms huh?! 🙂

Right at the moment, Lamb of God or famously known as LOG plans to cover one of their headbanging album from the very beginning of their 20 years of musical career, Burn the priest!!

And as you all know that used to be their debut album as self-titled!! Then they later changed their current band title and that made them worldly famous as hell beyond any doubt!! …  FUCK YEAH!! 😀

In this album, you will find their super tempo along with super-fast vocal pitching for the first time on Lamb of God rocking albums!! YEAAAH!!  

As a metal band of the 21st century Lamb of God or LOG plays its unique role for his countless fans around the globe and no matter what,

The situation is they are ruling like a boss with their aggression, creativity, stubbornness like a real hero.

To tell the truth, they are the band who’s promoting Groove Metal around the world and making it popular like just not only a Sub Genre but just like it’s the origin of Heavy Metal!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀


And now in the year 2019, you are going to get their heavier album of all time!!!! 😀 To know more about their upcoming album check it out Rockers!!!

And already in the January ’19 like I said they are already on a roll, when the guitarist, Mark Morton released his single “Cross Off” the late Linking park’s key frontman Chester Bennington!! ISN’T IT COOL?! 😀

 Which already been crossed off the expectations of the fans of LOG!! FUCK YEAH!!

That track is from his upcoming solo album Anesthetic, point to be noted down… fans will find true Linkin park’s essence on that track from the low to high tempo as always!! DAMN…… 😀

Even the lyric of that single will help us to connect with the true reality Chester ever faced…. Mehhhh ☹

Morton commented about the track, this could be anyone’s track like Linkin Park or Lamb of God albums but Chezzy not only as a partner on that track but also, a superhuman being!

Who was full of humiliation and humbleness inside of him, gave the ball on his Morton’s court!! WOOOOW

That is how still after the death of that legend, he made his mark upon his Million fans around the globe just by a simple collaboration with Morton!!

On the other hand, according to Morton this is what he wanted to do on his Lamb of God career but couldn’t even do it, so he decided to do it on his own!

Because you will find the essence of Southern Rock and Blues, on his own project like it, what was not just fitting with the Groove Metal band like LOG because of their own signature sounds! Hmmm

LOG is a band that’s got full of energetic music, which sounds fresh and exciting at the same time! BINGO! 😀

But every story has a beginning and end as well. So why don’t you have a taste of the glorious era of 90’z Grunge and Alternative Rock music,

And even under the shadow of Blues Rock on the same project as Anesthetic, where plenty of guest players like late Chester Bennington and even Randy Blyth joined with him! HELL YEAH!! 😀

And you guys will be amazed, this is not the end of the remember of Lamb of God!! The key vocal Randy Blyth also made some buzz out there by joining on a new featuring band as Animals as leaders!!

That band also move their butt on the recording studio for a brand-new album as well!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Chris breaks the silence:

On the other hand, the latest news is, Chris Adler commented about his departure and being replaced by the Cruz to break the silence,

He shows his total respect for Willie, which eventually is a family by itself. That legend thinks that it’s time to chase his childhood dream rather than playing the same old song for 10,000+ times!! ☹

As a hardcore fan of that band, we hope for their best to conquer our metal world for upcoming several decades as well!! Till now, KEEP ROCKING!! 😊

Above all these analytical discussions, we can surely get through the idea of great Lamb of God albums by analyzing their mindblowing Rocking history, contribution towards music, brutal uniqueness along with awesome lyrical elements as well,

For more updating infoz, don’t hesitate to stay tuned! Till then, Adios….. 😊

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