The Farewell Tour Of Slayer!!

The Farewell Tour Of Slayer!!

The farewell tour of Slayer!! Well, another shocking news for the Metal lovers and definitely the fans of a mighty band like Slayer who announces their final world tour this morning on a video message of their Facebook fan page and official website as well!! HELL NOOO!!

And that tour will be guided by the bands like Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament. Recently Slayer got criticized for being the fan of US president Donald Trump and supporting him against a bunch of World musicians as well!! Hahaha

The end is near might be they’re final ever world tour of Slayer, the proud member of the Big four see: The Big Four

If it really happens that’s gonna be the end of their glorious musical career of 38 Rocking years of Slayer:!! FUCK NOOOOO :@

AS a thrash Thrash metal fan. the farewell tour of Slayer is just beyond our imaginations!!  This can’t be happen so quick…… 🙁

On the other hand, Dave Mustaine the leader of Megadeth and another proud member of Big four, want another head banging concert of Big Four members before the departure of a band like Slayer!! All heil the king!! 😊

Well who ever witnessed any concert of Slayer he will surely remember that was a Battlefield more than a concert!! People even lit up their chairs to throw it on the fucking stage!! WOOOOOW!! Sometimes fans even started a riot which led them towards years of banning!! FUCK NO!! ☹

But Slayer considered that incident as pretty cool!! Hahaha!!That kinda Satanist attitude and their passion for the shits like Black Magic, War, Serial killings Isolated their fans from the rest of our damn fuckin world!! HELL YEAH…. 😀

Their super lever of aggression even on their lyrics as well Only Slayer were able to create that type of hyperness!! Not even any other members of the Big Four!!

Slayer is not a band who will put lipstick or long hair’s as their identity!! You just gotta find them out by their unique capabilities!! FUCK YEAH……

This is the band who introduce Heavy Metal fans with extreme Metal scenario with double Bass drumming by converting out the taste of our Metal fans with total arrogance!! Who taught us to not give a FUCK!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Songs like God hates us all are the true reflections of the darkest human nature what slayer depicted through their horrifying art and culture as well!! This is what you will see for the last time in your life by your favorite band in Southern California……. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

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