Lamb of God rescheduled their upcoming brand-new album!

Another disappointing news for the Metal lovers in the time of fucking COVID 19! And especially for the hardcore fans of the Lamb of God or abbreviated as Lamb of God!

These folks decided to release their brand-new album on the summer of the 2020 but counting down the current thousands of concerts cancellations,

 tons of deaths around the world that mighty LOG decided no to launch their brand in the album right at the moment!

This may break the heart of millions of their fans but still as a sensible human being and being as one of the pioneer Metal band of the world that was the right decision they took, according to our current circumstances!

So, to tell the truth, we are not getting any new album in the summer of 2020! Because, when people are dying you just can’t have a blast on your sound system… ☹

This is proof of how sensible and kind-hearted people our musicians are!

If you can wait for their upcoming new album for almost five years, you can wait for another few months for their self-titled LP to be played on your music system! 😊

Why are you getting sad about dude! Just enjoy their latest single New Colossal Hate and just wait for the new announcement that’s it! 😊

According to their current decision, the shipment of their pre-ordered album is a vital issue to be considered.

So, listen to it and wash your fucking hands to save your ass for listening to their upcoming album, and that’s plain and simple!

LOG already planned to release another track on 19th June from that brand new upcoming mighty 8th studio albums which they believe surely going to hit the heart of their million fans!

Our Lamb of God believes that PPE masks are important of being shipped on time rather than anything else right at the moment!!

So, we the fans of LOG can wait for a few more weeks to be resolved of the current shipment issues! ABSOLUTELY!!

 On the other hand, LOG came in the front cover of the Metal Hammer magazine as one of the tops most inspiring Metal bands!

For being political in the upcoming album and having a big line-up changed, they talked about their long and full of struggled and new about speaking up of their political views, and this is gonna be a vital issue for their upcoming brand-new album.

They even launched a brand-new official non-alcoholic beer for their millions of fans. Canceling of their global tours around the world, that beer can be a refreshment among all these negative vibes of fucking COVID-19.

They named that Beer as Ghost walker which goes along with their Gothic and Groovy impressions!

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