Dave Mustaine VS Cancer

Dave Mustaine, one of the leading Thrash Metal Icon and the band leader of Megadeth officially announced that he’s having throat cancer just like,

 Another Metalhead like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden who similarly fought against it and later on he just not only survived he also got back his own position as one of the leading Heavy Metal vocalist like James Hetfield of Metallica! YEAH….. 😀

So regarding to that circumstances, we can sure make hope for Dave’s early recovery as quick as possible and can easily wait for him till he get back on stage again! 😊

On the other hand, his fellow bandmate and Bassist of Megadeth David Ellefson confirmed that Mustaine is really thankful towards his friend, fans and family

 who truly believes after the end of working with the fellow doctors he will come back really soon on stage and will complete the rest of the shows and album works for the bands on way! THAT’S THE SPIRITS!! 😀

Although the upcoming concerts of the band are proponed due to that circumstances, but a guy like Dave, who believes in,

 cancer doesn’t stand even a chance on his life, because that type of cancers has a 90% success rate to recover and that’s the #1 priority of the band in the meantime!  

Based on his self-motivated spirits we can surely assure you that from the core of a Thrash Metal artists heart, that HE WILL BE BACK AMONG US!! 😊

 On the other hand, Scot Ian of the American Thrash Metal band Anthrax joined with the in this difficult time to motivate him like an Iron Man! YEAH. 😀

Based on the horrible past of a hero the Dave Mustaine and a book the subtle art of not giving a fuck, we can surely assume that Dave is a damn good warrior

 who knows really well how to fight back to get on his fucking track! So here it goes, ALL THE BEST WISHES FOR DAVE MUSTAINE! 😊

And like I said that he’ll be back, the latest news is he’s already back in the studio for the 16th Megadeth album!!  HE WILL ROCK YOU TILL THE END!! 😀

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