Best Of Black Sabbath Albums Ranked

The legacy of the British Heavy Metal God Black Sabbath Albums, let’s take a look to find your Best Black Sabbath Album!! That mighty English rock n’ Heavy metal band Black Sabbath from Birmingham UK started their journey back in 1968 with a group of working-class buddies of a neighborhood!!

 Black Sabbath members:

  • Tony Iommi (Lead Guitarist and main Lyricist as well).
  • Geezer Butler (Bassist and primary Lyricist).
  • Ozzy Osbourne (Vocalist).
  • Bill Ward (Drummer).

Not only had Black Sabbath pictured out our social discrimination, corruption, effects of drugs and the terrible effects of the wars as a metal band.

See: Their Contribution To Social Discrimination

Because of drug abuses and being an extreme level of an alcoholic Ozzy Osbourne paved his way out of the band in 1979 and Ronnie James Dio from Rainbow replaced himself in that metal band.

Till 1980-1990, Black Sabbath made several changes on their band as a metal vocal and rest of players as well.  Such as Ian and Ray Gillen,

Tony Martin Glenn Huges, was in the process of come and go and recorded their album Dehumanizer.

Their original line -up got back on track back in 1997 and released their album Reunion which was a live album from that lineup. Their #19 studio album named as #13th released in 2013.

That shows their quality as a pioneer metal band by releasing their self-titled album as Black Sabbath in 1970.

From 1968 – February 2017 at Birmingham, the great band played their last stage performance ever in their life as “THE END” before 16000+ audiences.

Black Sabbath rocked from the very beginning to the end by their spectacular performances of hard rock n’ heavy metal band as well.

Their last concert ended by performing their mega hits like self-titled song Black Sabbath, Pioneer, Iron Man, War Pigs, paranoid, children of the grave, Dirty women etc.….

Maybe this is the end of the Mighty heavy metal band Black Sabbath, but their legacy will have a headbanging impact until the end of this world!!

Now let’s take a look to the top Black Sabbath albums in order, and how they build a legacy with great black sabbath albums ranked with an attitude!!

Black Sabbath Albums, & the Best Black Sabbath Album:

Black Sabbath (1970):

Black Sabbath first album or the debut Black Sabbath album and a mind-blowing album according to some critics, secured their position on their very first hit as #8 on the UK album chart

And #23 on the Billboard 200 and held their position more than a year by laughing at the so-called critics!!

Well, Black Sabbath changed their name to the band several times for several reasons as well. At first, they were Polka Tulk blues band with the inspirations of their previous band Mythology.

They changed their name as only Polka Tulk but they gave it another name as Earth.

But vocalist Ozzy Osbourne wasn’t satisfied with that name and another major reason was the overlapping with another band’s name as Earth,

They decided to take the name from a horror movie as Black Sabbath and decided to write lyrics base on horrified themes as well.

The reason was behind it because they noticed that people loved to spend their hell lotta money just only to watch scary scenarios. Philips, Clarke, and Lommi did with the band.

Black Sabbath performed as a band after all the craps the held together in Workington on 30th August 1969 and released their first covered track as

Evil Woman, from the band Crow as a mighty metal band, finally!! 😀  That was the first time they exposed themselves as a band on a Radio show named as Top Gear back in 1969.

In 1970, their song War pigs which were based on Vietnam War took their second album Paranoid on the #1 in the UK and #12 in the US of the list #131

on the Rolling Stone magazine in the 500 greatest metal band albums of all time!! So that album can easily be enlisted as their best album!!DAMN…. 😀

Without any help from the media, they were able to sell 4+ million copies jut only in the US!! How cool is that?!

But the sad truth is Black Sabbath were becoming not only Billionaire but also becoming the victim of drug addictions as well!! According to them, but that was helpful enough for getting new ideas for them.

Paranoid (1970):

Black Sabbath Paranoid album, 2nd studio and the only LP album of them till 2013!! Contain tracks like Iron Man, War Pigs with the hit of top 10 tracks of Black Sabbath that album was a more matured

And developed Heavy Meal album from that legendary band with massive guitar work with solo and art of Vocal they were able to make that album as unique as shit even with the unique black sabbath paranoid lyrics as well!! HELL YEAH… 😀

Even in the documentary, they stated that the album is really cool to even play just jamming!! black sabbath paranoid album cover was a total mockery against Vietnam war

 which was very much related with the anti-war lyrical theme of that album as well!!   BINGO…. 🙂

Master of Reality (1971):

Black Sabbath master of reality, in that situation, they released their third heavy metal studio album and another headbanging album   Master of reality in 1971.

That secured their place into the top ten of the lists in the UK and US by receiving platinum and gold certificates as well!! Another mega hit album dude!!

Black Sabbath as a band was able to secure themselves in the greatest metal band of all time by MTV and ranked as 100 greatest hard rock artists of all time by VH1.

Not only that, this time they sold 70+ million records all over the world and got their place listed in Hall of Fame of the British Music in 2005!! How cool is that?! LEGENDARY!! 😀

That unique album contains acoustic songs like Sweet Leaf and children of the grave for the first time in their musical journey in Black Sabbath!!

The rolling stone magazine listed themselves on the 300# in the 500 greatest hit metal band albums of all time WOW!!:D

Black Sabbath Volume 4 (1972):

Black Sabbath released their 4th studio album Black Sabbath Volume 4 and the effects of their cocaine were still continuing but they started to experiment with various instruments this time.

 Because of not having any other volume albums audiences criticizes the name of the album.

This time they sold a million copies of their albums in the US. But still, they failed to be listed in the top chart for the first time in the history of the Black Sabbath

But still got a gold status for it anyway and started their world tour as well!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

Black Sabbath went to Australia and the US for their upcoming new album but somehow, they got disconnected from their path. No new ideas were not flourishing at all so they went back to the UK as well.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (1973):

Somehow, they managed to release to their 5th mighty studio album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and started to receive positive responses around the world with complete success and the inspiring reviews from the legendary artists as well.

Key player Rick Wakeman played with the band as a guest artist on their track Sabbra Cadabra and secured their position as #4 on UK Top chart and #11 in the US and started their world tour in 1974!!

Sabotage in (1975):

Black Sabbath, signed with a new agreement as a metal band; ABC channel started to broadcast their shows because of their popularities and started working on their sixth Black Sabbath commercial project,

And this time Black Sabbath planned to use even orchestra as well and once again Rolling Stone nominated them as the best album again and secured their position in the #20 in UK and US as well,

And achieved the gold certification for the single Am I going insane? HELL YEAH!! 😀

In 1976 they started work for their 7th album Technical Ecstasy in Criteria Studios in USA and Gerry Woodruffe joined in the band as a keyboard player as well.

On the other hand, Ozzy Osbourne admitted that he is losing his interest in Black Sabbath and literally planned to leave the band as well!! L

In their 8th studio, Black Sabbath never say die they tried to replace him with Dave Walker and Savoy Brown but nothing was working out actually.

The tension between bassist Geezer Butler and guitarist Malcolm Young had an awful effect on the entire band.

They were facing so many dilemmas they released it in 1978 and as a result, that album failed to list them even in the position of the top #50. For the first time in their life but in 1997,

This time,  they received gold for it. But still failing to be listed on the top chart was unexpected for a metal band like them!!  OH HELL…… :@

But the most exciting part was Ozzy Osbourne came back from his new solo project and rejoined with them and released the Eight Album Never say die in 1978 and placed in $12 in UK top chart and #69 in the US!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Not only that, Black Sabbath released a movie based on this album in 1978!! How cool is that huh?! 😀 But because of the lack of contributions,

Drug issues and being irresponsible, Iommi took the hardcore decision like fired Ozzy from the band for saving their own identity.

Heaven and Hell (1979):

Ronnie James Dio joined in the band from Rainbow as a heavy metal vocalist but alas, Geezer Butler left the band but temporarily so he came back again

On the other hand, Nichols joined the band for keys and they released their  9th album in 1980 and that is considered as the reborn of Black Sabbath album!!  Thank God!  😀

That album ranked as #9 in UK top chart and 28th in the US!! They sold millions of copies of the album and went out on the world tour as well as a metal band!! HELL YEAH back in business baby!!

In 1980, Ward left that metal band because of feeling uncomfortable without Ozzy and his drunken issues as well.

Mob Rules (1981):

The 10th project, Mob Rules with their new vocalist Ronnie jammed Dio in 1981 and faced enormous reviews from the critics but got its gold certificate and listed in the top 20 of the UK charts.

This time, they recorded another live album from their world tour Live Evil 1982, like the previous one live at last back in 1980. But this time,

superiority complex of the vocal Ronnie James Dio created a distance with rest of the members of the band. Dio and the drummer Vinny Appice left in 1982 and created their own band, on the other hand, Ex-Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan took his place!! oh YEAH!! 😀

See: Their Stubborn Psychology & Emotion

Born Again (1983):

In 1983, they released an 11th studio album with that new line up with drummer Bill Ward. After harassed by so many critics that album still secured the #4 position in UK Top chart and #39 in the US. That album was renowned for its humorous lyrics!! Lolz.

And again, they changed their drummer and Bev Bevan was the newcomer. In 1984, Gillan and Bevan left and David Donato joined as a Vocalist but for a short period of time only.

Bass player Gizzer Butler replaced by Tony Iommi in 1984 and that founder member started to record his solo project.

In 1986 Black Sabbath were passing by such a difficult time among the members. Tony Iommi was left alone as the only founder member of the band because of that conflict.

This time they made a new line up from different metal bands and released their 12th studio album Seventh star on 1986,

which was really important because of its commercial aspect and listed itself in the #78 in the Billboard 200 chart. It has another consequence such as After broke up for the first time

they performed in the Live Aid concert with their original lineup.  Dave Spitz, Glen Hughes, and Eric joined as a vocalist in the band

And released Black Sabbath featuring by Tonny Lommi in 1986 and started to get positive reviews from the audiences and started their world tour again. OH YEAH FINALLY!! : D

Ray Gillen joined the band as a new vocalist because of the injured vocalist. Drummer Eric Singer and Bass player Dave Spitz left the band and Bob Daisley and Tony Martin replaced them.

Terry Chimes replaced drummer Bev Bevan and released their 13th studio album The Eternal Idol in 1987 and secured their place in UK top chart as #66 and #168 in the US top chart!! : D

Black Sabbath released their 14th studio album Headless cross in 1989 with financials difficulties and horrible criticisms.

Drummer Cozzy Powell, key player Nicholls, and Bass player Laurence Cottle joined in the band. But that was their finest album without Ozzy Osbourne and secured their place in #31 in UK top chart

And #115 in US top chart!! That also enlist that legendary project as the rocking Black Sabbath album!! 😀

Tyr (1990):

Black Sabbath released their 15th studio album Tyr in 1990 and secured them in #24 of the UK top chart but failed to be in the US top chart for the first time in their life as a metal band!!

Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell, Geezer Butler rejoined in Black Sabbath in 1990 and started working for the next album as well!! 😀

But because of the leg injury of the Drummer Powell, Vinny Appice replaced him. And the tension between Lommi and Dio increased again!! DAMN.

Dehumanizer (1992):

But still, Black Sabbath was able to release their 6th studio album in 1992 and listed themselves as #44 on the Billboard 200, Because people found the essence of the real Black Sabbath on that album!! And started their world tour again!! ROCK ON!! 😀

Ronnie James Dio and Vinnie Appice quit once again from that metal band back in 1992. And ex-vocalist Tony Martin and ex-drummer Bobby Rondinelli joined back again

And released their new They Cross-purposes in 1994 and sounds like the Original lineup of Black Sabbath after years and listed them in #122 on the Billboard 200!! YEAH: D

Cross Purposes (1995):

Their 17th live album released in 1995. Dio and Vinny Appice were replaced by the Bobby Rondinelli and Tony Martin.

Before recording their Forbidden album, they moved away too!! In 1994, the original Black Sabbath drummer Ward replaced Bobby Rondinelli  😀

Bass player Geezer Butler left the band once again but he left very soon!! Lolz once again the ex-members of the band bass player Neil Murray and drummer Cozy Powell rejoined!! 😛

Forbidden (1995):

Black Sabbath released their 18th heavy metal project, forbidden as the worst album of their musical history of the band anyway!! Drummer Cozy Powell

Replaced by the ex-drummer Bobby Rondinelli and released their new album.

Sabbath Stones (1996):

This time their originals line up of Black Sabbath reunited once again and released their well-deserved live album Reunion in (1998). This time, they were able to list themselves in #11 of the Billboard 200.

Ward was temporarily replaced by the ex-drummer Vinnie Appice. And Tony Iommi started to work on their solo projects as well.

Past Lives (2002):

Other live Black Sabbath project, what gets and nominated as #114 in the Billboard 200 and played it on TV and Radios as well.

Black Sabbath: The Dio Years (2007):

Their featuring album released in 2007 and listed in the #37 on the chart of the mainstream Rock tracks and in 2010 they released Record store day with Metallica.

Live at Hammersmith Oden (2007):

Another mega hit album, as live! Along with the three concerts named that metal band released only 500 copies of it and sold it within a minute as well!!

 The tension and allegations between Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne had a mutual understanding after Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010.

That was really pathetic to say goodbye like bandmates whom you are played with almost with your entire life!!

By Ozzy Osbourne, the great is still confident enough to release another new solo album!! COOL!! He still believes that there’s a reason for everything,

And without the illegal hot spots like drugs, alcohol, etc. that was impossible for them for what they are today!! And regrets are the part of life….

But not in the middle of his world tour of No more tours 2 having a sad ending because he got Pneumonia and doctors forced him to stay out of the tour at this age!! ☹

13 (2013):

Released their final and 19th studio album named as 13 in 2013. But still, they were planning for their prospective album in 2015 and planned for their last world tour in 2016.

They released their live album Gathered in their Masses in the same year based on their performances of their 2013 world tours. 😀

 The End (2017):

As a latest live album by the band after retiring themselves from their fabulous rocking career a combination of the videos of since 1971 to their final touring of 2017!! WOW, such an excellent DVD to grab….. 😀

These metalheads still believe after five long decades, it was really really weird to say goodbye!! That’s really pathetic when they performed in front of such an audience

 Who even cried in the concerts!! Which proves that leaving something is really pathetic!! FUCK………

The God Father of the Heavy Metal World:

To tell the trust you can’t forget a heavy metal band like Black Sabbath who’s still a legacy by himself!! They performed the very first track of their musical career “Wicked World”

They are the band who ruled since their debut studio and the self-titled album as well! The scary atmosphere of that album, excellent use of sound compositions like Tolling bells,

windy rain, Bluesy lyrics, mind-blowing guitar riffs along with their singing style and postures, was a brand-new package 50 years back for the listeners of that particular genre!!

They are the one who considered as the most sinners of their damn society rather than the rest of the Rock Bands of their period!! And to tell the truth,

this is what attracts the people and fucking priests criticized it!! LOLZ…… FUCK YOU ALL!

The Darker Side of Black Sabbath:

They basically took their band name and musical style by the influence of the Horror movies what used to be the trend of Hollywood!!

People loved to pay for these movies to get scared! And Black Sabbath converted that flow on their music which is still fucking remaining as hell….. BINGO! 😊

The use of Christian Cross as on their gesture. Gothic lyrical elements Scary album cover art along with loud tempo made the entire scenario scary as hell and that’s how they controlled or grabbed the attention of their fans!!

The top ten best Black Sabbath songs:

Some of their world-famous tracks like that list of itare still considered as the highly popular among the listeners on their 5 decades of music career!!

The ultimate God Father of the Heavy Metal genre these legends are still widely accepted and considered as the God of Rock on every corner of the globe!!

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Iron Man
  3. War Pigs
  4. Paranoid
  5. Into the Void
  6. Phantom of the universe
  7. I.B
  8. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  9. Children of the Grave
  10. Heaven and Hell

Being nostalgic about remembering their childhood friends their hardest way of life and even their Black Sabbath album covers are psychoanalyzing their inner world; HOW HUMBLE THEY ARE!!  HELL YEAH!! 😀

Because of their fame and legacy, the people of their home town Birmingham decided to honor them even after their retirements! And that will take place on 9th February 2019!

Tony still believe that being called as Satanists made their life easy as Heavy Metal musicians on those days! Because people even get scared of them to meet!!

They never did too many interviews so the majority of them who become their fans later on, never had any ideas about how they look like, what are they trying to do?

What messages they are trying to convey! So, getting blamed by the public as a Satanist actually helped their way out! HAHA…. 😀

And you will be amazed to know, now there’s a Steel made Heavy metal bench will feature the images o of Heavy Metal kings like Ozzy, Tony, Butler, and Bill even on the Black Sabbath bridge!! WOOOW….

Already tony Iommi confirmed his appearance on the show! That handmade stainless bench is made by one of the Die-hard Black Sabbath fans as Mohammad Osama!!

That guy lives in Dubai for almost 27 years and attended Black Sabbaths 50+ concerts around the world!! DAMN….. 😀

Not only that, Tony Iommi already confirmed another hotshot news like their upcoming remixed Black Sabbath’s Forbidden will be much heavier than the previous one!!

He even nominated another Heavy Metal giant, Deep Purple as the player of the greater guitar riffs of all time!!  HELL YEAAH…

There was a sophisticated rivalry among the giants like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath on these days, but that wasn’t nasty like today’s dirty politics!

 Everyone was thirsty enough to be successful on that particular genre of Music and that was fare enough! 

So, we can definitely say that still after their retirements Black Sabbath is trying hard to be with us in the middle, and even fans don’t want to leave them at all!! GREAT… 😀

On the other hand, Tony’s fellow companions the vocalist of the might Sabbath, canceled all his tours on Europe and North America as well because of his fucking pneumonia what even dragged him on ICU!!

That sad news makes him angry and frustrated because even at this age, he still believes he has so much to give Heavy Metal and that doesn’t matter if he’s 70+ now! ROCK ON OZZZ… 😊

Point to be noted, that Metalhead was about to die on his 40, but still surviving because of his unsinkable attitude, and by leading a healthy lifestyle of sobriety by quitting   Alcohol, Drugs and even cigarettes! SMART ASS!! 😀

This is what we call, a Metalhead should have to be… loyal, determined, passionate, progressive, hard worker and even empathetic….. 😊

Above all these analytical discussions we can surely get the of the greatness of the Black Sabbath albums and definitely what made their Best Black Sabbath albums for being the God father of Heavy Metal world, For more infoz, stay tuned! 😊

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