Ranking Of AC/DC Albums, From Worst To Best With Reviews & Awards

The remarkable history of the rise of a mind-blowing family band and the legacy of their AC/DC albums!!That legendary Aussie Blues rock started as a metal band since 1973 with young brothers who had a deal with a company like Atlantic Records and sponsor like Sounds magazine!!

Their most popular tracks with the international released, Can I Sit Next to You Girl & Rocking in the parlor. Their very first recorded song was High Voltage.

Because of the hearing loss of Brian Johnson at the age of 68, The Guns n’ Roses frontman AXL Rose now elected as the leading vocal on stage for them.

This is still a controversial issue because the majority of the audience is not accepting him as a newcomer!!

But after the death of Malcolm Young, things have changed and they decided to continue once again with their family members as the new artists of their upcoming albums!!

Come back of Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd:

Surprise! At the end of January 2019, Brian Johnson declared on his facebook status that he’s coming back to AC/DC as a frontman once again!! SHOWTIME!! 😀

Not only that, Phil Rudd the drummer of that is back in the home as well. On the other hand, Nephew of Malcolm Young, Stevie young is replacing his uncle band!! THAT’S COOL.

Current members of AC/DC:

  • Angus young: Slide, Lead n’ Rhythm Guitar n’ Backup vocalist.
  • Stevie young: backup vocals n’ Rhythm guitar.
  • Cliff Williams: Bass player n’ Backup vocalist.
  • Chris Slade, Drummer n’ Percussionist.
  • Noel Tailor, Peter Clack: Drummers.
  • AXL Rose: Key vocalist, replacing Brian Johnson for Rock or Bust world tour (2016).

Ex-Members of AC/DC:

  • MalcolmYoung: Rhythm guitar n’ backup vocals.
  • Larry van Kriedt: Bassist n’ Saxophone.
  • Dave Evans, Brian Johnson: Key vocalist.
  • Colin Burges, Russel Coleman n’ Ron Carpenter: Drummers.
  • Neil Smith Paul matters, Mark Evans n’ Rob Bailey: Bassists.
  • Bon Scott: key Vocalist.
  • Phil Rudd n’ Simon Wright: Drummer n’ Percussionist.

let’s take a look to the top AC/DC tracks in order with AC/DC songs ranked along with the brief description of the AC/DC’s legacy!! so let’s move on the topic! 🙂

Studio, AC/DC Albums:

Debut album, High Voltage (Australia):

AC/DC started their musical journey by releasing their very AC/DC first album as a pioneer heavy metal album High Voltage (Australia) in 1975. Six out of all eight songs of the AC/DC high voltage songs were written by the broths themselves!! AC/DC was leading their band in their own way!! COOL.

T.N.T, 2nd Album (Australia) 1975:

Their 2nd   album T.N.T released in 1975 paved their way of becoming famous in the field of punk Rock revolution,

Because that album was packed with their appearance in the show and most famous songs of the band like Rocker, the Jack; it’s a long way to the top, etc.

High Voltage, (1975):

Their 3rd album High Voltage (International). AC/DC’s very first international released came out in the year  1975 from Atlantic records.

But according to some critics that album flopped as commercially. It received mixed reviews from the critics.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, (1976):

Their 2nd international AC/DC production with their most famous song of the band as in the title song of their heavy metal album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in 1976.

Getting a painful rejection of this album in the market of US that album was still being able to sell out more than 6 million copies of that album!! WOW  😀

That’s a remastered project by the AC/DC, back in 1994, because of its huge popularity. That album helped them to get back on track as a metal band!! How cool is that?! 😀

Let There Be Rock, (1997):

Their 3rd international album, AC/DC let there be rock songs were released in 1977 under the banner of Albert production & later a modified international version of Atlantic Records.

That album was considered as the best, among all the AC DC albums because of getting back themselves on the track!! 😊

Powerage, (1978):

That album continued their musical journey through 4th international heavy metal release like Powerage in 1978 after that successful album.

This time they were able to tour in the USA finally because this time the audience accepted them. And AC/DC got a good reputation among the audience!! BANG  😀

This time they got nominated themselves as maximum Rock n’ Roll both in Internal & Australian music industry Which was not only to the tribute of late Bon Scott but also the bestselling AC/DC  projects & reached on the #133 in US Billboard!!? WOW.

In the same year of 1978 after six months, AC/DC released their very first live project and re-released in 1994 if you want blood you’ve got it. That album nominated the best live albums ever!! DAMN!! 😀

Highway To Hell, (1979):

5th international metal AC/DC album, released & 6th in Australia was Highway to hell and the last album of Bon Scott!!

Brian Johnson replaced him. But Scott was missing because he had the quality to explain a whole lotta thing in fewer words on his AC/DC album, what audiences are missing!! ☹

AC/DC made a successful tour based on that iconic album back in 1979 & released again in 2003. That album introduced them as a Blues Rock band & broke up with Atlantic Records for their freedom of choice.

Back in Black, (1980):

Back in Black was their 7th   heavy metal album, released in 1980. Because of it, AC/DC became well known for their super energetic performances.

In this album, they focused on human nature and social atmospheres like Alcohol, Rock n’ Roll sex, having a party, etc.

what was unique in the previous AC/DC projects. and designed their album artwork as a momentum of their ex-vocalist Bon Scott.

For Those About to Rock We Salute You, Australia (1981):

7th International album took them to the Apex position as 1# in the USA and able to sold 4+ Millions of copies in the USA. That album enlisted itself as the bestselling album among the AC/DC’s big shot projects!! FUCK YEAH…. 🙂

But their popularity gets hampered while they kicked out their drummer Phil Rudd but later he returned in 1994 and performed on their album Ball Breaker in 1995.

A flick of The Switch (1983):

featured by the Vocal Brian Johnson released in 1983 as their 8th studio album in their motherland Australia. But this album contained a cursed lineup where practically everyone got fired!!

Their frustrations showed up their lack of proper respects to each other and their horrible team works as well!! DAMN!!

Fly on The Wall, (1984):

9th album and #10th in Australian originally released in 1984!!  That album gets rejected by the audiences n’ because of that circumstance AC/DC was able to sell hardly one million copies which are really shameful in the history of the mighty AC/ DC.  Mehhhh ☹

That album dramatically gets related to a serials killer Richard Ramirez who said he gets influenced by AC/DC!! WTF!!

Not only that the lyrics of the track like Night Prowler made tagged them as Satanists n’ Atheists as well which paved the way for the downfalls of the band!! But that album re-released on their Remaster series in 2003.

’74 Jailbreak (1984):

An extended play of, as an AC/DC album, to be released in 1984 n’ re-released in 2003 Remaster series. In 1988 Blow up your video became the 10th studio,

And 11th Aussie heavy metal AC/DC album of the band & Re-released on their Remaster series of 2003 & started their tour in Australia after their break of seven damn years!!  HELL YEAH   😀 😀

The Razors Edge (1990):

Their 11th international & 12th Australian heavy metal album was rocked back as a metal band in 1990 The Razors Edge and tracks like “Are you ready”? “Thunderstruck” & “Money talks” put them back on track again!!

AC/DC found themselves on the 5th n’ 16th position on the chart of Billboards mainstream chart or Rock & in the US top ten as well!! This time, AC/DC was able to sell five million of a copy of that album!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

Not only that, the AC/DC project picked up the position of #4th in da UK n’ #2nd in the US Billboard 200!! How cool is that huh?! 😀

That album was also in their remaster series of 2003!! On da another hand, based on that album they were able to complete the most memorable and mesmerizing world tour of their lives!!

Rock or Bust (2014):

In 2014, they released their most short AC/DC album Rock or Bust ranked in #1 and #5 in several countries mostly in Europe, UK n’ USA. That was the very first album without the key founder member Malcolm Young.

Their track play ball had a huge commercial success in 2014. On the other hand, Drummer Phill Rudd knocked out by the police because of the accusations of the two murders!! DAMN.

But that album got their golden certificate because of the selling of the album more than five lakh copies!! Haha 😀

In 2016 Johnson keep himself away from the band and the legendary Guns n’ Roses vocalist Axl Rose joined with them but in the world of heavy metal, it’s still a contradictory issue among the Billions of heavy metal fans.  L DAMN.

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AC/DC Live Albums:

AC/DC’s second live heavy metal album as a metal band, AC/DC live released in 1992 as a single and double album on LP as well re-released on 2003

And in the re-master series and nominated as the best live album of the 90’z!! Such a Rocking experience for the AC/DC!!  HELL YEAH!! 😀 😀

Ballbreaker (1995):

back in 1995 AC/DC were able to release their 12th studio AC/DC album n’ 13th Aussie heavy metal album Ballbreaker which took only 5 months of recording in the NY City released once again 2005 on their series of the  AC/DC Remastered.

In this album, ex-Drummer, Phil Rudd rejoined!! But their current drummer Chris Slade performed with them in the Grammy awards of the 2015 n’ world tour of Rock or Bust!!

Because of that headbanging record, AC/DC sold more than 2 million copies of it and grab the award of the 2x certified platinum!! FUCK!! 😀

Not only that, Rolling Stones nominated them in the #2nd star out of 5.J And reached in the number 4 of the US n’ number 6 in the UK top chart!! HOW COOL IS THAT?! 😀

See: Rolling Stone Magazine

Stiff Upper Lip (2000):

That album released in the millennium 2000. That was their 13th international and 14th Aussie released in the history of AC/ DC. But their Black Ice album broke the second-highest selling AC/DC album of 2008!! WOW!! 😀

What secured themselves in #1 of all the tops charts of the entire world!! Even AC/DC included a song like Safe in New York-based on the traumatic terrorist attack of 9/11. HELL YEAH!! 😀

Black Ice (2008):

Their 15th native released n’ 14th international released AC/DC album Black Ice, came out on the market in 2008 after 8 long years of waiting.

But this time AC/DC switched from the Atlantic record to the Sony music. But finally, they stayed with Columbia Records.

AC/DC projects got famous metal band Black Ice rocked at the 1# position in 29 countries of the world and won the Grammy for their song War machine as well

On the other hand that single track used in the movie as their soundtrack on Iron Man 2 and WWE Wrestle Mania!! DAMN!! 😀

That heavy metal album became the last album, in the history of AC/DC by the guitarist Malcolm Young & they started their world tour in 2008. After that, he gave up on the band because of his illness and passed away in 2017. SHIT ☹

That pioneer metal band sold 71.5 billion AC/DC records sold only the only in the USA and 200+ millions all around the world and became one of the best album selling band ever!! How cool is that?!

Not only that AC/DC secured their position as in 100 greatest hard rock artists of all time from MTV & 72# according to the list of the rolling stones in the list forever!! 😀 COOL.

This also paved their way as the greatest Rock n’ Roll band of all time back in 2010 & #23rd on the list of VH1s. THAT’S MASSIVE!! 😀

3rd AC/DC’ live album, Live at River plate released on 2012 and that legendary successful album paved the way of releasing their tracks on the websites!! COOL YEAH   😀

Released on 1986 n’ re-released in their remaster series of 2003 considered the latest album of them with a videotape on it.

That album also reached the 11th position of the UK top chart with the massive success of selling more than five million copies just only in the US!! DAMN!! 😀

Latest album of AC/DC Iron man 2, a heavy metal album of the soundtracks of the self-titled movie released in 2010. Consists of their popular n’ less popular songs as a metal band.

That album wasn’t a mighty blow like da movie, what rest of the AC/DC hits proved themselves. But still, it rocked with the movie because of its energetic compositions.

 It has total of 15 remixed tracks demanding the situations from various 10 AC/DC projects.

Above all these analysis we can surely get the ideas about AC/DC albums, their contribution in Music industry, their tremendous legacy with popularity of their mindblowing albums tracks, energetic live performances etc.

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