BRUCE DICKINSON, a MEGA ROCKSTAR with simplest attitude!!

The pioneer frontman of the mighty heavy metal band like IRON MAIDEN, Bruce Dickinson can be BRUCE DICKINSONconsidered as the perfect example for not only being a mighty headbanger but as an awesome person indeed!!

Just look at his simplest form of his own lifestyle where Bruce Dickinson depicted the picture of how to be a happy human being doesn’t really matter who you really are or wat’s your fuckin designations?!

His view of life just changed the entire scenario of the life of a Rockstar who became isolated just for being unique, stubborn, their daily lifestyle, passion and sadness, the craze is kinda gloomy in front of our so-called civilized society!! Hahaha!!

Just take a look around the simple, happy, peaceful lifestyle of that legendary Metalhead.

  • He loves silent and absolute dark places where he can be peacefully lonely and ideas can be generated by flourishing his creativities!! WOOOOW!!
  • He loves to watch the nature from the train window when the train is comparatively empty and slow!!
  • He loves the green mountain with books!! HOW CLASSY IS THAT???!!!
  • He hates the environments of the nightlife, and so-called glamorous Hollywood and NY CITY!! OMFG!!!
  • He loves to be in the soccer giant countries like Argentina and Brazil and their foods!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!!
  • He loves to fly his plane in the middle of Atlantic!! Waaaaahhhhh!!!!!! 😀 😀
  • In the scenario of music, no one can beat his LONDON!! Look how patriotic he is!!??
  • He hates self-centered autobiographies of so-called attention seekers who talks about morals but doesn’t have it of his own!! Lolzzz.
  • and he loves his sense of humor by expressing himself, his childhood through his novel and screenplays!! J
  • He loves the matured and real relationships with everybody what we can see among the team members of the Iron Maiden!! This is what we call a real teamwork…. 😀

Battling with cancer was a major turning point of his life and career as well especially for the man who had a golf ball on his tongue!! DAMN… L

Bruce Dickinson took Chemotherapy and radiation to won his battle against cancer and the mindblowing fact for his life is he improved his quality of singing more than ever after all these struggles!! BINGOOOO!!! 😀 😀

That mighty headbanger reveals his several secrets in his book “What does this button do”!! what he claimed not as his autobiography but a story to tell…  J

On an interview, Bruce Dickinson revealed that he does believe that, the positive attitude of controlling his arrogance on his entire life leads by the reasons of not being an addicted!!

His dedication to the band along with the appreciation towards his huge level of heavy metal audience proves him as a man who never gives a fuck about arrogance!!

Bruce Dickinson likes to be a part of the humanity  as a Rockstar after the ending of the mighty performance of his band like Iron Maiden!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Because of using Cocaine, and drinking alcohol as well some so-called Rockstars were able to do that on his musical career!! Arrogance became their permanent disillusion of life!!   THIS IS WHAT WE CALL A SKILL!!!!

At the end of an interview, Bruce Dickinson also mentioned that Iron Maiden gonna release their Live chapter of the album of Book of Souls in this November 2017!! BINGOOOO!! 😀

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