Upcoming Reunion Of The Motorhead!!

The upcoming Reunion of Motorhead!! After loosing the pioneer lineup of the Motorhead, the band is thinking of a Reunion!! 😀 HELL YEAH 😀

Well just like the last year 2017, the beginning of the year 2018 is still continuing by losing Heavy metal artists like the lead guitarist of the Headbanging British Heavy Metal band Motorhead Fast Eddie Clark 67!!!!  He used to be the only remaining member of the band of their classic line-up. 🙁

Other classical  members like The Bassist Lemmy the king and their drummer Phil Taylor both passed away back in the same year of 2015!! OH FUCK……

Fast Eddie Allan Clark used to be the only founding member left of the Heavy metal band Motorhead. Pneumonia ended his life cycle peacefully. It’s just a fucking shock for all the Heavy metal lover from around the globe!! DAMN….

He got his name as Fast Eddie Clark for his faster Riffing and guitar solos!!   The classic lineup of the Motorhead now reunited again but this time now in heaven!!

Eddie started his music career as a Lead guitarist from the age of only 15 the Trio Icons of Motorhead now can jam on Heaven peacefully beyond any fuckin doubts!! Keep Rocking Heavy Metal legends…  OH HELL ☹

In the meantime, the remaining members of the band Motorhead planned for their Re-Union touring show and a tribute concert because of their late front man Lemmy the king with a guest vocalist on The upcoming Reunion of Motorhead.

Their guitarist Phil Campbell and their drummer Mickey Dee confirmed that in a recent interview.   When the band was almost at the end of its musical career after losing of another member like Fast Eddie Clark this time they choose to fight back as a pure piece of Metalhead!! And The upcoming Reunion of Motorhead is the proving it!!  HELL YEAH 😀


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