Slipknot Back in Studio for the Blast of Upcoming Year & Album

There’s a big blast gonna happen in the next year from the mindblowing masked Heavy Metal band of earth Slipknot!! After 4 freaking years this time they are finally gonna release another heavy weight album for their fans and that’s fucking official!!

And u know what? The crazy thing is they are already on their recording studio for that with their clown!! LOLZ

Another surprise is in that album u will find the essence of their heaviest album lowa (2001)!! Already 16 heavy songs are ready to rock on the very beginning of the next year which is based on Corey Taylor’s depression, and according to him, these are his best lyrics of life!! FUCK YEAH!!

According to some sources, that’s gonna be their last record because they think they are old enough to perform on heavy masks and suits because of that heat and blurred visions and definitely tired enough for the betraying of the people!! FUCK NO!!

Corey Taylor think that resigning would be a prime time for enjoying his fishing and there would be no farewell tour shit!!

And that stubborn Corey Taylor doesn’t give a fuck what the record label told him to write, because he’s gonna write what he loves to write dude!! HELL YEAH

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