Upcoming mindblowing combination of Slash and Mustaine!!

combination of Slash and Mustaine

According to the autobiography of the legendary Guns and Roses guitarist Slash who mentioned about the jamming session with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine of the late 80’z might gonna happen for one more time!! WOOOWW!!

That jam wouldn’t be based on the bands but might be a solo project of these world-famous guitarists!! FUCK YEAH….

According to Megadeth. Slash is a rare talent of the guitar world and he enjoys playing guitar with him! 😊

He will play with the Blues essence on this jamming sessions….. BINGO!

Dave believes that when some guitar parts were really hard for him on the recording of his album Rust in Peace, but this is he will be very comfortable on these fucking guitar riffs which prove his skills as a metal guitarist who is improving day by day!! ROCK ON….

He kicked out on the rumor that he’s gonna leave Megadeth and will start his career on his solo projects!! HELL YEAH….

Megadeth is busy on the recording of their new album for the upcoming year and this time there’s a huge possibility that Slash will be featuring on that brand-new album with Dave!! CAN U BELIEVE THIS?! WOOOOOW


On the other hand, Megadeth’s Bass guitarist David Ellefson commented about his maturity of 8 long years when he left Megadeth for a while!!

He believes that when they were poor as a musician he wanted to change his fate by moving his ass to Hollywood and played with the different type of bands and being a consultant in a college.

But the fact was, he never got the appreciation as an Ex Bass player of the Megadeth!! When he left the band, everything changed a lot!! That was the Brutal reality of his life which made him a mature human being and musician as well!!

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When Dave decided to re-arranged Megadeth he came back as a bassist of the band who sued the frontman for using his creations on several concerts by not giving his revenues!!

After five years of disputes, that ended up and Megadeth started to run as one the of biggest Thrash Metal band ever to rule the world!! 😀

This is also played a huge role in baptized himself and went back to the church again as a conscious human being. This is the proof, what a man does when he becomes a mature person and faced the hard realities of life!!

Congrats, David Ellefson of Megadeth !! 😊


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