Upcoming album of Lamb of God!!

Mark Morton, the guitarist of famous American Groove Metal band Lamb of God or (LOG) recently mentioned that they are gonna hit the studio up for their upcoming new album!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

While they were in a break since the mid of ’17 they choose to be had some family with and concentrate on their lyrics as well to have a blast later on!! BINGO 😀

Now after the end of their tour, well it’s time to go back and hit on the target!!

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Like everybody knows that already their drummer Chris Adler had a motorcycle accident before the North American Farewell show of Slayer really appreciated the love of their fans,

who are still backing him up and inspiring him to come back on stage like a true Metalcore!! U GOT ME…. 😊

Like their front man Randy sold the replica of his Grammy-winning a medal and definitely his first ever musical award, for the sake of saving the son’s life of one of his friends!!

Now after 11 years later his lucky friend is gonna sell the same replica medal for the sake of saving the life of the sister in laws of Randy for the money raising the issue of her fucking breast cancer!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

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Chris Adler, who used to play with even in the mighty Megadeth, now as the entrepreneur of the Kintsugi management, a management company for a talent search,

Is determined enough to be a mindblowing agency of the upcoming bands on the soil of Metal industry, who knows how to deal with the difficulties of that a band could face before pressing the Rock bottom!!

He’s using his 25 years of experience for being a well-established fighter in the industry who already choose world’s leading consultants for his managerial career to lead the newcomers to lead the good fights on the industry!!

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