Upcoming album of Lamb of God!!

Upcoming album of Lamb Of God

Mark Morton, the guitarist of famous American Groove Metal band Lamb of God or (LOG) recently mentioned that they are gonna hit the studio up for their upcoming new album!! HELL YEAH!! 😀

While they were in a break since the mid of ’17 they choose to be had some family with and concentrate on their lyrics as well to have a blast later on!! BINGO 😀

Now after the end of their tour, well it’s time to go back and hit on the target!!

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Like everybody knows that already their drummer Chris Adler had a motorcycle accident before the North American Farewell show of Slayer really appreciated the love of their fans,

who are still backing him up and inspiring him to come back on stage like a true Metalcore!! U GOT ME…. 😊

Like their front man Randy sold the replica of his Grammy-winning a medal and definitely his first-ever musical award, for the sake of saving the son’s life of one of his friends!!


Now after 11 years later his lucky friend is gonna sell the same replica medal for the sake of saving the life of the sisters-in-law of Randy for the money raising the issue of her fucking breast cancer!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

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Chris Adler, who used to play with even in the mighty Megadeth, now as the entrepreneur of the Kintsugi management, a management company for a talent search,

Is determined enough to be a mind-blowing agency of the upcoming bands on the soil of Metal industry, who knows how to deal with the difficulties of that a band could face before pressing the Rock bottom!!

He’s using his 25 years of experience for being a well-established fighter in the industry who already choose world’s leading consultants for his managerial career to lead the newcomers to lead the good fights on the industry!!

Randy Blythe kicked outrage-day culture!

Well, the mighty Randy mocked and kicked the so-called music critics just like Sitting In front of a God damn monitor and then started judging Metalheads will take you nowhere out on the Earth!! HAHA….

That’s the easiest things to do what you choose to do with your shitty brain and fuck faces!

That good for nothing internet generation and their culture of outrage isn’t effective at all!

When they find someone, who doesn’t need to fit on their shoes they show their ass fucking mentality by humiliating and insulting them like some cheap shit morons! :@

But mighty Randy doesn’t give a fuck! Who already grows up before these internet days and already punched so many faces in the end!

That superstar wants to get involved more on underground metal scenario because this is what he really can relate himself and that’s what made him what he is today…. 😊

Metalheads never gave a fuck towards the judgmental mentality of an out corrupt society and a bunch of shitty listeners who called themselves as so-called headbangers! HAHA

Through this artistic comment, Randy basically has some philosophical and motivational attribute as well!

He shows us how to lead a boastful life how to think about yourself through self-development. Inner peace definitely how to be a good human being as well!!

 On a recent interview, Randy commented about some of his personal issues like how the reality made him more mature as a man?

And he replied, after watching so many of his friend because of alcoholism and drug overdose he watched their painful death Infront of his eyes, that is what turned him a chain smoker and a drunk party boy to today’s Randy!!  

He is so grateful for even after being in jail and suffered a lot in a risk full life. This is what shaped him what he is today!!  

According to him, there’s nothing romantic to see your dearest friend having a pathetic death to the end! Not everyone can tolerate that painful agony of them!! NOBODY WANTS TO DIE!!

 Whoever calls themselves as Satanists, just think again after that perceptual comment, who the real ones are?!

In the end, he had no comment about their new upcoming album yet, which is still under-recording process! And like his other bandmates, he doesn’t want to comment about it. because that’s against his ethics! WOW…

But he has something special to tell you all. If you really wanna know what made him that special? Because he listened to every type of genres he found when he was a kid!

He used to listen to them and he still does, and this is what another part of being today’s successful Randy because he still finds that as interesting!! DAMN……

Because he still believes, LOG creates universal music, and he can’t write a song if he doesn’t have any experience about it!!

 He can’t writer a Lamb of God song for his wife, but he’s very much able to do it for the people of the world! Because he knows how it feels to deal with it with his creative side,

 and how to feel the pain of others….. THAT’S LIKE TRUE ROCKER!! 😊

On the other hand, there’s good news for the fans of the LOG! Their forceful drummer Chris Adler will be back on stage on upcoming October after his horrible motorcycle accident! YEEEEAAAHHHH!! 😀

But the thing is Randy is really happy with their current drummer Art Cruz, and he has no particular comment about Chris as well.

 So, we can think about certain lineup changes of Lamb of God who’s already preparing enough for their upcoming new album!

And according to their official Twitter account, they officially announced that they choose him as the  replacement of Chris Adler!  

LOG’s guitarist Mark Morton believes that’s their main priority nowadays, and they are doing their best to make it great just like regular super energized LOG albums! WOOOW…. 😀

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