Altitude & Attitude, The Combination of Megadeth and Anthrax !! WOW

Well, what everybody already knows about Altitude & Attitude, the joint project of these two bassists Megadeth’s Dave Ellefson & anthrax’s Frank Bello is on a roll already in the worldwide Heavy Metal scenario!! YEAH…. 😀

Under the flame of several Rock N’ Roll guest artists like Ozzy Osbourne from Black Sabbath, Ace Freshy from Kiss, Nita from Alice Cooper, made that album unique as hell!!

Even the Bassist of Megadeth David Ellefson is highly confident enough for the commercial success of that upcoming debut album project!! Because they have already a single like “Out There” what already helped them to take the album on the limelight!! FUCK YEAH….. 😀

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Lyrics of that album based on the inner struggle, hateful life experiences, murder and leaving of family member, being lonely in the cruel world the inner burning anger of Bello… ☹

what leads to be a great musician like him!! His music is going to heavier day by day what made him to strongly believe that’s happening because of his inner anger!! U ROCK MAN….

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Anthrax’s upcoming deluxe edition of their mighty album States of Euphoria on next October for its 30 years celebration gonna be another masterpiece for their glorious musical career as well!!

That album made them the band of mainstream along with the giants like Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer as well!! What helped them to be a part of the historical BIG FOUR and several Gold, Platinum awards as well!!  BINGO….. 😀

This time they became the icon of Comic books, movie, and definitely the Melodic and Thrash Metal as well… WOOOW 😊

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Anthrax Bassist and Vocalist, Bello believes that he’s grateful for now working on a friendly environment with so many others Metalcores. He strongly expects from their fans which is growing day by day

Even the new generation is adding up continuously!! I hope they will consider them not only as an entertainer but an ‘Artist’ at first!! Like everybody knows that he vocal is suitable of Classic Rock, for his high tenor.

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That unique project gets delayed for the preparations of the Slayer’s farewell tour, but in the sake of their friendships between these two bands Slayer, Lamb of God and Anthrax he doesn’t mind at the,

And on the other hand, their hunger for good music paved the way of that mindblowing project! And that is how Anthrax is trying to bring the 90’s Heavy Metal scenario in today’s!!  HELL YEAH…. 😀

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