Iron Maiden’s New Album On The Upcoming Year !

Most probably according to some sources that would be a Follow-Up album of their latest album Book of Souls rumors were in the air that Iron Maiden gonna retire after that album.

But funny shit has they organized themselves after the world tour of Book of Souls for its upcoming follow-up album which had been on their mind for last 20 freaking years! WOW 😀

Because of that legacy, Iron Maiden is a band who’s proud enough for performing on the sold-out stadiums on their traditional Maiden concert stages not only in England but also worldwide!! FUCK YEAH…

In spite of this their award-winning beer Trooper is available on the row of Virgin trains for one more time for celebrating their success around the globe,

which they are enjoying with their heart and soul!! And this time they are expecting to break its previous selling record of 20 million around the world!!  Haha 😀

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even the Birthday Boy Bruce Dickinson the mighty Front men of the Iron Maiden lose his step while performing live on the stage but that 60 years old trooper suddenly got his balance back really quick on the last stage performance of their Book of Souls world tour!! ☹

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On the other hand, Iron maiden faced the dispute of claiming the lyrical authority of contribution in the most legal way ever!! Their ex-vocalist Dennis Willcock claimed the contributing authorships of the songs like:

Prowler, Hollowed By the name, Iron Maiden, Phantom of the Opera, Charlotte the Harlot, Prodigal Son along with the band leader Steve Harris!! But Stevie just kicked on his face smartly!!

He claimed their ex-vocalist couldn’t even remember the lyrics on the live performances so he used to memorize it through lyrical sheets so how the hell he can remember the lyrical elements and accurate world that he invented for Iron Maiden’s lyrics after 40 long years!! Hahaha LONG LIVE IRON MAIDEN!!:D

In the meantime, Iron Maiden claimed even the guitarist Dave Murrey has a better contribution on their iconic lyrics rather than that shitty ex-vocalist!! WOOW

So now the court gonna decide who the real owners are!! And definitely Mr. Willcock gonna lose that case!! LOLZZZ

And just like the example of how sharp their memories are and how they honored their history of legacy Bruce Dickinson the Front men of the bands is one of the identifiers of the grave of another great English legend William Blake!! DAMN!!

Who established a grave stone on the last resting place of Sir William Black after 191 freaking years!! What shows that how they valued their past and that’s something fucking amazing…. HELL YEAH 😀

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