Black Sabbath‘s Tony Iommi, gonna Rock on his solo Career!!

Black Sabbath‘s Tony Lommi, gonna Rock on his Solo Career!

Well, that’s gonna be a warm winter for the Black Sabbath fans!! Because he’s gonna hit on the studio for the recording of his new solo project after a long break from his very first solo album like fused (2005)!! 😀 Iommi already got his pensions from his gang of Black Sabbath after their retiring as one of the best heavy Metal artists of all fucking time!!

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In the ongoing process of the remixing Sabbath’s album Forbidden (1996), this time Iommi decided to do an instrumental solo album for the very first time in his long magical career!! 

Iommi, who’s not able to do long away tours of Sabbath’s because of his throat cancer, believes that losing artists like Jon Bonham,  Lemmy, and definitely the band like Rolling Stone because of their drug issue was a big-time loss for the Music industry so he changed his mind to be fit in the life and made a sacrifice!!

Polite  Iommi commented about when bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses nominated Black Sabbath as their God of Metal, that becomes kinda embarrassing!! LOLZ….. 😊

About his married life he’s boastfully commented about his long tours around the world, sleepless nights in the Studio sessions made his marriage life unhappy but beyond any matter of discussion, Music is something that’s all you need!! hahaha 😀

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After stating that Ozzy Osbourne’s lack of ability to remember lyrics prohibited Black Sabbath for recording any live album on his time of period!! After losing Ronnie James Dio as their vocal back in 2010, they were almost forced to recall Ozzy as their vocal for one more time!! And that’s for sure, losing an icon like Dio, considered as one of the biggest loss of the Heavy Metal industry!! 

On the other hand, Ozzy is celebrating his five decades of Heavy Metal performing!! He’s on a tour and that will last till 2020 which is already been confirmed!! At his 70 years of age, he still believes maybe he’s retiring from world tours, but he will still continuing touring in American and Europe as well!! BINGOOOO 😀

To tell the truth, being enlisted on the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Black Sabbath should give thanks to that legendary vocalist!! 😊

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