Thrash Metal King Megadeth Back in Business

Well after 17 damn years, the thrash metal legend Megadeth performed Conjuring in Czech Republica at 12th and 13th night!! WOW

That is the song what is a total flashback of the life of the frontman Dave Mustaine most probably an autobiography of the dark side of his life what he hates like fucking hell!! FUCK YEAH….

Such as his teenage crazy of Black magic along with Witchcraft is directly involved in case of ruining his life!! For God sake, he was able to get over it by playing his guitar as his inspirations but still, that was the scary part of his Rocking life he doesn’t want to remember at all!! SIGH…..

Back in 2011, Megadeth decided not to perform again in live but in this year, they came back with an attitude as hell. That is how he’s not going to be a Heathen anymore and without hurting anyone he doesn’t even care actually! LOLZ…On the other hand, there’s a great chance of releasing their upcoming new album on the next April of 2019!! DAMN!!

Not only that surprisingly he’s going to add some new kinda musical instruments for the first time even in Megadeth with more aggression!!  HELL YEAHHHH


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