Deep Purple’s Anthology This Time Strikes With An Anthology

Deep Purple’s Anthology!! The British Rock Band Deep Purple gonna launch their Deep Purple’s Anthology, in the upcoming November 2017!!

that classic English rock band along with the bands like  Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, as a member of the Holy Trinity of  gonna release their  Deep Purple’s Anthology with the legendary record breaking songs like A fire in the sky and Definitely the Smoke on the water and Highway star, DAMN!!

Be sure about that this winter is gonna warmy as hell, with the Deep Purple’s Anthology and the loud tempos of that legendary band with three LP formats of it.   And of course, that would be an unique collection of their 40 singles on three sets of CD’s recorded within their Rocking musical career of  1968-2013 releasing of their Deep Purple’s Anthology!! WOW…  😀 😀

In the meantime, at the very beginning of 2017, their iconic drummer Ian Paice commented about their founding member and  Mind Blowing lead guitar player Ethan Miller is not gonna join with them on this historic Deep Purple’s Anthology. Same thing happened with Ritchie Blackmore as well on the Deep Purple’s Anthology!! meeeh 🙁

He left the band back in 1996,  was absent and rumors spreaded which  becoming  true on their entrance to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame!! And Morse replaces him anyway!!  DAMN… :@


Even that band performed last August without that talented Rockstar which provoked that the thin ice among the members is not gonna melted away really soon even on their Deep Purple’s Anthology!! but their mark-ii line-up will be out there for sure!! hell yeah!! :d :d

Lists of the tracks for their upcoming Deep Purple’s Anthology:

Disc I

  1. Wrong Man
  2. Hell to Pay
  3. Perfect Strangers
  4. Vincent Price
  5. Rapture of the Deep
  6. Sun Goes Down
  7. Any Fule Kno That
  8. Knocking at Your Back Door
  9. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
  10. Vavoom: Ted the Mechanic
  11. The Battle Rages On
  12. King of Dreams
  13. Call of the Wild
  14. Bad Attitude

Disc II

  1. Burn
  2. Storm bringer
  3. Space Truckin
  4. You Keep on Moving
  5. Dealer (2010 Kevin Shirley Remix)
  6. Soldier of Fortune
  7. Mistreated
  8. When a Blind Man Cries
  9. Might Just Take Your Life
  10. Rat Bat Blue
  11. Woman from Tokyo
  12. Smoke on the Water

Disc III

  1. Hush
  2. Highway Star
  3. Demon’s Eye
  4. Fireball
  5. Child in Time
  6. The Bird Has Flown” (Early Version – 2012 Stereo Mix)
  7. Strange Kind of Woman
  8. Speed King (U.S. Album Edit)
  9. Black Night
  10. Hallelujah
  11. Kentucky Woman
  12. Emmaretta (2012 Stereo Mix)
  13. Wring That Neck (a.k.a. Hard Road)
  14. Mandrake Root
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