Chester Bennington, another fallen hero of Metal Music world

That American Nu-Metal God, depicted the picture of a fallen Angel or the famous Greek mythology like a tragic hero, ended his life with a big question mark on it.

According to some sources Chester Bennington ( Vocalist of Linking Park)  found his dad as his childhood molester at the end of his life!! But on the other hand, he knew the true reason of the passing away of his friend Chris Cornell so the mafia’s clear their way out of it!!

No matter what, death of that legend made a big ass blockhole for the metal lovers all around the globe because of mighty popularity of his band Linkin park.

Even in Bangladesh guitarist of Mechanix and nemesis late Zeheen Ahmed, the son of Manam Ahmed legendary keyboard player of Miles committed suicide, because of that unbearable pain of losing him just after the day after Cheezy’s death!!

Another prove of the true passion and love for the metal music as a Bangladeshi!! Fuk no☹

Because of excessive depression and PTSD as well that trauma leaded him towards drug addiction, but taking of Marijuana, cocaine, LSD couldn’t help him out!! Another prove of stupid drug addictions which is good for nothing.

Chester Bennington became the practical prove of that become a millionaire iconic Rockstar will not paved a way of   happy life if u have a traumatic scary phobia-tic horrible negative emotions against you own life!! If you failed to fight it back you will eventually lose yourself!! ☹

The death of Cheezy n’ Zeheen will be an important message for the rest of the world that money n’ fame can’t buy happiness, so face the damn reality of your inner world coz life is a bitch…. ☹

Linkin park up on the Billboard chart, and the tips of Chester’s friend!!

Well, still the fans of that legendary band are still mourning with Griff’s streaming all around for their songs, searching anything related with them, surfing any inch of updates around the search engines.

These all became possible for the mighty popularity of the band and love for their front man Chester Bennington who killed himself in the mid of July…. Helllll

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In last, few months selling of their albums grows almost 130% with selling rate digital songs of almost 200%!! DAMN…..   They are heavily bounced back on the Billboard top charts because of these issues!!

On the other hand, wife of Mike Shinoda published her own new blog about accusing the mental instabilities of Chezzy for the creepy incident,

Because she can feel the pain of that legendary singer for being another suffer from that internal disease as well!! She’s a patient of mental disturbances from last 14 damn years!! Mehhhhh

She gave some tips for regarding, that issue like:

1.Regular meditatating

  1. Reading a book
  2. Using of creativities
  3. Regular Workouts
  4. Sufficient Vitamin D
  5. concern with a specialist if it still needed

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