Anthrax Performed ‘Indians’ From the Kings Of Scotland’s DVD!!

Anthrax Performed ‘Indians’ From The Kings Of Scotland’s DVD!!Anthrax, the father of Thrash metal band, is now in the spotlight once again!! But this time within a different perception, and with a well-deserved mind-blowing live concert DVD of their album Kings among Scotland performed on the 15th February of 2017 on an archaic venue like Barrowland Ballroom of Glasgow for two long hours and under almost 17 cameras!! FUCK YEAH!! 😀

On the other hand, footages of their gears with interviews gave that DVD a unique concept for their crazy Thrash metal audience!! Haha 😀

And just before the show began their drummer Charlie Benanate walked in the path of Lamb of God, by accusing the Tech king apple played a vital role in demolishing world music industry!!

Software’s like Napster, Kazaa, Kazaa light, Imesh screwed the entire music industry down to hell…

These file sharing apps, and contributions of some other greedy artist and record companies what music become a business,

And led the small bands just got vanished from the scenario which is not only shameful but also signaling a horrible future for the upcoming bands….

Some websites renting their playlists of poor sound qualities for a month of subscriptions fee which in a sense is too damn high rather than buying an album!! FUCK NOOOO…..

These facts are hampering the interests of the record labels for the artists… because no one waters a dead tree!!

So now a day’s bands are selling their limited edition autographed stuff on their concerts for funding their own damn tour!! Coz there’s no way out………

So, at the end of the day Anthrax decided to play in the Testament in this DAMN HOT SUMMER!! LOLZ At least there’s something to cheer about!!Just like the last Metal summer!! Coz summer Rocks… 😀

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These Are The Dates According To Their Official Page:

  1. May 12th Sat Las Vegas
  2. May 18th Fri Cranbrook Bc
  3. May 23rd Wed Fargo Nd
  4. May 26th Sat Ft Wayne in
  5. Jun 8th Fri Knoxville Tn
  6. Jun 13th Wed Savanna Ga
  7. Jun 18th Mon-new Orleans


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