In 2017 AC/DC decided to carry on with the mighty AXL Rose and gonna record their new album along with him as well!! DAMN THIS IS GOOOD!!  😀 on the other hand Angus Young joined with The Grunge king AXL rose on stage to rock da hell outta their lucky audience!!

The 40th anniversary of their album let there be Rock reveal the debate of Baptist john and Jesus about their superior level which they honored like hell. Even in 2017, the lyrics of the symbolic lyrics of that album is still a controversial issue!!

Use of ironies, Guitar chords n Riffs of the entire album even their first biggest hit of the history of AC DC plays a vital role indeed!! They used their message against the imperialistic corporate world as an artist anyway!!

AC/DC never played in a show without a huge crowd in front of them since 1980!! As a biggest Aussie exporter, they already sold 200+ million records around the world officially like a mighty album like Back in Black!! Even they are able to sell the right of their one single track minimum in record breaking 500000$+!!! DAMN That’s a biggie!! ?

Even they arranged a refund of the ticket of their concert for their fans who don’t wanna watch the front man of GNR, AXL Rose performing with AC DC in front of them!! WOW!!

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