U2 The Pioneer 1976 Band & achtung baby deluxe edition

A world-famous Rock band from Ireland, a representative of 1976 band, what eventually became mind-blowingly famous for their, U2 achtung baby deluxe edition!! Glorified my childhood as a 90’s kid! LOLZ…

Led by the famous frontman Bono, who just established himself as one of the most iconic vocalists of all time when auto-tuned vocals considered as such a shame! 😊

The use of imageries, with Romantic, sociopolitical thematic essence, great guitar tunes with exclusive live performances helped to established U2 as a promising band of 1976!!

 On the other hand, their most successful creation like U2 achtung baby deluxe edition proved themselves as dynamically gifted throughout their musical career!

 Formed in Dublin, by some teen-agers, the US as a band of 1976 played their enigmatic vital role even in the 21st century when Bono as a vocalist,

Already lost his major hearing ability proved his determinations, after all these years that what they are meant to be! And to tell the truth, these are the signs of classy artists.

 U2 members:

Bono: (Key vocal & Rhythm guitar)

  • The Edge: (Keys)
  • Adam Clyton: (Bassist)
  • Larry Mullen Jr: (Drummer
  • Ivan McCormin: (Composer)
  • Peter Martin: (Keys)
  • Dick Evand: (Lead Guitar)

 U2 albums are something, what is going to lead you to give the taste of some greatly composed and functioned music as well,  which eventually gives you the thrill of quality music, such as U2 achtung baby tour, will justify enough Achtung baby review, what we are going to talk about it later part of our story!!

Studio albums of the U2, as a representative of 1976 band:

Boy, (1980):

Debut album by the band, was really a progressive project regarding that time and period! Grabbed the rankings of #52nd in the UK and #63rd in the US!  A successful album according to the music critics and fans, and eventually that made them went for a European tour as well! 😊

October, (1981):

2nd studio album by the band U2 on a back to back years! An album of with the lyrical elements of more religious and spiritual essence and even under more mature leadership of Bono!

Back in early 80’z, that type of progressive thinking like the relationship between Christianity and Rock N’ Roll world proved them once again,

 As a progressive band as well. That was an album of more mixed or positive reviews regarding their debut one!

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War, (1983):

Another successful U2 album just a year later! That 3rd studio album by this Irish band U2, depicted the picture of political elements and controversies this time!

U2 songs like Sunday Bloody Sunday and even the self-titled song of that album proved this album a more mature one!

Not only that, that successful album paved the way for a glorious success for the band that reached the Apex of UK top chart this time! BINGOOOOOO!! 😀

By becoming the Gold-certified album, that mindblowing U2 album reached on the #12th of the US top chart, #16th on the Irish top chart, and Rolling Stone listed it as 500 greatest albums of all time, as well!! MAN, YOU WANT MORE?!

The Unforgettable Fire, (1984):

That 4th studio album released on my birthday year!! LOLZ… A musically changed album with harder one this time. A tribute to the great Martin Luther King JR. that mindblowing album also deals with emotional states like love and drug addictions! WOW…….

Joshua Tree, (1987,2017):

9th studio album of the band, an album of the essence of the American and Irish musical power! And that definitely drew the thin line between, Mythical and Real America!!

That particular album was heavily influenced by the Socio American perspectives like Literature, politics, Culture, History human rights, Progressiveness, etc.

By topping the 20 Musical charts, that masterpiece album became the highest-selling album of all time in English History!! That was the album that made superstars U2 as a band!!

Tracks like with or without you, Where the streets have no name, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for helped U2 music to have a revolutionary impact on our music industry!! FUCK…… 😀

That Grammy-winning album also enlists itself as one of the highest-selling albums of the world and even topped the US Music chart for the very first time! By releasing this album, they got the best ever Critics reviews of the musical career!!

Even they re-issued that album back in 2017 for celebrating the 30 years releasing of that headbanging album!! BINGO!! 😀

Rattle and Hum, (1988):

10th studio album by the band U2, and this time a really Hybrid one! A back to back album which is heavily influenced by the American emotions as well, what eventually got inspired by the: Gospel, Flock, and Blues Rock at the same time! WOW….. 😀

A commercially successful album by selling, 20 million copies around the world and topping the chart out on several countries and hit on the apex of the US Billboard! HELL YEAH!!

That self-titled movie earned 10 Million bucks, still considered to be one of the best music movies of all time!

 Achtung baby, and the mighty Achtung Baby Deluxe edition, (1991,2011):

The 7th studio album by the band, the most successful one in the history of U2 music!! Stung by the fuckin criticisms of their previous album,

This time they turned their ass more on Industrial music, Electronic dance music, Alternative Rock through their self-portrait and analyzed one!! Critics also saw that revolutionary album as a fightback of the Rebel U2!! MAN…….

 Heavily influenced by the German reunifications, this time U2 heavily argued over their musical directions, and quality of their music!

The tension created among the band members and this is what eventually led the disbanding of the band! The revolutionary song like “One” proved their music ethics and quality as an artist in Infront of this damned world!!

That particular album Achtung Baby Deluxe edition, nominated as the US Billboard 200 top albums of all time for the first time in their musical history, what eventually was a slap towards the haters of U2 Band!! FUCK YEAH…..

This time, they even won the fuckin Grammy for the second time of their life and grabbed other awards like Best Rock Performance, Best album of all time, etc.

Reissuing again in 2011 for the 20 years anniversary of it, that particular U2 album is still a milestone among the Billion of U2 fans around the world as Achtung Baby Deluxe Edition!!

Back in 1992, the mighty Bono described the Achtung baby with the help of a metaphor as, some four men chopping down the famous Joshua Tree and analyzed it like their old formulas!

This time they even got a documentary based on that mighty album named Sky Down, you can still even have it as CD or DVD versions.

The tracklisting of the Achtung Baby Deluxe Edition:


  • One Lyrics
  • Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses Lyrics
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing Lyrics
  • Zoo Station Lyrics
  • Until the End of The World Lyrics
  • The Fly Lyrics
  • So Cruel Lyrics
  • Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around the World Lyrics
  • Mysterious Ways Lyrics
  • Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Lyrics
  • Acrobat Lyrics
  • Love Is Blindness Lyrics


  • Blow Your House Down
  • Lady with The Spinning Head (UV1) Lyrics
  • Salomé Lyrics
  • Satellite of Love Lyrics
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing (single version) Lyrics
  • Paint It Black Lyrics
  • Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Temple Bar Remix) Lyrics
  • Fortunate Son Lyrics
  • Even Better Than the Real Thing (Fish Out of Water Remix) Lyrics
  • Alex Descends into Hell for A Bottle of Milk/Korova 1* Lyrics
  • Mysterious Ways (The Perfecto Mix) Lyrics
  • Where Did It All Go Wrong? Lyrics
  • Night and Day (Steel String Remix) Lyrics
  • The Lounge Fly Mix Lyrics

Zooropa, (1993):

8th U2 studio album and this a more hybrid one which was technologically sounder and more advanced as well. An experimental Alternative Rock and Dance music album by the use of its sound effects you can even call it a Techno album as well.

Got bunch of positive reviews because of the tracks like Stray Faraway, Lemon, Numb, etc. That album was mostly based on the Zoo TV tour,

Not only that, this album was blessed with Platinum certification in the UK, 2X Platinum certification in the US and 3X in Australia!! And that was possible for topping nine major musical charts!! FUCK YEAH…..

Pop, (1997):

9th studio album and another commercial success for the U2 as a band! Generally received positive reviews this time U2 invented a posh era of their music that was highly experimental and technology-based!

This time they sole 300000+ copies of that album just only in the US and the certification of RIAA Platinum as well!! BINGO…

All that you can’t leave behind, (2000):

10th studio album of the band and this time with a mixed review but still being able to sell 15 million copies of it!! Songs like Beautiful Day stuck in a moment, walk-on, really touched the heart of their Billion fans!!

Commercially that album was a successful one that eventually topped 16 musical charts of the world!! FUCK YEAH…. 😀

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, (2004):

11th studio album by U2 and another experimental album with lots of sound effects just like the previous one. This time for the much more hard-hitting sounds, they commented about it as their first-ever Rock album! LOLZ.

That Grammy-winning album was flourish tracks like Sometimes you can’t make it on your own, and Blinding Lights.

No Line on the Horizon, (2009):

12th studio album of the band U2, that album came out after a long gap! An album of positive mainstream reviews was a commercial success. What can be proved by topping 27 fucking musical top charts!! Fuck Yeah!

Songs of Innocence, (2014):

13th studio album by U2, their first-ever album to be published on Itunes, and that were free!!  By topping several musical charts, more or less, it proved that it was a successful album!

Songs of Experience, (2017):

The latest studio album and the 14th one by the band! Lyrics were written by Bono inspired by his PTSD which happened because of his Bicycle accident! That has also some essence of political ideology like their previous albums of U2!

That was a commercially successful album. By topping several music charts of the world, it was blessed by every type of awards of the music world as well!! 😀 MAN……

Under a Blood Red Sky, (1983):

The one and only live U2 album, and one of the successful projects of their life! No, why that album was showered with so many musical awards! 😊

This time they also had a concert Movie based on it! If you are a true U2 Music lover, don’t hesitate to grab that one! BINGOOOO!! 😀

U2 also has some Compilation albums like:

  • The best of 1980-1990
  • The best of 1990-2000
  • U218 Singles
  • The complete U2 (Box Set).

Above all discussions, we can surely get the idea of the U2 achtung baby deluxe edition and U2 as a great 1976 band! so stay tuned for more infoz!! 🙂

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