Linkin park up on the Billboard chart, and the tips of Chester’s friend!!

Well, still the fans of that legendary band Linkin park are still mourning with Griff’s streaming all around for their songs, searching anything related with them, surfing any inch of updates around the search engines.

These all became possible for the mighty popularity of the band and love for their front man Chester Bennington who killed himself in the mid of July…. Helllll

In last, few months selling of their albums grows almost 130% with selling rate digital songs of almost 200%!! DAMN…..   They are heavily bounced back on the Billboard top charts because of these issues!!

On the other hand, wife of Mike Shinoda published her own new blog about accusing the mental instabilities of Chezzy for the creepy incident,

Because she can feel the pain of that legendary singer for being another suffer from that internal disease as well!! She’s a patient of mental disturbances from last 14 damn years!! Mehhhhh

She gave some tips for regarding, that issue like:

  1. Regular meditatating
  2. Reading a book
  3. Use of creativity
  4. Regular Workouts
  5. Sufficient Vitamin D
  6. Concern with a specialist if it still needed